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Thread: Harry Potter "The Order of the Phoenix". (*spoilers*)

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    Got this email from bloomsbury weeks ago, thought I'd share it with you:

    Great news for Harry Potter fans worldwide: MSN, BT and Bloomsbury are
    delighted to announce a live, free webcast of the JK Rowling at the Royal
    Albert Hall event on 26 June 2003 at 16.00 BST.

    The webcast will enable all of JK Rowling's millions of fans worldwide to
    access the event at the Royal Albert Hall via the internet. By logging
    onto www.msn.co.uk/harrypotter, everyone will be able to see JK Rowling
    read from her new book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and
    answer questions from children around the world, some via the live
    webcast, at this unique event hosted by Stephen Fry. The webcast will be
    available on archive on MSN for the following 7 days to enable everyone to
    see the event any time, any place during that week.

    For full details visit:
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    I'm at like page 530 and I love it! I'm having a hard time putting it down.

    I had to beg my mom to let me go at midnight as she didn't want me out that late. I got a 40% off thing and spent only $18 that wasn't bad at all!

    I hate Umbridge, who else hates her? How can you not hate her?

    I can't wait to find out who dies, no one tell me though. But some of my friends have cried so I can't wait to find out!

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    I loved it. Thought the book was great. Loved how the main conflict was not between good and evil but good and wanting to keep the status quo so bad you become evil.

    Some of the information was not new to us (such as Harry being protected by living with his Aunt) but it's new to Harry and puts a different light what his Aunt knew. Love that Mrs Figg is a member of the witching community.

    The DA was great, I liked that the fighting roles are extended beyond the 3 main charectors. I loved Neville in this book, I've always liked Neville and I'm thrilled they are making more of his story.

    I am finding it interesting that Voldermorts followers don't seem to totally clue in that he is not pure blood. I also found it interesting how she decided to protery Harry's father, but I figured that was a 2 fold...as you grow up you learn your parent's aren't perfect. And this helps make Snape more sympathic and less of just a grown up Malfoy. I've always wondered why Dumbledore trusted Snape so much when he was a death eater. Glad to see Lupin and Mad Eye back, love thos two. Very Very sorry for Sirus to die....it's interesting how she made him in this book. Found his life story interesting and it brings up the torment of family against family that Voldermort brings. (because most likely Neville is related to the pure bloods who tortured his parents)

    Still like Pof A best but this would be my second.
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    Originally posted by poshpenny
    I recall it being made clear that Harry was protected while living with his "family" in a previous book. It was also no surprise that Harry must be the one to destroy You-Know-Who. What I WAS surprised about was when he heard the prophecy and that IT was why the Dark Lord had tried to kill him, he didn't think that his parents were dead because of him. Hadn't we always thought Harry was there when Voldemort came to kill his parents, and so he tried to kill him too? Now it seems Volde wanted to kill Harry, and his parents were just in the way. I was expecting Harry to freak out about that. And since there were two born whom it may have been, was Nevil hidden also? I was hoping to find out what Snape has been doing. HOW is he supposed to find out what the Death Eaters are up to? I felt Fed and George would end up with a joke shop, but didn't think they'd drop out of school to do it.
    I agree with everything you said. And it didn't quite sink in that the book did reveal that Harry was the focus of VM even as a baby and not just that he was there when he went after Harry's parents. That is fairly major, even tho the prophecy itself was obvious. Can't believe Harry wouldn't have been as concerned about that as he was about being responsible for Sirius (or that he could have opened the package from Sirius before rushing off).

    I, too, am very curious about Neville also meeting the prophecy. It would be hard to imagine him doing the final deed on VM, as is being set up. Harry would have to be significantly involved in that if that is the case.

    Fred and George were so entertaining.

    Oh boy, 3 years til the next one, I guess.

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    Originally posted by skywisej
    Okay, I am done with the book! Anyone else? I can't wait to discuss it with someone! I thought it was really good, although quite different than the previous books! Just wondering how everyone else is feeling about the book
    >>my brother finished it the first day it came out....he loves to read and he doesnt stop untill he's done

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    (edit: Sorry, this is longer than I expected, but hey, it was almost 900 pages worthy of commentary, feel free to skip)

    I have to agree with most of everything that Kyrjar and FG, skywise etc. said about the book.

    DEATHS: Did everyone else feel as if we were given countless “red herrings” regarding who would die? I.e. first it seemed as if everything with Hagrid was leading up to his eventual demise. Then we worried about McGonagall being stunned, then Hermione, and earlier we worried that it would be Mr. Weasley. There were some subtle hints that it could be Dumbledore as well. I like red herrings, don’t get me wrong, they’re brilliant, just wondering if other people felt like the above were all meant as such, i.e. designed to throw us off course.

    I feel that this book didn’t climax as high as some of the other books. I felt that the central plot (evil Ministry of Magic) wasn’t as, I don’t know, strong and suspenseful as the other books. Yes, I think that things kept getting worse with every passing day/month, as they’re supposed to in order to complicate the main character’s problem hence motivating them to action, yet I didn’t feel as if I was heading in that direction throughout the whole of the book. I.e. a central goal for the main character wasn’t as defined in this book as it has been in the others. I didn’t feel as if he was seeking something as strongly as he was in other books. I don’t know.

    Harry seemed to have quite a temper in this book, constantly shouting, but it didn’t seem as, oh, I don’t know, justified, or I should say, it didn’t’ seem as clearly self-righteous in his mind as it did in say, The Goblet of Fire when he’s upset with Ron for not believing he had nothing to do with putting his name in the goblet. I.e. that argument in GOF, that scene in the tent prior to the dragon fights was clever, bitter, and succinct. He was sarcastic, and there was a sense of, “so THERE” about his arguments. His outbursts here seemed to be less motivated. Of course, perhaps he was supposed to appear more touchy with Voldemort being in touch with him now.

    I thought the opening scenes were suspenseful right off the bat. The descriptions of how tense he was watching, waiting, listening, for any sign of news about Voldemort’s return were quite well done.

    I agree that the romance with Cho was very limited, but I agree with everyone in saying that Harry acted as a normal 15-year-old would with girls: i.e. clueless and perhaps fickle and just plain scared of the “reality” of being with a girl. The descriptions of how awkward he felt were quite good, too, i.e. something like, “he suddenly felt as if his arms looked stupid, swinging at his sides.” (ha ha, where ELSE do they hang?)

    Agree that Neville and Ginny’s character development really kicked butt in this book, but that Draco seemed to become more one-dimensional etc.

    I didn’t care for the Hagrid story line as much as I have in other books.

    Although I liked Fred and George’s exit scene, I felt it odd that they would disappear in such a fashion, and then never mentioned again until the end of the book via their clothing and the store’s success. No Mrs. Weasley outburst about dropping out of school, or never taking their N.E.W.T.’s.

    Despite my comments above, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and will likely read it again.

    I thought Mrs. Figg was hilarious. Tough old broad, i.e. purse slinging grandma.

    The other difference with this book is that I didn’t laugh out loud nearly as frequently as I did with the others.

    Oddly enough, I read the final fight scenes while there was a huge thunderstorm going on outside, and the power kept flickering on and off.

    Was expecting to hear more about Godric’s Hollow etc.
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    I just finished last night. This book was very different from the previous four. I thought the prophecy would be something more dreadful and shocking. I feel like I already knew all that anyway. When I first read the prophecy, I thought it said that one couldn't survive with the other dead. So, that meant that they'd both die. But, I went back and re-read it. Unfortunately, it just meant that one would kill the other. Not that I want Harry to die, but I wanted something that would shake things up a lot, a know?

    I really wish Sirius didn't die. I was looking forward to them having a closer and more family-like relationship. What Luna said at the end...doe that mean that he can go there and talk to Sirius again? I know it won't be often, but maybe it'll happen sometime. As a whole, the book was dark and intense. Not only was Harry suffering a lot, but everything was falling apart. Plus, all that homework and studying for the OWLs.

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    Goodness, you guys, Call me names (whatever you wish) but I always peek when it comes to stories. I have not read the book yet, have not even procurred a copy, but I absolutely could not resist. I have been looking for info for days elsewhere on the net to find out some particulars.

    So, thanks to those of you have read furiously to finish the book. Reading your thoughts just makes me want to leave work right now and read till I'm done.

    I do have one question for you as the posts seem to run along the same line. How will this next movie be received? From the posts, it does not sound like it will be an easy task to produce a movie that anyone will want to go and see.

    btw - I NEVER peak at gifts, only books. I just can't stop myself from flipping to the last page to see what happens.
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    That's OK Summer , I always read the last page too.
    My daughter dissapeared with the book (which was delivered yesterday) , so I haven't had a chance to sneek a peek.

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    Don't forget the next movie will be book 3 the prisoner of Azkaban , I think that will make a tremendous movie!
    Does anyone know the scheduled time for the next book? I know this one took longer because of her pregnancy and birth.. maybe we will get one sooner this time!

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