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Thread: Sunny Smacks Again! - Episode 3

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    Sunny Smacks Again! - Episode 3

    Another week has passed and another episode of NorthShore has come and gone. In all honesty, I could write a recap that says “VK partied, Padaca pouted, Holly was envious and Sunny punched someone,” which would sum things up nicely. However, for those of you that are looking for a recap to read, it wouldn’t really fill you in on the details, now would it? So here goes nothing:

    The show begins with the group watching the day’s sports update on the news and they all cheer when Sunny’s name is announced. Holly is standing a bit away from the gang clearly picturing the next night when her name would be announced as the winner. Ah Holly… sweet dreams.

    Before bed, Holly is on the phone with her dad telling him about Sunny’s win. She’s also telling him that tomorrow she’s up against Chelsea, who is ranked 5th in the world. Holly seems a little concerned, but confident, though she tells us that “Chelsea rips way harder than I even thought that she ripped.” My advice is to never underestimate a top 5 contender. Anyway, tomorrow Holly competes, so that means early bedtime.

    As Holly sleeps, VK, Danny, Sunny and Raina head out to party at the Red Bull House. Time to celebrate Sunny’s win. My advice to all the men, keep your eyes off of Raina’s crotch. Seems like good sense.

    Back on the couch, still parked in front of the TV news is Padaca. He’s stilled bummed about his loss in the Hawaiian Pro and keeps going over his performance in his head. In the background, we see his fiancée, Chaney, and she looks bored. I’m thinking she would have enjoyed the Red Bull party a bit more than watching Padaca pout. In a voiceover from Padaca, after watching a montage of his surfing from the first competition, he tells us, “You gotta pay your dues, gotta make sacrifices, and you gotta persevere.” He tells us that having Chaney’s support of his surfing is also all-important. Cut to bored Chaney who says, “Oh, let’s see: surf, eat, sleep; surf, eat, sleep.” Yeah, I’m thinking she might not be as philosophical about your surfing as you are.

    The SurferHotline says that the Roxy Pro competition is on. This is the first “money round” for the women, so Holly is nervous. It comes down to win and earn your living as a surfer or lose and learn to say, “Do you want fries with that, dude?”

    VK is outside offering encouragement to nervous Holly as she prepares for competition. VK tells her get out there and tear it up… not to disappoint her. Then in the same breath she asks her, “Oh and by the way, have you seen a pink and blue bikini that was in the bathroom?” Holly in extreme sarcasm says, “Oh I took it. I SOOO want to be a Roxy girl that I’ve resorted to stealing Roxy gear.” VK laughs it off and leaves. What I’m thinking is this… Holly is desperate to be Roxy girl, but she’s not been asked.

    Chelsea is also prepping her board and getting ready for the day’s event. She says she’d be stoked to make the finals this year. Last year, Chelsea came in 3rd, so expectations are high for her to do well. Again, Holly tells us how great Chelsea is and that she hopes to do just as well as she does in the competition.

    Chelsea tells us that being around Holly is great motivation because she strives to do so well. However, Holly isn’t the one Chelsea wants to beat… it’s world champ, Layne Beachley, that is the real competition.

    VK says, “Chelsea’s rad! She’s a legend already and she’s just 19!” Right on! Now I’m looking forward to cheering on Chelsea – the legend that doesn’t beat up people.

    First heat of the competition begins with the sounding of the horn. Holly and Chelsea are in the same heat together with Layne and Kim Wooldridge. First to hit a wave is overachiever, Holly. She rides the first wave pretty well, though conservatively, but it’s a safe start. Next up is Chelsea. She’s obviously a stronger surfer than Holly. Though Holly is good, Chelsea is just a natural. The problem is that Layne and Kim are just awesome and pass both Holly and Chelsea in getting the great waves and ripping on their rides. With the last 10 seconds of competition, the ocean goes flat, and the horn sounds, ending the heat. Chelsea and Holly come in 3rd and 4th, respectively, and are eliminated from the competition.

    Chelsea takes the loss a lot harder than I would have expected. She’s depressed, sitting in the sand with her head in her hands, and her friends console her. She calls herself a loser. Holly blows off the loss in a “you win some, you lose some” kind of way. It’s a shocking turn of events! I would have expected Holly to be ranting and raving or at least crying, but nope. Now, she’s looking forward to partying for the next couple of weeks. Shocking!

    Back to the men, who I must say are MUCH more fun to watch while they surf. The women are cool and all, but the men are just radical! We get to see a bunch of shots of Padaca practicing on Sunset Beach, his favorite waves. He says, “Surfing is something that gets under your skin, and once it does … you can’t stop. You always have that feeling for the ocean and wanting to merge yourself with the ocean and just be one with it.” He has some awesome rides at Sunset.

    Padaca tells us that he and some friends are in a group of local Hawaiian surfers that have formed to improve the standing of the locals in the surf world. Apparently, the way the Hawaiian Tour is designed makes it difficult for local surfers to compete. In order to be assured a spot in the competition, you really need to be on the tour. The locals would rather wait for the competition to come to them. Padaca says. “We live here and surf here all year long and then we have the top 44 surfers come in and tell us we can’t surf in their events.”

    On the other end of the spectrum is Sunny, who is also very involved in the local surfing politics. Since he paid his dues and went on the tour to be included in the top 44 surfers in the event, he doesn’t want the locals to be included. He says there’s not enough time to run a 64-man event, as Padaca’s group wants. That it should be 2 men per heat, instead of 4. From the director of the event, we learn that there IS time for a 64-man event, it’s just that the men on the tour are accustomed to 2-per-wave, and don’t want that to change.

    Back at the beachhouse, VK and Holly talk about the Roxy party planned for that night. They are going to rent a hotel room on Holly’s credit card and really live it up! Granted, before they even leave the house, the girls are bickering about how many cars to take. Holly manages to convince VK that they need 2 cars to accommodate all the rides that have been offered and accepted, and finally, they are off!

    More boring surf politics… Sunny is at a North Shore Committee meeting and is debating more with people from Padaca’s group. The argument goes something like this:

    Sunny: “I worked hard and went on the tour, and if I did it, you should have to do it.
    Padaca’s Group: “We are from Hawaii and should be allowed to compete in our events. There’s plenty of wave for everyone.”
    Sunny: “No there isn’t!”
    PG: “Yes there is!”

    Sunny’s pissed when he leaves the meeting. He mumbles to himself about how poor and deprived he was when he grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Hawaii and how he’s had to work for everything he’s gotten so everyone else should have to as well. Grumble grumble.

    Back in Waikiki, Holly is standing at the hotel reservation desk merrily handing over her credit card to pay for the room for allllllllll the partying drunk surfers for the night. I’m thinking she seemed a lot smarter in the first two episodes. She has to know this can’t go well. But she seems happy to pay, so whatever. Moron!

    Now all the girls are partying it up at the Roxy party and they all seem to be having a good time – except Holly. The song, “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others” keeps playing through my head. She tells the camera that she feels pressured to party all the time while on tour. (I didn’t see anyone holding a gun to your head to get you to spring for the hotel room, Holly.) Regardless, the group is yucking it up until Holly realizes that she’s been ditched. Again. Instead of heading back to the hotel, Holly decides she’d rather spend the night in her own bed. She wakes the next morning to the sound of Sunny pounding on her door, telling her that hotel management is on the phone for her.

    See, I told you no good could come of this!

    Later, when Holly actually gets out of bed to talk to the hotel people, she learns that $1,465 has been charged to her card to cover damages. She is shocked and tells them to take pictures of the damages and send them to her. Which they do. The group is looking over Holly’s shoulder as she opens pics of the room apparently emailed to her. I can almost read Sunny’s mind about the situation, “Holly, what a dumbass….” There were stains on the carpet and a broken cornice for which she had to pay, plus another $990 bucks charge because they were unable to rent the room for the next night. Holly was responsible because apparently these were brand new rooms, never before used, so any damages to them HAD to be caused by the surfers from the night before.

    VK comes in and says that the group just went back to the room and straight to bed. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA! Sure. That sounded convincing, VK. Sorry, but your rep gives you away.

    Holly calls her dad again and leaves a message asking for legal advice.

    The next morning, SurferHotline says that surf is on for the first round of the Rip Curl Competition on Sunset Beach. In the first heat we see Padaca, who rips it up on the super moody waves! He really is amazing though the waves are incredibly fierce. He wins his heat!

    Unlike Padaca, Sunny is annoyed. He learned that despite his pleas of “I did it, so should you” that he’ll be competing in 4 man heats on Sunset. He walks over to the cars where Padaca’s group is hanging out and begins complaining, loudly, about how wrong the decision was to include the Hawaiian surfers. With Padaca sitting in a car adjacent to his friend, Liam, we see Sunny smack Liam out of anger over the decision. Again, Sunny has chosen to hit someone that isn’t willing to defend himself. That is SO aggravating! I’m sitting here wondering WHY Liam didn’t hit him back and WHY Padaca let him get away with it!???!

    After Sunny wanders off, much to my disbelief, Padaca actually makes an excuse for Sunny’s behavior! Padaca says that Sunny hit Liam because he doesn’t understand what Padaca’s group is really trying to accomplish. Again, we are told that they are trying to make it easier for the Hawaiians to be included in the competition. Sunny again tells us that the Hawaiians shouldn’t be able to compete without going on tour. I’m thinking Sunny understands their position quite well and that he just doesn’t like it. And we all know that when Sunny doesn’t like something, somebody is going to get hit!

    Pancho, another member of Padaca’s group, goes over to talk to Sunny about the 4-man heats. For some reason, Sunny doesn’t open his palm to the side of Pancho’s head. Rather, he continues prepping his board for the event. Pancho tells us that Sunny doesn’t scare him. He says if he’s willing to risk it out on the waves at Sunset, that he’s definitely not scared of getting punched by Sunny. I wonder if Sunny knows that Pancho isn’t intimidated, so he keeps his hands to himself. He is the quintessential bully! Only hitting people he knows won’t hit him back. What a punk.

    Despite the 4-man heat, Sunny gets out and rips up the waves at Sunset. Clearly this is his backyard and he easily wins his heat. He has the sickest ride we’ve seen to date.

    Tune in next week for … well, more of the same. And who knows? Maybe we’ll actually get to see more of the absent housemates, Damien and Danny!

    For questions or comments about this recap, please feel free to contact me at sher@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Great recap sher.

    See, I told you no good could come of this!
    No kidding. With $1450 in charges, I hope they had fun.
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    VK says, “Chelsea’s rad! She’s a legend already and she’s just 19!” Right on! Now I’m looking forward to cheering on Chelsea – the legend that doesn’t beat up people.
    true that Sher!

    Back in Waikiki, Holly is standing at the hotel reservation desk merrily handing over her credit card to pay for the room for allllllllll the partying drunk surfers for the night. I’m thinking she seemed a lot smarter in the first two episodes. She has to know this can’t go well. But she seems happy to pay, so whatever. Moron!
    Yep. I'd have wagered she was smarter too.

    ... Great recap!
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    The reason why Sunny doesn't scare Pancho is because Pancho is taking kick boxing lessons from an instructor here on the NS to help him stay in shape.

    I was kinda hoping that Sunny would've put his hands on Pancho so i could see him kick Sunny in his head.

    Aloha, Manu
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    I've been waiting for your recap, Sher, since I missed parts of the episode. Excellent job!

    This show proves two things each episode. Sunny surfs like hell and Sunny is a thug. I think bully is a good term, Sher. Also, I agree about Holly really wanting to be asked by Roxy to pose. Too bad she had to go against three super surfers.

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    I know how lame some of this stuff is, I have even grown tired of this show and the surfers' personas. Holly vs. VK, Sunny vs. Myles etc. You've done an excellent job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawaiian_Rippa
    I was kinda hoping that Sunny would've put his hands on Pancho so i could see him kick Sunny in his head.

    Aloha, Manu
    Me too!

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    Just saw the show here in the UK - great show! They should do more. Sunny made me LMAO when he was slapping everyone! I thought Jake the Snake was in for a slap when he dropped in on Sunny's wave twice and Sunny was eliminated from the Pipe Masters. But alas no! That shocked me. But yeah - a great series of a lifestyle I can only dream about here in rainy Britain where the sea is flat!!! Bigger waves in a toilet!

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