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Thread: VK vs Holly

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    Holly as a surfer, and Holly as a person. She's well rounded on both fronts. S for VK, that picture looks incredibly fake. The hair, probably not hers. Surfers don't have hair like that. We're notorious for not having hair like that. If VK's been surfing for 15+ years, her hair should not look like that. Even one year on the WCT will turn your hair to crap. All of the salt water just damages it beyond recognition. Her make up looks great though. I'd tell you she's hot, but I'm a girl, so my opinion doesn't matter. I still think Holly is very beautiful though, and she doesn't act stoned.

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    Finchy Fire
    To set things straight, VK has NOT been surfing for 15+ years! She began surfing professionally with she was 15! Sorry, bud you're way off. Like I said, she most likely has her own reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finchy Fire
    I've always wanted to know VK or Holly?

    Gimme you're opinion, thanks
    hey, you said you wanted opinions, so i'll ive you mine...i think veronica kay (vk) is the best person ever, and better then holly who says that veronica has no goal in life, when without a goal veronica wouldnt be where she is today

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