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Thread: Smack My Beach Up - Episode 2

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    They need to advertise on other networks.

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    I'm going to keep watching just to see how long it takes for some guy who gets smacked by Sunny for turning his head in that skinny girl's direction to lay a huge lawsuit down.

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    Now, here’s what I’m thinking… Legendary professional surfer, Sunny Garza, just hit me in the face on camera for no good reason. On CAMERA. For no GOOD reason. I’m not going to handle it like this kook and say, “Man, I saw Sunny and wanted to apologize and shake his hand and watch him surf.” Nope, I’d think, “You outta control freak! See you in court!”
    That's what I was thinking too. How many times has this guy been brought up on assault charges? He certainly should be. It looks to me like Sunny does a "sneak attack" quick punch to the temple and that is dangerous.

    He might be a great surfer and I truly enjoyed watching him compete in the first Triple Crown event and win it, but I think he sucks as a human being.

    Very good recap, sher. You didn't mince words.

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    sonny's a bully plain and simple check out who he picks to hit and how he hits them,hes got quick hands for weak targets,youll never see him slap a guy that could break his jaw or might knock his teeth out,he picks his targets carefully,like all bullies eventually he will make a mistake hit the wrong guy and end up on a slab or in the hospital you cant go around hitting people because youre pissed or uptight,youll eventually run across the guy thatll kill you,look at that poor guy liam he smacked while he was sitting in the van,he was terrified you could see it on his face,now if ol sonny had done that in ny or la he'd most likely end up getting taken out,the mans got definate skill on a board but what he needs is to hit that guy that will beat him within a inch of his life,after that he'll be a decent guy but thats what its going to take.he walks like hes a giant or something lol,my 16 yr olds got more muscle,he is just a big fish on his home turf slapping up on the white boy tourists,i hope he checks himself before he finds that live wire.be sad to see a rider of such skill go out like that.

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    Sunny is a thug. I'm Hawaiian & the guy is giving us Hawai'i peeps a bad name. There's no doubt that Sunny can tear it up in the water but it's unfortunate that he's a chump out of the water. Who the hell does he think is? He goes around hitting people for no good reason. He better watch out because one day he's gonna hit the wrong guy & he'll end up paying the price by getting his ass whooped.

    Aloha, Manu
    Pi'i Mai Te Naru

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