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Thread: Sunny Interview After Winning Hawaiian Pro

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    Sunny Interview After Winning Hawaiian Pro

    One Down, Two To Go

    2002 vans hawaiian pro winner sunny garcia talks about the injuries, winning, and the eternal value of duct tape

    Congratulations, Sunny: It's your fourth win here at Haleiwa -- that must feel pretty good.

    Incredible. I'm almost speechless 'cause I wasn't expecting to win -- my knee was bothering me, [Sunny tore his MCL 3 months ago] my back was killing me; I got bashed in the face by my board in the quarterfinals -- it hurt pretty bad. But I kept stumbling and making it through heats, just ended up in the final, kinda drifted around . . . and lucky for me I got two good waves right at the beginning, the rest of the final, the waves got bumpy and mushy, and those guys couldn't get the scores they needed.

    You're looking at a sixth Vans Triple Crown of Surfing title -- that's gotta be on your mind a bit heading into Sunset and Pipe.

    I'm just looking forward to competing at Sunset and Pipe. I missed four events earlier this year, and I'm lingering on the backside of qualifying, so I need to do well to requalify. I've been in the top 16 pretty much my whole career, and I don't wanna finish outside that.

    Your impressions on Andy Irons going for a world title?

    I'm stoked for Andy. I've been hanging out with him for the last couple years and I moved to Kauai for a little, and I got to surf and hang out with him all the time. Andy's like my little brother, and I'm ecstatic.

    Were you conserving energy in the final?

    My back was already cramped; I couldn't really paddle. Right before I caught my first wave, I was in the channel and I told the water patrol just to go ahead and start the heat -- I didn't want to get caught in the rip and have to paddle -- I just sat in the channel and let the current drift me out.

    So is duct tape looking for new riders?

    Duct tape fixes anything [laughs]. You gotta ding on your board, you put duct tape on it -- it's a great tool.

    You gonna have surgery?

    If my knee doesn't bug me too much, I'm not gonna do it, 'cause they told me it'd take 6- to 8 months recovery -- at this point in my career, I can't afford 6 to 8 months. If I don't requalify, then maybe.

    One more quick thing: What's your favorite thing about Haleiwa at size?

    I like the fact that Haleiwa can be good no matter what the winds are like -- as long as there's some kind of swell, you can get really good waves. Obviously, the winds are on it today, and we're still getting barreled -- it's an incredible, rippable wave.
    *source http://www.triplecrownofsurfing.com/..._interview.php

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    Thanks for posting this Sher! I know this all occured last year, but he looked GREAT on the show last night. I couldn't even tell that any of him hurt at all! He ripped! I'm stoked for him right now.

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