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Thread: New Reality Wild Surfing Series

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    New Reality Wild Surfing Series

    Ride, ride, ride the wild surfing series

    By Gary Levin, USA TODAY

    It's Survivor for surfers on WB's North Shore: Boarding House, a six-week reality series starting June 18 and airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

    Actually, it's more like MTV's The Real World meets last summer's Blue Crush. Set at Hawaii's prestigious Triple Crown competition, the show chronicles seven pro surfers led by Sunny Garcia, who hung 10 for glory while sharing a beachfront house.

    "They're all competing against each other during the day, and then they all have to come home and live together," says WB alternative-series chief Keith Cox.

    "It's not all about surfing, it's about the characters, which is what I like best," says Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett, who, in an unusual move, climbed aboard to edit the series after it already had been filmed.

    "The surfing contest raises the stakes," he says. "They don't want to lose anyway, and they especially don't want to lose on television."

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    It really reminds me of that show on MTV called Surf Girls. Is that the name of it? I don't watch it, but I've seen bits and pieces. But, this one has actual pro surfers, so I guess that's a difference.

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    this is no Surfgirls

    It would be easy to assume that Surfgirls and Boarding House are similar. But the comparison stops at the surfing concept. Surfgirls is a bunch of mediocre kids who were never good enough to get a sponsor in the first place. They bitch and wine about each other. The producers contrived basically a contest for the show just so we could see a bunch girlie's running around in bikinis. The Boarding House is not a reality show. Its a documentary film shot in episodes and shown on network television. It chronicles, in a sort of serious way, the lives of pro surfers on the Triple Crown tour. These are people who have top sponsors, several for many years. Other than the idea of them staying in the same house and some creative editing, the producers are not really manipulating the situation. These really happened and they would have happened WITHOUT the show being there. Its a good show, worth a serious watch.

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