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Thread: Chelsea Georgeson

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    Chelsea Georgeson


    From Boarding House Official Site

    Chelsea Georgeson and her brothers spent so much of their childhood at the ocean, that their parents became sick of driving them there. So, they did what any parent would, they moved the family to Avalon on Australia's northern beaches. Chelsea was 13 years old at the time and a body-boarding addict. Soon, her brothers started to surf, and her new school chums were all surfers. In fact, her new school actually backed up to the ocean, so Chelsea decided it was time to stand up on a board herself.
    One year after Georgeson took up the sport, she was discovered by four-time World Surfing champion Lisa Anderson. Georgeson finished third in her first competition and was immediately hooked. She then hit the amateur circuit, competing for regional, state and national titles all over her native Australia.
    For more information on Chelsea click the link above
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    Can you imagine going to a school that backs on to the ocean?
    I would have loved that.
    I couldn't even see the river Mersey from my school
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