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Thread: Veronica Kay

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    Finchy Fire
    VK seemed totally out of it on 7/9's episode. Especially in the morning, when she ran off the with the car. I don't even think she was talking, she was like mumbling something that you couldn't even understand. But it's nice to know she doesn't really care about the money. Even though she lost her heat she said she had fun and thats what it's all about! Yeah!

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    I seriously think that VK has either had permenant brain damage, is perpetually stoned or drunk, or is just out of it. Like when she said "I can't believe I forget shoes." Yeah, just a little out of it. She's not that great a surfer, and I don't see why she should be allowed to keep her sponsors. You only get to keep sponsors if you surf competitively, and very often. I had the option for a sponsor but I couldn't keep it because I don't compete on a regular basis.

    Based on her cover photo on Stuff magazine, I think it's safe to say that she could make it now without Roxy. She's a washed up surfer, and she should just stick with modeling. It's the only thing that gets her money these days, because she's not winning any money competing.

    I'm glad they got VK for this show, because I do believe in her as a person. She's very laid back, and only when it comes to surfing is she a little off. I think she should back down from Roxy and let the better surfers take over, like Chelsea for instance, or Megan Abubo, Kate Skarrat, Kassia Meador. The entire Roxy surf team is not all that bad, it's just VK who needs a little work.

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    Finchy Fire
    Did you see VK's dress? It looked like she came out of a Flintstones episode. I don't know what she was thinking when she came out with that leopard dress. IT WAS AWFUL!! She's definitely on SOMETHING.

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    FORT Fogey CantGetNuf's Avatar
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    I actually liked her dress. I thought animal prints was making a big come back. As stupid as I think she is I don't have any complaints about her looks.

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