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Thread: Damien Hobgood

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    Damien Hobgood


    From Boarding House Official Site

    When he was younger, Damien Hobgood and his twin brother C.J. were motorbike racers, who only dabbled in surfing. Surprisingly, they became full-time surfers as a concession to safety. "I had a decision to make," says Damien, "pick surfing or keep on motorbiking and kill myself." In lieu of death, Hobgood decided to become one of the ten best surfers in the world. Still, he is not the best Hobgood on the professional circuit. That honor goes to brother C.J., a former world champion.
    Damien is more reserved and analytical than his identical twin, C.J. They are the latest in a long line of professional surfing brothers to reach the heights of the sport. The impressive list includes twins Bruce and Andy Irons, two of the most prominent surfers participating today, Michael and Derek Ho and Shea and Corey Lopez. Damien has followed C.J. throughout his career, often reaching the same heights as his brother, including Rookie of the Year (2000) and Most Improved (2001). "It helps to have someone there who knows you and can help you," Damien says. "It's good to compete together. When we were kids we'd go out surfing and both try to get the better wave."
    For more information on Damien click the link above.
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    Was this guy even on the show? I remember someone comeing in and talking about God then nothing. I guess haveing faith in God doesn't make for good controvery. Oh well maybe we'll learn more about this guy later.
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