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Thread: Sunny Garcia

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    So Sunny looked great on his rides on this last episode. I could hardly tell he had ANY pain at all. But I guess that is the sign of a champion...ability to overcome and still perform

    It seems to me like the male riders are waaaaayyy better than the females. Not to knock the ladies at all.... Are their competitions always in different places?? For example, I would think that the first jewel in the mens and womens Triple Crown would be at the same beach?

    All of the guys looked really good. I was surprised that Damian's ended up in last in his heat, although all of the guys in their heat looked like they ripped. Damian's first ride(that we saw) was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.
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    Maybe thats just it, a few, well probably alot, more people just need a good ass kickin!

    Anger Management, I'll show you anger management, sock someone up who deserately needs to deserves it!

    6 Pros on the North Shore......Hey, they're getting paid...why not....besides, its too late on Oahu....The Town is the Town thats done....and The North Shore is what it is.....Lets be thankful the show aint on Kauai....

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    Sonny Garcia needs a lesson in the law...

    The guy is basically a neanderthal.
    I would like to fly to that island to look at his wife's butt so he can smack me. Then I would sue his neanderthal ass for all the money he has made off of surfing (if he has any).
    I mean, really? What is his deal? He claims that this is how people behave where he is from. Is he from the middle ages?
    Normal, psychologically healthy people don't act how he acts.
    The guy needs serious therapy or a lesson in the law.
    If that guy who he smacked in today's episode wants to sue Sonny, then I will personally hook him up with a lawyer willing to take his case.
    Besides, his wife isn't all that good looking. Sure, she is skinny, but her face is somewhat lacking.

    -Cameron Neilson

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    Originally posted by mokulua_moke
    And yes I do have more of a right to surf that particular peice of beach than you do,becaus Im there year round cleaning up beer cans and garbage that visitors leave because they dont live there.

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    Maybe the show producers could bring in a psychologist to help Sunny Garcia?

    This would be a great addition to the "reality" of the show, if the producers brought in a psychologist to help the abusive and violent neanderthal called Sunny.
    If he treats everyone else like that in public, I'm sure he is smacking his wife and kid around behind closed doors. That is just how abusive people are.
    I could suggest a good psychologist for the show if they want to do this.

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    BTW--Doesn't Sunny also have a home in CA? I doubt he's cleaning up the beach all year round!

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    Yep, Sunny lives in San Deigo, which means he's a beercan-dropping Barney, too.

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    Sunny Garcia is a stong dominant member of "Da Hui"

    One of the big things "Da Hui" does is keep the beaches clean and safe... So actually yes, him and his friends are picking up trash "ALL YEAR LONG" not just in Hawaii, but all beaches where they compete and practice.

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    Finchy Fire
    My opinion of Sunny is he has an anger problem. I've been noticing a lot that he's been just whacking away at people that get on his nerves. Has he ever considered anger management??

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    The Ocean is a very dangerous and unforgiving place...out in surf the laws and rules are different than what most of us are used to. People like Sunny Garcia knows and understands that. He also knows that the second lose that respect, the ocean makes you pay for it. Whats worse, is when some idiot "drops in" on you it increases that danger 100%. In turn, Sunny might want to kick that idiot back to the shore then kick his ass. The idiot is not only endangering Sunnys life..but his own as well.
    The irony of it is, Sunny would also be the first one to save that idiot from drowning. 8 out 10 times its the surfers who are already in the water that make the rescue, and then the lifeguards come in to back them up.

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