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Thread: Sunny Garcia

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    wanting to fight someone for trying to pick up on your wife or girl friend has got nothing to do with surfing, hawaiian sovernty, or being "Sunny Garcia". Because that sort of thing is everywhere.
    I've been to 46 different states and 3 Canadian Proviences, and I guarantee 80% of the men that I met would not let something like that slide.

    Also fighting with surfing....thats no different than any other sport. But that doesnt mean that the athletes are some sort of thugs. Charles Barkley was a terror on the court..but hes one of the most easy going guys I ever met. Almost any male dominated sport is going to have some violence.

    EXCEPT hockey....theres no fighting in there at all ....only hawaiians pick fights with other athletes..

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    Originally posted by John

    But, not worth arguing about, I guess. Since I'll never be on a surf vacation on the North Shore, and Sunny and I will, by the grace of the Big Kahuna, never meet.
    Local people have a "love/hate" relationship with tourism. Our economy tanks whenever tourism is down. Most of us, in one way or another, are dependent upon tourism (and tourists' money) for our livelihood. We hate that "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot." Many of us have to work two or even three jobs to make ends meet. Resentment builds up, especially among ethnic Hawaiians, who are actually a very small minority among Hawaii's population. There aren't many places left that Hawaiians can call their own. I'm not trying to make excuses for anyone. Just setting the scene, so to speak.

    Local people are also the most generous, kind-hearted, give-the-shirt-off-their-back folk you will ever have the privilege of meeting. Those who work in tourism are professional people. They are not thugs. Their jobs are to share their aloha with tourists, and they do it well. Hawaii is a beautiful place and has beautiful people. You will be treated wonderfully when you visit. But, when visitors leave common courtesy at home and pack plenty of rudeness, it can cause trouble -- just as it would anywhere else in the world. All it takes is common sense.

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    Its obvious to me here, who surfs and who dont....

    Those who do, get it, those who dont, still seem to be missing it..

    Sunny slapped that guy because Sunny asked him what he was looking at and he said he got a good look at her crotch...thats what got him slapped....I can only imagine had he tried to play it off and not made a stupid remark, whatever...

    First and foremost, its about respect....like when in Rome...The Islands belong to these people....or they did....anyway.....and now look at it, LA West.....sure, everyone can travel and go where they want, but if you are from somewhere, and its HOME and more and more fools show up and then act up....what do you expect, a welcome mat...I think not....

    I grew up in SM....a few years younger the Alva, Adams, Muir..etc...born and raised...been surfing since 16....SM is a joke now....3rd street....super expensive hotels...all kinds fools coming here thinking the world revolves around them....GO the F*%k home!!! We looked to buy a house in SM, but the yuppies priced us outta the market....but even still, now we live in a good hood in westwood, but its the same damn thing...yuppies move in, do all kinds crap, care about nobodys thoughts other than themselves.....I think its an overall lack of common courtesy....F'ing kooks.....

    Sorry for venting, but its not just in surfing, its in everyday life...people who are all about me..me..me....I'm more important because I drive a eurotrash car....

    The difference is the boyz on the NorthShore dont put up wit dat....

    I hope Sunny slaps someone else...looks like he does in the parking lot a Sunset...

    Maybe if people showed a little respect, they wouldnt have any problems.....:mad:

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    What I think is hilarious, and maybe no one else does, is that Sunny and 6 other top world surfers, who profess to care about their beloved a cramped piece of beach, are now voluntarily appearing on millions of television sets across the country, where people who *don't* surf like me are watching them going "wow, that's pretty cool, I should try that!"

    Seems like by promoting the North Shore through this show like they are, they're just drawing in more of the "bad element" they so desperately want to keep away.

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    You all keep saying it's about respect and surfing. Sunny wasn't surfing in that bar. He certainly didn't show any respect to the guy who apologized for looking at his wife -- which in itself is bizarre since he had no way to know who the heck Raina was.
    The point is, you don't friggin' HIT people for stuff like that.
    The fact that some people find that justifiable behavior makes me wonder what's in the water there.
    I grew up in a tourist town, and believe me I hated getting stuck behind a Mercedes going 10 mph to enjoy the ocean view, or seeing my rent soar because the rich tourists raised the price of everything.
    But we're not talking about rude, obnoxious tourists -- we're talking about a surfer who needs some anger management counseling.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." George Orwell

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    Its NOT surfing specific. Its not LA specific. All of the things we are talking about happen just about everywhere. When I lived in Chicago, there was a huge uproar in the neighborhood where MTV filmed "The Real World:Chicago" because all of the young, WHITE arty crowd didnt want Viacom and there commercialized "Real World" to bring gentrification to that neighborhood. In real reality, those same young, white, arty types were merely the leading edge of the gentrification of that neighborhood. Wicker Park is the name of the 'hood, and previous to it being an "up and coming" desireable neighborhood, it was a run down, shabby 'hood. Now, even before MTV came there, it is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Chicago--for Yuppies and regular folk alike. Its the way of CHANGE.

    And now I live in Colorado. I ski and snowboard. Do I get upset when a beginner cuts me off? Hell yeah! But I learn to expect it, and keep my eyes open. And if I went and slapped someone down for cutting me off what would happen? I would get my pass taken away by ski patrol. I dont imagine there is a surf patrol?? Perhaps there should be.

    Sunny has my respect...as a surfer. If I ever went to Hawai'i, I would most likely go down to the beach and thats it. I dont see myself surfing where its super crowded. I will give that a try up in Portland where I have friends that can teach me, its not crowded, and everyone is too stoned to open palm slap me for looking at pretty women.
    "You don't own a TV?!? What's all your furniture pointed at?" Joey Tribianni

    It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.

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    Are you talking about surfing in Portland Oregon or Maine? 'Cause if it's Oregon you'll have a hard time catching a wave on the Columbia River.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." George Orwell

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    When Sunny buys the ocean and the beach and turns them into his own little domain he can say who is allowed to be there. Until then he should just grow up and learn to share like most of us do in kindergarten.

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    The "North Shore" during peak surf season is strictly for experienced experts ONLY... so logically everyone out there in the line up should have a full understanding of whats going on. So when someone drops in on you, it's looked as either deliberate or a beginner who shouldn't be out there in the first place. Any experienced surfer will sit on the shore line and stare at the waves for atleast 15 - 20 mins, before he even touches the water. The reason for this, he is watching where the wave breaks..how its breaking..the size of the waves...time between sets...where the wave starts and ends etc...

    The big problem is...people don't understand that or respect that...they assume since they surfed Australia..they surfed Cali..etc..that they can handle North Shore...WRONG!!!! every surf spot is different. and each spot is different from day to day. So when people drop in on you..or cut you off...its extremely frustrating...and most of all Dangerous, for both riders.
    Matter fact the life guards will kick you back to the beach when they can see you don't know what you are doing.

    On a personal note....I would have rather been punched in the face by human fist....than get cut up on my back, my legs, my arms, my stomach etc....by the reef....which at "North Shore" is only 4-5 feet deep.

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    What a lot of people have to realize...The North Shore is like The locals Backyard...

    Its kinda like a public street in front of you house.

    technically its public property so anyone can park there...

    however, when 10 - 15 outside cars start parking on your street in front of your house...it gets to be an incredible pain for residents.
    The mail has a hard time getting delivered...garbage pick up is a pain...and ofcourse people litter and make noise..

    so when you cant even pull in your own driveway without dodging an weaving between cars...its understandble why some people would want to fight.

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