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Thread: Sunny Garcia

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    See, and I disagree. Just because you live nearer to that particular piece of ocean doesn't give you more of a right to be there. And just because someone has been doing it longer doesn't give them more of a right to do whatever they want to do, and slap around whoever they want to slap around. It's thuggish behavior, plain and simple. And if I happened to go out there for a surf vacation, and Sunny tried that crap with me, he'd have a few more places to wear braces on his body.

    If you're on public land (or a public ocean), you have no more right to anything than the next guy, regardless of where you're from.

    See,you dont surf,so you`ll never understand.It`s an unwritten law,that you respect local surfers when you travel.You can complain all you want,but it will always be that way.If you give respect,youll get some in return.Act like an ass,and you`ll get sent in,or on a rare occasion, get beaten up.Is it nice? no,but until you start surfing,you wont understand.Us locals know the breaks better than anyone else,and when some rich a-hole paddles out and starts dropping in on you with out respect,or waiting his turn,just because he "paid" for a vacation there,well there is going to be trouble.
    Let`s put it this way,if you were in line waiting for tickets,or to get on a ride,and some jerk cuts in front of you,would you be happy? No ! its kind of the same thing with surfing.No one owns the ocean,but unless you show respect,you will get chased out of the water.i Let someone drop in on me once,after that i yell at them,and if it happens again,well its on.
    Good surfers will not drop in on each other(unless they are a-holes)

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Well, I race sailboats, and while nothing gives me more pleasure than watching some noob run his $60,000 boat aground in unfamiliar waters while trying to sip his margarita behind the wheel, I still end up pulling him off the shoal and answering his questions about the racecourse...

    I get cut off all the time, it's a part of competition. Some people who cut me off are less experienced, some are more...but you get over it and on with the race.

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