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Thread: Welcome to the "Boarding House: North Shore" Forum!

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    Welcome to the "Boarding House: North Shore" Forum!

    Welcome to the new "Boarding House: North Shore" forum, premiering June 18 on the WB!

    Shersidhe, who loves the brilliant minds planning WB reality shows, has again taken the bullet for this surf-fest.

    If you're a contestant on or involved in the show, and you'd like to talk about your side, you should e-mail Shersidhe at sher@fansofrealitytv.com and she'll set something up.

    Keep in mind, we keep things around here PG-13. Posts will be moderated with that in mind. Please keep things civil, and also attempt to keep similar thoughts combined in threads together (for example, all comments about a particular contestant should be in that contestant's thread - not in a separate new thread). We will combine and move threads as appropriate to keep things organized for our visitors.

    Thank you!
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