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Thread: 03/21 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    global knife


    yeah, i have to agree that several of the situations looked staged and that look of surprise on jonathan's face (congratulations party) needs to be redone!

    still, it's interesting enuf that i'll continue watching, at least for a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan View Post
    Also, did he get married? I don't know if he's actually said that. He says he's a father and has a great girl at home but I don't think I heard the word "wife."

    In the reunion/finale episode last season he did propose to his girlfriend, but There wasn't any mention of a wedding yet, unless I missed that?
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    They are not married yet. He still calls her his fiancee'.
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    FORT Fogey
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    i hate the word fiance. either we are married or we are girl/boyfriend. some people stay fiance for 5+years

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    I don't really like this show but am drawn to it for some reason. If Jonathon could just learn to communicate effectively without storming out of a meeting I would be so happy. The dramatics are over the top.

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    His baby looks JUST like him! Such a cute little mini-me for Jonathan to tote around.

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    Any one been by his salons? I remember last seaon someone drove by his two salons and it was very obvious that the one was simply a shooting set.
    Also there was absolutely no wait to get your haircut by anyone in the other salon. And the price was more around $40 not $400.

    I'm wondering whether the show is driving his reputation NOT the other way around.

    Anyone there been there - done that in LA?

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    Was this on last night? I tried watching the premier, but like Maveno I was very very bored. Several times I forgot it was even on because I found myself doing other things.

    The new baby is jumping the shark. Blow out is over.
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