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Thread: Blow Out 2 Marathon

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    Blow Out 2 Marathon

    How is it already the season finale tonight? Hasn't it only been like 6 - 7 episodes so far? I thought a season of shows as 13 episodes?

    Will they show a marathon up to the season finale? I've noticed when a show is cancelled they call it SERIES FINALE but this one isn't being called that. Does that mean there will be a season 3 (fingers crossed!)?
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    The first season only had six episodes from what I understand. I hope it comes back for season 3. (As long as I never have to hear the words BethAnn, Tina or QVC again.)

    Bravo frequenly reruns episodes. It's usually on at midnight.

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    I would like to see Jonathan Academy for season 3. Then season 4 could be the graduate. Season 5 could be Hells Kitchen gets hair by Jonathan.
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