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Thread: He's cool but a tyrant

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    He's cool but a tyrant

    I don't know how anyone can work for him he's such a tyrant. One would have to walk a very fine line just being around him. If he would just relax and stop worrying about himself all the time he would feel much better.

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    I don't think he's a tyrant. He knows what he does well and he has no problem telling others. His name is on the salons and the product.
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    he is an insecure tweeb, thats why he held the meetings in his alons. so he could feel safe in his cage. He just about said so during the pissing contest with Scott. "you don't treat me like that in my salon" or someting like that. He is an idiot and can't express hisself very well if you ask me.

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    He's a mixed bag which is what makes for good tv.

    He's sensitive, a taskmaster, a perfectionist, a demanding boss, an understanding boss, a flirt, a remote individual...

    He's got a good heart, though, I've seen it. I got a few haircuts from him back in the day.

    In fact I still have one of the original 'Dirt' bottles (little tub actually) in its grey container "with no bar code". Wonder if it's worth $ now?

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