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Thread: 7/5 Recap – Respect the Comb, Tame the Hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoobyDooGal
    Lastly isn't the actor Steve Antin,his brother...Johnathan never mentions him..
    People keep saying he is, but I have read that there is no relation to Steve Antin. Proof is Steve Antin was born 2-17-1961, Robin was born 7-6-1961, 5 months after Steve?? I don't think so. Jonathan was born in 1967 or 68..
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    According to IMDB they are brothers; I cannot find the link now but apparently they share the same father, different mothers.

    It also has Robin listed as one of the best choreographers in the business? That pussy cat dolls things - ick. I hated it when Carmen Electra & Christina Applegate were in it. It's not technically "stripping" but burlesque, they don't show anything just make you think they do.

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