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Thread: 6/28 Recap: One Pill Makes Your Head Larger…

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retsin1
    Could it have been matso ball soup?
    I don't think so! Aren't matso balls pretty small? This was the size of a scoop of ice cream, and white.

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    Wonderful, Critical! Your insight to Jonathon is spot on.
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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    “Feeling It: An Evening With Jonathan Antin” [insert your own obvious dirty joke here].

    Bobby (aka, Stripper Bobby) tells Jonathan he’s been booked every day. Show of hands: is anyone confused as to why Bobby is booked solid and Daniel is not? I didn’t think so.

    I have to wonder what exactly is going to be unplugged. Let’s hope it’s just his microphone.

    Scott then uses the phrase, “pardon my French,” which solidifies my belief that Scott is a complete tool.
    Another witty, snarky, great recap, Critical! Your descriptions make these people sound like they're fun to watch, but would be horrible to meet.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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