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    From the official site:
    Occupation: Hair Stylist

    Loud, proud and opinionated, Daniel Owens is one of Jonathan Antin's most talented stylists at the Jonathan Salon in Beverly Hills.

    "I'm so excited about the move to the Beverly Hills salon," said Owens. "West Hollywood can be so cheesy and I am anything but cheesy."

    "The Golden Child," as Antin calls him, is extremely energetic and passionate about his work. Beyond his creative and free form hairstyles, Owens also dabbles in interior design. Although he is an admitted perfectionist, he hates when catty stylists criticize each other's work. At the end of the day, Owens is all about a good party.

    Owens currently resides in Pasadena, California

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    I love Daniel. He is so cool... he's not looking for conflict, just doing good hair. I dig that.
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    Whats up with Daniel this season.He looks sickly.He acts like he's high...
    Also he stirred the pot with Kim about the fashion show.
    He was so cool and laid back last season.

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    I think he is peed off because jonathan moved him back to west hollywood and he has to do his Dr Phil thing with him. I wonder if Daniel is on something? If he is it is too bad.
    Being a gay man myself I hate to go with stereotypes (but they do come from somewhere don't they?) but his "stirring the pot" with Kim about the show is wellll sooo gaaayyyyyyyyy! - ICK Gives us all a bad name the lil troublemaker.

    "I'm so excited about the move to the Beverly Hills salon," said Owens. "West Hollywood can be so cheesy and I am anything but cheesy."

    Oh Daniel honey, you are not only cheesy luv, you are dishy.
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    That's what I was wondering if Daniel was on something.Did you notice he
    was sniffling alot..hummm..
    I can't believe he stirred the pot with Kim. He wasn't involved in any drama last season.

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