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Thread: Brandon Martinez, Stylist

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    Jonathan Antin lost lots of staff tween Season I & II!

    Quote Originally Posted by Exposed
    I do. We agree to disagree. Jonathan seems to only get uptight with Brandon for "simple" things. Do the math.
    I'm with you! Whoever you are, you have the situation right!

    Jonathan lost his major asset, Jen Macdonald because she refused to do a leather/animal fashion show. She was very polite about it. She explained it went against her personal ethics regarding treatment of animals. Jonathan acted like a spoiled brat, berating her about "not good to piss Jonathan off". Talking about himself in third person. Very schizy, ugly scene on show! There was no shortage of talent to fill in for Jen. It's not as if her absense would have caused a great crisis in his fashion show team!

    Antin lost most of his staffers from Season I. He can't seem to take any competition.

    Brandon & Jen have both gone on to bigger and better things since the show has been over. They are both working at prestitigious high end beauty salons in Beverly Hills area. Jonathan Antin never was leading Beverly Hills or West Hollywood stylist. Not by a long shot! Nor does he have the talent to compete with Christoph, Fernando of Rodeo Drive (Bio-ionics), Frederick Fekkai, The Parlor, Jose Eber, Tramps etc etc. Antin will sell enough product to take care of his "love child" (his girlfriend expecting baby, remains to be seen if he will marry the poor woman); but I do believe Brandon and many of the staffers who quit will go on to greater fame behind the chair at the trade they love!

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    I think he's hot

    He looks like he'd be a lot of fun for a weekend or so-

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