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Thread: Brandon Martinez, Stylist

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    everyone is entitled to their opinion and it doesn't make them wrong. Respect that before I have to do Mod stuffs.
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    Just like any child who acts up, Jonathan has to pay EXTRA attention to what Brandon is doing because he's is so disruptive. So, if it seems as if Jonathan is "overly" chastising him, it's cause of his own doing.
    Brandon knows how to push buttons, toe the line and basically rebel against authority...if he's getting "caught" and reprimanded, OH WELL.

    It's a new salon, new customer base and of all places...it's in Beverly Hills. The people that spend money in BHills aren't exactly the willy-nilly fun crowd that Brandon is used to dealing with (by the looks of it), or hoping to deal with. He needs to understand that they're ESTABLISHING a business, and as Jonathan said... they need to "tone it down" for a while, and after the dust settles and they're established, then perhaps there will be room for dinking around and showing a more relaxed atmosphere.

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    Well, at least he didn't put his feet on the front desk counter and clip his toenails!

    He might be a very nice guy but, he just doesn't know, and doesn't seem to want to learn, how to present himself in the correct manner for an upscale salon.

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    Brandon is soooooo high strung. I think its GREAT to be witty and outgoing but he just makes ME shake my head. I think he needs to cut down BIG TIME on the morning coffee intake.

    I can't tell if he's being flirty or just a plain cad. The scence where he was cutting the blonde girls hair and it looked like he got t.o. when she kept moving her head.

    And crossing the lines bewteen getting busy with the girls while at work? Thats unprofessional.

    That girl that came buy. What a (starts w/ an S and ends w/ a T)
    Ugh.... :rolleyes
    She said something like WHOOPS I just flashed ya for a bit.
    I could tell that Brandon likes to be nice but was treating her like the plague at the same time.

    And Brandon may be at odds w/ The Boss Jonathan but complaining at him while working. That does not look good.

    It looks like EVERYONE there is plotting against him

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    Brandon had something to say on BravoTV.com

    I know I seem more wild and crazy than some of the other stylists in the salon. That's what I am, that's what my clients like. I was a bartender before, so I'm still kind of the same guy as I was then. A lot of my clients have known me forever, since beauty school. I don't think people or my clients anyway want to spend time with a boring, quiet stylist.

    I really like the other stylists at Jonathan's. Kim's sweet, Kiara's a sweetheart, and I spent a lot of time talking with Daniel, Alyn, and Jason. I really like those guys. I love Annie.

    Heidi Mueller is gorgeous she's a sweetheart, too, and has beautiful long hair. It was great to work with her and I think she liked her haircut. She seemed like she did.

    It's funny, because when this episode was being filmed, I was just starting to feel good in the salon. Everything was finally solid, we had the products we needed. In the beginning, like when that girl Danielle first came in, it was really hard we didn't have everything we needed, and I was working out of my bag, basically. Her hair looked like *#$!@ cause Jonathan didn't have all the products in and we just weren't settled in.

    So during this episode, when Jonathan got mad at me, I thought I was having my best day. Maybe I am just too wild, and our personalities clash. I guess when he's really really stressing, it does seem like he takes it out on me a little more. Like when he got mad at me for asking the desk to set an appointment which makes him money too. It just made no sense.

    Maybe he really just doesn't like me. But I think maybe he's a little threatened by me. Or maybe he sees a lot of himself in me and he doesn't like it.

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    Honestly I believe Jonathan and Brandon can't stand each because we usually clash with people who remind us of our least likeable traits.

    It seems like two alpha males are trying to be the center of atention here-competing for female attention.

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    He's irritating, arrogant, unprofessional and maybe a little scary. I wouldn't let him near my hair.

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    Brandon says he wild and crazy? Well Hairstylists Around the US knows about you now. They may not know the real you but what they see on the show pretty much sums it up. His strutting around is like Axl Rose & Tom Green crashed into each other.

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    I would love to see this guy after about five lines of coke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposed
    In MY opinion he has beautiful, thick and healthy looking hair. He's PUCKS (from real world) twin BUT with a poofy wig.

    **I think Jonathan is too hard on him and is intimidated by Brandon b/c Brandon does NOT kiss his ass and stands up for himself. I'm all for respecting the boss but I'm not going to kiss your ass and I would not allow my boss to talk to me like a child. We have to remember that they're both grown men.

    I actually like Brandon - he seems to be the only 'real' person in the salon....Jonathon in 2 words is a POMPOUS ASS......tries too hard to appear to be straight yah, right (NOT)....... The rest seem up-tight, stuffy and very two-faced and/or catty (take your pick). I hate to see Brandon go but I think it's in the cards for the next show.............

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