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Thread: Happy Birthday - 04-22-06

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    FORT Fogey Pyramid Solitaire by Disney's Tangled Champion combatcutie's Avatar
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    hangin' with the girls drinking Cosmos
    Happy Belated Birthday everyone with extra special birthday wishes to Jewelsy
    I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either

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    _ pineapple's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Happy Belated Birthday everyone!

    Very special wishes to Jewelsy! I hope you had a great one! (Sorry I'm a few days late!)

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    I have a new love now JunkieGirl's Avatar
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    Where the Thunder Rolls
    Happy Belated Birthday Everyone! Hope y'all had a great day!
    Sheldon Cooper: Woman, you're playing with forces beyond your ken

    Penny: Yeah, well your Ken can kiss my Barbie.

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    FORT Fogey lambikins's Avatar
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    Happy Birthday to EVERYONE!

    And to JEWELSY: THIS one's for YOU!!

    Sorry I came to the party late; Spring has sprung and that means I've disappeared into everyone's gardens!

    Hope you had a wonderful day and that this week still celebrates your special day!
    Still crazy, after all these shears

    "lambikins, put the crack pipe down and back away from the keyboard." Unklescott

    "lambikins... I have come to the conclusion that you are the Jedi Master of the Kitchen on FORT!" SuperBrat

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    Happy Birthday Everyone

    These are the new UGG sandals...thought you would like em Jewelsy hApPy BiRtHdAy you hip Santa Cruzin!!!!!

    This is for you Funnygirl... okay drink it down with your favorite drink then Cheers!

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