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Thread: Happy birthday! (2/25)

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO POM I'm so sorryto have missed this the other day. but best wishes to you dear.

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    Thanks, Everybody!!

    Thanks so much, everyone!!!

    I celebrated on Friday and I'm celebrating again today, so yesterday I just rested and relaxed. roses I looked exactly like that pup in the picture.

    I can honestly say that THIS HAS BEEN MY VERY BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!

    Part of why it was so fun is that when I went to the Post Office yesterday I was inundated with all hundreds of dollars worth of REBATE CHECKS that Circuit City promised to mail me back in December when I spent several thousand on new computer and home office equipment. That was a pleasant, surprise just great.

    Another cool thing is that when I was shopping for music I was very excited because I disovered a bunch of CDs by a new band called 10,000 Pomeraniacs. I thought to myself, "Well, well, well -- make that 10,000 and one."

    When I got home and played the first CD, I realized that I had, uh, misread the labels. Yeah, I did get old this year.

    Anyway, it's been a great birthday weekend. Last year -- 2005 -- was one of the very best years of my life, and this new year is shaping up to be even better. I'm very fortunate and blessed, and I'm very excited about the future.

    Thanks again to all of you for taking time to wish me a happy birthday, and I'll do my best to return the favor throughout this new year, now that I've got a home computer again.

    Here's to another great year for all of us, not only here at the FORT but also out there in the real world, living our real lives.

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    Pommy: I'm so glad to read that you've had a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it's not too late to wish you Birthday Wishes: I was gone all of yesterday (no computer time.)

    so Well wishes to my Fuzzy Friend, and to Robert and OTiS, too!

    You're all in good company!!!
    Still crazy, after all these shears

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    A very Happy (belated) Birthday to OTiS and Robert and of course my bestest friend, Porn. I mean Pom. Please accept my humblest apologies. (I've been bedridden for 3 days.)

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