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Thread: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    I'm finally not late with recaps now. Episode 10 is the last one that was aired up to this day. Episode 11 will be aired tomorrow, on Thursday, and I will try to make the recap soon after it, I mean, this week. In the weekend, probably.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 11 recap: "Mighty Mafia Invincible!" Part 1 of 4.

    It’s week 11, people! Unlike previous weeks, it starts in the dark room with Yana dressed like a girlfriend of some Al Capone guy. All remaining contestants walk in this room one by one under the weird music from the Soviet version of “And Then There Were None”. Yana starts to explain to everyone one by one (though we get a mix show of contestants, she of course did it 10 times, or my God) that in this week they’re going to play mafia. It’s up to the contestants to play but no one knows whether they participate or not. All the contestants should make a decision right now whether they’re going to play. If they do, Yana will throw the papers with their names in the box and then will take one randomly. The person whose name is picked will be the mafia. Of course then Yana will announce it to him or her. “Mafia” will have to make a few decisions during these weeks which will bring some unpleasant consequences for other contestants (and can do it to himself or herself as well to mislead others). The decisions will be about various disadvantages in the challenges and in the general game process. Based on these decisions (which of course will be known to everyone) the contestants will have to vote to find out who Mafia is. The person with the most votes, the alleged Mafia, will then say whether others made a mistake or not. If this person is indeed Mafia, he or she will get 2 kilos of disadvantage at this week’s weigh-in. And if others are wrong, then real Mafia will name himself or herself and will get, and that’s the whole point of the game, immunity for two weeks in a row! That’s huge!

    Yana explains the rules of the game to Vova.

    The prize is very attractive to everyone. So the contestants start to reflect about whether they should take a risk. Tatyana says that she doesn’t want to do bad to other people but still wants to try, because the prize is very important. Vladimir is absolutely ready to play. Olga is a gamble person, so she readily takes the risk too. Evgeniya agrees to play Mafia as well (and Dmitriy thinks that she could play this role perfectly because she is smart and thinks everything very thoroughly). Lena didn’t use to play the role of the bad girl, but wants the prize. Alyona thinks too that she should stand up for herself and do it. Roman hesitates a lot because the risk of the loss is too big but in the end decides to do it.
    On the other hand, Arkadij, Dmitriy and Vova decide not to set other people up, even if it’s a game and the prize is big. They just want to live through this week calmly and to get their burn. Although Dmitriy suspects that Arkadij could be great Mafia because if he has a smoking on himself and moustaches, he would look like exactly like Marlon Brando in his legendary role. Well, I thought Marlon Brando didn’t weigh 180 kilos back in 1972. Have Dmitriy watched the Godfather at all? The guy himself says that he almost never gambled in his life and only bets sometimes on football. Vova says that he just can’t give disadvantages to other people. He is absolutely innocent and wants to stay this way. So seven people are playing. I also have to note that all women decided to play while only two of the five men did it. But the contestants themselves don’t know who’s in and who’s out. Of course all of them will suspect each other.
    Yana turns the wheel box and takes one of the seven papers out. She sees the name but of course doesn’t show it to us so we also have some intrigue. An of course we skip the moment when Yana meets the real Mafia and tells him or her about the decisions he or she will have to make.

    Mysterious face of Yana when she understands who Mafia will be.

    These are seven people playing: Alyona, Tatyana, Olga, Evgeniya, Vladimir, Roman and Lena. Who is Mafia?

    Next, Yana meets all ten contestants outside. She warns everyone that with the coming of Mafia, the life at the ranch will be turned upside down. All guys look at each other are like: “Are you Mafia?” Tatyana and Lena are scared. Everyone feels weird knowing that one of the people who stand beside them can be the bad guy or girl who will spoil their lives. Yana then says that Mafia has already made a couple of crucial decisions. And the first of them was to put shackles on someone’s legs. These shackles will be symbolical: this person won’t have access to the gym and to his or her trainer for the whole week. Yana holds a paper in her hand which has the name of this person on it. Then she turns it around and we see that this unlucky one is Roman. Roman is moderately disappointed. He is sad but doesn’t f***k out. He will have to wear the shackles from this moment on for the whole week, even in sleep. Vladimir ironically says “Sorry”, as if he’s Mafia. Well, actually, he is one of the seven suspects.

    Yana informs the contestants of the first Mafia decisions.

    Yana proceeds to say that Mafia made two more decisions about which the contestants will learn when they return to their houses. But the point is one person will be locked in the “dungeon” for the whole week (I will tell you later what “dungeon” in the terminology of the Biggest Loser is). And five more people will later go to some specific place. And that’s it. Yana doesn’t provide any more details.
    Roman gets his shackles on and goes to try to walk with it. He works out outside and his workouts include some jumping, squats and push-ups. He’s one of the most flexible guys so actually these shackles aren’t so big burden for him as it would be for Arkadij or some of the girls.

    Roman tries to do some exercises with shackles (look at his legs).

    Then both teams seclude themselves in their houses and start to discuss their suspicions. Men mostly suspect women and believe that no one of them would agree to play this game. Vladimir also notes that girls are angry at Roman for his attitude to them and readily could put weight on his legs. They are a way too confident that Mafia is no one of them. Arkadij actually suspects Evgeniya and already says the he would vote for her as Mafia. Well, isn’t it too early to deduce conclusions?

    Men share their suspicions with each other.

    Girls, on the other hand, do suspect each other as well as men. They (as promised) find a black letter in their house! It’s from Mafia! Olga reads it and shockingly learns that actually she will spend the whole week in the “dungeon”! So, to make it clear to you, the “dungeon” is the room in of the houses filled with nothing but comfort items, the main of which is the fridge with a tasty food. Olga will be locked here for a few days. She won’t get a chance to train with Marina and also won’t take part in this week’s challenge. Olga widely open her eyes in her scary style and then shouts loudly: “Bast***s”, meaning Mafia obviously. Right of the bat, girls think Mafia is Vladimir (as the former leader of the M-Team he used to have conflicts with Olga and could possibly revenge her). But then Alyona, realizing that Olga who threw a lot of verbal c**p on her will be locked like a beast for six days, can’t help laughing. Immediately Olga is like: “Why the hell do you laugh?” Alyona can’t find the answer that satisfies Olga and she of course starts to suspect her as well. She of course knows that Alyona can harbor a grudge on her. And then she is like: “If it was you who sent me there and you’re below the yellow line this week, you’ll go home”. Alyona keeps smiling. In the interview she says that she actually enjoys watching Olga and Tatyana f***king out because of the gameplay (which is exactly what Olga does right now) and sometimes just can’t help laughing at it. Olga is pi**ed off.

    Olga reads about her sad fate.

    But, wait, the news about Olga is not the only one. There is actually the second letter from Mafia. And it says that Evgeniya, Tatyana and Lena will travel to the specific place that Yana mentioned. First, all three girls are scared because they don’t know what waits for them. Tatyana supposes that this place will have to do something with dirt. Second, they calculate, because five people will go there, that two men will company them.
    At the same time, Arkadij finds the letter in the former M-Team’s house that says he and Vladimir will go to the same place with three girls. Vova is upset upon hearing that because he realizes that now, in their team, only he and Dmitriy are still not affected by Mafia, so probably this will happen soon.
    Olga packs her bags and moves to the “dungeon”. Roman and Vova watch her going there and suspect that she actually may be Mafia, because she could lock herself there and stay there for the whole week and do nothing, and then get 2 weeks of immunity. It’s a comfortable strategy and here I agree with them. Olga will not meet any people during the whole week and won’t look them in the eyes. It’s actually an advantage from the Mafia game point of view. Roman and Vova also think that Tatyana wouldn’t lock her best friend there, and that Alyona would not risk doing it because their conflict with Olga is already very harsh by this time, and that Lena also wouldn’t do that because she tries to be the friend of Olga. So it’s either Olga herself or Evgeniya, in their opinion.

    Olga on her way to the "dungeon".

    Olga enters the “dungeon” and is still lost. She can’t understand why exactly she ended up here. There is a fridge beside her filled with various and not very healthy food. There are salads with mayonnaise, some sausages, hamburgers, French fries, cakes and (the main thing!) a couple of champagne bottles placed in the bucket of ice. How comfortable! Olga grabs on the couch and for now doesn’t know what to do. The only thing she realizes that she will have to work out on her own as well as to resist temptations every day here.


    "The fridge in the "dungeon".

    Here I stop for now. Want to know what happened to the five contestants that will go to the scary unknown place? And to see what happens in the challenge where a few contestants will be disadvantaged by Mafia? You’ll learn about it in the second part of the recap tomorrow. And, as our announcer said in this episode before each commercial break, maybe you already have some guesses as to who Mafia is?
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 11 recap: "Mighty Mafia Invincible!" Part 2 of 4.

    Lena, Tatyana, Evgeniya, Vladimir and Arkadij walk on some embankment in Kyiv. Apparently, this is the place to which Mafia sent them. Then the five see the luxury yacht that of course waits for them. Even from the beach Tatyana can see champagne bottles and some cocktails on board. Arkadij also sees them but doesn’t get what the catch is. Come on, man. This yacht and food on it are actually the catches.

    Vladimir, Evgeniya, Lena, Tatyana and Arkadij looking at the yacht coming.

    The five get on board and the yacht goes around Dnieper (for those who don’t know, Dnieper is the biggest river in Ukraine that flows through Kyiv). Briefly, most notable moments from their voyage: Tatyana drinks champagne right from the bottle; Lena backs up from any temptation and just rests on some deck-chair; both men and Evgeniya have some cocktails and Tatyana joins them as well. These four start to suspect Lena because she just lies aside and eats nothing. They do it openly, in the form of the joke, however, they have their reasons to do it, because Lena, if she’s Mafia, knows about the details of the temptation and beforehand decided that she would not give in.

    Evgeniya, Arkadij and Vladimir have fun while Lena just has rest.

    Soon Arkadij and Vladimir jump into Dnieper from the board, with the former making a huge splash. Lena and Tatyana also decide to have some bath. Evgeniya is the only one who remains on board. She reflects on how excellent is everything and then speculates that this can’t be so good. And, as if she knew it, a female steward comes to her with a tray. And there is one more black letter from Mafia. Evgeniya opens it and reads aloud that this voyage is about to end for one of them right now! There is a boat attached to the yacht. Vladimir has to drive it (with oars of course) to the embankment where the car waits for him. This car will take him back to the ranch. To do this, he has 10 minutes. If he doesn’t get to the car in time, he will receive 1 kilo of disadvantage at this week’s weigh-in. You know, right away I know that he will do it. Our show is abundant of these moments of breakthroughs when a contestant in the stressful situations manages to overcome all obstacles and reaches his goal.
    This time, it’s no different indeed. Vladimir gets in the boat, reaches the embankment and in 9 minutes and 10 seconds gets in the car. He did it! Well, as if anyone doubted that he would do.

    Vladimir on his mission.

    And at the boat, the remaining four drink some champagne and this time Lena joins the rest as the twilight comes down.

    With this, it’s time for the challenge! All contestants (with the exception of Olga who still remains in the “dungeon”) arrive to some pool with nine bars hanging from the construction built over it. Before explaining the rules, Yana asks whether the contestants have any firm guesses about who Mafia is. Only Vladimir and Arkadij speak out. Vladimir thinks it’s Olga, because of the fact that she is isolated now from everyone and can quietly spend the whole week giving the disadvantages to everyone. Of course, “dungeon” is the disadvantage itself, but Olga surely can make such a sacrifice for 2 two weeks of immunity. Arkadij didn’t change his opinion and thinks it’s Evgeniya.

    The panorame of the pool and of the bars.

    Now Yana explains how the challenge is going to work. It’s pretty simple: the contestants have to stand on the bars as long as possible. As soon as anybody falls in the water, he or she is out from the challenge. The last standing player wins. The winner will receive 1 kilo of advantage at this week’s weigh-in, while the first person out will be punished with 1 kilo of disadvantage.
    But there is a catch. Two catches, to be precise. Attentive Vova right away noticed that two bars differ from the rest and understood that these were disadvantages that would be given to certain people. Indeed, Yana announces that Mafia hardened the challenge for two people. First of them is Vladimir again. Vladimir wonders why Mafia loves him so much. His bar hangs a little bit closer than other ones to the rings, which the contestants will have to grab to hold on. So his position in the air is supposed to be a little more uncomfortable. We’ll see later how huge this disadvantage is. The second disadvantage is that one of the bars is not stable. In fact, it’s even not a bar but a roll, so it will be hard to balance for the contestant who will stand on it. This disadvantage will be given to Tatyana. Tatyana is bummed but at the same time thinks that if Mafia gave this disadvantage to her, then this person thinks that Tatyana is a strong competitor. However, she is of course afraid to be the first person to fall.

    The contestants (without Olga) standing in row before the challenge.

    The rolling bar on which Tatyana would stand.

    It’s curious that while Tatyana gets the second disadvantage from Mafia and for Vladimir it’s already the third punishment, Alyona, Vova and Dmitriy are still not disadvantaged at all.
    All nine contestants take their positions and the challenge starts. Roman still wears his shackles. How is he going to swim when/if he falls? 1 minute in and Alyona starts to panic. She is afraid of heights, she is afraid of water, she is afraid of this balancing in the air. Her legs shake terribly. It really looks like she’s going to make a splash very soon. Vladimir, however, comments that she always starts the challenges in this psychic way but then holds on quite long.

    The start of the challenge.

    Alyona struggling in the first minutes.

    While Alyona goes on with her screaming and moaning, some of the other contestants also struggle. It’s hard for Tatyana to stand on the rolling bar, and because she’s very small, she hardly reaches the rings with her hands. She thinks that she’s going to fall. Arkadij struggles as well, being the heaviest guy. And for Vladimir, it looks like the disadvantage is actually the advantage. He doesn’t have to raise his hands to grab the rings, he almost stands in a regular position. And he is okay to joke a little bit. He advises other guys not to go into the water with straight legs because the pool is quite shallow (indeed, do you remember how season 4 Nicole broke her front teeth in the pool?). Then he speculates that it would be even more hardcore to go into the water with head, but at this point Roman tells him loudly to shut up.

    Vladimir during the challenge. See how comfortable is it for him with this disadvantage?

    Vladimir keeps silent for sometime while Alyona has the second wave of panic. She’s again shaky and everything. Everybody thinks she’s going to fall first and this bothers Lena, who is her best friend here. Lena remembers how Alyona comforted her when she was up for elimination in week 7 and that she supported her with her vote that time. Lena thinks that now it’s time to repay Alyona for that kindness and intentionally jumps down. It was clear that she could hang on much longer but she sacrifices herself. She gets 1 kilo of disadvantage which scares me because she had two very good weeks in a row and this time her number may be very slow, and with a disadvantage, it’s almost a guarantee that she will fall under the yellow line. Alyona is very grateful to her and is admired with her friend. Is she going to fall right after? That’s the question. And the second and even more interesting question is if Alyona is Mafia, how Lena will feel about her and about in this case absolutely unnecessary sacrifice?

    Lena jumping off.

    Vladimir immediately suspects Lena being Mafia because this sacrifice is nothing in comparison with two weeks of immunity.
    Until Lena jumped, everyone really tried to hang on and tried to endure pain and fear. However, as soon as it became clear that Lena has got the crucial disadvantage, guys start to jump off one by one. One minute after Lena, Vova gives up. And right after that Arkadij jumps down and almost lands on Vova’s head in the water. One more minute passes and Tatyana can’t endure the pain no more and jumps off from her rolling bar. She goes down in the pool and with a little struggle swims to the edge. Note: Alyona still stands. Looks like Lena sacrifices herself in vain.

    Arkadij falling. See the lime silouette of Vova in the water?

    Yana herself helping Tatyana out of the pool.

    Tatyana is followed by Roman in the pool. Fortunately, his shackles aren’t too heavy so they don’t drag him down. I thought that they would present a problem for him, but in fact they don’t. He goes out quite easily. There are four people left. Immortal Alyona starts to panic again. Dmitriy commands her friendly to pull herself together and to keep fighting because she actually can win this. It looks like Dmitriy stands quite firmly, but right after his talk to Alyona he feels dizzy and starts to cough. He is about to throw up. Apparently Dmitriy decides not to allow this happen and drops in the water. And almost right after this Alyona finally gives up and falls too. She is so tired that she can’t even move with her hands properly, and, as a result, almost starts to drown. Dmitriy who is still in the pool notices it and rushes to help. He grabs Alyona softly and helps her out. You know, it seemed to me that Alyona drowned somehow artificially. If I didn’t know that Dmitriy was married, I would presume that these two have a romance between them.

    Alyona falling, with only Vladimir and Evgeniya left.

    Dmitriy gallantly holding Alyona while helping her out.

    This leaves only Vladimir and Evgeniya. And we almost go back to the previous week as Vladimir tries to distract Evgeniya by telling her that he suspects her to be Mafia. Evgeniya is reciprocal and says that she’s sure that Vladimir is the bad guy. She then asks him whether he can present this 1 kilo of advantage to her because she’s the lady and he’s the gentleman. Vladimir replies, this time seriously, that he can’t do it because now these advantages are a way too important.

    Vladimir and Evgeniya try to eliminate each other from the competition by smack talk.

    They talk a lot more but I will not go into all details of their conversation. They try to talk each other away but in the end Vladimir and his male strength and muscles win. Evgeniya drops in 45 minutes and the challenge is over. She says that for the last few minutes she held on to the ropes only because she was afraid to fall from the relatively big height and as soon as her energy was completely over she gave up.

    Evgeniya releasing rings and falling down.

    So the disadvantage actually brings 1 kilo of advantage to Vladimir. Although he is very happy with that, he immediately becomes one of the most probable candidates for the role of Mafia. Everyone thinks that he knew about the fact that he would probably benefit from this disadvantage so he gave it to himself. So this 1 bonus kilo may actually put Vladimir in the very unfortunate position.

    In the third part of the recap, we will see the workouts of both former teams as well as hear the main news of the week – who Mafia is and whether he or she will get immunity for two weeks.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 11 recap: "Mighty Mafia Invincible!" Part 3 of 4.

    It’s time for the workouts which in this case may be called last chance workouts. We start with the former F-Team (although teams no longer exist, girls and men work out separately with their trainers). It turns out that Marina knows that Evgeniya, Lena and Tatyana have been on vacation with a lot of temptations so she asks them whether they gave in. Evgeniya confesses that all three of them drank, but just a little bit (while she says it we get the flashback of Tatyana finishing champagne right from the bottle). Marina doesn’t completely buy it and reminds to the three about Alyona’s sad experience with sambuka (oh man, come on, will we remember about this sambuka until the Finale…) after which she lost nothing on the scale and nearly got eliminated. Marina doesn’t like the fact that girls at like they all already have immunity for two weeks and drags them through the workout with some hard running, push-ups and squats. This time she is particularly hard on Evgeniya who apparently feels not good and can’t complete some of the exercise.

    Marina wondering what girls ate at the yacht.

    One more shot from the workout of girls.

    In the meantime, Olga does her own workout in the “dungeon” which mostly consists of jumping jacks, squats and some dancing.
    M-Team’s workout looks more intriguing. Slavik walks in the gym with the black letter in his hand. It turns out that Mafia decided to give out some physical challenges for all four men (there are four of them training because, as you remember, Roman doesn’t have any access to the gym this week). It actually may be advantage because they will definitely burn some calories while doing this. Arkadij has to do 300 push-offs with a barbell. Dmitriy must run 20 minutes on 11 km/h. Vladimir gets 300 squats with a barbell. And Vova’s mission is 500 steps. I think that Slavik didn’t say anything about what would happen if any of them doesn’t overcome his challenge. Probably because he was absolutely sure in his team. And in the end, all men indeed successfully complete each single push-off/squat/step. They should be thankful for Mafia because they burnt a hell of calories there. Dmitriy is sure that Mafia is one of the girls and mostly suspects Olga and Evgeniya, as does Arkadij. Very soon we’ll learn who the real Mafia is.

    Men completing their individual challenges: Dmitriy running, Vova stepping and Arkadij pushing-off.

    But before, it’s time to release our two prisoners because the weigh-in is coming. Roman and Olga find on their beds the black letter which says that the time of the punishment is over. There are also small keys in the letter with which Roman may unlock his shackles and Olga can unlock the door of the “dungeon”.

    Roman reading the last letter from Mafia.

    While Roman is just happy that all his struggles are over, Olga looks very mean. She returns to the F-Team’s house where four other girls wait for her. She doesn’t even say “Hi” to them and right away starts bit**ing about her hard time in the “dungeon”. The point is she actually suspects that Mafia is now in this room with her and is very angry because this means that somebody from her own former team locked her for the whole week. For her, it’s all about good relationships between people. Evgeniya advises her not to take it so close to the heart but Olga doesn’t listen and actually starts to suspect Evgeniya. She thinks that Evgeniya, being one of the physically strongest girls in the team, tries to take the informal lead and sets Tatyana and Lena up against her. Evgeniya can easily be Mafia, in her opinion. This redhead actually starts to irritate me. She continues to play the role of the drama queen and basically says that she is angry at her team because they drank champagne at the yacht and she also had champagne in her fridge but didn’t give up. It sounds like she’s just jealous of them being on vacation. Tatyana and Evgeniya are shocked at such behavior of Olga and Tatyana just hopes that their friendship won’t be broken up because of this Mafia thing. On this sad and thick note, the conversation between the girls is over and they get prepared for the Mafia vote.

    Tension arising between girls as Olga starts the drama around her seclusion.

    One of the crucial moments of the week is on. All contestants sit down and the voting starts.

    The contestants walking to the elimination room... But not to eliminate anyone.

    Start of the vote session.

    Arkadij suspected Olga, Lena and Evgeniya and in the end deduced that it must have been Evgeniya.
    Lena thinks that Evgeniya and Arkadij are the two people who could handle the role of Mafia in the best way. She chose between these two and after all decided to vote for Evgeniya. Well, isn’t there something wrong with her arguments? It’s not about who could handle the role of Mafia in the best way at all, because the choice of the Mafia was random.
    Vova gives pretty much the same explanation as Lena and votes for Evgeniya. What’s wrong with you, people?
    Tatyana didn’t see a lot of Vova this week. In her opinion, he intentionally tried to skate by and didn’t show up during the whole so she votes for him. We know that Vova didn’t play so he is 100% not Mafia, but Tatyana doesn’t know it (unless she is Mafia herself).
    Vladimir starts by saying that if one of the men is Mafia, then he will lock himself in the “dungeon” for the next week. If Mafia is a woman, he will not communicate with her until the very end of the show. Come on, this sounds so childish and selfish… Even his best friend Arkadij comments that he shouldn’t have taken all this so seriously. Whatever, but Vladimir briefly says that he thinks it’s Evgeniya. Fourth vote for her.
    Evgeniya herself wants to vote for the person whom she considers to be very smart and strategic. This person is Dmitriy.
    Olga chose between Vladimir and Evgeniya because she thinks that only these two could have disadvantaged her with the “dungeon”. Surprise! She also votes for Evgeniya. So we have five votes for Evgeniy, one vote for Vova and one vote for Dmitriy. It’s already clear that the alleged Mafia is Evgeniy, because the majority voted for her in any case. But is she the real Mafia?
    Let’s hear from remaining three at first. Alyona says (under the comic music) that she just can’t vote for any of the girls so she will vote for Dmitriy although she thinks that Mafia is Olga but she will nevertheless vote for Dmitriy although she thinks he’s not Mafia… Well, as always, she is at her own lunatic wave.
    Dmitriy votes for Evgeniya. And that’s it. No argumentation.
    Finally, Roman also just votes for Evgeniya with no further explanation.

    Vladimir is absolutely sure they made the right decision. With 2 kilos of disadvantage, he thinks, Mafia (a.k.a. Evgeniya) will go home this week.
    Evgeniya herself has mixed emotions about that. On the one hand, she is flattered that most of other people think that she is smart and can play the role of Mafia well. But at the same time she realizes that these votes mean that other also think that she’s a hypocritical and a sly person and want her out of this game.
    Now it’s the high point: Evgeniya has to announce whether she is Mafia or not.

    The crucial moment. Evgeniya says whether she is Mafia.

    “Dear contestants”, she says. “You have made a mistake. I’m not Mafia”.

    Everyone who voted for Evgeniya facepalms and Vladimir even bangs a table with his head a few times and says in the interview that he is very disappointed in himself because of the wrong decision. Olga asks for some sedative. Vova says that the fact that all those people who voted for Evgeniya are mo**ns, including himself.

    Vladimir hits his head on the table a few times because of frustration.

    It’s clear that Mafia won and will have immunity for weeks 11 and 12. But who is it?!

    Yana asks Mafia to name himself or herself. And one person at the table says with the smile: “I’m Mafia”. And this is…

    "Mafia, who are you?"

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 11 recap: "Mighty Mafia Invincible!" Part 4 of 4.

    So, Yana asks Mafia to name himself or herself. And one person at the table says with the smile: “I’m Mafia”. And the person is…

    No one says anything but actively applauses. Everyone but Olga. In fact she quietly calls Tatyana “b***h” and in the interview says that she suspected everyone but never thought that Tatyana would lock her in the “dungeon”. She asserts that Tatyana broke all the boundaries of the friendship and doesn’t know whether their relationships will continue. Tatyana asks Olga not to be angry at her because it was just a game. But, as Olga already said, it’s all about relationships to her. She also blames Tatyana again in going for a ride around Dnieper with her “new best friends” Lena and Evgeniya. Oh my God… Do you have any doubts yet that she’s just jealous about not drinking champagne on the luxurious yacht?
    Most of the other contestants admire Tatyana for her game and say that they didn’t even suspect her. Arkadij confesses that he crossed her out from the list of suspects as soon as Olga was sent to the “dungeon”. Nobody would think that she would do that to her best friend. So did I! And not a single person voted for her!
    Tatyana goes on to explain that she locked Olga in the “dungeon” because she knew about the challenge over the pool and was aware that Olga is very afraid of heights (it became clear to her during the challenge at the construction site when Olga showed signs of fear). Olga doesn’t believe her. Well, she has a right not to believe her. Then Tatyana proceeds to say that she gave out all minor and major disadvantages to the people who she thought would handle them well. Olga was afraid of heights so she locked her away from the challenge. Roman is very active and flexible so she decided to give the shackles to him. Vladimir is very strong physically so he received the 10-minute race in the boat and the advantageous disadvantage in the challenge. Tatyana took the second disadvantage in the challenge herself because she thought that this was the hardest one and at the same time to mislead others. She emphasizes that she wanted to take the hardest disadvantages on herself and here Olga interrupts her sarcastically: “You mean the yacht and the champagne, right?!” Oh, please, shut up… So, Arkadij, Vladimir, Lena, Evgeniy and Tatyana herself are strong mentally and are able to resist temptation so they went on a ride around Dnieper. All men but Roman received that intense workout from Tatyana because they are men. And Alyona, who is considered to be the weakest physically (I’m not sure whether this is true after the challenge), was the only one who didn’t get any disadvantage.

    Olga giving interview about how angry is she at Tatyana.

    Tatyana asks Olga not to be angry at her once more. Olga keeps silent and looks mean. Yana congratulates Tatyana on her victory and announces that she is rewarded now with the immunity for two weeks. Tatyana is safe at least up to week 13 (and I personally think that it’s up to week 14 because she probably will waterload or something like that).

    With that said, it’s time to see the weigh-in. Two people with the lowest percentage of individual weight loss will fall below the yellow line and will be up for elimination and others will have to vote to send one person home.
    As always, the person who has got immunity opens the night. Tatyana steps on the scale. She goes down from 89 to 88 for the difference of -1 kilo. Well, in her position it could be zero or plus so I’m okay with that. Her percentage is -1,12% which is right away deleted from the board.

    The second person to weigh-in is Vova. His previous weight was 110 and now he weighs 109 with a loss of 1 kilo as well. With this, he is in danger of falling below the yellow line. His individual percentage of weight loss is -0,91%. Vova f***ks out and is very nervous. Slavik says that he is very disappointed because Vova worked extremely hard in the gym. He deduces that something is definitely wrong with his diet.
    Next up is Evgeniya. She comes down from 115 to 113 and gets rid of 2 kilos. It’s better than Vova but she is in danger (naturally, because only two people have weighed in). She lost 1,74% of her current body weight.
    It’s Arkadij’s turn. The heaviest contestants does pretty well and goes down from 174 to 169 with a loss of 5 kilos. I think he is already safe. Indeed, his percentage is -2,87%.
    Olga steps on the scale. Before the numbers roll, Yana asks her about what’s going on between Tatyana and her. Olga says that she is still angry at Tatyana and that they will have a very strict and cruel conversation at night. But she says it with the smile on her face and her voice doesn’t sound angry. Tatyana seems to have noticed it and also smiles. Olga says in the interview that they had a very difficult moment but their friendship is before everything here. Thank God. Then Olga weighs in and loses – holy guacamole – 4 kilos, going down from 99 to 95! That’s what happens after you spend the week at the “dungeon”! So she should actually be thankful to Tatyana. Olga’s percentage of weight loss this week is -4,04% and she takes the lead and is definitely safe and will be here for one more week. Evgeniya and Vova are still in danger.

    Next up is Vladimir. He modestly transforms from 117 to 116 and loses only 1 kilo, but with the advantage from the challenge, it’s -2 and this is at least enough to be above Vova. His percentage is 1,71%. Evgeniya is now safe.
    Alyona is up. She is nervous, as she always is, but actually comes down from 105 to 102, for the loss of 3 kilos. She gets thinner for 2,86% and is definitely safe with current third place. Even if she lost 2 kilos, she would be safe right now. I mention this because I’m worried for Lena who faces 1 kilo of disadvantage which he sacrificed for Alyona.
    Roman is the next person to weigh-in. The guy goes down from 116 to 112 and gets rid of 4 kilos! Wow! You know, Roman turns slowly into one of the main candidates for the victory in this whole thing. He still has a lot of weight to lose. This week in particular, he loses 3,45%. It’s second place and he is absolutely safe.
    There are two people left to weigh in and Vova and Vladimir are still in danger of falling below the yellow line. Vova is right above it.
    Dmitriy weighs in and loses 4 decent kilos, going down from 127 to 123. He is safe and Vova is definitely below the yellow line. He looks like he just have eaten a huge lemon.

    Either Vladimir or Lena will be up for elimination with him. Lena steps on the scale. To beat Vladimir with her disadvantage and be above the yellow line, she has to lose 3 kilos. I’m afraid that she doesn’t have it after two weeks of -5 and -4. In fact everyone thinks that she won’t do it. And unfortunately she doesn’t. She comes down from 101 to 100, for the loss of only 1 kilo, which is immediately taken out. So Lena’s percentage is 0%. She just sadly nods with her head a few times. Alyona who was especially nervous during the weigh-in procedure is like “No… No…” Well, at least, even without that disadvantage Lena would still have been below (the only difference would be her taking the position above Vova). Vladimir breathes out. He is safe. And Lena and Vova are up for elimination. One of them will be going home in one hour.

    At the discussion, Vova pleads everyone to let him stay because at home he has granny who likes to feed him with everything very much. He is afraid that he won’t refrain from temptations. Also he still wants to gain confidence here and finally to find the girlfriend. Girls, Olga and Tatyana in particular, don’t get his motivation. Basically they think that Vova’s problems don’t come from his weight but from the fact that he was raised very mildly and kindly and it’s hard for him to start to live on his own now. He is dependant on his mum and granny.
    Lena, on the other hand, has the reverse situation. She’s already got family and two kids and thinks that she won’t be able to look after herself at home. And she also wants to make her husband to fell in love with her again. And here Roman says (in the interview) that this motivation sounds strange for him. To go the show to get the husband back seems not a very persuasive argument for him. Well, like Olga and Tatyana, he is biased – he’s the best friend of Vova, after all. Arkadij, on the other hand, feels sorry for Lena and for the fact that her husband doesn’t accept her and says that deep in the heart he doesn’t want Lena to leave.

    The deliberation.

    Vova and Lena ask the eight voting contestants to think over their decision very well and leave. And here we see the conflict of opinions. Girls think that Vova needs to grow up and this doesn’t have to do with his weight so he can go home and lose weight there, especially because he hasn’t got anyone to look after. Vladimir and Roman object to them that, in contrast, Vova needs this place emotionally and he hasn’t got any support system at home while Lena has family and can do it there. Arkadij and Dmitriy keep silent. Remembering that Arkadij felt sorry for Lena and Dmitriy is the only man who’s got really good relationships with all girls here, I think that the situation gets worse for Vova.

    Another elimination starting.

    The contestants arrive to the elimination room and sit down in the very interesting order: four girls first, and then all the guys, with Dmitriy in the very far corner of the table. All four girls predictably vote for Vova to go: Olga can relate to Lena, Tatyana wants to support the person with whom she’s been in the same team from the very beginning, Evgeniya thinks that Lena needs to be here more and Alyona is the best friend of Lena and her roommate. So immediately the best case scenario for Vova is a tie.
    Arkadij is next. He honestly says that he feels more for Lena’s story but he just can’t vote Vova out, with whom he’s been living in the same room for 11 weeks.
    Next up are Vladimir and Roman. They obviously vote for Lena. Vladimir promised to support his people from the very beginning and Roman is Vova’s best friend here.
    This leaves only Dmitriy to vote. If he voted for Vova, he’ll go home. If he voted for Lena, there will be a tie and I don’t know what will happen then (we don’t have the rule of the lowest percentage elimination). Dmitriy says that he decided to keep here the person who he thinks needs this place more. And this person is Lena. He votes for Vova, sending him home.

    The deciding vote of Dmitriy. Vova is the shortname from Vladimir. But because there is one more Vladimir at the ranch and he's older (27 versus 22), he is called by his complete and "Junior Vladimir" is simply called Vova".

    Men are shocked. Vova remembers that he supported Dmitriy twice when he was in the elimination (and the last time was in the previous week when Evgeniy left) and is very negatively surprised that this is how he repaid him. Vladimir and Roman don’t get Dmitriy and consider his decision to be the betrayal. Arkadij is less critical but also says that still one week ago they were one team and it’s not right to vote out people with you fought together in challenges. Dmitriy says that his decision was based on the fact that he also has family like Lena and understands her more, while between him and Vova the relationships were quite shallow and that the only thing that bonded them was football.
    Yana announces to Vova that with five votes, he’s not the Biggest Loser and it’s time for him to go. Vova stands up and warmly hugs with everyone. Olga actually feels sorry for him and says that she wishes him all the best but she had to save her teammate. Evgeniya and Tatyana, on the other hand, don’t feel sorry and are glad about the fact that now girls have overhand. There are still five of them at the ranch while only four men remained and one of this four is Dmitriy who probably will be on their side.

    Vova hugging with his best friend Roman before he leaves.

    Vova wishes good luck to all the remaining guys and looks forward to see everyone at the Finale. He wants everyone to be the winners over old them. He also comments that for him, it’s especially hard to say good-bye to his male teammates and gets emotional about it.
    In the yard, he gets in the car which drives him away.

    So Vova is out.

    Or is he?

    In a few kilometers away from the ranch, another car is coming from behind Vova’s carriage. We see that the driver is Slavik. Slavik reminds us that in the very first week his team won a 10k race to the ranch and he personally won the right to save one contestant from the elimination. We get the flashback of week 1 and remember once again that moment of M-Team’s first victory and actually remember how Vova himself talked about this right to save one person from the elimination and thought that this was very cool (that time he of course didn’t know that this salvation right would be applied to him out of all contestants).
    Slavik says that Vova worked really hard and with this fighting spirit deserved the right to stay in the game. Slavik drives in front of Vova’s car and gets out. He then opens the door of Vova’s car. Judging by Vova’s face, he already understood what’s going on because he is very emotional and pleasantly nervous. Slavik indeed says to Vova that he gets him back to the game and asks him to do his best now because he chose him out of all ten men to be saved so Vova has to appreciate it and to show that he appreciates it. Vova, still crying from joy, gets out and shakes Slavik’s hand. And then he gets in his car and they drive back to the ranch.

    Emotional Vova recovering from the shock of his salvation while Slavik tells him to get out of the car and to go back to the ranch.

    At the ranch, meanwhile, girls at least try to look sad after Vova’s departure. And here they see Slavik’s car coming. And then are shocked to see that shining Vova gets out of the car with Slavik and shows by gestures that Slavik presented to him the second chance. Evgeniya is frustrated because she already started her inner celebration of the girls prevalence. However she calms down quickly. “We didn’t do it this week”, she says, “But we will do it the next week for sure”. Olga is glad at least because of the fact that Slavik hasn’t got this immunity right anymore so he won’t be able to apply it to the most dangerous male contestants: Arkadij, Roman and Vladimir. Arkadij is just happy that Vova is back and hopes that this wonderful salvation will be a stimuli for him to work harder. And Roman hopes that all men will drop big numbers the next week to send two girls below the yellow line and one of them home.

    "It was this guy who saved me!"

    Happy end of the episode. Everyone really looks happy, even those girls who were glad that Vova got eliminated.

    NEXT WEEK: The contestants will have to run the same distance they ran in the first week, however this time all by themselves and with some extra weight on their shoulders. Also: At-home Prize Winner of the previous season Ruslan Karpenko makes his appearance as the host of the challenge!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    We've had Episode 12 yesterday. One more person left and then there were nine. I'll try to recap in on Saturday & Sunday.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 11 of 17.

    General progress chart.

    The Biggest Loser for week 11 is Olga. The Smallest Loser is Vladimir (but he escaped elimination due to bonus kilo). Overall Arkadij is still the leader and Tatyana is the last one. She has 20,00% though so everyone is over 1/5 of their weight loss now.

    Weight loss chart.

    Elimination history. Arkadij, Olga, Roman and Tatyana still haven't been there.


    Weeks' Biggest Losers chart.

    Rankings of Week 11.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 12 recap: "Don't Count Men until They're Hatched". Part 1 of 3.

    As you remember, previous time no one went home because Slavik finally used his right to save one contestant from elimination who was Vova. So this morning the same ten contestants arrive to some place that looks familiar. I can say right off the bat that this is the meadow from which the contestants started their 10k run in the week 1. But this time we see ten wheelbarrows painted in individual colors of contestants. There is also something big in the middle of the meadow covered with a huge blanket. Finally, there is some man standing, obviously the host of some challenge. Upon closer looking, we see that this is Ruslan Karpenko, At-Home Prize winner of season 5. Man, he looks almost as terribly skinny as at the Finale. I just would like to remind that Ruslan went down from 155 to 69 kilos (from 342 to 159 lbs). He had a motivation to open his own gym and made this dream come true. He also waits for the baby as his wife Natalya (who also lost huge amount of weight – see season 5 results earlier in this thread) is pregnant.

    The meadow with wheelbarrows as the dawn in setting.

    Ruslan Karpenko. Before-and-after picture from season 5.

    Ruslan a half of a year later after his season's Finale.

    All the contestants recognize Ruslan and are very glad to see him. Ruslan tells them that today they’re going to have a challenge. They will complete 10k again, this time on their own. The person with the fastest time will get three envelopes which have +1, +2 and +3 individual kilos which he or she will have to give out to three other contestants on their own. It’s clear that men will disadvantage girls and in reverse, because many of the contestants remember all the insults from the opposite team. The slowest person will get +1 on his or her scales. The refusal to complete the run or quitting in the middle of it will cost 2 kilos of disadvantage.
    There is one more catch. The contestants will complete the 10k run with some luggage. Ruslan comes up to the stuff covered with blanket and tears it off. Under it, there is a huge mountain of salo (Ukrainian national product; something like bacon). Everyone is shocked. This salo resembles the weight that they lost (and together they lost 360 kilos). Ruslan says that right now each contestant will have to put on their wheelbarrows some salo, in the exact amount of kilos that they’ve lost so far. I don’t describe this procedure. Everyone comes up, disgusted (this salo stinks really much) and loads his or her wheelbarrow, with Ruslan sometimes asking traditional questions like: “Can you imagine that it all was on you?”

    The contestants before the start of the procedure.

    I just would like to remind you how much weight each of the contestants lost (and respectively, how much weight they put in their wheelbarrows – from lowest to highest):
    Tatyana – 22 kilos.
    Olga – 29 kilos.
    Evgeniya – 31 kilo.
    Vova, Lena and Alyona – 32 kilos.
    Dmitriy – 37 kilos
    Vladimir – 38 kilos
    Roman – 39 kilos
    Arkadij – 66 (!) kilos

    But this is only the first part of the show. Of course all the guys think that they will push their exact amount of weight lost in the wheelbarrows. But it’s not. Right now each of them will have to distribute all his or her kilos between other contestants, by his or her own choice! Which means that the strategy will definitely be involved and that old conflicts will show up again in the form of this distribution.
    Vladimir is first, which, I believe, is very bad for him. The first person in such a situation takes all the later hits. Vladimir says that he will try to be as fair as possible and then… distributes almost all of his 38 kilos between girls and Dmitriy. For Dmitriy, he has whole 12 kilos. Vladimir himself tells Ruslan that he did it because Dmitriy is very strong but we know very well that this for the attempt to vote Vova out. Dmitriy is bonded more with girls than with his former team and that probably enrages Vladimir. Alyona also receives 9 kilos from Vladimir. She is shocked to be the second highest after Dmitriy in Vladimir’s victims list. In the interview Vladimir explains that he doesn’t have any conflict with Alyona and just wants to make the challenge harder for her so that she pushes herself more. Other girls get 4 or 5 kilos and Arkadij, as Vladimir’s best friend, gets nothing. Tatyana exclaims: “Oh, you are so fair!” Vladimir specifies that he decided to be fair from the point of his gameplay. I think that after everyone else distributes their weight, he will end up with +100 kilos. If you don’t mind, I’ll skip exact numbers of how many who gave whom.
    Evgeniya has the next turn. She gives all her weight out to men, with Vladimir getting the most (13 kilos).
    Next is Dmitriy, As expected, he also distributes all his weight between four other men, with Vladimir (naturally) getting the biggest pack again – whole 16 kilos. In the interview Dmitriy says that he actually doesn’t like Vladimir and his excessive self-confidence. Girls admire Dmitriy.
    Tatyana does the same thing. Thankfully, she has only 22 kilos so Vladimir and co don’t get as much weight on their scales.

    Tatyana throwing "her" kilos on Vladimir's scales.

    Roman is next. All his weight goes to girls. Lena receives 5 kilos, Olga and Evgeniya get 4 apiece, Alyona ends up with 2. The rest (24) kilos Roman hands to Tatyana – because she put shackles on him in the previous week. Tatyana, like Vladimir, already has more weight than she lost.
    Now it’s Lena’s turn. Out of her 32 kilos, 17 go to Vladimir. The remaining 15 are approximately equally distributed between other four guys.
    Lucky Vova goes on a raid among women and Dmitriy, with putting (it seemed so to me) the most on Olga’s scales. Olga is enraged with this and promises inwardly to payback. She is already mad at Vova that he stayed after his elimination (as if it was his decision) and now she is double enraged after Vova loaded her with salo.

    Vova putting "his" weight on Olga's scales. We'll see what consequences it will have.

    Alyona has 32 kilos to distribute. Half of them predictably goes to Vladimir and the rest is distributed between other guys, including Dmitriy. Oh, doesn’t she remember how delicately he pulled her out of the pool?
    Olga, naturally, gives out all her weight to men as well and Vladimir again suffers the most.
    Arkadij is the last one to announce his decision. Everyone waits for his verdict with a fear because the guy has 66 kilos to give out. Arkadij says that he’s going to give these 66 kilos to one person. And this person is Tatyana. Arkadij explains that this week Tatyana still has immunity so the last place in the run or the refusal to complete it won’t affect her. Well, on the one hand, it’s fair from the game point of view. On the other hand, it seems somehow unmanly to put 66 kilos on a girl’s wheelbarrow. Tatyana doubts whether she will be able to move her wheelbarrow.
    The contestants get to the start line. All of them will start with the interval of 5 minutes so they don’t clearly see who is faster and who is slower. They start off in the next order: Arkadij, Evgeniya, Vladimir, Tatyana, Vova, Olga, Roman, Lena, Dmitriy and Alyona.

    The contestants at the start of the challenge, with Tatyana and Vladimir sulky for their heaviest wheelbarrows.

    I have to say that we get mixing broadcast of various contestants completing the run, switching from one to other. If you don’t mind, I won’t describe you the process in the same sequence because it will be long and confusing. I will just briefly recap the main details of everyone’s run in the same order that they started. And then I will put their total time.
    Arkadij has 24 kilos in his wheelbarrow (which is surprising, as he’s a big threat – probably, this means other contestants respect him). He switches constantly between walking and jogging and just wants to finish it, because in day 1 he couldn’t do it. He does pretty well and is the first one of finish, without allowing anyone to pass him.

    Arkadij on the run at the 1st km.

    Evgeniya (has 14 kilos in her wheelbarrow) struggles very much during the second half of the run. It’s hot, it’s tiring.
    Vladimir (has 95 kilos, which is the highest) goes through the challenge very strongly. He tries to find different methods to ease his task like raising the handles of the wheelbarrow and this allows him even to run. Somewhere in the second part of the run, he catches up with Evgeniya and hugs her friendly, admitting that she’s a strong contender (we are reminded about two recent face-offs of them in the challenges with balls and above the pool). He is the second person to finish. Evgeniya is the third one at the finish line.

    Vladimir at some point of the distance.

    Him again, outrunning Evgeniya.

    Tatyana at first doesn’t even want to start (there are 91 kilos in her wheelbarrow). Ruslan still persuades her to do this. Tatyana walks about 100 meters or more but then decides to stop this torture. She is right, I think. There is no doubt that she will have the slowest time with these 91 kilos. She gets in the car, quits the challenge and gets +2 on her scales (which won’t affect her anyway, because we don’t have the rule of voiding immunity with plus on the scale).

    Tatyana refusing from further competition.

    Vova (31 kilos) struggles a lot during pretty much the whole distance and is outrun successively by Olga, Roman and Lena. He may have the slowest time.
    Olga (13 kilos, mostly from Vova) starts to run really fast and stays this way for the most of the distance. She looks rather inspired and is definitely one of the candidates for victory.
    Roman (who has 25 kilos in the wheelbarrow) seemingly does well and runs from time to time, although he is disgusted by the smell of salo. There are even flies around this “bacon”. Just like Arkadij, he couldn’t complete the 10k in the first day and now he wants to rebound. I’m pretty sure he will, and with a good time.

    Roman catching up with Vova. Vova's shirt is so sweaty...

    Lena (who has only 8 kilos in her wheelbarrow which is the lowest and points to the fact that she has no enemies in the camp) runs mostly as well. We almost don’t get to see her. The only time she appears is the moment when she outruns Vova and then at the finish line. She breathes real hard when she finishes and other friends even have to bring some water for her.
    Dmitriy (who ended up with 37 kilos in his wheelbarrow which wonderfully coincide with the amount of weight that he lost) mostly walks and this challenge seems to be quite difficult for him. We don’t see him too much.
    Finally, Alyona (with 11 kilos in her wheelbarrow – mostly from Vladimir – which is second lowest) starts pretty actively and quickly catches up with Dmitriy and outruns him. In the middle of the distance she feels sick because of the disgusting smell and almost throws up in her T-shirt. Nevertheless she manages to finish before Dmitriy and it looks like she has a decent time.

    Alyona going ahead of Dmitriy still in the first part of the 10k.

    Lena completing the challenge. A few seconds later she will crash in the hands of her friends, exhausted.

    Let’s get to the most intriguing part now. Ruslan cites the results, from the slowest to the fastest.
    Tatyana withdrew from the challenge and got 2 kilos of disadvantage.
    9th time is Dmitriy’s: 2 hours 25 minutes and 23 seconds. Unfortunately, he is the one to get the 1 kilo of disadvantage. He shouldn’t have walked this for the whole time.
    8th place goes to Evgeniya: 2:01:54.
    7th place – Vova with 2:08:00. Not last!
    6th place belongs to Arkadij with 1:54:06.
    5th place holds Alyona with 1:52:45.
    4th place goes to Vladimir – 1:46:29. And this is with 96 kilos! I don’t like the guy but I have to respect his effort.
    3rd place is Roman’s and it’s 1:46:21. Note that while Roman withdrew from the first challenge of the season, now he is the fastest of the guys (of course the fastest would be Vladimir without 96 kilos but anyway).

    As soon as Ruslan spells Roman’s name, girls scream excitingly and start to celebrate. Only two people haven’t been named yet, and these are Lena and Olga. So the prize definitely goes to the former F-Team.

    Olga ecstatic after the announcement of either she or Lena is the winner.

    2nd is Lena, with 1:42:19.
    And finally, the best time is 1:40:55 which belongs to Olga!

    Girls jump and celebrate and everything. Men just stand there with heads lowered. They realize that three of them (almost 100% guarantee) will get the three disadvantages. And Olga just can’t wait to make fun of her future victims. I think Dmitriy is safe though, for his bond with the former F-Team. So it will be between Vladimir, Vova, Roman and Arkadij. I’m pretty sure that Vladimir (the old rival of Olga and the former leader of the F-Team) and Vova (who put most weight on Olga’s wheelbarrow) will receive the disadvantages. And either Arkadij or Roman will get the third one.

    Olga going forward to take the three envelopes with disadvantages from Ruslan.

    Want to know the decision of Olga? And what unscrupulous things some of the girls did when it came down to the verdict? Read about in the second part of the recap soon!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Sorry. I have serious health issues with my eye and have a surgery coming up on Monday. I shouldn't strain my eyes right now so I take a break. As soon as everything is (hopefully) ok. I'll continue to write.

    The good news is we will have season 7 in 2017 and it will be Couples, in the direct sense of the word. It will be the competition between married couples.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Best wishes to you Sabur with your surgery. I hope you can continue to write and read as well. Let us know how your news when you can.
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