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Thread: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 8 recap: "Teach Me How To Play Tic-Tac-Toe!" Part 2 of 4

    From the diverse cities across Ukraine, we switch back to the contestants that stayed on the ranch. To the challenge, to be precise. I just remind that out of the M-Team, Vova, Roman, Evgeniy, Dmitriy and Artem are now at the house, while from the F-Team, these are Tatyana, Lena and Evgeniya.
    These eight arrive at some beach where they see Yana and some sort of barrier. Yana tells them that now they are going to play giant tic-tac-toe. Girls will play with O, and guys will play with X. Os will be represented by tires, while Xs are symbolized by a couple of tied planks. The task is to carry the “marks” over the barrier and place it into one of the cells in the grid that is drawn on the sand in the other part of the beach. There is no taking turns. The contestant who runs to the grid just throws the sign, so it’s possible for any team to make two or three moves in a row.

    The site of the challenge. Overall panorame.

    Xs and Os.

    The grid.

    And now – to the main thing. There will be three rounds. The team that wins the first round, will get 1 kilo of advantage (loser gets nothing). The team that loses the second round gets 1 kilo of disadvantage (winner gets nothing). The last round is much more extraordinary. Yana announces that the team that loses the third round will definitely lose one player by the end of the week. No matter whether this team wins or loses the weigh-in, the person with the smallest number from this team will be automatically eliminated. If this team loses the weigh-in, they will also eliminate one more person by the regular vote. So two people are going home this week (probably to compensate week 1 when no one went home).
    I think I don’t have to say neither team wants to lose any of the rounds. Girls don’t want to lose a team member for a fourth week in a row, while men just want to win again, and again, and again. They want to win all remaining weigh-ins.
    Round 1 start! Artem and Lena grab X and O and run. Lena immediately gets stuck at the barrier while Artem just flies over it. He has no further problems and places his X in the central cell of the grid. Eventually Lena manages to overcome the barrier and throws her O in the right upper cell.
    Roman is the second one from the M-Team while Lena tags Tatyana. Both struggle at the barrier because they are the smallest in height members of their teams. Roman is physically stronger and after a couple of minutes manages to get through, while for 150-cm Tatyana it seems impossible. Roman throws the X into right bottom cell of the grid. Tatyana is still there. She keeps to struggle, when Vova breezes past her and through the barrier and finishes the first round by throwing his X into the left upper cell. M-Team gets 1 kilo of advantage!

    Tatyana playing Barbara from the Police Academy.

    Vova throwing the third X and winning the first round for his team.

    It’s round 2 now and Evgeniya and Evgeniy start it. Evgeniy, as the lightest male, overcomes the barrier in one second. But Evgeniya isn’t dumb at all! She puts her tire to the bottom of the barrier, steps on it, gets over the barrier and then grabs the tire from behind! She’s not that behind. Evgeniy throws the X in the central cellm while Evgeniya places O in the right upper cell. They are almost neck in neck.

    Smart Evgeniya uses the tire as a prop to get over the barrier.

    Dmitriy and Tatyana start out (I just don’t get why two men don’t sit out at the challenge – there are five of them so they have more rest than girls do). Dmitriy doesn’t notice the barrier as well and just breaks over it heavily and almost falls through on his head. Tatyana repeats the method of Evgeniya successfully. Dmitriy races to the grid and then does some strange move. He throws his X in the left lower cell thus not allowing the third player to win the round by one move.

    Dmitriy almost cracks his neck.

    This how it looks after Dmitriy’s turn.
    - - o
    - x -
    x - -

    Tatyana places the second O to the middle upper cell. And then strange things continue. Roman grabs the third X, races pretty quickly to the grid and somewhy puts it into the right lower cell, not hindering the O-line in any way. Returning to the start line, Roman says that he just messed it up and he can’t explain why. Probably, nerves and tension.
    Lena runs slower, but she definitely has brains and understands that she has to place her O to the left upper cell, thus making it three Os in the line and winning the round. Men receive 1 kilo of disadvantage. To be more precise, the 1 kilo of advantage that they’ve earned in the round 1 is now void.

    Lena delivers the victory in the second round for her team.

    And here comes the scariest round that will determine which team will definitely lose one team member at the weigh-in. Artem and Lena are at the start line. Some usual processes, they go through barriers and place their X and O: Artem, who runs faster to the grid, places it in the central cell, and Lena puts it in the left upper cell – the same cell that brought the victory to the F-Team in round 2. Then Dmitriy grabs his X, breaks heavily through the barrier for the second time and… again places his X in such a way that the next player won’t be able to make a line – to the right lower cell! Come on, teach this guy to play this simple game! He messes it up for the second time in a row! Tatyana, in contrast to him, is smart and occupies the left upper cell with the second O. So girls may win it. But how? Evgeniy starts for the M-Team and he will definitely block their line by putting X in the middle upper cell. You could have thought so, right?
    But he doesn’t, that’s the point. Evgeniy runs to the grid with his X and quickly, in hustle, throws it into the middle lower cell, leaving the middle upper one free. He starts to run back and while doing, suddenly realizes that he’s a di**head. Girls see it and realize that he’s made a mistake so Lena and Evgeniya encourage loudly Tatyana, who is on her way to the victory with the last O. Evgeniy still runs back. For now, this is how it looks like after Evgeniy’s move:

    Evgeniy finally runs back to the start line and Artem (again him, I don’t get whether there are some rules about in which order the contestants should start) rushes as the wind to the grid. But Tatyana is ahead of him. From the start Evgeniy screams insanely to Artem “Come on! Faster! Oh my God, faster!”
    It doesn’t help. Tatyana has time to run to the grid and places the crucial O in the middle upper cell, thus winning this round for the F-Team. Lena and Evgeniya just go crazy and run to her, screaming as if they’re giving birth. They fall on their knees and hug massively. They are so happy.

    Tatyana sprinting to the finish line over Artem.


    Girls crying from happiness.

    Speaking of happy – Evgeniy is not. In fact he stands on his knees on the sand, repeatedly bangs his head on it, curses himself without an end and calls himself “m***n” and with other N-words. In the interview he says – “For the first time in 27 years of my life I have realized that I’m a di**head”. Other men try to calm him down and cheer him up but Evgeniy just wants to kill himself. Of course he will calm down eventually, but probably not today. As for me, I think Dmitriy isn’t less (and maybe he is even more) guilty in the loss of his team, because there were two dumb moves coming from him.

    Evgeniy's sorrow.

    Artem cheers up Evgeniy who continues to lose his head.

    M-Team will definitely lose one person after the weigh-in. The man that loses the smallest amount of kilos will go home. There will be no deliberation, no vote. Also men don’t have any advantage – as you already know, Arkadij, Vladimir and Yaroslav refused to run 10k, so the void kilo doesn’t come back.
    In the third part of recap, there will be a scandal between the two teams just before the weigh-in.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 8 recap: "Teach Me How To Play Tic-Tac-Toe!" Part 3 of 4

    It’s time for the at-home contestants to come back! One by one they arrive at the ranch and break the news about whether they ran 10k or not. Anna is the first to arrive. She has run it. She’s a hero. We’ll see whether this will last long. Vladimir is next. He comes to his teams and says that he didn’t do it. Dmitriy is disappointed with his leader. The leader of the team, he thinks, should have done everything to drag out his time of a hole. Oh yes, I could have agreed with it if Dmitriy himself hadn’t let his team down by throwing Xs in the wrong cells. At-ranch men tell Vladimir that because he hadn’t run 10k, they may not have any advantage at the weigh-in and one of them will definitely go home. Vladimir is totally surprised that they’ve lost tic-tac-toe game. Olga arrives next. She didn’t run 10k for him. Although F-Team didn’t need it, girls are a little bit angry at their leader. It really looks somehow wrong that the leader is the only one who didn’t do it. Then Arkadij comes. He didn’t run either. It’s a shame. Then Alyona. Evgeniya notes right away that she just shines after her trip home. We know that she probably met her prince (if this one was not a set-up by the Biggest Loser). And she ran 10k! What a surprise! Alyona popularity – gain! Finally, Yaroslav comes. The men wait for their last team member and pray that he ran so they have 1 kilo of advantage. But when Yaroslav just comes in, they at once realize that these hopes are in vain. And realize that they are completely scr***d. Yaroslav, on his hand, starts to blame Vladimir (in the interview, of course, otherwise he would be blocked out) about not running 10k. After he learns that men lost the challenge, he adds that it was a mistake to leave Evgeniy as the at-camp leader (and this is what Vladimir did, probably, just because of the friendship with the latter). In general, he blames everyone and everybody in their loss. Not a good position, especially for a man.

    Girls wondering with smile whether Alyona has found some romance at home.

    Yaroslav learns that M-Team is in trouble.

    Later, all guys decide to have a party of some sort. They decorate the gym with various balloons and flowers and bring there some drinks. That’s right, drinks. Some butter milk (or kefir in Russian), to be precise. They all are nice and smart. Lena puts some make-up on her face for the first time since the beginning of the show which quite passes her. Yaroslav does some moves probably being inspired by the stripper at his home. Everyone dances. But the most notable of the whole bunch is definitely Evgeniy. He is dressed in some T-Shirt and the huge jacket of Artem which he wore when he just arrived at the ranch. He also has a cap and a pipe in his teeth. Tatyana says that Evgeniy was the “most handsome” guy on the party… And then adds that even grandpapas in her village doesn’t dress like this.

    Evgeniy and his outfit at the party.

    Then, at some point, Evgeniy plays guitar and starts to sing some song about F-Team. And this song is king of insulting. He particularly mentions Anna and her huge belly while reading rhymes. Come on this, doesn’t even look funny but pure mean. Anna thinks the same way because she raises his heat and showers him with butter milk in her goblet. All other girls loudly applause to her. One more time, Evgeniy causes conflict between the teams. So the party is over on a not very pleasant note.

    Evgeniy sings his song.

    One minute later, he takes some butter milk on his head from Anna.

    On the next morning, Evgeniy decides to revenge Anna for this public insult of him (as if he didn’t insulted her even before). He has a package of nuts (I don’t know where he got his from, probably, someone brought it to the ranch after the trip home) and together with Roman, who records this with a camera, enters F-Team’s house, then Anna’s room and puts the package behind the curtains. Then he gets out as quickly as possible.

    Evgeniy puts the sweets behind the curtains.

    On the day before the weigh-in, Marina arrives to her team and says that she has just received the signal that someone of the ladies hides some forbidden and unhealthy stuff in her room. Everyone naturally denies it. Marina says that if no one confesses, she will make a search. Because none of the girls frankly doesn’t know anything, she really goes around the rooms and examines them. She starts with Olga’s and Evgeniya’s rooms and finds nothing. Then she is about to search Anna’s room. Before she starts, Anna suddenly confesses that she has brought an emictory with herself. Poor thing doesn’t know that this isn’t all.
    Marina is all like – “How could you do it?! This is so harmful! You could die! And I would responsible for that!” I don’t think that such drama is worth it but okay. Anna drops heavily in Marina’s eyes. Then Marina continues the search because she doesn’t believe her. And guess what. Of course she looks behind the curtains and finds the package with sweets. She asks what is it. Anna is honestly like – “This is not mine! I don’t know what it is!” She just panics and cries and everything.

    Marina holding the package in her hands and dumbfounded Anna.

    Marina, seeing that Anna is on the verge of nervous breakdown, doesn’t get on her heavily and tells Anna to come with her. She goes down to the rest of the girls and asks whose package it is, if Anna is innocent. All of the girls deny that this is their belongings, but then Evgeniya mentions that Vladimir brought some sweets with him from home. Marina grabs Evgeniya and they head to the M-Team’s house, where Slavik and all guys are sitting on sofa and chatting. Marina throws the package on the floor and asks Vladimir how this could have appeared in the F-Team’s house. Vladimir honestly replies that he doesn’t know. Evgeniy just sits silent, as does Roman who is a witness of his deed. Infuriated with this unmanly behavior, Marina and Evgeniya leave M-Team’s house, with Vladimir and Evgeniya having a heated conversation in the end. Looks like teams are again on the trope of war, and again the specific character of this womanhater jerk causes it. Oh God I want him to be booted as soon as possible.

    Marina interrogating Vladimir.

    At the workout, Marina is particularly hard on Anna. The girl does all kinds of exercise, including lifting heavyweights and running like hell. Meanwhile, other girls in the team are not happy with Anna bringing emictory to the ranch. Lena thinks that for doing this, the contestant must be disqualified from the competition. Partly I may agree.

    Anna squeezing a bar-bell.

    The most interesting thing happens when Evgeniy does enter the gym in the middle of the F-Team’s workout! He actually confesses to Anna that he was the one who put the package in her room.

    Evgeniy opening up about his bad moves.

    Marina isn’t happy with him and asks him whether he came to the show to set up others and play these dirty games. People don’t come to the Biggest Loser to malign the reputation of other people. This is not what TBL is about. Then, however, she praises him for at least confessing about his bad deed, and Evgeniy and Anna even hug and reconcile in some degree. However, other girls are still angry at both of them. And Marina is very much satisfied with Anna at this particular workout. She says that she really saw Anna pushing hard and working her **s off this time. Let’s see whether this and 10k will pay off at the weigh-in.

    Could You please delete the attachment? I accidentally inserted it and just can't delete it myself. It still remains.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 8 recap: "Teach Me How To Play Tic-Tac-Toe!" Part 3 of 4

    At the weigh-in, both teams feel not confident. They are mostly afraid of at-home contestants not doing enough hard work. As always, the team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will lose the weigh-in and will have to send one person home. But that is not everything. The person with the smallest number on the M-Team will be automatically eliminated, even if the men will win this weigh-in. If there are two or more people with the smallest numbers, then they will have a regular elimination.
    And once again, Tatyana kicks off the weigh-in for the F-Team.
    Tatyana: 93 – 92 (-1) No wonder, after -4 in the previous week.
    Artem: 114 – 113 (-1) Oh… He’s in trouble. This might be a ticket home.
    Lena: 112 – 110 (-2) Remember she lost the least amount of weight in the previous week? I suspect that this will be the highest number in the F-Team.
    Vova: 118 – 116 (-2) Okay.

    It’s 3 against 3, so nothing is clear yet.

    Olga: 103 – 102 (-1) Her eyes are about to drop, but I wouldn’t be that shocked. It was expectable.
    Vladimir: 124 – 121 (-3)
    Alyona: 110 – 110 (0) Oh…

    Before the weigh-in, Alyona told Marina that she drank sambuca at home. Marina naturally was negatively shocked with it. And now, believe it or not, she tells Alyona that this zero came up because of sambuca! I mean… come on. Sambuca exclusively caused zero? Alyona definitely did a lot of other undesirable stuff at home.

    Roman: 125 – 121 (-4) Wow! He has had three 4s in a row! This is about 27-28 lbs in three weeks!

    F-Team is a toast. Again. For the fourth time in a row. Is this the sad record? I remember that Ronberg’s blue team in season 7 lost three weigh-ins in row, and US F-Team in season 2 did the same thing. But were there four failed weigh-ins? I can’t remember.

    Evgeniya: 123 – 122 (-1)
    Dmitriy: 134 – 131 (-3) Every time when he has a good number he makes a characteristic move – he points to the ceiling, which, I guess, is dedicated to his deceased mother.
    Anna: 153 – 153 (0) Wonderful. Two people who tan 10k lost nothing.

    Marina and other girls from the F-Team remind us about the emictory which Anna brought with herself. No one knows – maybe she could have used it a couple of times at home. No one knows it for sure and there are no evidence of it, but there are suspicions. You know, I start to think that the whole purpose of this episode is to show us that sambuca and emictory are evil. Oh, man, come on…

    Arkadij: 185 – 180 (-5) Great!

    It’s clear that the F-Team will lose the weigh-in again. But there is still an obligatory elimination at the M-Team. For now, Artem has the smallest number, and there are two people left to weigh-in: Evgeniy and Yaroslav.

    Evgeniy: 100 – 99 (-1) He shares the smallest number with Artem.
    Yaroslav: 158 – 155 (-3) He is safe.

    M-Team wins hands down with 2,08% against 0,72% of the F-Team. Girls will chooses between Alyona (for the third time) and Anna. Seeing that girls are pretty p**sed off at Anna, I may suppose that Alyona will live through the third elimination. In the M-Team, it’s going to be between Evgeniy and Artem.
    Girls conduct the discussion at someone’s room in their house. Anna and Alyona share regular reasons for their staying at the ranch. Other girls don’t know who they should vote for. They all remember stressing to Alyona that they gave her the last chance after Natalya’s elimination three weeks ago. But now there is Anna who broke the rules of the show in some degree and still has low numbers compared to Alyona: they both lost 25 kilos, but Alyona is almost 50 kilos lighter than Anna.

    F-Team discussing what they should do.

    In the M-Team, Artem starts to speak about what his life will look like if he goes home. He mentions that he probably will continue to live in the virtual world. Looks like Arkadij and Vladimir don’t respect this lifestyle because they harshly criticize it, and Vladimir in the interview says that even his “Breast club” is less abnormal. Is this the bad omen for Artem? Evgeniy talks again about his family and his son. He talks like he doesn’t care whether he will stay or not and even says he wants to go home, but other men catch some emotional notes in his voice and think that he just tries to protect himself from elimination in such a way. Not everyone though – Yaroslav directly asks Evgeniy why he constantly acts like a mo**n. To which Evgeniy replies that he acts in such a way because he feels comfortable with it. I feel like Yaroslav is going to write Evgeniy’s name down. But what about others?

    Artem and Evgeniy pleading their cases.

    It’s time to vote and ladies are first.
    Lena is friends and roommates with Alyona. Besides, Anna did a big mistake when she brought emictory to the ranch. Lena votes for Anna.
    Evgeniya decides to give Anna the second chance and votes for Alyona.
    Tatyana says that the person she’s not going to support is just lucky. By this she means (in the interview) that she would vote Alyona out without any thinking if not Anna and her emictory. Anna broke the rules so she votes for her.
    Olga has the deciding vote. If she votes for Anna, she’s out. If she votes for Alyona, there will be a tie and M-Team will make the final decision. She says that she has based her decision on the performance – Anna lost as much weight as Alyona, being 50 kilos heavier. That’s not acceptable so she votes for Anna.

    Olga's final vote.

    With three votes, Anna is out. She is not angry and wishes good luck to her teammates and wants to see them all thin at the finale. They hug and Anna leaves. F-Team is now down to five people which is only the half from the initial female squad. Anna promises that she won’t disappoint Ukraine at the finale.

    But the evening is not over. Men also will have an elimination resulting from the challenge. The first person to receive four votes will be eliminated.
    Vova votes for Artem. In the elimination room he says that he had doubts up to the last second but still voted for Artem. In the interview he says that Evgeniy was full of s**t when he said he wanted to go home. In fact he still needs to be here, in Vova’s opinion, so he doesn’t vote him out.
    Roman says that it’s still early to let Evgeniy go out in the real world to the people (which makes everyone laugh) and votes for Artem.
    Dmitriy is friends with Artem. He says that Artem supported and pushed him through all these weeks. So he votes for Evgeniy.
    Arkadij says that for family people it’s twice as difficult to lose weight at home. And because Evgeniy is married and has a kid and Artem is not, he votes for Artem. If Artem receives one more vote, he will be eliminated
    Yaroslav votes for Evgeniy, because he just doesn’t like him and is fed up with him.
    Vladimir holds the deciding vote. He says pretty much the same things as Arkadij and votes Artem out.

    The moment when Artem gets eliminated.

    There is definitely some thick air in the elimination room. You know, I can clearly see that there is an alliance between Arkadij, Vladimir and Evgeniy. At least Vladimir is good friends with both of them. I can’t say for sure that Arkadij and Evgeniy are that great with each other. But for now Arkadij helps Evgeniy out. And there are two youngest members of the team, Roman and Vova, who get inspired by mostly Arkadij and follow him (and his alliance as well). Only Dmitriy and Yaroslav, who are the two oldest men in the group (not that old in fact, they are just 29 and 32 respectively), are not in this concept, which makes me feel that they better not fall below the inner yellow line in their team or they will be voted.
    Artem doesn’t say “good-bye” to anybody (or we don’t get to see it). He just twirls around and leaves the room. He probably thinks that this whole elimination was unfair and that the friendship and not performance in the challenges dominated the votes (I just would like to remind that this whole situation came up because of Evgeniy’s mistake – and still he doesn’t get eliminated).
    We don’t see Anna and Artem hugging anyone. They probably did but this scene was cut out. They just get in the limo and drive away.

    In September, Slavik visits Artem in the gym. And, man, he looks fantastic! He doesn’t even look like fat anymore. He’s a regular and handsome man. He also has a new haircut which makes him look younger than at the show. But I still wouldn’t say that he’s only 23 years old. Now it’s not 46 visually, but, probably, 30. Slavik is proud of him. And fairly – Artem lost 13 kilos since leaving the ranch and now weighs exactly 100 kilos. You know, I thought he lost more. It doesn’t look like he has 100 kilos of body weight. He looks really thin! He lost 26,47% of his starting weight for now, which is the best performance out of all eliminated contestants. Good for him! Needless to say that Slavik shows him some exercises and gives him some advice and recommendations. Artem wants to lose 15 more kilos by the Finale. He can do it!

    Artem in September.

    Speaking of Anna, she’s not doing that well. In fact, she did nothing! When she meets with Marina, she looks absolutely the same when she left the competition. When she weighs in on the regular scales, they show “ERROR”. And these scales define only the weight up to 150 kilos. When Anna left, she was 153 kilos, which means the best case scenario is that she lost 2 kilos. But most probably, it’s 0 or even gain. Marina is disappointed, I’m disappointed, Ukraine is disappointed. Let’s hope she’ll lose at least 10 kilos by the Finale

    Anna. No change at all.

    NEXT WEEK: 12 remaining contestants will break into six couples and will take part in a small tournament with two challenges, where the winning couple will get 20 000 hryvnas. Also: the closest weigh-in in the history of the Ukrainian Biggest Loser!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 8 of 17.

    Let's go to the stats after this week.

    General chart.

    The Biggest Loser of week 8 was Roman, and the Smallest Loser were Alyona and Anna who lost nothing. Arkadij is still confidently the Biggest Loser at the ranch, while (surprisingly) Evgeniy drags in the very rear. And Artem is the best out of all eliminated contestants.

    Kg chart.

    Elimination chart.

    Percentages chart.

    Weeks' Biggest Losers chart. Evgeniy and Roman change each other in this chart in last four weeks.

    Rankings of week 8.

    Twelve. Their number is getting lower.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 9 recap: "The Snail Trail". Part 1 of 2.

    Week 9, people! This is the halfway point through the contestants’ journey at the ranch. They gather in the yard where Yana breaks them some news. This week some of them will win the money! 20 000 hryvnas! You know, in Ukraine, in our crisis period, this may be quite a decent sum to spend. If you don’t mind, I’ll skip all the ruminations about what our poor contestants can buy for this money. This recap will be the brief one.
    Yana goes on to say that right now the 12 remaining contestants will have to split into six couples randomly, by their own choice (not necessarily a man + a woman; couples may consist of two men or two women). Tomorrow they will participate in a challenge, where three bottom couples will be eliminated from the tournament. Three top couples will later compete in the second challenge which will determine the winner.
    Our contestants discuss who is going to be with whom. Vladimir suddenly offers Olga to make a pair with him. Olga is shocked, however, refuses. She doesn’t like Vladimir, especially after the situation with sweets in Anna’s room. She decides to pair up with her best friend here, Tatyana. These two are inseparable. Vladimir, in his turn, also makes a pair with his best friend Arkadij. Lena swiftly jumps to Dmitriy, who is generally liked by the F-Team, because, mainly, he is the only one who never insulted them. She wants him. I mean, she wants to be a pair with him, because he is strong, reliable and kind. Roman and Vova pair up as well (one more pair of the best friends). And then Evgeniya offers her almost namesake Evgeniy to make one more pair. Evgeniy agrees. It turns out that the relationships between these two are not that bad and that they respect each other in some way. This leaves only Alyona and Yaroslav – the main outcasts in their teams. And they have no other choice but make the last team. They both don’t like it. Yaroslav thinks that Alyona is very weak and will fail in the challenges. And Alyona supposes that Yaroslav doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Actually Alyona wanted to pair up with Dmitriy (of course), but Lena’s reaction was faster.

    The contestants discuss among themselves with whom they want to pair up.

    The choices are made, and on the next day the contestants arrive to some construction site at the north of Kyiv. While walking between the new-building houses, Roman notices the banners of the Biggest Loser on the roofs of the two of them. He draws everyone’s attention to it and they are like “Oh my God!” They realize that the challenge will have to do something with height, and the height is one of the main fears of fat people.

    The contestants just have noticed the banners on the roof.

    Yana greets the contestants on the roof and explains how it’s going to work. There is some sort of plank stretched between the two roofs. All couples, tied back-to-back (see screenshots), will have to walk on this plank first to the opposite roof where they will grab a key. The length of the plank is 22 meters and the height is 24 meters! One person will lead and the other will follow. And then they will have to go back to the starting roof (these time they will change the roles of the leader and of the follower), then open the lock of the box and press the button inside. Three fastest teams will go to the second round, and three slowest will be eliminated from the competition.
    The teams may choose themselves the order in which they complete this challenge. Arkadij (first leader, then follower) and Vladimir (first follower, then leader). They walk quite confidently, although Vladimir’s legs shake from time to time. They grab the key and calmly return. I’m amazed again at how well Arkadij is coordinated. They complete the challenge in 2:30. Further I will put “L” instead of “leader”, and “F” instead of “follower”.

    Vladimir and Arkadij going through. Imagine the height! 24 meters!

    Next up are Vova (first L, then F) and Roman (first F, then L). Roman is terribly afraid of heights. It’s clearly seen that his face even takes a slight green tone. Vova, on the other hand, is very composed and firm. But Roman’s height fear still slows them down, so they complete the challenge in 3:58.
    Now it’s Evgeniya’s (L – F) and Evgeniy’s (F – L) turn. Evgeniy is even more afraid of heights than Roman. Evgeniya isn’t from the brave ones as well. They move, but slower than other two couples and Evgeniy gets really pale. Their time is 4:10.

    Evgeniy was truly scared.

    The fourth pair is Olga (F – L) and Tatyana (L – F). And these girls are moving fast! They don’t do anything particular, but are just swift and flexible. They complete the challenge in 2:15! Everyone is shocked, and the girls look like they will now fall from the roof because of joy! They beat Vladimir and Arkadij who are considered to be the two strongest males in the group! This also means that Evgeniya and Evgeniy are eliminated from the tournament.
    Lena (L – F) and Dmitriy (F – L) are next. They are doing pretty well, although at some points both get shaky. In the end, they complete the task in 3:33, which is current third time. Roman and Vova get eliminated.

    The whole panorama of the surroundings, with Lena and Dmitriy walking on the plank.

    Alyona (L – F) and Yaroslav (F – L) are the last couple to go into this challenge. Needless to say that no one believes in them. Everyone thinks that their time will be the slowest. And, to the utmost surprise, their pace is quite steady and pretty fast. Alyona commands to Yaroslav very well, and he moves with this rhythm. They go back in the same manner (with Yaroslav moving extra fast) and complete the challenge in 3:02! This is the third time! And they eliminate Lena and Dmitriy from the possibility to get money! Everyone is just stoked at them. And these two are on the seventh heaven. Now they hope that they can win the second challenge, in which only they, Arkadij & Vladimir, and Olga & Tatyana will participate!

    Yaroslav and Alyona working towards the finish line.

    Before the second challenge, there is a workout, which, this time, is united, because these week the F-Team and the M-Team will exist only at the weigh-in. Both teams and both trainers workout outside. Slavik and Marina show some exercises to the contestants which include some paired push-ups, presses and other exercise which you can do in two. The focus of the workout are our little wonders – Yaroslav and Alyona who, this time, don’t get along as well, particularly Alyona, who (in my personal opinion, just doesn’t like to work out and relies solely on nutrition) can’t do almost any exercise properly, which makes Yaroslav mad. No, he’s a very polite guy and never says a N-word (one of the very people in this season, who doesn’t, by the way) but you can see he’s not happy with her. Alyona is so clumsy that Yaroslav even can’t take normally her legs to do squats with them on his shoulders because it looks like the girl intently resists. We remember that this fear of contact with men comes from Alyona’s past. Slavik is like (to Yaroslav) – “Grab her legs!” And Marina is like (to Alyona) – “Take a push-up position!” No go. They can’t do it. Everyone else silently laughs, and Arkadij facepalms. The two end up blaming each other. Alyona says that Yaroslav can’t grab her properly, and Yaroslav tells her that she shouldn’t blame others in her clumsiness and unwillingness and that she can’t do elementary things. This is where the workout is over.

    The workout, with Tatyana and Olga doing reciprocal push-ups.

    Yaroslav and Alyona struggling to do exercise, with Slavik and Marina encouraging them.

    It’s time for the second challenge! All contestants arrive to the secluded area in the yard of the ranch where they see three couples of treadmills set up against each other (see screenshots). Between them, there is a big coin that symbolizes the victory. This is how it works: the contestants have to grab the coin from both sides and walk on the treadmill on 4 km/h speed. As soon as they let the coin go, they are out. The last standing team wins.

    The panorame of the challenge.

    There is no sense to describe the whole thing. So, just briefly: Olga and Tatyana are first out, mostly because of the difference in height (Tatyana is only 150 cm, so it was extremely difficult for her to hold the coin). A few minutes later Yaroslav and Alyona are out as well because of Yaroslav holding the coin not in the best way and Alyona getting tired pretty quickly. Two strong men win. This challenge was made for them. I mean, it’s not very fair. It’s clear that in challenges like these, strong men will always prevail. But I can’t do nothing about it. Arkadij and Vladimir win 20 000 hryvnas for themselves. They plan to go for a holiday somewhere with their families together after the show is over.

    Vladimir holding the coin composedly.

    Happy winners!

    In fact, that is all before the weigh-in comes. Let’s get to it! Just in one hour I will recap it.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 9 recap: "The Snail Trail". Part 2 of 2.

    At the weigh-in, there are no more pairs. The remaining contestants weigh as regular teams. Because it was not a team week, neither of teams has any advantages or disadvantages. Just their pure results will count. The team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will have to vote one player out. If F-Team loses again, this will be their fifth loss in a row! Nightmare! Vova is the first to learn his new weight tonight.

    Vova: 116 – 113 (-3)

    He is not very happy and is afraid that he might go away. Well, if he’s watched the previous seasons, then he should have noticed the rule that in the Ukrainian Biggest Loser, the first person on the scales never falls under the threat of elimination. This is true. Indeed, the first person to weigh-in is always safe in our show.
    Tatyana is next. She murmurs – “I didn’t even doubt”, by which she means that she is used to be the first on the scales from the F-Team.

    Tatyana: 92 – 91 (-1) Well, she could have lost more.
    Roman: 121 – 119 (-2) It’s okay. After three 4s in a row, it’s okay.
    Evgeniya: 122 – 120 (-2) And for her it’s not okay. She should lose more.

    For now, men are in front a little bit.

    Yaroslav: 155 – 154 (-1) Oh… If men lose, he probably will be up for elimination. He is very scared, because he knows he has no alliances and that some guys contempt him.

    Olga is next. Before she weighs in, Yana asks her who she thinks in the weakest link in their team now, after Anna left. Olga, of course, says that this is Alyona and tells that she continues to do poorly at the workouts. Alyona just keeps silent as Olga goes on to cite all her weaknesses. You know, that sounds nasty. Almost in every episode Olga drops a bucket of criticism (sometimes the dirty one) on Alyona.
    Having finished, she steps on the scale.

    Olga: 102 – 103 (+1) WHAT?! This is the first plus in the whole season! Olga ironically smiles and says she doesn’t get it. I don’t get it as well. The only reason might be muscle gain. Or… We don’t know something. -1 and +1. In two weeks Olga lost NOTHING! And… I would like to tell you one thing, Olga: don’t talk s**t about others until you perform yourself, okay?
    Dmitriy: 131 – 129 (-2) Mediocre.
    Alyona: 110 – 110 (0) What the hail is going on? Like Olga, she lost NOTHING in two weeks! Well, at least Olga now doesn’t look like a fool after her criticism on Alyona. Imagine that Alyona would have lost 3 or something kilos! Then Olga should have buried herself in the shame. Now she doesn’t have to do it, because Alyona really did poorly – but still better than Olga.
    Arkadij: 180 – 178 (-2) Wow! This is his smallest number in 9 weeks. This I can get. He’s not a machine in the end.

    You know, I’m confused now. I can’t get who will win. Looks like the F-Team is behind again… But there are three people left to weigh-in.

    Evgeniy: 99 – 97 (-2) Not bad for his weight.
    Vladimir: 121 – 121 (0) He never had less than 2 kilos in a week. Something happened… I can’t explain it, like Olga’s gain.

    I still can’t calculate anything. But I know it comes down to the last remaining person. Lena steps on the scale.

    Lena: 110 – 105 (-5) Fr**king amazing! Lena screams in joy and rushes in Marina’s hands!

    Lena hugging and lifting Marina after her weigh-in.

    Who won? Who won? I don’t know.

    M-Team has got 1,30% of weight loss this week. And F-Team has lost… 1,31%!!! It’s one hundred of a percent difference! The closest one in the Ukrainian Biggest Loser History! Girls celebrate the victory and are so happy that finally their team won. Well, I remember how in US season 4 Phil won all the challenges for Kim’s red team. And how the future runner-up Julie said – “I don’t think that the red team won five of the six challenges. I think Phil won five of the six challenges for the red team”. The same applies here, as for me. I don’t think that F-Team won this weigh-in over the M-Team, I think Lena won this weigh-in over the M-Team.
    Among the men, this time, Yaroslav and Vladimir are up for elimination. The least popular member of the team and its leader.
    When guys gather in the gym, Yaroslav says that he wants to go home. Everyone just starts to laugh. This is the authority thing. However, then Dmitriy and a couple of other encourage Yaroslav to open up and to share his story. He has to try to fight for himself, they say. At least try. And Yaroslav tries to open up. He talks about him being lonely, no girl, huge weight etc. No one waits for him at home. Here Vladimir says that after Yaroslav said that, he now feels sorry for him and feels like he deserves to be here more than him. However he also talks about his motivation to stay. His is the standard set: wife, kids, family, normal life. And he is the leader of the team, let’s not forget. He is the glue of the team and he pushes everyone (together with Arkadij, I would say).

    M-Team deliberates what to do.

    The elimination process starts. The first person to receive three votes will go home.

    Soon one more person will go home.

    Evgeniy is up first. He briefly says that he can relate more to Vladimir and votes for Yaroslav. In the interview, he says that he in fact voted by his heart because Yaroslav has no perspectives in this competition. With his huge weight, he loses only 2 or 3 kilos in a week (except those great 8-kilos loss) so this is not the place for him. Maybe at home, in the different settings, he will do better.
    Arkadij is next. I think we already know his vote. Vladimir is his friend so he can’t vote for him. Respectively, he chooses Yaroslav to go home.
    Dmitriy thinks that Yaroslav needs to stay more because he’s bigger and weaker mentally. He votes for Vladimir. As I said, Dmitriy and Yaroslav himself are the only ones that are not in the alliance. I have to say also that Dmitriy is the most beloved contestant of this season among our audience.
    Now it’s Roman’s turn, and Roman lives with Yaroslav in the same room. First he talks about Yaroslav growing up in the last few weeks (a 20-year old says this about a 32-year old) and that they finally get along now (you may remember that they didn’t in the first weeks). And that he loves him. However, Vladimir is their leader and he can’t write his name down. So he votes for Yaroslav.

    The deciding vote of Roman.

    We don’t need to see Vova’s vote. Yaroslav is eliminated from the competition. He can’t fight emotions and you can see that his eyes are a bit teary. He says that he understands why he was voted out and accepts it, and says that he will prove at the Finale that he’s strong and he’s able to lose all his weight. He promises to be in the double digits that time. Roman says in his interview that he feels a little bit guilty for sending Yaroslav home but the choice was very difficult. Vova says that he would like to see double-digit-Yaroslav at the Finale very much, but still doesn’t believe in it, taking into account his poor performance at the ranch.
    Yaroslav (to my surprise) hugs with everyone quite friendly and leaves the room. Then both teams see him off in the yard and wish him good luck. Arkadij hopes very much that Yaroslav will live up to his promise to lose a lot of weight. This departure looks really positive and nice, without any drama.

    Yaroslav hugs with his teammates right after his elimination.

    He hugs his friends (now from both teams) once more, now in the yard, right before the limo comes to pick him up.

    When we meet with Yaroslav in September, I barely recognize him! Like Artem, he’s changed his haircut, and like Artem, he lost a lot of weight! Surpri-i-ise! Even Slavik is shocked. We learn that his current weight is 130, which means he lost 24 kilos at home on his own in two and a half months! How good for him! His face looks extremely different!

    Slavik and Yaroslav meeting in September.

    They do some exercise with Slavik and play tennis a little bit. Then Yaroslav shares his plans. He still wants to go out of the hundreds (which is possible, he has to lose 30 more kilos in four month – and he already lost 24 in two-and-a-half) and to win the At-home prize. Nothing is impossible! His current percentage of weight loss is over 28% so he shifts Artem from the first place out of all eliminated contestants. Good luck to him, from the bottom of the heart! And I feel very sad because one of the two politest contestants was eliminated this week. Now only Dmitriy remained. And all N-word and rude guys are still there. I hope that next week at least one of them will go.

    Close-up of Yaroslav in September. See how different his face looks?

    NEXT WEEK: Last week before the contestants go to singles! In the main challenge of the week, they’ll be able to fight for themselves individually for the first time. And shocking announcement before the weigh-in turns everything upside down.

    Again, I welcome any feedback. Not because I would like to draw attention, but to learn what's your opinion about our show and contestants and how well or bad they do and like.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 9 of 17.

    The equator of the show is behind. Let's see what he have.

    General chart.

    The Biggest Loser of week 9 was Lena with huge 5 kilos. The Smallest Loser or, to be more precise, The Biggest Gainer was Olga with +1. Arkadij lost almost one quarter of his starting body weight. Evgeniya, surprisingly, has the smallest percentage of weight loss out of all remaining contestants. And Yaroslav has the best performance out of 9 eliminated players.

    Kilos chart.

    Arkadij Lost 57 kilos, which is equivalent to 126 lbs.

    Elimination history. Arkadij, Roman, Olga and Tatyana are the only four contestants who still haven't been under the threat of elimination.

    Percentages chart.

    Weeks' Biggest Losers chart. Every time when a man is the Biggest Loser, M-Team wins. Every time a girl is the Biggest Loser, F-Team wins.

    Week 9 rankings.

    And let's get to week 10!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 10 recap: "Torn between the good and the evil". Part 1 of 2.

    Week 10, as most other weeks, starts in the yard of the Biggest Loser ranch. This time the settings are arranged like a small football pitch. There is also a pair of skis on the edge of it. Each ski has three bindings on it, which is a bad omen. The remaining 11 contestants come up to it and are truly shocked at seeing the skis. Vova guesses that they are going to play some sort of grass hockey.

    The pitch and the skis.

    Yana starts talking about the gameplay. It turns out that this is the last team week. Soon the contestants will go to singles. Everyone is surprised at the announcement (as if no one of them watched the previous seasons and knows that week 11 always marks the transition from the team to individual stage of the game) Olga is very glad. She is fed up with taking care of the whole team. Well, if harsh criticism of Anna and Alyona is taking care of the team, then I’m a ballet dancer. The contestants also find out that later in the week they will participate in their first individual challenge, though still as teams.
    Then Yana confirms Vova’s thought by saying that right now a pop challenge will take place and the teams are going head-to-head in a grass hockey match, which will consist of two halves. Each half will last until a goal is scored. The first team to score two goals wins. If it’s 1:1 after two halves, an extra half will be played until any of the team scores a goal.
    Now about the reward: the winning team will get 1 kilo of advantage, while the losing team will have to cope with 1 kilo of disadvantage. Basically, it’s 2 kilos of difference.
    There is one more detail: three people will take part in each of the halves (which means that someone from the F-Team will have to participate in both halves because there are only five girls left). They all will stand on one pair of skis. The front player will hold a bandy with which he may hit the ball. This means that all three will have to coordinate their moves in order not to fall.
    Both teams discuss who will play in the first half. And once more, alliances come to light: Vladimir, Arkadij and Evgeniy go together again, leaving Roman, Vova and Dmitriy for the second half. We know that Roman and Vova are closest friends and Dmitriy is an outcast. Roman confirms it by saying that Dmitriy is not committed to the team and spends a lot of team chatting nicely with girls even after they declared a silent war to them after the incident with sweets. Roman thinks that it’s not acceptable and you have to be the team player. Is this the premonition that Dmitriy will end up eliminated by the end of this episode?
    In the F-Team, best friends Olga and Tatyana step forward. They take Evgeniya with themselves.
    Both teams start at their gates. The ball is lying in the centre of the pitch.
    It’s impossible and not necessary to describe this challenge in details, so just briefly: men prevail. They get quicker to the middle and possess the ball. Girls can’t do anything about it and they even can’t catch up with the trio. Vladimir, who stands in front, makes an unsuccessful hit and almost sends the ball past the gates. However, the ball doesn’t go over the edge and with the second accurate hit Vladimir scores the first point. F-Team can’t lose the second half now.

    GOAL! For the M-Team.

    Vova, Roman and Dmitriy get prepared for the second half. Dmitriy will hold the bandy. As for the F-Team, someone has to make it for the second time with Lena and Alyona. Evgeniya is ready to do it.
    This half is characterized by more fierce fight from the F-Team. They are actually the first to get to the ball and to touch it. But they do it in a very awkward way so the ball flies to the side. This allows men to turn around and get it. Then they start to move towards F-Team’s gate. They don’t do it in a perfect way and even stumble a couple of times. Girls just try to run as fast as they can to their gate to protect them, and almost have it. In the last moment Dmitriy still hits the ball and it flies into the net. M-Team has won another challenge! They have 1 kilo of advantage now, and girls end up with 1 disadvantage kilo.

    The fierce fight for the ball between men and women in the second round.


    Men celebrate and girls… Come on, it becomes irritating… They start to find the one who is guilty in their loss. The scapegoat is again Alyona, and this time Evgeniy is pi**ed off at her. It turns out that Alyona couldn’t step in the same rhythm with other girls and entangled left and right leg. Roman is like – “Back to the drawing board…”
    Yana stops girls’ flared conversation by announcing one more shocking detail. Not the whole team will receive the advantage and the disadvantage, but a single person. The teams have to decide themselves who will get it and make an announcement right before the weigh-in… I guess I know who will end up with a disadvantage in the F-Team…

    Next we see the last team workout of the F-Team. Girls do some exercises on huge medicine balls, But as always in this season, this workout transforms into the gameplay discussion. Marina knows about the disadvantage and asks to whom girls consider giving it. Evgeniya takes the word and says that the plan A is to give it to Alyona (no s**t!). Then we learn that Alyona even wants to take this disadvantage herself. It may surprise in the beginning, but then she explains in the interview that this is just because she doesn’t want to go through another unpleasant procedure of heavy criticism from her team. You know, taking the fact that she lost nothing in two weeks, I think she will drop huge number this week and will be okay even with the disadvantage. She is in fact a comfortable person to “reward” with a disadvantage this week.

    Last F-Team's workout.

    The teams arrive at some dark barn which is divided into two parts: one is painted in a blue light, and the other – in a red one. Yana tells them that right now, for the first time in the game, they will play as individuals. The prize is going to be individual as well.

    The interior of the challenge.

    The concept of the challenge is quite simple. The contestants will have to hold rubber balls above their heads on straight hands. As soon the person lets it go or lowers the hands, he or she is out. The last standing player wins. They will hold the balls not only for themselves, but for one more person of their choice. If they win, they will get a prize and this person also will get something… depending on one little detail.
    You see, the main moral idea of the challenge is the fight between the good and the evil. That is why the room is painted in different colors. Blue symbolizes good (heaven) and red represents evil (hell). I just had an idea that F-Team has red color and M-Team has blue color. Has this division in red and blue light to do something with it?
    Where was I? Oh, the idea of good and evil. You see, before the action begins, the contestants have to decide on which side they will play. If they decide to play for good and win, they will get 1 individual kilo of advantage and the person of their choice will get the whole immunity! That’s huge. If they decide to play for evil and win, they will get 2 kilos of individual advantage and the person of their choice will get 2 kilos of individual disadvantage. Which, as you understand, means that those who play for good will choose the person to whom they sympathize, and those who play for evil will choose the person they dislike or hate.
    Yana then asks everyone one by one, which side they choose.
    Olga chooses good and wants to win immunity for her best friend Tatyana.
    Tatyana returns the favor by choosing good as well and winning the immunity for Olga.
    Dmitriy chooses good and will try to win the immunity for… Alyona! He says in the interview that he feels sorry for her b**t being kicked by almost all of her teammates so he wants to help. Other men don’t respect this deed and once again talk about commitment and team playing.
    Evgeniy decides to play for evil and wants to crush 2 kilos of disadvantage on Olga who irritates him a lot. Olga curses him silently. And again the conflict starts with the decision of this man. Oh, God, I hope his *ss will be thrown out of the game this week. I just can’t stand the skunk anymore.
    Alyona takes the good side and wants to get immunity for Lena, who is her only friend in the F-Team.
    Evgeniya surprisingly takes the evil side and wants to punish Vladimir with 2 kilos. Then we remember that it was exactly Evgeniya who walked with Marina to the M-Team’s house and confronted Vladimir about the sweets in Anna’s room. Before the girls left, Evgeniya and Vladimir had a very heated conversation. So now Evgeniya wants to get some payback.
    Lena decides to play evil as well and wants to drown Evgeniy with 2 disadvantage kilos.
    Arkadij chooses the side of good and will try to win immunity for Vladimir, who is his hands down best friend here.
    Roman will play good and hold the ball to get immunity for Vova (best friend).
    Vova, naturally, wants to do the same thing for Roman.
    Finally, Vladimir chooses the evil side and wants to “return the favor” to Evgeniya. He says that initially he was going to play for good but changed his mind as soon as Evgeniya turned up against him.

    The challenge is about to start but suddenly Evgeniya says she feels bad and dizzy. A second later, she collapses on the floor. She doesn’t black out but is lost. The doctor comes and tries to get her in condition. Evgeniy grimly notes that Vladimir smashed Evgeniya morally with this decision so she was frightened and that’s why she almost went out. Eventually Evgeniya stands up and says that she is ready to go into this challenge.

    Yana gives the command and the challenge starts. Everyone raises balls above their heads. I forgot to mention that they all have Asterix & Obelix-style caps with pikes on their heads. So if they drop the ball it will be punctured by this pikes. All balls weigh 4 kilos and are filled with water inside. For the good side-contestants, it’s natural water. For evil side-contestants, it’s dirty and black water, as a sign of their amoral decision.

    First minute of the challenge.

    Asterix and Obelix versus balls.

    In 4 minutes, Roman is the first one out. In the interview he thinks that this challenge is intended more for girls and that it’s easier for them to hold the balls because they don’t have as much muscle in there as men do. Men hold not only the ball, but muscles too. Well… I let you judge whether this supposition is a bull***t or not. 30 seconds later Vova punctures his ball as well. The hands of two youngest guys in the group turned out to be not that powerful.
    Surprisingly, Dmitriy is the next victim. I thought he would last longer. And then Alyona is the first of the girls to drop out of this competition. She is smart and, unlike other contestants, doesn’t put the ball on the pikes and doesn’t take shower. She just lowers it carefully and places it on the floor. She saved this ball from death.
    Very soon Olga is out. She takes the shower. It’s daunting but first five people eliminated from these specific competition all stood on the “good” side! Now there are only Tatyana and Arkadij left and Arkadij visibly struggles.
    Those four who stand on the “evil” side, meanwhile, also start to struggle. Lena grimaces, Evgeniy is very strained and Vladimir starts talking to Evgeniya and asking how she’s doing to which she replies with natural and unemotional answers. You can see that Vladimir wants to distract her and to make her drop the ball. He is angry at her and wants some revenge.
    Boom! In this moment Arkadij still loses control of the ball and is out. Most guys are in shock because Arkadij, though he is the heaviest here, is at the same time the strongest physically. All I can say that this guy is not the machine and he can’t win everything and lose 5 kilos each week. He’s a person made of skin and blood.

    Arkadij is eliminated from this game.

    Soon after Arkadij is out, so is Lena. She is the first one to drop the ball on the “evil” side and we see the dirty water coming down her face. And a couple of minutes later Evgeniy can’t hold anymore. He punctures his ball and also gets painted in some dirt. It’s nice to see it, honestly.
    This leaves only Evgeniya, Vladimir and Tatyana. I have to say that the latter stands pretty firmly and calmly, while Evgeniya and Vladimir make constant moves and smack talk to each other. Vladimir says in the interview that he doesn’t care that much about Tatyana and just wants to hold longer than Evgeniya who challenged him.
    Girls ask Evgeniya not to fall prey to Vladimir’s comments and not to listen to him, but it’s hard not to listen. Vladimir constantly mentions her name and surname and laughs. This looks nasty and mean. Seeing a man who tries to win over a woman with dirty smack talk… I don’t accept it. Maybe it’s my personal thing but I hated Vladimir more than Evgeniy in this particular challenge.
    Eventually he achieves his goal. In 15 minutes Evgeniya loses concentration and lets the ball go. Now only two of them are left.

    Evgeniya loses the challenge.

    Tatyana just keeps standing still, without making any motions. Vladimir, in contrast, trembles a lot. And tries to distract Tatyana. His mouth just doesn’t get shut. I know that some men have this point of “I can’t let a woman to defeat me”. Their self-esteem is very sensitive. Probably Vladimir is one of such men, But even if he is, this is not an excuse for me. I still wait for him to drop this ball.
    In almost a half of an hour, Vladimir finally gives up and lowers the ball on his head, which causes the dirty water to go all over his face. I like it. This dirt on his face is metaphoric for all the dirty talk that he did to Evgeniya and Tatyana.

    Vladimir gives up and hands the victory to Tatyana.

    Girls rush to congratulate Tatyana, especially Olga who has just got immunity thanks to her friend. Tatyana doesn’t even look tired. She will be a definite threat in the singles stage of the game, of course if she doesn’t get eliminated this week, which I doubt because now she’s got 1 kilo of advantage.

    Tatyana dancing from joy at her victory.

    Devastated Vladimir just sits down by himself. And no one from his team comes to him to cheer him up. In the interview Vladimir says that in that moment he really needed some emotional support but no one, even his allies Arkadij and Evgeniy didn’t provide it to him. Well, maybe, you shouldn’t have talked so much. This could somehow change others’ hearts towards you negatively. My other theory is that the real leader of the team is Arkadij and no one really cares about Vladimir, especially now, right before the individual part of the game.

    With that said, the challenge is over and we travel to the gym where men go through their last team workout. Slavik has prepared huge bags for the guys and loaded them with all the weights they lost respectively. For Evgeniy and Vova, it’s 28 kilos. For Dmitriy, it’s 31. Roman lost 32 kilos, and Vladimir got rid of 33 of them. The heaviest bag belongs naturally to Arkadij – there are 57 kilos inside!
    Men do various kinds of exercises with these bags on their backs – squats, push-ups, jumping jacks etc. At some point Slavik orders Evgeniy to lay on the floor with this bag and then to stand by himself – and Evgeniy hardly can do it with 28 additional kilos on his back. He, like other guys, can’t just get how he lived with all this huge weight. Then Slavik gets pretty hard on Vova.

    Last M-Team's workout.

    Evgeniy tries to stan up with all his previous weight on his back.

    For 5 minutes, it’s really a good workout that shows the contrast between week 1 and week 10. But then, of course, plot and gameplay come in. Slavik “suddenly” asks Arkadij who in his opinion deserves to stay in the game the least. I was sure that Arkadij would say it’s Dmitriy. However he says “Evgeniy”. He surprises me even more when says that this is because of Evgeniy’s gameplay activities. In Arkadij’s opinion, Evgeniy lied when he said that he wanted to go home in weeks 4 and 8 (when he was nevertheless saved and Maksin and Artem went home instead) and he gave himself away when he went to the evil side in the challenge and decided to give 2 kilos of disadvantage to Olga. People who want to go home don’t do that. Knowing that Arkadij is the secret leader of the M-Team, I may suppose that for now men (at least most of them) don’t trust Evgeniy and think that he’s playing the game.
    Evgeniy (in the interview) doesn’t deny that he tries to get all the advantages he can get here. He says that he wants both to lose weight by fair methods and to stay here as long as he can. And now he is afraid. He knows that F-Team hates him and now some of the men probably don’t trust him.
    The workout ends by the product placement where Slavik reminds Roman to drink enough water daily (I don’t mention the name of the manufacturer).
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 10 recap: "Torn between the good and the evil". Part 2 of 2.

    Teams arrive in the weigh-in room. The first thing that they have to do is to announce who will receive 1 kilo of advantage and of disadvantage from the first challenge in M-Team and F-Team respectively. M-Team gives the bonus to Roman who had his 21th birthday this week. This is a present for him. Roman is very glad and thankful and tells us that in this game this is the best gift you can get on your birthday. In F-Team, the disadvantage, as it was expected, goes to Alyona. You may wonder why Olga (who’s got immunity) didn’t take it. Because she couldn’t do it. The rules of the show didn’t allow her to take this disadvantage because it would not affect her individual weight loss and she wouldn’t be up for elimination anyway.
    The weigh-in is about to start. However, there is more news for everyone in the room. And this news is truly shocking. Yana announces that since this very second, the M-Team and F-Team exist no longer and that the weigh-in will be individual! Everyone just drops jaws. Alyona feels huge butterflies in the stomach with her disadvantage.
    All 11 contestants will weigh-in as individuals and the two people with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the yellow line and will be up for elimination. Other contestants will vote to send one of these two people home. After they’ve weighed in, all contestants will also receive T-shirts with their individual color for the singles stage of the game.
    There is only person who won’t go home in any case (in our show, even if the person with immunity gains weight, his or her immunity is not void), and this is Olga. So she kicks the weigh-in off.

    Olga goes from 103 to 99 with the loss of 4 kilos! She is excited because she is finally in the double digits! And I’m happy because she learned about the individual weigh-in just a few minutes ago and didn’t waterload (because she thought that it would be another team weigh-in and didn’t want to let her team down). Her individual percentage is 3,88% but it’s not relevant today and is taken from the board immediately. Then Olga receives her individual shirt which is of red color because she was the leader of the red F-Team. So red sticks to her.

    Now it’s time for the official weigh-in with ten people. Vladimir is next. He transforms from 121 to 117 and gets rid of 4 kilos! Impressive! His percentage is 3,30%. Though no one naturally guarantees him safety, I am pretty sure that he will be okay in the end. As you may have already guessed, Vladimir’s shirt will be of color blue because he was the leader of the blue M-Team.

    Now it’s Tatyana’s turn. I remind you that she has 1 kilo of advantage. I’m not sure whether she really needed it because she goes down from 91 to 89 and loses 2 kilos, which is pretty good for her weight. Her pure percentage of weight loss is 2,20%, but with an additional kilo, it’s 3,30%, which is exactly the same as Vladimir’s. They both will be good. Then Tatyana receives her brand new shirt which is pink.

    Arkadij steps on the scales. The largest man in the group comes down from 178 to 174, for the loss of 4 kilos. For him, it’s not that high. Arkadij realizes it. For the second week in a row, his numbers are not as high as they used to be. The individual percentage of his weight loss is 2,25%. Because he hasn’t got any bonus, this is the worst result for now. Arkadij is the huge threat. As soon as he falls below, he may be voted out immediately. Arkadij will wear orange.

    Next up is Lena. I’m a bit worried for her after her huge -5 loss in the previous week. It turns out that in vain! Lena weighed 105 and now weighs 101 and goes down by 4 kilos! It’s 9 kilos in two weeks! Wow! You go, girl! She has lost 3,81% of her current body weight and so far this is first place. Lena is definitely safe and will be here for one more week. Her individual color will be aqua which is very unlucky in the Ukrainian Biggest Loser. It’s time to break traditions.

    Vova is next on the scales. He is very nervous, as always. This time he loses 3 kilos by going down from 113 to 110. He is not happy because realizes that he will be above Arkadij and that’s it. Indeed, his individual percentage of weight loss this week is 2,65%. Vova returns to other men and Slavik and receives the shirt of lime color (which is very rare in the TBL). Vladimir and Tatyana are safe from elimination.

    Then it’s time to weigh-in Alyona, who has to cope with 1 kilo of disadvantage. You know, after she had a WC in the previous two weeks (I mean, two zeros – as you may know, “00” is the sign of the WC) I think she will lose some massive number. Indeed, she comes down from 110 to 105 and loses 5 kilos! Expected but anyway huge! Her pure individual percentage of weight loss is the highest so far, with 4,55%, but, with 1 kilo of disadvantage, it’s 3,64% which doesn’t prevent her from taking the second place after Lena in the leaderboard. She is definitely safe. Alyona, as it turns then, will wear purple.

    Roman is ready to weigh-in. He already has 1 kilo of advantage. He goes down from 119 to 116, for a loss of 3 kilos. With an additional kilo, he is above Vova and safe (2,52% pure, 3,36% with the advantage). He is so nervous that runs down from the scale before Yana announces his percentage so she has to call him back. Roman gets his new shirt which is green.

    There are three people left to weigh-in. Now it’s Dmitriy’s time. He steps on the scales and quickly comes down from 129 to 127 with a loss of 2 kilos. It’s very sad. Dmitriy realizes that he is right at the rear of the pack. He loses 1,55% of his current weight and is dangerously close to the yellow line. Vova is now safe. And Dmitriy’s individual shirt will be of maroon color.

    Now it’s time for Evgeniya to know her new weight. And after a few bad and mediocre week, she gets rid of 5 kilos, changing her weight from 120 to 115 kilos! Excellent! Her individual percentage of weight loss is 4,17% and (because of Alyona’s disadvantage) allows her to take the first position. Her color will be yellow. She is as safe from elimination as nobody else. This also means that Dmitriy is definitely below the yellow line and he will be up for elimination this week. Knowing that he has no allies in his team, I’m really worried. The only question now is whether it’s Arkadij or Evgeniy who will fall below together with him.

    Evgeniy is the last person to weigh-in today. To do better than Arkadij and be above the yellow line he has to lose more than 2 kilos. He weighs in and goes down from 97 to 95 kilos, for the loss of exactly 2 kilos. Everyone is silent, Evgeniy is silent. Then his individual percentage pops up which is 2,06%. He is above Dmitriy but below Arkadij and the yellow line. Evgeniy just smirks in his manner and comes down from the scales. He gets a brown shirt. Some people from our audience believe that this color passes to him because brown (I’m sorry) is the color of s**t (and a lot of s**t comes from Evgeniy’s mouth).

    Dmitriy and Evgeniy are up for the elimination. The rest of the contestants will have to make a hard decision. Or… will it be that hard?
    Both Evgeniy and Dmitriy share their motivation to stay in the game with the others. For Evgeniy’ it’s family and the desire to learn more here. For Dmitriy, it’s also family and profession (he is the paramedic and wants to move faster to take care of his patients). I don’t think that the former F-Team is listening closely. Alyona and Lena say in the interviews that Dmitriy is the only member of the former M-Team who never offended them and that they would prefer him. Tatyana says that she already made the decision before this discussion and that nothing will make her to change her mind.

    First singles delibreation.

    Then Evgeniy and Dmitriy leave the nine and they start to deliberate. Girls basically say that they are going to vote Evgeniy out because he insulted each and every of them at some point. Vladimir, who is Evgeniy’ best friend, says that he lives with the latter in the same room and can promise that he is a good man. He also asks the girls not to be angry at him.
    Knowing the rule “Everything will happen just in contrast to as it is shown” (that was especially true for our season 2 and 3) I almost believe that somehow miraculously Evgeniy will be saved for the third time. Girls who have the majority of the votes want to keep Dmitriy around but this rule makes me real nervous.

    First singles elimination, with the candidates sitting in the left part of the table.

    The elimination starts. The first person to receive five votes will be eliminated from the game. Vova is first and he says that he decided to keep here the person who needs this place more of the two. He says “Sorry” to Evgeniy and votes for him. Wow. Vova turned up against the guy.
    Evgeniya bases her decision on pretty much the same things and also votes for Evgeniy, though out of all girls, she is probably the closest to him (or had the least conflicts with him).
    Now it’s Lena turn. She wants to support the person who supported her and other girls during all these weeks and votes for Evgeniy.
    Arkadij votes for Evgeniy as well. He doesn’t explain his decision and just says he wants to help Dmitriy. The only thing he says to Evgeniy is that he is already 95 kilos and that that’s not very catastrophic already. If Evgeniy receives one more vote, he’ll be eliminated.
    Vladimir wants to keep stronger people around him and (surprise!) votes for Dmitriy. I think that even if Evgeniy would be up for elimination for the tenth time, he still would support him. It’s friendship (which I don’t like).
    Olga holds the next vote. Yana reminds to her that they’ve had conflict with Evgeniy since the party in the very beginning of the season. She asks Olga whether they’ve managed it. Olga just laughs and tells that if someone offended her, she will not even communicate with this person. She is hugely pis**d off at Evgeniy for the try to give a kilo of disadvantage to her at the challenge with balls and even writes “+1” at her paper alongside Evgeniy’s name.

    Deciding vote of Olga. "Evgeniy. It's for +1".

    It’s five votes and we don’t need to see how Alyona, Roman and Tatyana voted. Evgeniy is eliminated from the competition. He smiles and says that he will be okay. He just doesn’t have to eat much and that’s right. Evgeniy even hugs with Evgeniya and some other contestants before leaving, which implies that his relationships with other guys are not that bad. Evgeniy promises to Ukraine to weigh 80 kilos at the Finale (and this number is absolutely real and ideal for his parameters).

    Evgeniy hugs with Evgeniya before leaving.

    Evgeniy before leaving the ranch.

    A couple of months later Slavik visits Evgeniy in his local gym and definitely sees some difference. Evgeniy looks thinner. When he steps on regular scales, they show 89 kilos, which means he lost 6 since he left the ranch. Taking into account his relatively small weight, I would say that this is quite acceptable. Evgeniy tells Slavik that he wants 80 kilos by the Finale so he will definitely try to lose 9 more kilos.
    The focus of the Slavik’s and Evgeniy’s meeting is workout with home tools. Evgeniy doesn’t live in the big city and can’t go to gym every day. So Slavik shows him a lot of exercises that everyone can do at home effectively. I have to say Evgeniy is very fit. He cracks all exercises like nuts which implies that a lot of potential hides in him. I still dislike him but of course I wish him to achieve his goal and be successful in every aspect of his life.

    Evgeniy at 89 kilos in September.

    NEXT WEEK: The remaining 10 contestants will play “Mafia”! One of them secretly will do some bad stuff and give various disadvantages to other contestants (and maybe to himself as well to delude others) for the grand prize of immunity. Also: one more challenge involving height, this time above the pool.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 10 of 17.

    Now the charts will become more comfortable for you thanks to individual colors. Once more, from top to bottom at the chart:

    Purple - Alyona
    Yellow - Evgeniya
    Aqua - Lena
    Red - Olga
    Pink - Tatyana
    Orange - Arkadij
    Blue - Vladimir
    Lime - Vova
    Maroon - Dmitriy
    Green - Roman
    Brown - Evgeniy

    General progress chart.

    The Biggest Loser for week 10 is Alyona with 5 kilos (by the way, she went down from 110 to 105, exactly like Lena in the previous week, so they have indentical percentages in these weeks). The Smallest Loser is Dmitriy.

    Arkadij is still the leader with almost 27% of weight loss, but after two mediocre numbers Vladimir, Lena and Roman moved quite closely to him. Surprisingly, Tatyana is the underdog with 19%.

    Evgeniy holds current second place at home ("lazy snail" Yaroslav still did better).

    Weight loss chart. Arkadij lost 61 kilo (134 lbs).

    Elimination history. Arkadij, Roman, Olga and Tatyana still haven't been in danger a single time.

    Percentages chart.

    Weeks' Biggest Losers.

    Week 10 rankings.

    And then there were ten... No, not little indians.
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