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Thread: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 6 recap: "I Can Make You Dance!" Part 2 of 3

    Stage. Lights up.

    Our superstar Vlad Yama is ready to watch the show. In fact, he is the only guest (apart from the crew) there. In front of him eight nice little statues are placed on the table. Eight best dancers will be rewarded with these ones.
    It’s funny because dances were spectacular… and I can’t describe them in details because it’s too difficult for me, I don’t like dances myself and don’t know the terminology.
    1. The first dance of the night is the Indian one. The brief summary – Yaroslav pretty much does nothing during the first half of the dance. He just sits and moves with his head. Well, this is a good workout for his neck. Girls move significantly more and actively. Because both Anna and Evgeniya are brunettes, they resemble Indian ladies when having the respective attire. Especially Evgeniya. Then Yaroslav starts to move, but mostly move in the direct sense of this word. It doesn’t look like real dance. It’s… a lot of moves.

    Indian Dance.

    Vlad takes word after the dance. It’s pretty clear that either Anna or Evgeniya will receive the first Oscar. Evgeniya is pretty sure that Anna will get it because she has a stage experience. But to her surprise, she is the one that scores the first point for the F-Team!

    Anna, Yaroslav and Evgeniya after the dance.

    This is our superstar dance master Vlad Yama and the Oscars for the winners.

    2. Paso doble is the next one. With a passionate music, Dmitriy and Olga dance around. I can even see some fire in Olga’s eyes. She really accepted her role. I can’t say the same thing about Dmitriy. He does everything correctly, but there is no real fire in him. Dmitriy confirms my impression by saying that he tried to imagine that he dances with his wife, but couldn’t help thinking that it’s Olga and not his wife.

    Olga and Dmitriy doing the paso doble.

    Vlad says the same things I thought. He couldn’t see the passion in Dmitriy, so Olga takes the second Oscar. M 0:2 F.

    3. Next up, is the twist from “Pulp Fiction”. And let me tell you, Yulia does a great jog. She moves very flexibly (for the girl of her size) and really resembles Uma Turman in her motions. As for Roman, he does okay as well. He jumps and makes a lot of moves too. But you can say that this is his first dance experience.

    Roman and Yulia having pleasure to twist.

    Vlad is very pleased with what he has seen. He asks Roman whether he danced for the first time and the guy replies affirmatively. Vlad then says to Yulia that they should praise Roman for this dance… They should praise him, but give the Oscar to Yulia! M 0:3 F.

    4. Now it’s turn for Alyona and her nice snake. We get to see Alyona’s reaction when she learns right before the performance that she will dance with a huge python. To my surprise, she doesn’t run away but is just stoned.
    The dance itself is quite sweet. The most noticeable part is that Alyona doesn’t look like she is scared during the dance, although the snake moves around her. Maybe Alyona learned about this snake trick still some time ago.

    Alyona feeling quite confidently.

    Vlad confesses to Alyona that what he’s just seen was very attractive for him. He does some more talk but then the python starts to weave around Alyona’s neck so he decides to finish this and presents Oscar to the girl. M 0:4 F. If girls get at least one more Oscar, they will win it.

    5. Now it’s time for lezghinka! Artem with fake moustaches and Evgeniy dance very actively and with some fire. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to Lena. Probably because of the role. The character that she plays didn’t dance a lot in the movie. So it’s okay from the point of the movie plot, but not good for Lena the contestant of the Biggest Loser. She is the first girl who doesn’t get Oscar. Artem receives it.

    Artem and Evgeniy present the flowers to Lena as characters from the movie.

    6. Marilyn Monroe is in the house! And Daphne and Josephine! I think I can say right away that Elena doesn’t resemble Monroe at all. With all respect, but she doesn’t. And Vladimir looks like he doesn’t enjoy his role. The dance is pretty much absent. Elena just moves and opens the mouth into the microphone. Vladimir tries to dance but it’s visible that he is strained. Vova, on the other hand, moves freely and even does a few air-kissings to Vlad, probably making him blush.

    Vova, Elena and Vladimir. Let's not see Vladimir's moustache face.

    Vlad really thinks that Vova was a way too romantic with him, but still thinks that he should get Oscar. Vova is very proud in his interview (still in the female dress and make-up) and calls himself “a beauty”.

    "Beauty" boasting with his Oscar.

    7. The last dance among the contestants is the samba. And I’m shocked for the 137th time with Akradij and how flexible he is. I realize that he is a former athlete, but this men weighs almost 200 kilos and does a cartwheel and a leg-split! Can you believe it?! Next to him, Tatyana looks pretty uninspiring. She dances as well but doesn’t do any wonders.

    Arkadij doing a cartwheel.

    Arkadij again doing a leg-split.

    There is no surprise that Vlad gives Oscar to Arkadij. It’s M 3:4 F. The dance of the trainers will determine whether it’s a tie or girls’ victory.

    8. I don’t remember the last dance very well. Both Slavik and Marina did a great job as Addams. For Slavik, it wasn’t the first experience (he participated as a one-episode guest in “So You Think You Can dance?”), and for Marina, it was.

    Marina and Slavik as Morticia and Gomez Addams.

    In the end I thought that Vlad would present the last Oscar to Slavik so that we have a tie and no one wins and no one loses and everyone are friends and happy in this beautiful evening. But he decides differently and gives Oscar to Marina, handing girls the victory. M 3:5 F. F-Team gets 3 bonus kilos at the next weigh-in. Sounds very good!

    Girls hearing that they have won the tournament.

    This week the contestants didn’t have their regular workouts with trainers because they all have been busy with rehearsing the dances. So we instantly get to see the weigh-in. Oh, sorry, the recap of this one will be produced tomorrow. Just want to sleep.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 6 recap: "I Can Make You Dance!" Part 2 of 3

    So in this weigh-in girls have 3 kilos of advantage over men. That’s pretty huge. And the M-Team is a little bit nervous. Alyona starts us off.
    Alyona: 117 – 115 (-2)

    Marina isn’t happy with this and keeps talking about Alyona eating too much. I don’t feel like -2 is so bad, but whatever.

    Evgeniy: 107 – 106 (-1) Again, after a good week he has an awful week.
    Evgeniya: 127 – 127 (0) Come on… Why?!
    Yaroslav: 168 – 166 (-2)

    Slavik ironically shows big thumb and smiles. In the interview, he says that he is tired of telling Yaroslav to work harder, but it feels like hitting the wall of indifference.
    Let’s go on.

    Lena: 117 – 114 (-3)
    Vova: 126 – 123 (-3)
    Olga: 110 – 107 (-3)
    Artem: 120 – 118 (-2)

    For now, it’s pretty much fair game. Both team have scored 8 kilos (points).

    Tatyana: 98 – 97 (-1) After a very good week, she has second -1 in a row.
    Vladimir: 131 – 129 (-2)

    Vladimir is negatively shocked with a mediocre number and then does say some strange things. First, he blames the dances in his poor weight loss. His dance was not an active one (this is the only that I agree with) There were no workouts with trainers. Honey, you still worked out during rehearsals, and you still had free time that you could spend in the gym. Then the guy continues to talk smack and says that in his start interview before the show, when he was asked with which methods girls could win the challenges, he answered that it were hypocrisy and slyness. Then he says that this week confirmed it, because the girls gave him one of the most passive roles in the dances. Girls react with wide open eyes and a few of them say in the interview that they wanted to win the dance contest but weren’t going to set anyone up with an uncomfortable role. Even Evgeniy disagrees with Vladimir and says that whether he had the passive role in the dance or not, he still could go into the gym and work hard.
    Vladimir comes down from the scales and we continue:

    Anna: 159 – 158 (-1)

    Anna visibly has a lot of make-up in the weigh-ins. Marina critically says that she spends 5 minutes to make up before the weigh-in, while Anna wastes a whole hour for that. And what for? One kilo? Then Marina breaks down and even says that if Anna doesn’t care about her weight loss, she also won’t care.

    Roman: 133 – 129 (-4) Great! Percentagewise he is probably the best.

    There are four people left to weigh in, and things are not looking good for the F-Team, even with the advantage.

    Elena: 113 – 113 (0) Oh my…
    Arkadij: 197 – 192 (-5) No comments.
    Yulia: 102 – 100 (-2)
    Dmitriy: 141 – 138 (-3) The guys didn’t crush the girls, but I’m pretty sure that they won.

    And that’s correct. Even with 3 kilos of F-Team's advantage, men have 1,96% against 1,59%. In F-Team, Elena and Evgeniya lost nothing so they are up for elimination. I’m not sure how it will go, remembering that Elena has an alliance with Olga and Tatyana and Evgeniya is basically on her own.

    During the discussion both women share their motivation to stay. Evgeniya has the only son for whom she wants to be the role model. Let’s not forget also that she is the second heaviest girl in the team. Elena’s motivation is similar but she has ten kids instead of one. She says that she enjoys every minute of being here and wants to continue. The discussion gets really emotional and a few girls break down into tears. I think that they have already made the decision still before this talk.

    Evgeniya breaking down while talking about her son and Elena comforting her.

    Girls walking into the elimination room.

    In the elimination room, everything goes pretty simple and similar. Lena, Olga and Alyona all cast votes for Elena, explaining their decision with the same reasons. Elena has a huge support system at home, and Evgeniya doesn’t. And we also that the alliance doesn't work. Tatyana is next and if she votes for Elena, she goes home. Tatyana first opens the lid and we see “Sexy momma” written over there. With a friendly smile she also says that Evgeniya needs to stay here more. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love Elena though. They just voted for the person who needed the show more.

    Tatyana and her deciding "Sexy Momma" vote.

    Some time later, all contestants gather in the F-Team’s living room to see Elena off. When she comes down already dressed casually, all rush to hug her. Looks like they really respected and honored her.

    Elena saying some final words to her teammates and men.

    In September, Marina comes into the gym where Elena works out, and, believe me, Elena looks visibly smaller. Her face and hands and stomach got thinner. It’s, without a doubt, the best at-home performance out of all eliminated contestants. We learn that Elena weighs 98 kilos and lost 15 since she got eliminated. Her total percentage of weight loss by now is 22,83%. She wants to lose 20 more and is ready to do all kinds of exercise for this because her legs and knees don’t bother her now as much as they did.
    And, you know, I look at this woman, who has almost no free time with ten kids, and remember right away that Andrej, who has 2 kids, gained weight, and that Kristina lost only 3 kilos at home without having anyone to take care of. Feel the huge difference in the determination?

    Elena before checking her current weight.

    Again her, with a closer shot.

    Elena looks much happier. I would like her to reach her goal by the finale.

    NEXT WEEK: The teams will be locked in two identical barns where they will have to burn a certain (and huge) amount of calories to free themselves. Some physical and intellectual challenges will help them to do it. Also, shocking results at the weigh-in will make you remember this one for a long time!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    By the way, Russians also started to film Biggest Loser. They showed the 1st season in 2015, and 2nd in this year. Their show is much more like the US version than ours. They use the same music during weigh-ins and eliminations, fridges with names and some of the classic challenges. In 2017, they are going to show 3rd season (Couples), which they film this autumn. The show became very popular in Russia.

    The feature of the Russian TBL is that it lasts only for four months. In both seasons there were 15 on-ranch weeks and 18 contestants. Only two weeks after the last on-ranch week they film the Finale, so there are no 40% and more weight losses. In the first season, the winner lost 37% and something of his body weight, and in the second one it was 35% with a little bit. However, quite a lot of contestants continue to lose weight after the finale and now look better and skinnier. For example, the very first eliminated contestant in Season 1 lost about 30 kilos by the Finale, and then lost 15 more by the Finale of season 2. I communicated with a few of them and they say that the show impacted them positively in a psychological way and now they have a new look on life and that they really don't want and are not inclined to come to their old habits.

    When I'm over with our season, I will probably make the stats for these two seasons as well, because out of six versions of the show (US, Australian, Pinoy, German, Ukrainian and Russian) that I watched, this is the only one where more than a half of the contestants either keep the weigh off or lose more.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 6 of 17.

    Before recapping week 7, let's look at week 6 results.

    General chart

    The Biggest Loser of week 6 was Roman, and the Smallest Losers were Elena and Evgeniya who lost nothing.

    Elena showed the best at-home weight loss results out of the five eliminated contestants.

    Weight loss chart.

    Arkadij lost 43 kilos (95 lbs) in six weeks. Next time he'll probably shed a hundred.

    Elimination chart.

    Percentage chart.

    Leaderboard of the every week.

    Rankings of week 6.

    And then there were fifteen.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 7 recap: "Fatty Fort Boyard" Part 1 of 3

    At the start of week 7 the remaining 15 contestants gather in the courtyard, where Yana already awaits for them. And she right off the bat starts to frighten them vaguely. She says that this week the contestants will go to a certain place where they will have to complete a mission – to burn approximately 7000 calories a piece. Which means that girls will have to burn 50000 calories. For men, it's slightly higher, because they have an extra team member – 57000 calories. Until the players don't complete the task, they can't leave the place. In fact, they will be locked. I hope no one of them suffers with claustrophobia.

    Yana explaining the concept of the week to the remaining contestants.

    The team that completes the task faster, Yana says, will get 3 kilos of advantage at this week's weigh-in. Also, during this probably very long task the contestants will complete a few small challenges which will help them to burn fat faster and also will give them an extra bonus kilo for each victory over the other team.
    Sounds interesting. Let's go. The contestants pack their bags. For some reason, they don't take bed linen and instead... Oh, I should have known that! They take some no-use stuff with implicit product placement. Yaroslav takes with himself an icon with some Saint Spirit on it. Whatever, man, if you think it'll help...
    We breeze right away to the buildings where the contestants will spend the next few days. From the outside, it looks like the Biggest Loser gym, seasons 6-16 style. Inside it looks very familiar. Yes, it reminds me of the interior of the challenge with buttons in week 3. Maybe it's the same location. Both girls and men enter their building (they will burn the calories simultaneously, in two different houses; I wonder how they could arrange two identical interiors, because these interiors look like the same).

    This is the barn of the F-Team.

    F-Team in the first minutes after arriving to the barn. On the right side of the screenshot, it's the screen with the amount of the calories left to burn.

    M-Team. Same. See how similar the interiors are?

    There are few things that fall in the eye from the start. First, there are no bed linens (surpri-i-i-ise!), only a few inconvenient wooden deck-chairs. Second, there are a few treadmills and spinbikes in the room but they are behind the locked grid. Third, there is a table with some healthy food in the middle. As the contestants realize that they are completely scr***d, a loud and scary voice declares: "Welcome!" Everyone drops his mouth and gets pale. Olga and Artem say that this voice sounds like the one from the "Saw". As for me, it's more like the voice from "The Cube" game show. The voice proceeds to explain the rules (which the contestants partly know already). They have to burn calories and have to do it faster than the opposite team. Inside the barn, there is a big screen with the amount of calories that the teams still has to burn to go. It will gradually countdown as they will burn these calories. During their workouts they will take part in a few challenges that will allow them to ease their life here a little bit. The fatties guess that probably gym equipment is going to be the reward for one of these challenges. Then they also notice a stack of matrasses wrapped in chains with a lock and think that this one more reward.

    The secluded area with the gym equipment.

    The deck-chaits and the table with some food (fruits mostly).

    The "locked" matrasses.

    The voice subdues and the contestants... start to workout with what they have at hand. Artem at once goes to the table with food. Arkadij starts to do steps on some huge slab which has his name on it. Then Vova notices another slab with his name by the wall. It is obvious that they will have to use somehow these slabs later.

    Arkadij working out on the slab with his name.

    And indeed, quite soon the voice turns on again and tells the contestants that right now they'll be able to receive some advantage for them in this difficult fat-burning task. Behind the locked gate, there are a few pieces of gym equipment (everyone has already noticed them, without a doubt). Around the room, slabs with contestants' names are hidden (yes, especially Arkadij's, which lies blantly on the floor). The first task is to find all slabs and stack them one on one in some specific order which has a certain but unknown logic. If the slabs are put in the correct order, then on their sides one will be able to see a few numbers, which are the code to open the gate. The team that completes the task faster will receice 1 kilo of advantage at this week's weigh-in. One more detail: not only the gym equipment will be unlocked, but also the trainers will come in and do workouts with the contestants! But, there's a catch. The team may ask for a hint to complete the task faster than the other team. They will get a hint, but in this case their trainer won't come.
    On your mark! Get set! Go! First of all, the contestants try to find the slabs and bring them to the centre of the barn. At the same time, they speculate over the logic of slab stacking. At first men think they have to put the "names" in the alphabet order (I won't cite it because in Russian the sequence of letters in the alphabet is another one, for example, "V" and "Z" are one of our first letters, while "C" and "F" are in the second half). Girls don't think anything, because they try to define their strategy at first. And again everyone of them offers her own strategy and doesn't agree with the other ones. Here we go again. Finally, Olga stops everyone by commanding that they have to act faster and that they will think everything over later. Good for her. The girls start to grab slabs and to carry them to the middle. There is one more difficulty, mostly, for the F-Team: these toys are very heavy, and seven girls carry it quite slowly. Six, to be precise – Alyona doesn't have a place to grab and just runs around the barn looking for other slabs.

    The girls struggling to carry their slabs. Some crew with cameras noticeable in the background (not blurred, like in US TBL).

    Arkadij pushing the slab on his own. This method is much easier, doesn't it.

    Girls have brought all slabs to the center of the barn too and now just stand and reflect upon what they have to do next. Tatyana offers quite a clever strategy – to take a piece of paper and write down all the elements of numbers from the sides of the slabs so they could imagine the various sequences visually quickly, rather than test all the variants "live". It could be a good strategy but I think they have neither paper nor pen. Then Lena simply says: "Maybe we should stack them in the order of our weight from the heaviest to the lightest one?", but no one listens. Everyone is engulfed in thinking their own ideas without considering others' strategies.
    At the same minute Yaroslav offers this same logic to the M-Team, but... guess what? No one listens to him as well because he has a reputation of an infantile 32-year old virgin who is stupid and can't think anything useful, and someone (Vladimir or Roman, I guess) even says: "What a hell are you talking about? Better keep silent". Okay, whatever, guys...

    Men don't know what to do after collecting all the slabs.

    Both teams almost give up. There are five minutes left (I think I didn't tell you about one more feature of this challenge – it will last only for 30 minutes, and if during this time any team doesn't open the lock, the gym equipment will stay locked to the very end, without a second chance to open it). So both girls and men want to get hint. Hell with the trainers! The voice turns on and says – "You have to stack the slabs in order of your weight, starting with the hardest one and ending with the lightest one".
    Lena looks at her team like she wants to knock them out. Other girls are like – "We are stupid cows, why didn’t we listen to her". In the M-Team, everyone n-words a lot after hearing the hint and scolding themselves for their stereotype reaction to Yaroslav. Roman says that Yaroslav is much more smart than he looks like. Yaroslav himself muses that he may have some mystic and spiritual abilities. Oh, come on. Don’t become an infantile fool again, I just started to like you.

    Lena wanting to kill her team.

    Both girls and men quickly stack the slabs in the right order and get the right sequence of the numbers. So the guys rush to the gate, enter the code and open the equipment just in time. In ten seconds, those thirty minutes are over. We don’t get to know who completed the challenge earlier: we’ll learn about it only when both teams come back to the ranch (just like the contestants themselves).

    Men dictating the numbers to Vladimir, who enters the code.

    Girls opening the gate which leads to the gym equipment.

    Now the teams have a couple of spinbikes and treadmills at their disposal, which, without a doubt, will fasten their fat-burning process. But they aren’t even close yet. The numbers of the calories left to go still consist of five figures.

    More challenges come soon, as well as the temptation with a massage. You’ll learn about the second half of this big challenge in the second part of the recap.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 7 recap: "Fatty Fort Boyard" Part 2 of 3

    Being done with the first subchallenge, the contestants grab on the treadmills and spinbikes and go with the utmost energy. I have to say I’ve never seen them working out so quickly. The desire to get out of here as soon as possible and quicker than the other team makes its work. Whether my opinion is true or not, the number of calories starts to go down with a more rapid tempo.

    Men working out on the available equipment.

    We don’t know how much time has passed since the challenge, but at some point our fatties hear the terrible voice again. It commands to move to some primitive-looking chest of drawers with five boxes. All of them are locked, but above the chest there is a key hanging. The voice proceeds to explain that right now the contestants will have a chance to get the matrasses for all of them. Oh, it definitely would be nice, especially for girls. And of course, the team that completes the task faster, will get 1 extra kilo at this week’s weigh-in.

    Here goes this chest drawer.

    Now let’s hear how it works. The contestants have to grab the key which will pass to the lock of the lowest drawer. Inside this drawer there will be two major things: the key from the next drawer and a number. The numbers make the code from the lock that holds the matrasses (the number in the lowest drawer is the first number in the code etc.). Everyone realizes that the task sounds pretty east, so there must be a catch. They also deduce logically that inside the drawers, something unpleasant waits for them. For this whole task they have 20 minutes. If they want to take the hint, they’re welcome but then they’ll lose a half of matrasses.
    The challenge starts and the teams open the first drawer. Inside there is one more, smaller laptop-shaped box. And inside of it there are a few worms and some filler stuff! A few girls right away spring back and Lena makes such a face like she just saw the death with a scythe. Unlike the most girls, Evgeniya confidently volunteers to go through the box to get the key and the number. She says that she’s not afraid of these insects. To tell the truth, there are only five or six worms, so it’s possible to find the items without even touching them.

    Worms in the first box.

    Evgeniya saying that she is ready to contact with creatures.

    Men, naturally, react composedly to the worms and Evgeniy starts to search. Both teams find the key and F-Team also finds some thin twig. They think it’s “1”. Men don’t find anything and are lost about the number. However, they decide to open all drawers first, and think about the numbers second.
    In the second drawers, there are cockroaches. Black ones. And fast ones. I wouldn’t put my hand there, believe me. I would rather get eliminated from the show. Evgeniya, however, is much more brave than me and searches the box. This time she finds only the key, Here the girls follow the men’s lead and propose to open everything first of all. M-Team doesn’t find the number as well, but then Dmitriy and Evgeniy ruminate why there are not so many insects in the box? I mean, seriously, there are only six or seven cockroaches but there is place for at least twice as much. And Dmitriy offers the bright idea that the amount of insects in each box is actually the number! Good for him! The idea is definitely taken from Fort Boyard thing (there are a lot of challenges involving scorpions, spiders and other little nice creatures). Yaroslav in the interview confirms to us the idea that his team decided to count the insects to get the code. During the interview, he classifies the cockroaches as mammals. Man…
    In the third box, there are leeches. Not too terrible. Evgeniya goes through the box and we also get to see that Alyona actually puts her hand inside and shuffles as well! I didn’t expect this from her. Probably, dances with snakes have made her fearless. The M-Team, meanwhile, gives Yaroslav the most responsible function – to dial the code.

    Yaroslav standing beside the lock.

    In the fourth drawer we find something that would probably f***k me out more than cockroaches. There are guys that are called “mole crickets” in English. I know that they are not poisonous and don’t even bite, but, man, they look monstrously! M-Team counts seven of them, and Evgeniy has the weird idea that there are seven girls left in the F-Team so perhaps they can take these mole crickets to the ranch and nickname them with ladies’ names: “Half-kilo… Perimskaya”, he dreams.

    A very nice mole cricket in the fourth drawer.

    In the fifth drawer there are also some insects that look like worms. Not that nasty. For me, boxes 2 and 4 would be the hardest ones.
    Girls don’t have any numbers and they don’t know what to do. The only idea is to take the hint. The voice, naturally, tells them that they have to count the insects in each drawer and that that will be the code.
    Men, meanwhile, have another problem. The lock doesn’t go although Yaroslav has entered all the five numbers correctly. Guys understand that they probably made a mistake while counting. Evgeniy finds it pretty quickly – they miscounted cockroaches by one. This is the only mistake and Yaroslav finally opens the lock. Men get all the matrasses! Girls complete the challenge as well but get only four of them. However, these matrasses are very wide so two people can fit on one pretty well. Of course, we don’t get to know who completed the challenge faster.

    Girls grab their matrasses.

    It’s night and everyone is sleeping. Well, almost everyone. Arkadij and Vladimir know no rest and workout even at midnight. Isn’t it harmful? Well, it is but let’s not forget that the idea of the challenge is to burn calories faster, AT ANY TIME of the day and night. Then Vladimir decides to play maniac, grabs a metal barrel and slams it so loudly that everyone wakes up. This is not all. Then Vladimir takes two sticks and starts to slam the barrel with them. The rest of the guys probably would love to black him out with this barrel nut nevertheless wake up and start to workout. I think I didn’t say to you that Arkadij developed the plan of workouts while being in the barn and all guys are now training under his control. This man was an athlete so he knows something about that. I have to say that Arkadij is definitely the most strong and skilled (physically and theoretically) fattest contestant of any of the seasons of the Biggest Loser I’ve ever watched (and I watched six different versions of this show).

    Vladimir and Arkadij working out at night.

    Vladimir with two sticks slamming the barrel and waking up others.

    Guys workout for some time but eventually come to sleep, including Vladimir and Arkadij.

    On the morning, the next challenge waits for them. There is a pentagonal construction with a column of numbers drawn on each of its edges. From the above, it reminds a screw. On each of the five edges of the construction also a specific type of screw with its name is pictured. The voice explains to the contestants that beside the construction, there are a few (five, to be specific) boxes with screws. With the help of these screws the contestants will find the five numbers among those that are in the columns that make up the code. The reward is… getting the massage! For each taken hint, the amount of the contestants that will receive the massage will be twice as lowered. The team that completes the task faster will get 1 kilo of advantage at this week’s weigh-in.

    The construction and the columns of numbers.

    The voice doesn’t explain, of course, how the screws will show the numbers. For me, it’s pretty obvious. Do you remember US Season 10 challenge with a tower of sugar that Ada and Jessica won? This is the same but with screws. The height of the screws put one on one will show the number. There are five different sorts of screws so there will be five towers that will show five numbers. I hope that you have understood the principle. But… our contestants think slower than me. And the girls, recollecting the experience from the previous challenges, decide to take the hint right away. And the voice tells them exactly what I told you right now about the height of the screw columns. So F-Team goes down to build the towers faster than men. Guys think about the strategy for a few minutes but don’t have any fruitful ideas so Vladimir shouts “We need a hint!” They also learn about the principle of towers.
    Meanwhile, girls build all towers pretty quickly (well, it’s not that hard and high) and have all five numbers which the height of the towers stresses but the code doesn’t work. They don’t get what’s wrong. And the wrong thing is… that they forgot to grab one of the boxes with screws from the very beginning and all their towers are not high enough because they lack screws. Here we go again. Oh my God, these women… These women decide to take the second hint (so only two of them will get the massage). The voice tells them that they missed one box. As soon as Lena hears it she looks over and sees that this box stands a few meters away in the open sight. With another “Girls, we are stupid b***es”-look on her face she goes there and kicks this box lightly to the construction. Finally having all screws, girls complete the challenge as well as men (who didn’t miss anything). We don’t know the speed winner. But we know that only four men and two girls will receive the massage.

    Lena kicking the missed box with screws.

    Soon the massagers arrive. For girls, it’s some unknown hot guy. For men, it’s some former Bachelor contestant (I don’t watch this show but my forum friends hinted to me that she is the one from there). I won’t go into details of the massage. I’ll just say that in the M-Team, Arkadij, Dmitriy and Vova get the massage (we don’t get to see who the fourth person was but I believe that this was the leader of the team). For Vova the virgin it was probably an unusual and beautiful experience of being pampered by a gorgeous lady. In the F-Team, Anna and Tatyana get the treatment. One of these free treatments was offered to Alyona initially, but she refused because she didn’t want a man to touch her. This fear of men’s touch has something to with the nasty story that she told when she was up for elimination with Kristina in week 3.

    No screenshots from massages. I don't think it's necessary to see close-ups of their fat and naked bodies.

    After the massagers leave, we find out that miraculously, both teams have almost burn all the required calories! There are only 100 hundred left for both teams! (I mean, it wasn’t a simultaneous thing for both teams, of course, but in order not to destroy the intrigue, we see this synchronically). Both teams make a final countdown when there are 10 calories left! And then that’s it! The challenge is over! Men hug with each other. Girls come up to their matrasses and fall on them in one click with raising their legs after this. Looks a little bit impressively. Then they grab their bags and joyfully run out of the barn!

    Alyona, Evgeniya and Olga finishing their last calories.

    Men done!

    Girls falling on the matrasses victoriously.

    So the main challenge of the week is over. But who won? The teams meet at the ranch and gather in the yard. Yana first announces the results of the major challenge. Girls have burnt all 50 000 calories in 20 and something hours! Impressive! So it didn’t even take a day?! And men have done their job in whopping 16 hours and something! So they are the winners! Well, I’m not that excited about their victory. Men by default have an advantage in all challenges that involve physical activity. Because my opinion doesn’t matter, men receive 2 kilos of advantage at this week’s weigh-in (I think I said 3 kilos in the first part of the recap, but I’ve made a mistake there; the winning team was to get 2 bonus kilos). However, there also were three subchallenges, and for each victory the winning team is to get 1 more kilo of advantage. Roman thinks that the girls took hints right from the beginning of all subchallenges so they could have won 3 extra kilos. And, in fact, girls did complete the tasks with slabs and screws faster! And men won the subchallenge with insects. So now its M 3:2 F and Arkadij sadly concludes that in the end they have only 1 kilo of advantage over the F-Team.

    Yana announcing the winners of the challenges.

    I am forgettable in this recap. And I missed a huge detail in the first part of it. Still before the contestants headed to the barns, Yana told them that after this week six of them will go home for a whole week 8! These will be three people from each team with the highest numbers (and again, only numbers, not percentages, which makes it more difficult for the lighter contestants). Everyone was ecstatic and that is naturally. A few contestants gave interviews where they said… guess what? That they miss their families. How unusually. Olga wanted to see her kids terribly despite the fact that she already saw them just two weeks ago. Lena reminded to us that she was the only mum that hadn’t got to see her kids after the challenge with rafts so it was very important for her to have a good number. And that was it.
    One more detail. The extra kilos that the teams won in the subchallenges will be appointed to specific contestants by the decision of the team, so they can get these contestants closer to this trip home.
    Okay, let’s just suppose that Yana said it right now, after the end of the barn challenge, and let’s move over to the weigh-in. I don’t tell you about the workouts; they were short and had no noticeable events whatsoever.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 7 recap: "Fatty Fort Boyard" Part 3 of 3

    Before the start of the weigh-in, Yana asks both teams about who will get extra kilos that they won in the subchallenges at the barn. In the M-Team everyone respects their leader so Vladimir gets this kilo of advantage. In the F-Team, two mums get extra kilos: Lena and Olga. For Lena it’s extremely important because she hasn’t seen her kids for seven weeks. Out of other interesting stuff that’s going, Yaroslav f***ks out a lot. It turns out that he promised to Slavik that he would lose 7 kilos or more. Slavik didn’t believe and then Yaroslav offered him a challenge. If he loses 7 or more kilos, then Slavik will do 50 push-up right in the weigh-in room.
    Three people with the highest numbers from each time will spend the next week at home. Unfortunately, one more person will go home, but permanently – as always, this will be the eliminated contestant from the losing team.
    Tatyana kicks off the weigh-in. I noticed that she often is the first one from the F-Team to know her current weight.
    Tatyana: 97 – 93 (-4) Holy cow! That’s huge! Is that the only one great result or will b more?!
    Dmitriy: 138 – 134 (-4) Very good as well.
    Evgeniya: 127 – 123 (-4) This barn was obviously useful.
    Artem: 118 – 114 (-4).

    Everyone from the first four lost 4 kilos. Surprising synch! Girls are lighter so they are in front right now.

    Olga: 107 – 103 (-4) Wow! And with extra kilo, it’s 5! She will probably go home for a week!
    Vova: 123 – 118 (-5) What a hail is going on?!
    Alyona: 115 – 110 (-5) Again great number from her!
    Roman: 129 – 125 (-4) He is one of the few contestants that pulled up his regular.

    Everything is still looking good for the F-Team. Yaroslav is constantly nervous, especially after the weigh-ins of his teammates. He realizes that he always pulled small numbers and that this may send him home today.

    Anna: 158 – 153 (-5) Excellent! For now she, Alyona and Olga are the ones that may take a trip home.

    And now it’s Yaroslav’s turn.

    Yaroslav: 166 – 158 (-8) I’m dumbfounded!

    Yaroslav victoriously thrusts his hands upward! This is his highest number! This is even more than in week one! And Slavik must live up to his promise. So he goes down and does pushups. The last ones he completes with Marina on his back. During all this time Yaroslav stands triumphant on the scales. He will definitely receive a trip home! But… what will pop up on his scales the next week. I’m nervous about him.

    Slavik doing pushups for Yaroslav.

    There are five people left to weigh-in.
    Yulia: 100 – 97 (-3) Oops… It’s a good result, but not as good when compared to other ones.
    Vladimir: 129 – 124 (-5). Great job! With an additional pound, it’s 6, and for now he is second to Yaroslav in his team.
    Lena: 114 – 112 (-2) Oh my… She just pulled her regular number. Everyone’s jaw is dropped and Olga looks like her eyes are going to jump out on the floor. Bonus kilo doesn’t give that much to Lena and she has only 3 kilos. It’s a pity but she won’t get to see her kids again. And she is in a real jeopardy of going home.
    Arkadij: 192 – 185 (-7) Incredible, as almost always. He has lost 100 lbs in seven weeks and shares this achievement with Moses from season 11 (if take Ukrainian and USA show).

    There is one person left to weigh-in, and after the last couple of contestant it looks like M-Team is going to win again, because Yulia and Lena made a slip.

    Evgeniy: 106 – 100 (-6) Awesome! This must be the highest individual percentage in this week!

    Evgeniy dancing from joy.

    M-Team has lost exactly 4,00% of their total weight, and this is against 3,30% of the F-Team. Men don’t crush girls this time, but anyway win. For girls, it’s three losses in a row.
    There is one little question. In the M-Team only Yaroslav (-8) and Arkadij (-7) definitely will go home for a week. But the third position in the team is shared by Evgeniy and Vladimir (both with -6). Before Yana even has time to ask who will be third happy, Evgeniy says that he will give this opportunity to Vladimir. He respects the leader and thinks that he really needs to see his family. In the F-Team, Alyona, Olga and Anna (-5 for all of them) will visit their homes.
    And now to the sad part. Lena and Yulia have fallen below the internal yellow line in the F-Team, and one of them will be going home tonight. For me, it’s a very unfortunate elimination because both girls did great in the past and have decent overall results in the weight loss. And, to make it more painful, they didn’t do bad this week. -2 and -3 are not bad at all. It’s just a crazy weigh-in where almost everyone else (except probably Roman, Dmitriy and in some degree Evgeniya) pulled abnormal numbers. So I will feel sorry for any of these two girls. However, the one that stays in the game will probably do better than other girls in the next weigh-in because I just can imagine how low their numbers will be next week.
    During the discussion, Lena mentions that in 32 years of her life she never felt like a woman, having two kids and a husband who is mostly not at home. Because of this she has gained weight and now her husband doesn’t perceive her any more. Here Olga abruptly but at the same time with obvious sympathy says that Lena has to like herself more because she has everything what it takes to be beautiful. And that anything prevents her from doing a make-up and hairstyle that her husband will like. She admits that she can relate to Lena because she has two kids as well and her husband isn’t an angel too. Lena in the interview says that she envies Olga because she is able to look after herself. Looks like these two understand each other. Will Olga support Lena? Or still not?

    F-Team's discussion, third in a row.

    Yulia talks about her only love in life passing away at the early age and about her not having anyone whom she could love. This is also a sobbing story. She’s lonely. Hell, I’m indeed torn and also very mad because of the fact that Anna hasn’t still been in elimination with her mostly small numbers for her weight. Yulia wants to lose weight to improve her figure and physical shape.
    This time, unlike previous week, Evgeniya is not in jeopardy, so she traditionally offers to end the discussion and to go and make the decision.
    There are five votes total, so the first person to receive three will be eliminated.

    Start of the elimination.

    Evgeniya is first and she says that she can relate to Yulia more, and she feels sorry for her being lonely. She wants her to lose weight here and votes for Lena.
    Alyona is next. Yana reminds her that Lena saved her twice in the past (which is a strange remark because Yulia did save Alyona these same two times as well) and that they live in the same room. Probably the second point makes more sense because Alyona votes for Yulia. She can’t vote her best friend here out, she says. They are really close with Lena and push each other and share difficult life stories with each other as well.
    Anna is touched by Yulia’s tragic love story (although she pretty well knew it) and, besides, they are just good friends, so she votes for Lena.
    Olga starts by saying that both girls on the other end of the table are big warriors and the team either way is going to suffer a huge loss. Then she addresses Lena and tells her that she has to like herself much more. She then says that if Lena goes home now, she will again be the housewife, the wife, the security and will not lose any weight. She wants her to go home skinny and to make her husband love her! She even says that she is ready herself to go there and to make him love her. You already understand that she votes for Yulia. In the interview Olga says that Yulia doesn’t have anyone to take care of and that this is a good thing for weight loss journey. She has all the free time in the world when she’s not at work. She just doesn’t have to eat unhealthy food and work out from time to time.
    This means that Tatyana holds the deciding vote. At first she says that she hates to be the last one to deliver the vote and then tells us in the interview that she decided to save the person who she thinks will help the team more both in challenges and weigh-ins. And this person is probably Lena because she votes for Yulia – despite the fact that she lives with the latter in the same room. She writes word “Pineapple” on the elimination paper – this is the nickname of Yulia at the ranch, that she’s got because of her hairstyle with dred locs that resembles the leaves of the pineapple (see her pictures from some of the weigh-ins above and you’ll see it).

    Deciding vote of Tatyana. "АНАНАС" means "PINEAPPLE".

    “Yulia, I’m sorry to tell you that with three votes, you’re not the Biggest Loser and it’s time for you to go”, Ali Sweeney would have said at this point.
    Evgeniya is disappointed with the decision of the team and is mostly shocked at Tatyana’s choice. In the interview she asserts that “Half-kilo” doesn’t have her own opinion and does exactly what Olga does.
    Yulia cries just a little bit, but that’s it. She says to her team that they are all great and she loves them and that she hopes to see everyone skinny at the finale. She then hugs with everyone and leaves the elimination room. And Yana sadly notes the fact that the F-Team is already down to only six people and that this looks not very good for them.
    In the yard, both teams hug Yulia and say “good-bye” to her. She calls Evgeniy “the little brother” and hugs him with heart. I’ve noticed that although Evgeniy talks a lot of s*** in his interviews, he always emotionally takes everyone’s departures (just remember that he literally cried when Maksim left). In her last interview before the post-sketch, Yulia says that she’s learned to be strong and independent here and will apply it to the rest of her life. She promises to Ukraine that by the Finale she will completely change both on the inside and outside and that we won’t recognize her. Let’s wait for her!

    Yulia coming to hug with Evgeniy before her departure.

    In (presumably) September Marina meets with Yulia at her local gym. Not that Yulia has changed much, but a little bit, probably. Indeed, she weighs 93 kilos now which means she lost 6 kilos since leaving the ranch. She asks Marina to show her various exercises with dumbbells, which her trainer does. Marina actually looks pretty satisfied with these 6 kilos and says that she looks forward to see Yulia at the finale, still more slim. This makes me think that it may be not September, because 6 kilos isn’t bad, but isn’t that good as well. Anyway, I wish good luck to Yulia because she did really well at the ranch.

    As always, feedback is welcomed!

    Yulia in (presumably September. She made herself a different hairstyle.

    NEXT WEEK: Yaroslav, Vladimir, Arkadij, Olga, Alyona and Anna go home for a week where they, of course, will face a lot of temptations (including some love affair for Alyona and some friendly at-home striptease for Yaroslav). Meanwhile, eight at-ranch contestants will face the challenge in which the losing team will definitely lose one team member by the end of the week! And Evgeniy does some huge mistake during this challenge which makes him to f***k out and call himself a mo**n.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 7 of 17.

    General chart.

    The Biggest Loser of week 7 is Evgeniy who lost 6 kilos at his relatively easy weight. The Smallest Loser was Lena with 2 kilos. Arkadij is still the leader and he lost over 20% of his body weight. Anna is at the last place. Yulia holds second position out of six eliminated contestants behind Elena.

    Kilos chart.

    Elimination chart.

    Percentage chart.

    Weeks Leaderboard.

    Week 7 rankings.

    You see how symmetric do the icons go out? Tatyana is next?
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Usually I do comparisons of the contestants' look after between week 1 and week 7. This year is not exception. Let's see how 14 remaining contestants have changed between week 1 and week 7, going from the lowest to highest.

    Anna weighed 178 kilos (392 lbs) in week 1. After week 7, she weighs 153 kilos (337 lbs). This is 14,04% and last, 14th place.

    Evgeniya was 144 kilos (317 lbs) in the beginning of the season. Now she weighs 123 kilos (271 lbs). This is 14,58% and 13th place.

    Yaroslav weighed 185 kilos (408 lbs) in week 1. After week 7, he weighs 158 kilos (348 lbs). This is 14,59% and 12th place.

    Lena was 132 kilos (291 lbs) in the beginning of the season. Now she weighs 112 kilos (247 lbs). This is 15,15% and 11th place.

    Tatyana weighed 110 kilos (243 lbs) in week 1. After week 7, she weighs 93 kilos (205 lbs). This is 15,45% and 10th place.

    Artem was 136 kilos (300 lbs) in the beginning of the season. Now he weighs 114 kilos (251 lbs). This is 16,18% and 9th place.

    Dmitriy weighed 160 kilos (353 lbs) in week 1. After week 7, he weighs 134 kilos (295 lbs). This is 16,25% and 8th place.

    Vova was 141 kilos (311 lbs) in the beginning of the season. Now he weighs 118 kilos (260 lbs). This is 16,31% and 7th place.

    Roman weighed 151 kilos (333 lbs) in week 1. After week 7, he weighs 125 kilos (276 lbs). This is 17,22% and 6th place.

    Olga was 125 kilos (276 lbs) in the beginning of the season. Now she weighs 103 kilos (227 lbs). This is 17,60% and 5th place.

    Alyona weighed 134 kilos (295 lbs) in week 1. After week 7, she weighs 110 kilos (243 lbs). This is 17,94% and 4th place, and so far this is the best result among women.

    Vladimir was 154 kilos (340 lbs) in the beginning of the season. Now he weighs 124 kilos (273 lbs). This is 19,48% and 3th place.

    Evgeniy weighed 125 kilos (276 lbs) in week 1. After week 7, she weighs 100 kilos (220 lbs). This is exactly 20,00% and 2th place.

    Finally, Arkadij was 235 kilos (518 lbs) in the beginning of the season. Now he weighs 185 kilos (408 lbs). This is 21,28% and 1th place.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 8 recap: "Teach Me How To Play Tic-Tac-Toe!" Part 1 of 4

    As you remember, in the previous weigh-in we had the little tournament – the Top-3 from each team was to receive the trip home. In the end, Anna, Olga and Alyona from the F-Team and Vladimir, Arkadij and Yaroslav from the M-Team got it. In the morning of the first day of week 8 they, dressed in their casual clothes, walk out of the ranch houses. Other eight contestants also come to see them off. Yana is in the yard as well. She wishes good luck the go-home guys and… tells them that while they’re at home, their teams here will participate in a challenge. One team will lose, however, they (guys who go home) will be able to void their loss and the resulting disadvantage. And they will learn about it via mobile phones which she gives to them. Immediately some of the go-home guys are like “Come on, we wanted to have rest at home and be with our families, and you are here with your g****mn challenges again!” But they try to look like they care about it.

    Alyona and Anna ready to go home for a week, and Tatyana (probably) envying them.

    Teams saying goodbye to the go-home contestants.

    With that said, they go into cars and drive away. I will try to do this part of the recap briefly because all emotional moments that go with home trips are not that interesting and important for the game plot. Besides, I don’t want to make screens with contestants’ families. At the end of the day, this is their private life.
    So, let’s get to it. First we see Vladimir coming to his home town of Ivano-Frankovsk. His mum and wife meet him. They are ecstatic. Mum is like – “My boy, you are so skinny”. They take him inside where all family and friends are sitting at the long table with a lot of tasty stuff and alcohol (obviously set up by the crew of the show). They offer him to celebrate his homecoming. And Vladimir eats a little bit. And drinks some alcohol, however, it’s not a critical portion.

    Vladimir in front of the gate that leads to his house.

    Yaroslav asks his driver to stop somewhere in the outskirts of his home town of Krivoy Rog, because he wants to smoke. He knows that it’s unhealthy but just can’t help doing it. At home he is met by a significantly smaller welcoming party – his mother and two friends.

    Yaroslav taking some cigarettes.

    Anna arrives to Lvov, where she lives currently. There she meets with her friend who takes her out to the (very beautiful, by the way) centre of the city. There they “accidentally” (oh, come on, Biggest Loser, stop doing this apparent scenarios) meet Anna’s other friend in the restaurant and… order some stuff (not everything is healthy) and some alcohol. Looking at his, I may suppose how Anna got to 178 kilos. Later Anna learns that her mother comes by train to Lvov and goes to the railway station to meet her.

    Anna walking the streets of Lvov with her friend.

    Again Anna, drinking vine her friends.

    Arkadij arrives to Kamenets-Podolskiy, where his wife and daughter meet him. He lives in the high storey building on the one of the last floors and he goes there by using the stairs and does it pretty swiftly. We get a shot of him walking up the stairs before the Biggest Loser when he was 235 kilos old. To tell the truth, I'm again surprised that a 235-kilo man walks the stairs at all! And he did it not in the worst way - even at 235 kilos, he took one stair at a time!

    Arkadij giving the interview while walking up to his apartments.

    Olga also is welcomed by her husband and kids and some friends at her home of Borispol (not far away from Kyiv).

    Olga gives interview after coming home.

    Finally, Alyona (who, like Yaroslav, lives currently in Krivoy Rog as a refugee from Lugansk) arrives in the late night to her dormitory, where, she hopes, her mother waits for her. However, it turns out that her mum is not at home, and the director of the dormitory says to her that she left to her friend and will stay there for a few days. Oh, this is bad. The worst thing is that Alyona’s mum took the keys from their room with herself, so, basically, Alyona has nowhere to stop. Fortunately, there is one more free room in the dormitory so the kind director gives Alyona the key from this one. Alyona enters the empty room (there is only a bed and a chest drawer and a few chairs) and sits on the bed. She feels bored and decides to go to the club. Oh yes. The tired woman who has nowhere to live decides somewhy to go to the disco. This is the first option is such situations, oh, yes. Anyway, she goes there and drinks a little bit of something. And then, some man approaches her and starts to flirt and to ask her about her life. I right away recall that creepy Ted guy who was hitting on Hannah in season 11. Alyona feels quite free and engages in a conversation with this man. Again, I don’t believe that the woman who was afraid of any contact with men, has just become so brave. But whatever. They drink together and even dance. Coincidentally (or probably not), there is “After Dark” playing in the background – which, of course, also played when Alyona was dancing with a snake.

    Alyona hopelessly sitting in the corridor of the dormitory beside her door before the director saved her with a free room.

    That’s it with the first day of comeback.
    A few days later, Arkadij wakes up happy in his bed. He wakes up because the mobile phone that Yana gave to him is ringing. There is SMS!
    Anna have met her mother at the railway station and now they are having some warm and nice breakfast. And here the phone is ringing. There is SMS!
    Olga with her husband and kids go to Kyiv and have a lot fun in the park. Then they rent a boat and go around Dnieper. They enjoy this ride very much, And just in the middle of it, the phone rings. There is SMS!
    Vladimir and his wife go for a picnic. They also have fun and are ready to start a new life. They have a wonderful moment. This is a real paradise. And in the very middle of this paradise, guess what?! The phone rings! There is SMS!
    Yaroslav’s friends tell him that they have a little surprise for him. This surprise is… the real stripper! She enters the room and does an erotic dance for him! The friends delicately leave and Yaroslav remains one on one with the stripper. He is dumbfounded. Yes, I can imagine what it can be like for a 32-year old virgin. But in the middle of this Eden, the phone rings. There is SMS!
    Finally, Alyona meets again with that man from the club. They chat again and drink some sambuca. I just hope that this man is not a set-up, or that at least it is a set-up and Alyona knows about it. During their conversation, Alyona’s phone rings. There is SMS!
    All six SMSs are identical: “Your team has taken part in a challenge. If you’re not sure whether they won it, you may help them to void the possible disadvantage that they have received. To do this, you have to run 10 km. You have one minute to make the decision whether you are going to do it or not”.

    The SMS on the mobile phone of Arkadij.

    So all six at-home contestants don’t know whether their team lost or won. And they have to make the immediate decision. And they make it. And, I don’t know whether it’s surprising for you or not, but only Alyona and Anna decide to do 10 km for the F-Team. Vladimir and Olga decide not to destroy one of the best moments of their lives, Yaroslav is hypnotized by the stripper and wants to see the show further, and Arkadij probably just wants to sleep.
    Alyona and Anna change the uniform and go to the local stadiums where they actually do 10 km. Of course they stop a few times during the run, but in the end, they complete the distance, both approximately in 2 hours. This is quite fast for them, I have to say, knowing that Anna is the heaviest girl of the season and that Alyona is very clumsy.

    Anna doing 10K.

    Alyona doing 10K.

    But… should they’ve done it? I mean, these 10 km definitely were of some help for them personally, because it’s a good workout, but whether F-Team really needed it? And maybe M-Team needed some help which Yaroslav, Arkadij and Vladimir didn’t provide? The challenge will determine it. I’ll tell about this challenge in the second part of the recap. In this episode, there will be four recap parts but they will be quite short.
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