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Thread: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 4 recap: "The Weakest Link" Part 2 of 3

    I had hard time with writing this part of the recap because of the challenge that is very difficult to describe for a non-English person. So sorry me if it has some, so to say, "Simple Wikipedia" style.

    So, Before the second challenge we arrive to the men’s workout, which they of course do together with Anna. Slavik right away tells her (in a friendly tone) that he can’t stand weakness, warns her that his workouts are tough and asks whether she is ready to do this workout. Anna responds affirmatively. So Slavik pairs her up with Arkadij, because he is the heaviest man here and Anna is the heaviest girls, so there may be some visual parallels between them.
    The workout starts and Slavik has Arkadij and Anna jump over some pink squares. The difference is striking. Arkadij, who is heavier, jumps very quickly and without any unnecessary moves. Talking about Anna, it’s slower and with a lot of mistakes. At some point Anna feels she can’t go anymore. And she does everything to show this to Slavik. But Slavik know no mercy, especially after someone promised him to finish his workout. So he goes to extreme measures. He tells men to call Anna with some offensive words. And here comes the part I hate about this episode. All men follow Slavik and start to call Anna loudly “fat pig”, “obese cow” and like. You know, if I were her, I would turn around and this point and quit the show, and I don’t care about this being for motivation. This is not motivation, this is just mean and rude. With Anna, it’s different case. These insolent words make her angry and she starts to workout better and faster. In the end of the workout he even thanks Slavik for asking men to call her with all these N-words. In spite of the fact that this measure had a positive effect on her, I still disagree with it and hope I won’t see anything like this anymore in this season.

    Anna and Arkadij doing the workout. See how Arkadij moves and how flexible he is? He was jumping like a kangaroo, seriously.

    The contestants head to the second challenge of the week. They arrive at some wild location with a hill and a wide and quite deep pit. Yana explains to them how it’s going to work. All the contestants but Anna and Yaroslav will go down to the pit, that is divided into two sections, and then will have to get out of there as teams only using their bodies and the rope that hangs along the wall of the pit. They have 30 minutes for this task. The first team to get out of the pit will win 2 kilos of advantage. Any player who doesn’t get out in 30 minutes will bring 1 kilo of disadvantage to his team. Anna and Yaroslav, as always in this week, play specific roles. They will start the challenge on the other side of the hill. Over there, two piles of boxes are stacked: one is painted in red color (girls), and the other one in blue (men). As soon as the challenge starts, Anna and Yaroslav have a decision to make: they can choose to grab a box and go to their temporal team and help them out by throwing boxes into the pit. They may also do the same thing for their initial team. But, if they choose to help their temporal team and this team will eventually win the challenge, they will get immunity for the next weigh-in. If they choose to help their initial team, they will get nothing. Before reaching the pit, they also have a huge hill in front of them to overcome.

    The pit and the hills.

    The boxes which Yaroslav and Anna can carry to the teams.

    There is one more unpleasant and stressful detail for the rest of the contestants. With the start of the challenge, the pit will be steadily filled with water from the tankers that stand nearby, to make things more difficult psychologically.
    With that said, it’s time to start the challenge. And the first thing we get to see is that Yaroslav and Anna change their places at the boxes location. Anna runs to the red boxes and Yaroslav to the blue ones. In an interview Yaroslav says that after hearing the rules they both decided that they will help their initial teams and give up on immunity. Team means more, he says. I may agree with him, remembering the mean faces at the pool challenge. They both grab two boxes at a time. Oh, the poor things will have hard time going up the hill.

    The very start of the challenge.

    In the meantime teams start to act in the pit. However while men walk, girls mostly talk. They try to decide in which order they should go out and think that Tatyana should be the first one just because she is the smallest. While they discuss their strategy, men have Artem out of the pit. He does it really quickly.

    Artem is the first one out, in the good sense.

    But then men proceed to push Arkadij from below. Evgeniy explains in an interview that they wanted to get a 200-kilo man out of the pit together early, with six strong, because it will be almost impossible to drag him out if he’s the last person remaining in the pit. While they struggle with Arkadij, girls do push Tatyana out. But then men do push Arkadij out and Artem helps him to get up to the surface! Fantastic!

    Arkadij trying to get out and Artem dragging him.

    In a minute men easily help Maksim out, with Arkadij grabbing him by the hand and literally dragging him up. Looks like Vova is going to be next. He climbs on the shoulders of Dmitriy, who carries out the function of the prop on which the players stand to reach to the top of the pit. And by doing his maneuver, Vova obviously does some accidental and unfortunate move that causes a lot of pain for Dmitriy, who starts to scream like he is injured. And then Vova steps on his head! With a shoe with spikes! In the middle of all this chaos, a lot of sand and dirt also falls on Dmitriy’s head. I feel really sorry for the guy and just can imagine how painful and nasty it might be. Finally Vova gets out. Dmitriy looks like he’s all right. Maybe Vova just pinched some of his nerves. Soon Roman gets out as well, so Evgeniy, Dmitriy and Vladimir are the only three that are still below.

    Vova stepping on Dmitriy's head with spikes.

    And in the F-Team, Tatyana is still the only one out. And… girls start to panic and argue. Here we go again. A few of them start grunting and crying about they can’t go out in time and that they all will let each other down. Panic attacks will bring this team down.
    In the meantime, Yaroslav also does his part and brings a couple of boxes for his team. With this, Evgeniy, and later Vladimir also save themselves. Girls, finally, manage to push Natalya out and then they start to drag Olga up. And this is where they get stuck again. To add more problems, Anna struggles with her boxes on the hill and can’t help her team. Olga can’t get out and at some point even loses contact with the rope and falls on her teammates.

    Olga moments before falling down.

    At the M-Team’s half, Dmitriy is the only person left in the pit. He helped to get everybody out with his mighty shoulders, but now he can’t do it for himself. Neither boxes nor other guys help him (boxes, so to say, get soaked with the water that does come in and are of no use anymore).
    And here, in this critical moment, Artem takes responsibility and jumps back into the pit. He pushes Dmitriy from below and the latter manages finally to go up. With a lot of struggling and N-wording, but he does it. And then guys relatively easily pull Artem out as well.

    Artem coming down to the pit again to help Dmitriy out.

    Moment of glory for the men as they pull out Artem for the second time and win the challenge.

    This means victory for the M-Team. They did it less than in 30 minutes (26 minutes and something, if I remember correctly). They get 2 kilos of advantage which means that for now any team has neither advantage nor disadvantage.
    Men dance, holding hands with each other, and celebrate the victory, but shortly after Yaroslav rushes back to help Anna carry boxes through the hill. And the rest of the men run to the girls’ side of the pit and start to help them to get out! There are still 6 girls in the pit so if they all stay there, then it 3 minutes F-Team will receive 6 kilos of disadvantage. Vova says in the interview that his team doesn’t want to win over ladies still before the weigh-in and they want fair play there.
    Men quickly pull the girls out of the pit one by one. They first help Elena, Yulia and Lena. Then Evgeniya breaks down and says that she won’t get out anyway because she is weak, to which Evgeniy encourages her to use her brains and grab the rope so that she doesn’t get a kilo of disadvantage. I start to like him more, you know. He is actively engaged in this process of saving F-Team from the huge disadvantage. Evgeniya silently grabs the rope and is soon pulled out. Then men also drag Alyona on the surface and now only Olga remains in the pit. As the leader of the team, she is the last one “to leave the sinking ship”. In contrast to Evgeniya, she doesn’t argue and is pulled out easily.

    Chip and Dale come to the rescue.

    On the other side, literally, Yaroslav helps Anna to get to the top of the hill so everyone is happy and excited now. Men do some dance again and celebrate their victory. They get 2 extra kilos and thus their disadvantage is void. In fact, they even have advantage, because Yaroslav got extra 2 kilos when he knocked Maksim down in the pool. And won 5 000 hryvnas.
    By the way, did I tell you about the funny and at the same time quite reasonable thought of Roman after the pool challenge? I think I missed this moment for some reason. Roman said that he understood Yaroslav for knocking down one of their players (well, who doesn’t need money at the end of the day, right?), and then added that if he were Yaroslav, he would knock down every single player from his team, get 40 000 hryvnas and then give 3 000 hryvnas to each teammate (as compensation), which would still leave whole 16 000 hryvnas for him. Do you see a future businessman there?

    Girls hug men after the challenge.

    I will tell you about the weigh-in and it’s results and consequences in the last part of this recap very soon.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 4 recap: "The weakest link". Part 3 of 3

    The teams arrive to the weigh-in. I said in the previous part of the recap that M-Team had 2 kilos of advantage but I told you the lie. Not the team. It’s Yaroslav’s individual bonus. So only he will get these 2 extra kilos, this won’t count for the whole team. So basically it’s fair play. The team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will lose the weigh-in and two people with the smallest numbers from this team will be up for elimination.
    This time Arkadij, still the heaviest contestant (but I guess that at some point he will become lighter than Yaroslav, with the rapidity of the latter’s weight loss), starts the things off.
    Arkadij: 206 – 203 (-3).

    Arkadij is bummed. This is his lowest number in four weeks. Slavik quickly proceeds to say that his men ate too much this week, and some girls confirm this. We then get some footage from the camera showing men sitting in the kitchen and eating quite big portions of food. Of healthy food, but the portions are still large. Arkadij is on the videotape. So looks like M-Team doesn’t follow the diet! Let’s see what happens next.

    Tatyana: 102 – 99 (-3). Excellent! She got out of the double digits and is the first contestant of the season to do this! She is on the seventh heaven from happiness.
    Vova: 131 – 130 (-1). This time he is disappointed for a reason. This may be the risk of elimination.
    Yulia: 104 – 103 (-1).
    Artem: 125 – 123 (-2).
    Olga: 113 – 111 (-2).

    Maksim goes up next.

    Maksim: 118 – 117 (-1). Wow…

    As soon as Maksim’s number pops up, some girls start to laugh quietly, and Tatyana even applauses ironically. A few more follow her. This is how they laugh at men eating a lot of food at night (Maksim also was in the kitchen in that videotape and also ate). This looks a bit of nasty, I have to say. Vladimir is on my side by saying that those girls that did applause don’t exist for him anymore. I think girls shouldn’t have done that after men helped them out of the pit. Well, not everybody did. Tatyana definitely did so I don’t like her now. Period.

    Do you see girls applausing to shame Maksim? Three of them: Tatyana, Lena and Anna.

    Let’s move on.

    Vladimir: 138 – 135 (-3). So, so…
    Evgeniya: 131 – 129 (-2).
    Roman: 138 – 135 (-3).
    Lena: 121 – 120 (-1). Come on… I thought that she would always lose stable 2 or 3 kilos.
    Elena: 117 – 116 (-1).
    Dmitriy: 147 – 145 (-2). In general, we have poor numbers this week.

    It’s F 11:15 M. However, let’s not forget that men are heavier. Now, it’s home stretch of this weigh-in.

    Natalya: 111 – 110 (-1). What’s going on?
    Evgeniy: 112 – 111 (-1). This is third “-1” from the men in one weigh-in. Too many.
    Alyona: 123 – 118 (-5). BANG! And this is where things suddenly turn victorious for the girls. Alyona is ecstatic, everyone is ecstatic.

    Now, this is time for our weak links a. k. a. Romeo and Juliet to weigh in. Remember – if they have the smallest numbers in their team, they are automatically eliminated. So both Yaroslav and Anna have to lose more than 1 kilo to stay. Yaroslav has 2 kilos of advantage so he can even lose nothing. He basically can’t gain weight.

    Yaroslav: 172 – 169 (-3). For today, this is one of the best results in his team. Vova’s face in so sore in this moment that it clearly says one thing: he realizes that he is the danger zone.

    Anna: 166 – 161 (-5). This is definite victory of the F-Team!

    Men lost 1,48% of their total body weight, and girls lost 1,93%. Because Yaroslav and Anna don’t have the smallest numbers in their teams, they both get through the weigh-in and are still in the game. In the M-Team, Evgeniy, Maksim and Vova lost 1 kilo each, so the three will be up for elimination, with other six people voting.
    It’s time to hear the sobbing stories of the candidates for the elimination and the men gather in the gym. Vova is first. He talks about his young life being ruined because of his obesity and that the show is the chance for him to start the new life. He also cries about being a virgin at 21. Seriously? I mean… I have a lot of friends who are virgins at 23, 27 even. I’m a virgin as well, and I’m 25, and I’m okay about it? Is this such a big tragedy? Nevertheless I think Vova needs to stay, first of all, mentally. You can see he is not ready to go home. Vova says in the end that he wants to stay, but he won’t ask for support.
    Evgeniy is next. And he starts by saying that he has family and support at home and that Maksim and Vova don’t. I mean, does he indirectly ask to send him home? However other contestants reflect that there is some defensive mechanism in action. And indeed, during his talk Evgeniy mentions his son and… starts to cry! Like, I didn’t expect this from him. This guy does have soul. And he talks about wanting to lose weight for his son in the end of his speech. He definitely wants to stay. He didn’t want to show it, but he couldn’t help being emotional about his family.
    Finally, there is Maksim, who talks, as always, very briefly. He is single. He considers himself to be a charismatic person, but his weight keeps him off from contacts with girls. And that’s tragedy. He also wants to stay.

    Three candidates for leaving the ranch plead their cases.

    Looks like it may be a hard decision. We get into the elimination room. Before we go round the table and hear the votes, we hear Yaroslav who thinks that Maksim and Evgeniy don’t value being here. Maksim, he says, came here for “drive”. And Evgeniy is full of ****, in his opinion. Oh yeah, but you definitely value this show, Yaroslav, with having the lowest total percentage of weight loss among all men.

    Beginning of the elimination ceremony

    It’s time to hear the votes. The first person to receive four votes will be eliminated.

    Vladimir is first. He says that Maksim will do better at home than other two candidates and votes for him.
    Roman says that he didn’t even consider Vova and chose between Maksim and Evgeniy. Out of these two, he chose the person who hasn’t got family and has no one depending on him. He votes for Maksim.
    Dmitriy says pretty much the same thing and also votes for Maksim.
    Arkadij says that he and Vova live in the same room and that he just can’t mentally vote for him. Between Evgeniy and Maksim, he also chooses Maksim to go home.

    Arkadij sends the deciding vote for Maksim.

    This means we don’t have to hear from Artem and Yaroslav. With four votes, Maksim is eliminated. Evgeniy, who sits beside him, shakes his head a lot. He obviously disagrees with this choice. Maksim meanwhile accepts his fate as it is and hugs with everyone. When hugging with Vladimir he mentions that after the show is over, they will hike in the Carpathians (mountains in the Western Ukraine) together, to which Vladimir replies positively.
    Maksim leaves the elimination room, and the M-Team is down to eight people. Evgeniy suddenly breaks down, closes his face with hands and literally cries again. In the interview he says he thought Maksim deserved to stay more, however the team decided the other way. And obviously Slavik doesn’t save Maksim with his one-time right of cancelling the elimination. It’s reasonable, because Maksim is one of the lightest contestants and there are people who deserve and need to stay more.

    Evgeniy mourns over Maksim's departure.

    There is traditional ceremony of seeing the eliminated contestant. Both teams cheer Maksim up. He gets in the car which drives him away from the ranch. So, let’s see how he’s doing.

    Maksim leaving the ranch.

    In September, Slavik meets Maksim in the gym. Maksim looks pretty much the same, although he works out. We learn that he lost 4 or 5 kilos since leaving the ranch. It’s better than Andrej’s +7, and Kristina’s -3. But that’s all Maksim can be praised for. Slavik is less critical to him that to Andrej, but tells him that he has to work harder and to push himself more. In his interview, Slavik says that he retains the hope that Maksim will lose more weight by the finale, but, again, he has to walk more and talk less. Maksim in his interview promises to work much harder.

    Maksim and Slavik meeting (supposedly) in September.

    NEXT WEEK: The contestants get the chance to see their families as the prize for winning the challenge. And the controversial choice at the elimination probably breaks up the losing team into two alliances.

    I will try to recap the next episode just in two parts, because, to tell the truth, it was quite boring. I also welcome feedback about what do you think about all this.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    From the photos, I have to say Maksim did very well after his elimination. Reality TV, what are you going to do? There will always be controversy and drama.

    So, the biggest losers (5 Kg) lost 11 pounds. That is a huge weekly loss. The 3 Kg losses at 6.5 pounds really is good by any weekly standard - well, for normal dieters not those on Biggest Loser.

    I enjoy your recaps; very informative.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 5 recap: "If You Love Me, You Will Fall Into The Water!" Part 1 of 2

    Right off the bat, I have to say sorry for not bringing the stats after week 4. I've just made the whole recap and screeshots and forgot about the charts. I will either put it after this recap, or will not put it at all and right away will bring the stats after week 5. In short: The Biggest Loser of Week 4 was Alyona with 5 kilos lost and 4,07% of weight loss. The Smallest Loser was Vova with 0,76%. Arkadij is stille the Biggest loser at the ranch, and Maksim showed the best result out of three eliminated contestants at home.

    As I promised, I’ll do this recap in just two parts, because the episode was quite boring. It was emotional, but not in the way that I would like to see.
    Both teams arrive to some river or lake. Yana greets them and says that right now they will participate in the next challenge. She starts with the prize – the winning team will get a few kilos of advantage equivalent to the number of people in the opposite team. Which means that F-Team can get 8 bonus kilos, and M-Team – 9 kilos. It’s huge. Men want this prize bad and Vladimir says that they are going to win to revenge for Maksim. We get a flashback of Tatyana, Lena and Anna clapping hands to the last eliminated contestant after he lost 1 kilo in the previous weigh-in. But wait! Surprise! Girls also want to win, obviously not to get 9 kilos of disadvantage.
    The description of the challenge follows. Across the lake, there are rubber rafts swimming. Both teams have to get from one side of the lake to the other without falling into the water. The team that has more “dry” team members on the other side wins. Also, the challenge will last for 30 minutes. Any team member that doesn’t have time to finish the distance will give 1 extra kilo of disadvantage to his team. Only one person from each team can go through rafts at one time.

    The panorame of the challenge. The contestants from both teams walked on the raft simultaneously.

    And then Yana talks about one more reward for the winning team. This team will get 10 opportunities to meet with their families! Everyone is like: “Wow!”, and then some standard tears and exclamations follow. I don’t want to talk about it. Everyone wants to win the challenge.
    As for me, the chances to meet the families come a way too early. They’ve spent only one month at the ranch. I understand that they miss them terribly, but now these meetings can affect the weight loss negatively.
    Let’s tell about this one briefly. First four men – Evgeniy, Artem, Vova and Roman – finish the distance successfully. First four girls – Yulia, Lena, Olga and Natalya – all crash into water, pretty much at the same place, shortly before the finish, seemingly because of the hustle. There are a lot of exclamations and N-words from them mixed with flashbacks from contestants’ past. This all looks not dynamic and boring, that’s why no more details. Then, finally, Elena is the first one from the F-Team to complete the distance. Vladimir does too. Dmitriy has no problems as well.

    Evgeniy and Yulia going through.

    Lena moments before falling into the water. All four girls who fell stumbled in this area, right before the finish. This is indeed the very last stretch before the finish.

    Although Evgeniya and Tatyana also have no problems, M-Team already won. They have 6 points and girls have 3, with two people left: Anna and Alyona. Men also still have two their biggest guys at the start line. And here Anna and Yaroslav start the distance simultaneously. Well, not start, actually. They just stand and look at each other. Show producers try to bring us the drama between Romeo and Julliet, obviously.
    And here Yaroslav starts to make some moves with his body without going forward and shakes the rafts. Anna is like: “What are you doing?!” All the girls are like: “Shock!” And men are cheering Yaroslav on. Yaroslav says in the interview that he puts team first and that’s why he decided to kick Anna down (by the way, the rules don’t forbid to knock down contestants from the other team). Anna realizes that she won’t go through on foot, so she falls on her knees and starts to crawl. In this position, it’s hard to fall, and Yaroslav’s further attempts have no consequences. As Anna crawls through most of the distance, he also understands that he can’t go on foot. He also falls on the knees and crawls. At some point he shouts to Anna: “If you love me, you’ll fall into the water!”, to which Anna replies “Arrivederci!”. She is also like: “You never really loved me!” etc. All other contestants are dying from laugh watching this show. And Olga shouts to Yaroslav: “Your snails won’t die their death!”
    It’s all fun, but in the end they both get through, though they wasted a lot of time. Don’t forget, they have only 30 minutes, and Arkadij and Alyona haven’t started yet.

    Anna and Yaroslav standing at the start, and as you may see, Yaroslav is already shaking the things up.

    Them again, crawling through.

    Alyona gets through by crawling as well (we know that she is very clumsy and slow despite the fact that she is not the heaviest one). Arkadij also finishes some time later but on foot. It’s M 9:5 F.
    Men won the challenge and get 9 kilos of advantage and 10 opportunities to meet the families. You understand correctly: there are only 8 men but 10 meetings. Which means they can present 2 meetings to some of the girls. They also have a right to present their own meetings to the members of the F-Team. Girls realize this and then do something that I don’t like. They start to approach men and to ask them to present the meetings to them. In particular, Olga approaches Roman and Lena approaches Vova. They’re both mums so they want to see kids. But Vova also wants to meet his mother and grandmother. Lena says in the interview that for her, to meet her kids is more important than for Vova to meet his parents. Come on, this is hypocritical. You humiliated Maksim at the weigh-in and now you ask the men to give you their prize? Olga at least didn’t clap hands.
    Anyway, Vova doesn’t look like he’s going to give away his chance to see his loved ones. Roman is uncertain.
    Then Yana asks Vladimir whom the M-Team will present 2 extra meetings to. Vladimir says that these two people are Evgeniya and Elena. Fair choice. They both have kids (Elena has ten of them, don’t forget) and they didn’t humiliate Maksim. But wait… That’s not all! Yaroslav wants some redemption in front of Anna and presents his meeting to her! And Roman actually presents his chance to Olga. You know, this guy talks some nasty things sometimes but never really does it.
    Lena is bummed, because she is the only mum who doesn’t get a chance to see her kids. Natalya, Yulia, Tatyana and Alyona are single. Well, there was no need to be hypocritical at the weigh-in.
    We also learn that the girls will get a chance to void their huge disadvantage later in the week. This is exactly what I thought would happen, because with 9 kilos of disadvantage, the only sense to do the weigh-in is to see who will be up for the elimination in the F-Team. I knew this would happen because it’s not for the first time in our version of the show when contestants get disadvantage in the first challenge and have later the opportunity to void it.

    Then we see the contestants standing in front of the gate at the ranch. They wait for the bus with their loved ones. I’m sorry but I don’t want to go into the details. It has no impact on the gameplay or the weigh-in. So, let’s do it briefly. No one comes to see Artem. His mother was to come but something probably went wrong. It must be painful. If the producers knew it, why wouldn’t they give a chance to some woman to meet her loves ones instead of him? Anna puts up with Yaroslav and thanks him for allowing to see her best friend. Elena has all of her ten kids and husband coming! I mean, this looks really cute and nice! Her husband is obviously a wonderful man if he accepts all these kids and looks after them while she’s losing weight. They all run across the ranch and rock on the swings etc. Olga meets with her husband and kids. Dmitriy also loves the time that he can spend with his beloved wife. Vova tells his mother and grandmother about how his life is changing, at the kitchen. It’s an ideal opportunity to receive some product placement from the dietician who “accidentally” walks into. No, it’s not Extra Sugar Free Gum, Jennie-O turkey or some stuff from Subway. It’s some butter. I don’t remember the name of the firm. It doesn’t matter. Finally, Vladimir meets with his wife and promises to close his weird club (see his profile). We don’t get to see the dates of Evgeniya, Arkadij and Evgeniy.

    I make almost no screenshots from the meetings because it's personal life of the contestants and I think it will be not very correct.

    Artem smiling bitterly at no one coming to him while the others hug with their loved ones.

    The day is over, and all the guests have to go in the bus and drive away from the ranch. It’s all very emotional and a few contestants can’t help crying about leaving their loved ones again. We have sad music playing and then the bus drives away and the gate close.

    Vladimir crying after the departure of his wife, with Evgeniy comforting him.

    Second challenge! It’s in some field. The girls have a chance to void their 9-kilo disadvantage. There are eight strange devices standing with some sort of coils and ropes. I have hard time to describe it, so see screenshots. All the girls will be attached to the ropes and all men will be standing beside the coils (I will call these devices “coils” for the sake of simplicity). They will have 40 seconds to run 100 meters across the field and to grab the white flags over there. If a contestant has time to do it, he voids his individual 1 kilo of disadvantage. After 40 seconds are gone, men have the right to use the coil to stop the girls. However, if the girls manage to get the flag despite the resistance, they will still void their disadvantage. If they don’t, the disadvantage stays with them. There are only eight coils so one of the girls will run individually. Olga volunteers to be this person. Men themselves have the right to choose whom they will drag back after 40 seconds are gone.

    The panorame of the second challenge.

    Arkadij will hold Olga in the second round.
    He also will hold Anna in the first round (they go head-to-head again like in the very first challenge).
    Vladimir will hold Lena (and again, these two went head-to-head in the challenge with plates, and that time Lena chose Vladimir; this time in reverse).
    Dmitriy chooses Lena (one more second version of the duel in the first challenge). Is everyone going to choose their past opponents? No go, because three people are eliminated already, so Alyona (was paired up with Andrej), Roman (Kristina) and Natalya (Maksim) will be paired up with someone else.
    Roman actually chooses Alyona.
    Yaroslav will hold Tatyana because he doesn’t like her (as I do).
    Vova chooses Evgeniya.
    Artem will hold Natalya.
    Finally, Evgeniy will hold Yulia.

    Let’s go! 40 seconds. And again, I want to make this brief, because I actually don’t like this challenge and think it may cause some physical damage to girls.

    Girls running away.

    The reality is five girls have no problems with reaching the flag. It’s reasonable, because to run 100 meters for 40 seconds isn’t that hard even for overweight people. These five are Lena, Evgeniya, Yulia, Natalya and Tatyana, with Tatyana doing it the fastest. Which makes sense, because she’s the lightest one (for this reason other guys call her “half-kilo”, by the way).
    Anna, who is the heaviest one, Alyona, who is the clumsiest one, and Elena, who is the oldest one, don’t get to the flag. Arkadij, Roman and Dmitriy press the lever and these three can’t move forward. Actually Arkadij pushes the lever heavily and drags Anna back, which causes pain for her. She falls and by every attempt to move forward Arkadij just causes more pain for her. It actually looks a kind of nasty, although I understand the guy just tries to earn some advantage for his team. In the end, Anna gives up. Roman also doesn’t allow Alyona to continue the challenge, and all her smart promises to wash his sweaty T-shirts don’t help. She gives up as well, and Elena throws out the white flag too. Then Olga individually runs away from Arkadij with no trouble. So F-Team retains 3 kilos of disadvantage. It’s somehow ironic that the girls who completed the distance on the water successfully got disadvantage kilos, while all the girls who fell in the water voided their punishment.

    Anna was almost there. I'm shocked that there is even no sight of Alyona. Is she that slow?

    Arkadij was merciless to Anna.

    Olga sprinting to the finish line with flags.

    We'll talk about the workouts and weigh-ins in the second part of the recap.

    How can I delete this thumbnail? I attached this photo for the second time accidentally.

    Edit: I tried to take it out, but it doesn't show in edit.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 5 recap: "If You Love Me, You Will Fall Into The Water!" Part 2 of 2

    Later, during the workout in the F-Team, Alyona apparently doesn’t give it a hundred percent. All other girls and Marina herself try to push her, but Alyona still does everything slower and more reluctantly. Marina is afraid that this will catch up with her on the scales, especially with the fact that she’s got 1 kilo of disadvantage.

    Alyona is the focus of attention during the workout.

    At the M-Team’s workout, Arkadij continues to shock me. He runs on the treadmill with Slavik continuously increasing his speed. He actually runs on 17 km/h! Maybe this is not the real speed? The other hero of the workout is Vova, who does 15 pull-ups, while he could do only 5 or even less five weeks ago.

    Arkadij running on the treadmill on a very fast speed and Slavik losing his mind from happiness about it.

    Anna and Yaroslav have some personal talk in the living room. They understand that they have had a lot of quarrels during these four weeks and that they are probably still not ready for close and serious relationships. So Yaroslav offers to have a hiatus in their relationships. In the interview, he says that this hiatus will probably be forever. Well… Relationships are not for everybody. It’s better to understand this early than late.

    The fifth weigh-in starts. M-Team has 3 kilos of disadvantage. As always, the team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the yellow line and the people with the smallest numbers in this team will be up for elimination. Evgeniya will start the things off.

    Evgeniya: 129 – 127 (-2). I thought she would lose more.
    Artem: 123 – 120 (-3). Pretty good.
    Tatyana: 99 – 98 (-1). It’s okay for her, after a good weight loss in the previous week.
    Roman: 135 – 133 (-2). Disappointed.
    Lena: 120 – 117 (-3). Solid.
    Yaroslav: 169 – 168 (-1). Facepalm.

    Slavik starts to ***** out. Yaroslav has small number again! The trainer tells him that either Yaroslav will pull himself together or he will go home just as miserable as he was. Yaroslav is definitely in the danger zone.

    Elena: 116 – 113 (-3). Wow! But with a disadvantage, it’s 2 kilos.
    Vova: 130 – 126 (-4). He is finally happy about his number.

    We also learn that this week it was Vova’s 22th birthday, so he made a good present for himself. We get a footage of other contestants and trainers congratulating him. And making a huge cake for him! Just joking, no cake, of course.

    Alyona: 118 – 117 (-1).

    Alyona realizes that she is in big trouble. Marina is infuriated inside because she thinks this clearly shows the lack of Alyona’s efforts both in the gym and in the nutrition. With 1 kilo of disadvantage, Alyona has 0 kilos lost. If F-Team loses, she’ll be definitely up for elimination.

    Vladimir: 135 – 131 (-4). Great for him!
    Anna: 161 – 159 (-2). Low, low again… And with a disadvantage, it's 1.
    Evgeniy: 111 – 107 (-4). It’s dangerous, because he has the pattern of “big number – small number – big number – small number”. With this, he’ll be up for elimination a lot of times.
    Olga: 111 – 110 (-1). Are you kidding me?

    It looks like F-Team is going down heavily. Let’s see the results of the last contestants anyway.

    Dmitriy: 145 – 141 (-4). All right.
    Natalya: 110 – 110 (0). Game over. And this is the first zero in the season.
    Arkadij: 203 – 197 (-6). He is in the ONEderland, which in kilos isn’t that great as with pounds, but is anyway a milestone.
    Yulia: 103 – 102 (-1). She is safe, and that’s it.

    M-Team wins by a huge margin. 2,69% vs 1,03%. Alyona and Natalya are up for elimination because they lost nothing. They both get in this position for the second time.

    At the discussion, both girls plead their cases. Natalya wants to communicate more with men and not with the cars in her life. She says a lot of natural things like she wants to stay, to workout, to have the support of the team. Olga takes her hand, comforting her, which probably means she wants to save her. Then Alyona starts to speak about her hard life and that she has no one to rely on back home, and here Anna suddenly takes the word and starts to plead the case for her. She says that Alyona is the refugee from Lugansk which is now the part of LNR. She lives in the hostel and doesn’t have a stable job (we get to see her working as a distributor and a cleaner – occupations that obviously don’t bring a lot of money). And she needs help. Natalya, feeling that this may turn things against her, says that she also spends very little time at home and works at her garage the whole day, and that she also doesn’t have hot water there. Olga supports her by saying that with Natalya’s lifestyle (she goes out with her male colleagues and drinks and eats a lot) she just can’t go home now and that it’s too early for her. You may see that there are some people who support Natalya, and there are also some people who support Alyona. We definitely won’t have a unanimous elimination, like in previous two episodes. Olga in her interview says that there is a real dilemma: on the one hand, she has Natalya, who is a good team player but never does very well on the scale; on the other hand, she has Alyona who is a terrible team player and performs awfully in the challenges, however, she often has big numbers and was the Biggest Loser in the team twice in these five weeks. She doesn’t know whose name she should write.

    Girls during the discussion.

    Evgeniya offers the girls to go in their rooms and to make the vote, and then to head to the elimination room. I noticed that she always ends the discussion. Is it such a function over there?
    The elimination starts. The first person to receive four votes will be eliminated.

    Start of the elimination.

    Olga starts by saying that in the end, she chose by the criteria of the performance in the challenges and of the team climate. Alyona creates a lot of discomfort so she votes for her.
    Tatyana says she couldn’t find the common ground with Alyona in these four weeks, to which Alyona asks her directly what she should do to find this common ground. Tatyana replies that after five weeks, it’s too late to look for this ground, and votes for Alyona. In the interview she calls her a sly and hypocritical (N-word with 5 letters starting with “b” and ending with “h”).
    Lena looks at Alyona strictly and says that she hopes that she will finally engage in the process. Otherwise she will be ultimately disappointed with her. She votes for Natalya.
    Anna, who supported Alyona during the discussion, obviously supports her by voting for Natalya. She arguments her vote with pretty much same things as earlier. She then says “Natascha, please sorry me”, to which Natalya replies “God will forgive”.
    Yulia only announces her decision, without explaining it. She votes for Natalya. In the interview she thinks that Alyona needs this place more because she has more complexes to fight.
    Elena is a close friend of Natalya (they are the oldest women in the group), so she votes for Alyona.

    For now it’s a tie, and there is one final vote left. Evgeniya’s decision will determine who will go home.

    Evgeniya starts by saying that some may judge her for this decision, but still she believes in this person and wants to give her the chance, which, she is pretty sure, will be the last one. You already understand that she means Alyona and votes for Natalya.

    Evgeniya casts her vote for Natalya, sending her home.

    It’s four votes for Natalya and she is eliminated. Olga and Tatyana are in shock because they think the team needs stronger people. Natalya herself says that she thinks that girls voted her out because she is a strong contender. Olga agrees with her and shows it by her gestures, and Tatyana again claps with her hands, this time to show her disapproval of the majority’s decision. Then Natalya wishes good luck… but only to Olga, Lena and “half-kilo”. “You are the best”, she says. The four of them hug, while Lena approaches Alyona who looks like she’s still in shock after her salvation and tells her that a strong team player just was eliminated and that if she doesn’t engage, she will get a huge boot on the next Saturday (the weigh-ins and eliminations take place on Saturdays). Alyona can just utter: “Thank you very much”, to which Lena says that she better work than say “Thank you”.

    Alyona recovering from the shock after her rescue and Lena commanding her to work harder.

    After the elimination, the drama in the F-Team is still not over, and while the remaining eight girls go back to the house, Olga says that she disagrees with the decision of the team and that it was not fair. Yulia replies that this is only her opinion. Olga reminds everyone that the day before the whole team criticized Alyona for slacking at the workouts. And now the majority saves her from the elimination. She doesn’t get it. Tatyana doesn’t get it as well and says that she found out that her team is quite hypocritical. Olga adds that now she will have hard time listening and believing her team.

    F-Team does have the inner collision after the elimination, with Olga expressing her discontent with what happened.

    Natalya packs her bags, says “Good-bye” to both teams once more. She hugs again with Olga, Tatyana and Elena and with some of the men. Actually Evgeniy cheers her on and says that the show isn’t over for her with this elimination. Natalya then gets in the car and leaves the ranch. To the audience, Natalya promises that when Ukraine sees her at the finale, she will be slim and thin.

    The contestants seeing Natalya off and Evgeniy hugging her.

    In September, Marina meets with Natalya in her local gym. I may say that it’s visible that Natalya lost some weight. Probably not much, but there is some loss. I am right. She weighs 102 kilos so she lost 8. With each episode, the eliminated contestant does better and better. Marina admits that there is some result, but is still not satisfied and wants Natalya to lose weight more effectively in the autumn. She shows her some exercise as well. In the end of the workout she asks Natalya not to give herself to job with 100% and to find time for her health. I may understand her but what can you do if she works from dusk till dawn to earn for living? Still I hope Natalya will surprise us.

    Marina and Natalya meeting (presumably) in the first decade of September.

    NEXT WEEK: There will be a dance contest! Contestants will be split up into seven mixed duos or trios that will do legendary dances from famous movies, including John Travolta’s and Uma Turman’s twist from “Pulp Fiction”, Antonio Banderas’ and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Dance of Passion in Love from “The Mask of Zorro”, Salma Hayek’s dance with a python from “From Dusk till Dawn” and a few more. The team that wins the contest will receive the advantage at the weigh-in. Also, only one of the teams will decide who will dance with whom.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    I enjoy your recaps; very informative.
    Thank You. I really try my best at the free time that I've got for this. I'm late, we've had episode 7 this week already, but I'll try to keep the pace as it is.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    I just would like to warn that probably I'll do the stats charts as they are, in Russian. You see, I make these charts right after each episode in the same XLS document, so I don't have the "intermezzo" documents for each week. I only have screenshots of them. For this reason, it takes a lot of time to make these charts again in English language, literally for the second time. So I'll just put the pictures with charts in Russian language, and will decypher the indications for you. In the end, I think you'll be able to understand everything by the numbers and percentages (I mean, who is where on that charts).

    The only set of charts that I will definitely do in English is the set with the finale stats.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 4 of 17.

    This is the stats recap after week 4 which I ignored a week ago. After Maksim' elimination.

    General chart.

    Legend (from top to bottom): Алёна - Alyona; Анна - Anna; Евгения - Evgeniya; Елена - Elena; Лена - Lena; Наталья - Natalya; Ольга - Olga; Татьяна - Tatyana; Юлия - Yulia; Аркадий - Arkadij; Артем - Artem; Владимир - Vladimir; Вова - Vova; Дмитрий - Dmitriy; Евгений - Evgeniy; Роман - Roman; Ярослав - Yaroslav; Максим - Maksim; Кристина - Kristina; Андрей - Andrej.

    I think you'll understand the rest of the indications by numbers.

    The Biggest Loser of the week 4 is Alyona with 5 kilos lost. The Smallest Loser is Vova with 1 kilo (he's the largest one of the guys who lost 1 kilo).

    Arkadij is the current Biggest Loser at the ranch, and he is followed by Vladimir and Yulia. Maksim showed the best result at home.

    Weight loss chart.

    Arkadij's weight loss stands out, doesn't it?

    Elimination chart.

    Percentages chart.

    Week Biggest Losers.

    Rankings of week 4.

    And then there were seventeen.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 5 of 17.

    And these are the charts with stats after Natalya went out.

    General progress chart.

    The Biggest Loser of week 5 is Evgeniy, and the Smallest Loser is Natalya, who got the boot.

    Arkadij retains his leadership. His friends, Vladimir and Evgeniy, are closely behind him.

    Natalya lost 15,57% of her body weight at home for now and this is the best effort out of four eliminated contestants.

    Weight loss chart.

    Elimination history.


    Weeks Biggest Losers. For now, it's five different names. Who'll be the first one to get this title for the second time?

    Rankings of week 5. Blue on red, literally.

    Let's get to week 6!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 6 recap: "I Can Make You Dance!" Part 1 of 3

    This recap will be weird. It was a dynamic and bright episode, but at the same time, it’s impossible to describe it profoundly.
    On day 1 of the new week, the contestants walk into the cinema. The trainers are with them. No one has any idea what they are doing here. Suddenly, the huge screen lights up and the guys see their elimination room, with some woman walking through the door in a 19 century dress style. She looks like an actress. Seeing the face, we realize it’s Yana. She looks very sweet. Yana greets the contestants from the screen and tells that this week, there will be a dance tournament at the Biggest Loser ranch! And the contestants are the ones who will dance. Everyone is like: “WTF?” Roman makes a facepalm. Evgeniy says with a bitter smile: “I walk like a m***n! How I’m gonna dance?!”

    The contestants see their elimination room, with silhouette of Yana appearing in the background.

    Yana, dressed like some cinema diva, tells the contestants the concept of week 6.

    It turns out that the tournament will consist of eight dances. All contestants and both trainers will take part. And the classic dress of Yana and the fact that the contestants are in the cinema hints that all these dances are taken from movies. Famous movies. Here is the list:
    1. John Travolta’s and Uma Turman’s twist from “Pulp Fiction” (1 girl and 1 man)
    2. Antonio Banderas’ and Catherine Zeta-Jones’s paso doble from “The Mask of Zorro” (1 girl and 1 man)
    3. Caucasian lezghinka dance from the soviet movie “Mimino” (probably, this is the one that you don’t know) (1 girl and 2 men)
    4. The beautiful dance from the Bollywood movie “Shakthi: The Power” (2 girls and 1 man)
    5. Jim Carrey’s and Cameron Diaz’s samba from “The Mask” (1 girl and 1 man)
    6. Marilyn Monroe’s and Daphne’s & Josephine’s dance from “Some Like It Hot” (1 girl and 2 men – who will be dressed as women, of course)
    7. Solo dance of Salma Hayek with a snake from “From Dusk Till Down” (1 girl)
    8. Tango of Gomez’s and Morticia’s Addams (I’m sorry, I don’t know the names of actors) from “The Addams Family (1 girl and 1 man)

    A few moments to note. Roman doesn’t know who Marilyn Monroe is. Tatyana is scared of the samba. Evgeniy wants to dance with a snake because “The king must dance alone”. Come on, I just started to like him a little bit more. The dance of the Addams is intended for the trainers. As for the rest of dances, it’s still unknown who will dance what. One of the teams will determine it. It will be the team that wins the next dance-themed challenge that will take place soon.
    All duos and trios will dance in front of the famous Ukrainian dancer Vlad Yama, who will evaluate them. The best dancers from each duo or trio will receive a “Dance Oscar” from his hands. (The female solo dancer with a snake will either receive it or not). Which team has more “Dance Oscars”, will win the tournament and get 3 kilos of advantage at this week’s weigh-in.
    The contestants also get to see the theme of their challenge. And they see the scene from “Il Bisbetico Domato” (“The Taming of the Scoundrel”), where Adriano Celentano squeezes the grapevine with his legs! They realize that they also will squeeze something.

    The contestants leaving the cinema.

    Then they arrive at the challenge spot and see two huge basins with… not grapevine, nut tomatoes! The task is simple: in 15 minutes they have to squeeze as much tomato juice as possible. The team that wins will get to distribute all contestants into all seven dances. Lena thanks God that it’s tomatoes and not apples. Dmitriy has a doubt whether everyone will fit in the basin.

    This challenge took place at the ranch.

    The challenge starts! Evgeniy jumps in the basin as crazy and slips heavily on the tomatoes, falling on his *ss. Then everyone squeezes the tomatoes with their legs and hands with a music from Celentano movie in the background. At first men take the lead but soon girls outrun them. To distract their attention, men start to throw tomatoes in them, however, Olga tells her teammates not to fall prey to it and concentrate on the task. And they do concentrate and in the end win this by squeezing 43 or 44 liters of juice while men squeeze 40!

    Evgeniy crashing into the tomatoes.

    Again Evgeniy throws a tomato in the girls side.

    Girls exploding from joy after their victory.

    Girls get 15 minutes to form all duos and trios. They gather in their living-room and discuss whether they should form it by head or by heart. They want to earn some advantage for themselves by appointing all male contestants for the dances which will be uncomfortable for them. But at the same time, they don’t want to be j**ks. What should they decide? What will they decide?

    Girls discussing their plans for men and dances with them.

    Let’s find it out.
    We start with the paso doble. Olga will play the role of Zeta-Jones and her Banderas will be… Dmitriy! It’s not an uncomfortable choice for men.
    Lezghinka is next. Lena will be the girl in this dance and she chooses Artem and Evgeniy as her partners. Evgeniy said in the interview before that he would love to make this dance, so it’s again the heart decision.

    Lena chose Artem and Evgeniy as her dance partners. She holds the photo of the actual dance. Such photos were given to the girls after they won the challenge.

    Then twist. Yulia will be Uma Turman, and Roman will play the role of John Travolta. I can hardly imagine Roman as Vincent Vega, to be honest. Roman himself facepalms again.
    Next is Indian dance. Anna and Evgeniya will be our “Zita” and “Gita” and they (what a surprise!) choose Yaroslav. Anna doesn’t give away the chance to dance with her sweetheart.
    Alyona steps forward and says that she will dance with a snake. She wants to prove the others that she is strong and brave, especially after she nearly got eliminated in the previous week. Some girls, though, think that Alyona is afraid of the close contact with men and that’s why she decided to dance alone.

    Alyona volunteering to be Salma Hayek.

    Marilyn Monroe dance is next. Elena will play the role of the blonde diva. There are three men left: Arkadij, Vladimir and Vova. Two of them will be dressed up like women. And these two will be… Vladimir and Vova. If Vova just laughs and is all ironic, Vladimir is definitely dissatisfied. I may understand him. He’s the manly man and to play the role of the woman isn’t very acceptable for him, I presume. Let’s see how this plays out.

    Vova and Vladimir realizing that they will have to wear female clothes.

    By the method of exclusion, we understand that Tatyana and Arkadij will embody Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey. I am surprised because Tatyana was afraid of this dance. But in the end, she volunteered to do this. Maybe she just wanted to prove to herself that she’s able to overcome personal challenges.
    Then, without going into the details: Alyona and all duos and trios get their personal dance trainer that works with them. All these trainers are the former contestants of the Ukrainian version of “So You Think You Can Dance”. This way the contestants get prepared for the dance contest. And Alyona rehearses the dance with a real python. With a little one, but alive! She doesn’t even suspect that when the time of the tournament comes, she’ll be provided with an “adult”, huge python…

    Alyona and her first experience with a snake. One second after this screenshot the snake will make a sudden move that will f**ak Alyona out.

    I will tell you about the contest itself (probably more in pictures than in words) in the second part of the recap.
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