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Thread: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 2 Recap: "Chore is our second life!" Part 1 of 3

    Week 2 starts right away with the challenge. All contestants come to a very wide bridge where they see two huge semis. Yana greets them. She shocks them from the start by saying that this week they will have four challenges! In these four challenges they will play for some daily routine at the ranch – or, to be more precise, for being free from it. The losers of each challenge will have to be responsible for some chore, like cooking food or cleaning the house around ALL the ranch, for both teams. The winners will be free from all this and also will have a 1 kilo advantage for each victory (so 4 kilos maximum). In the first challenge, the losers will have to cook food for everybody. Evgeniy right away insists that the place of the woman is at the kitchen, while the man has to earn money. Yes, this may be right in some degree, but these words come out from the man who doesn’t work now…
    The challenge is a classical one. Both teams have a semi. The men’s semi weighs 20 tons, while F-Team’s weighs… 19 tons. Well, it’s less anyway, right? The teams have to pull the semis across this huge bridge. The first team at the finish wins. Along the road there are five checkpoints, but unlike the classical version of the challenge where the contestants had to collect puzzles with Biggest Loser logo, these checkpoints are provided with different sorts of food. At each checkpoint the contestants can stop and load some food in the fridge. They can actually miss it if they want to move faster. But they will cook all the food from the products they collect. You see, the kitchen at the ranch is closed for all week.

    Teams before the start of the first challenge.

    Both men and women strategize. In the men’s team, Vladimir distributes the positions between the guys. And everyone listens to him. Looks like we have the future leader of the M-Team. In the F-Team, there is no unity at all. All the girls offer their strategies. At the end, Lena the security finally makes some order in the positions of the players. For now I see two possible leaders in the girls’ team: it’s Lena and Olga “The Thunder Girl”. Still not all the girls are happy. Tatyana in particular says that she doesn’t want the position she was given to (in the second row, in the centre). Back to the males. They also decide that at the each checkpoint Evgeniy will jump into the fridge and take the products that others will throw to him. Girls don’t appoint anyone for this position. Between the men, Maksim also offers that he will choose the necessary products. It turns out that Maksim is the manager at the supermarket, so he knows something about food. We didn’t get to know Maksim well in the first episode so it’s quite clear why he is introduced more to us in this episode.
    On your marks! Get set! Go! I will not go into all details of this challenge, just point out the key moments. The first key moment is… that the girls are the first ones to move the semi! Men are in shock, but then the logic takes the upper hand. Men also move their semi and then they pull it faster. They come to every checkpoint quicker than girls do and also collect the food quicker because they have a player in the fridge. Evgeniy notes that girls made a mistake by not appointing anyone to the analog position. I have to admit this is true. Girls spend more time for collecting the products. However men also have some contradictions between them. At the second checkpoint and further, they tell Arkadij and Yaroslav to stay beside the semi because they can’t run as fast as the rest. Then, at the third checkpoint, Roman says that he will not listen to Maksim... just because he doesn’t want to. This 20-year old guy obviously has some self-esteem issues.

    Women pulling their truck.

    Men pulling their semi.

    But all this doesn’t prevent men from leading through all the distance. At the last checkpoint they stop to collect some fish and then see that the girls move past them. Maksim guesses that they skip this one. They indeed do want to skip! But… at the end, they stop. Some girls nevertheless decide that they need some fish. This guarantees the victory for men. They take off from the last checkpoint and then go to the finish line. They celebrate their victory for a minute, but then right away run to the girls and help them to pull the semi too. I didn’t notice whether Evgeniy did it. Whether he did or not, it looked very nice.

    Men helping girls to pull their semi to the finish line.

    But the girls lost anyway, so now they will have to do some chore. They will have to cook food for everyone in the house. And men win 1 kilo of advantage at the next week’s weigh-in.
    Enter the evening of the same day. Girls cook some low-calorie dishes for guys: salads, borsch, some healthy snacks etc. Evgeniy, who apparently likes to give interviews, says that it tasted really good, and gives the girls credit for cooking. I would like to hear more such interviews from him, because in them he looks like an adequate one. There is also some product placement from our dietician who “suddenly” comes to check the guys.
    We right away go to the next challenge. It’s somewhere inside. Both teams have tracks approximately 10-15 meters long. Throughout these tracks the net of laser beams is installed. The task is to go through these beams without touching any of them and push the button in the end. The contestants will do it one by one. If the contestant hits at least one beam, he has to go to the start and make another attempt. If he/she fails three times, he’s out of the challenge and will bring 1 kilo of disadvantage to his/her team. The first team to complete the challenge, wins. The losers will have to clean both houses. And the winners will get 1 kilo of advantage. Girls don’t want to do this boring chore and they realize that they have a big chance in this challenge, because they are more plastic and flexible. This is true, because I really can’t imagine Arkadij moving through this beams without hitting them.

    Laser beams road.

    The first two contestants at the start line are Maksim and Yulia. Maksim is one of the thinnest guys in his team because he thought he would do the distance easily and, so to say, pave the way for others. On your mark! Get set! Go! Maksim moves quite fast, but, unfortunately, hits the very last beam with his back. He runs to the start and then… hits the very first beam accidentally! He has the last attempt and the M-Team starts to get nervous. Meanwhile, Yulia and Kristina go through the whole distance and it’s time for Lena to start. Maksim finally gets through from the third attempt, but a lot of time is lost. Lena completes the distance with no problems whatsoever, but so does Artem, who literally rushes through these beams. In fact he did it in 10 or 12 seconds which is impressive. This guy is not too heavy in comparison with a few others, on the other hand. So for now it’s F 3:2 M.

    Maksim touching the beam.

    Tatyana and Vova start simultaneously, but both fail once: Vova slips and hits one of the first beams, and Tatyana touches one of the last ones with her ponytail. Oh this must be very frustrating. After them, Evgeniy and Anna take off. I wondered whether Anna will be able to go through the beams, and you know, she is! In fact she does it from the first attempt, without hitting any of the beams. So does our womanhater. And so does Andrej who goes after him. So it’s F 5:5 M. Then Vladimir and Evgeniya start their “Mission Impossible”. Again, they don’t face big problems while going through, however, Evgeniya does it slower. And while she’s crawling, not only Vladimir but also Roman get through. F 6:7 M.

    Tatyana hitting the beam with her ponytail.

    And then the key point comes. And the name of this key point is Alena. She lost most weight than any other girl at the first weigh-in, but I guess it doesn’t help her because she hits the very first beam! And then she does the same thing for the second time! It’s obvious that she is nervous and in panic. The remaining three girls, Olga, Elena and Natalya, start to panic too and shouting at Alena which doesn’t improve situation at all. Evgeniy, as always, notes, that this is what differentiates a man from a woman. Women start to panic in such situations.

    Alena hitting the beam severely.

    Eventually, Alena manages to complete the distance from the third attempt, but she wasted a huge amount of time! While she was going through, Dmitrij and Arkadij (!!!) scored points for their team. Yes, Arkadij didn’t move fast, but he didn’t also hit any of the beams. The last male is the biggest trouble of the M-Team: Yaroslav. And he again starts to prove this doubtful status: he moves ve-e-e-e-ery slowly. Much slower than Arkadij and other heavy contestants. Meanwhile, Natalya and Elena get through and it comes down to Olga. Olga starts when Yaroslav is almost at the finish line. She moves faster than the latter, and it comes neck in neck! And in the end… it is still Yaroslav who hits the button first! One or two seconds decided the victory! Men are all around happy, and girls almost get psychic at the thought that they would have to clean both houses. They don’t say it in loud, but I guess that they are very angry at Alena. If I were her, I wouldn’t fall below the inner team yellow line, at least, this week.

    Arkadij in the middle of the path.

    Yaroslav and his victorious push of the button.

    You want to know what happened after some males felt like kings and thought that girls were their slaves cleaning the house and cooking the food? And what are the outcomes of the remaining two challenges. More about it in the second part of the recap of this episode!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 2 Recap: "Chore is our second life!" Part 2 of 3

    On the next day, Roman finds the girls outside their house and tells them that, because they lost the challenge, they will go right now and clean both floors (the houses of the contestants have two floors) of their house. He does it in a very cocky way and some girls don’t like it. They tell him that after this week is over, everyone will have equal rights and no one should speak so haughty like him even in such circumstances. But rules are rules. They have to clean the house. Roman, on his side, confesses that he has a need to command, because he really wants to become the mayor of the little village where he lives. I wouldn’t say that this is the excuse for his unscrupulous behavior.
    Lena and Evgeniya enter the men’s house and see some dirt on the floor. Sighing, they start to mop it. And then… an apple core comes flying from the stairs. Lena realizes that someone of the men intentionally threw it down to them. This infuriates her, because she thinks they are being treated like slaves. She yells at Evgeniy, who plays cards upstairs with Andrej, Vladimir and Dmitrij. Evgeniy, screaming N-words as well, appears at the stairs and pretends that he doesn’t know where the apple core came from. There is a lot of screaming and reciprocal blaming between him and both girls, but in the end he just says he has to finish the game with guys and comes back to cards.

    "What do you want from me, woman?!"

    The other side of the conflict.

    Meanwhile, Kristina and some other girls clean the kitchen while Roman is supervising them. At some point he gets super cocky and commands Kristina to wash the dishes more carefully and something like this. Kristina loses her temper, turns around and hits Roman with a pillow on his head a few times. Roman just responds: “Are you crazy or what?!” In the interview then he says that he controlled himself but he may even punch someone hard in such a situation. I don’t like this young piece of meat even more than Evgeniy, I have to say you.

    Roman crossed the border.

    Then we switch again to the first floor of men’s house where Anna is mopping the floor again (probably it’s her turn now). And then Yaroslav appears. In a kind but sadistic voice he tells Anna to mop everything very carefully, but then volunteers to carry the bucket with water for her. We find out that there is a kind of romance between these two.
    And, right off the bat, we get to see their date at the ranch! It’s night and there is a round table in the garden at the ranch. There are even flowers and a couple of water bottles (I don’t know whether it was a product placement). Yaroslav gallantly helps Anna to sit down and then opens up to her by saying that she liked her when saw her for the very first time at the party house. He presents a flower to her and then officially asks her to… No, you didn’t guess! He officially asks her to date him. All right, I think that for a 32-year old virgin this is the right approach. He probably doesn’t know very well what a date is. Then they hug and kiss each other. Yes, they do. In the lips. We’ll see what comes out from this.

    Next morning, girls come to the gym at 8:05 am and see that it’s locked. They have no idea what’s going on but then see Marina with a mean face coming for them. It turns out that Marina appeared at the ranch at 8:00, and by this time everyone must be in the gym. Well, no one was. So she locked the gym to teach them a lesson. Olga notes in the interview that they came late just because they cooked breakfast for the men (Olga actually called them with some other word which I won’t write here).
    Marina sighs and says that this is the last time. She then opens the gym and the workout starts. I have to say that we don’t have such a term as “last chance workout”. We have workouts throughout the week.

    Marina is upset with her team.

    I have already said that I don’t like this part of the show. So, briefly, Olga is very frustrated. She cries and tells Marina that she is tired and she wants to leave the show. Everyone is shocked and then Olga in fact walks out of the gym. Kristina and Lena rush after her and try to calm her down but in vain. Olga comes to her room, sits on the couch and looks at the photos of her family. Then Marina comes in. She tells her that by wanting to go home Olga won’t change anything in her life and will still be the “Thunder Girl” and the man of her family instead of her husband. Marina’s theory is that by her initiative behavior Olga doesn’t let her husband to step out and to develop as a man. So they need to be split for some time. This finally calms Olga down and she realizes that she is here for herself and for nobody else. To give up is not an option. Olga says that she has to delete emotions and be strong and to stay in the game as long as she can.

    Marina comforting Olga.

    Third challenge! It’s late night. The contestants come to some meadow inside the forest. There are little fires everywhere, it looks like the location for offering. (In the bonus video, the male contestants start to sing a Russian folk song called “The Horse” by Lube, the famous Russian band whose frontman is a non-grant person in the Ukraine because he supported Crimea annexation; it really looks comically, especially taking into account the fact that one of the lines of this song is “I’m in love with You, Russia, I’m in love with You”. I don’t know whether they sang it to the end. It was not shown).
    Back to the challenge. It’s quite simple. The contestants will have to carry a big hot coal to some wild construction made of the wood. They will carry it with the help of some kind of sticks. Everyone is given a stick so they all will have to hold the coal. One wrong move – and it may fall down, which means the challenge is over for the respective team. After they carry it to the construction, they have to throw it inside so that it starts to burn. On the top of each construction there is a firework set. As soon as the fire reaches it, the firework bangs. The team whose firework is the first one to bang, wins. This team will get a 1 kilo advantage at this week’s weigh-in, while the losers will have to chop the wood (there is no electric heating at the ranch so it’s quite cold at nights). Smart Evgeniy tells us that a long ago it were women who were responsible for the fire, so why not bring back old traditions? Girls obviously don’t want to do men’s job. They strive for victory.

    Teams carrying the coals.

    M-Team and their hot coal.

    The challenge starts and again men are a bit in front of women. Both teams nearly drop their hot coal on their way to the wood constructions, because some contestants stumble. However all the dangerous situations have a happy end. M-Team is the first at the construction and they put the coal on the edge of it. And here comes their biggest mistake. F-Team finishes a few seconds later and drops the coal inside the construction. Roman quickly notices this and realizes that his team failed heavily. Girls do everything possible for their construction to burn faster. They stand around the fire and wave with their clothes so it spreads quicker. They even jump around it. Roman says that they look like witches who try to call some spirits.
    In the end, F-Team’s wood construction lights up faster and the firework goes off! Everything is very spectacular, and girls dance around the fire. They are ecstatic about their victory. Soon M-Team’s firework also bangs, but it’s too late. However I wouldn’t say that men are frustrated. Chopping wood is not too hard for them. In the end, it’s men’s work. Evgeniy gives one more interview and says that it’s absolutely okay that they lost the challenge. He then adds that he’s glad that girls won because they need some victories, otherwise all their losses will break them down, low their self-esteem etc, and this is not good. Ah… It was him who said it?

    Girls' firework goes off!

    The next day Andrej, Evgeniy, Artem, Roman and Yaroslav set for wood chopping. Andrej distributes the tasks: one chops, another one puts the chopped wood in the wheelbarrow etc. Then we clearly see that while Artem and Evgeniy chop, Yaroslav stands aside and does nothing. Evgeniy offers him to chop, but Yaroslav replies that his hand is sore and he can’t do it. Andrej says in the interview that Yaroslav has all kinds of excuses and is basically a slacker. Yaroslav, in his turn, says that everyone in his team considers him to be the weak link, however, he doesn’t care about what they think.

    You will learn about the last challenge, men’s workout, the second weigh-in and the elimination in the last part of the recap. And yeah, which results Yaroslav’s behavior will yield.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 2 Recap: "Chore is our second life!" Part 3 of 3

    Last challenge of the week. And the simplest one. Both teams have some kind of constructions with a rope set on the beach. On the top of these constructions, there are two big pans with dirty water. One of the contestants from each team must hold these pans with of the rope (as soon as the challenge starts, the blocking mechanisms that hold the pans will be taken out so they will hold on only onto a rope), while the rest of team has to stand under the pans. The teams may change the contestant who holds the rope as many times as they want, but, as soon as the player releases the rope the water will crush down on the other contestants, giving them a dirty bath and meaning the loss. The team that wins gets 1 more kilo of advantage at this week’s weigh-in. The team that loses will have to wash the clothes.

    This is what the constructions with dirt look like.

    Men choose Arkadij to hold the rope, while at the F-Team, Kristina volunteers. Girls don’t mind, but it’s really strange – Kristina is one of the lightest girls, while Arkadij is the heaviest player. I won’t describe the process of the challenge in details, because it ends quickly – Kristina, without asking anyone to switch, runs out of strength and releases the rope. In slow motion, we are shown how the dirty water pours heavily on girls. It’s not that dirty, I would say. I thought it would be the real dirt. Men celebrate their third victory and their third bonus kilo. Evgeniy confirms my criticism by saying that it was silly to let the relatively light Kristina hold the rope, while Arkadij didn’t even move, because he’s like a mountain. I still don’t get why Kristina didn’t ask anyone to switch. Anyway she is upset and walks away in tears. Girls try to calm her down and it looks like no one really blames her for the loss. That’s right, I think. Arguments are not what they need right now.

    Kristina and Arkadij hold their ropes.

    Then we are briefly shown how girls wash everyone’s clothes outside, in big bowls (they really don’t have washing machines there or this is just because of the rules of this week?). If you don’t mind, I will not describe the process in details.
    Next step is the men’s workout. Well, if it may be called so. It looks rather lame. Half of the guys are slowly moving on the bikes and ellipticals. They hardly move. They feel like kings after girls doing almost all the chore for them. Evgeniy squeezes a bar-bell with a lot of groaning, and Andrej seemingly indifferently walks around the gym. Slavik encourages men to work harder and warns them that it is the chore like cleaning and washing clothes that burns a lot of calories. He also comments on Andrej and says that he is a terrible slacker. We get one more shot of Andrej who gets on a bike with such a face expression as if this is the last thing he wants to do right now.

    Men's workout. Andrej is senselessly walking around while Evgeniy tries to squeeze the bar-bell.

    Slavik calls out Roman. He tells him to imagine one of the other males as a punching bag and then asks about his choice. Roman chooses Yaroslav. It turns out that these two live in the same room and don’t get along. Roman starts to punch the bag in front of him, calling it “Yaroslav”. The latter is obviously irritated while pedaling the bike. Slavik asks Roman why he doesn’t like Yaroslav. Roman says that Yaroslav flies off the handle sometimes and at the same time doesn’t communicate a lot (the guy obviously doesn’t like company). Yaroslav says in the interview that in this moment he wanted to put on boxing gloves and make a steak out of Roman. But Slavik has some other treatment for him. He tells Roman and Yaroslav to take the positions in front of each other. He then gives them a ball and instructs that the holder of the ball has to pronounce some trait that he doesn’t like about his counterpart and then to throw the ball to him powerfully. Some kind of therapy, I guess. Both guys do some throwing to each other while commenting their flaws. Yaroslav, to give an example, says that Roman is very untidy and that he can make a pool beside his bed and Roman will not notice it. Man…
    But in the end, they seem to reconcile somehow. I don’t know how long it will last.

    Roman and Yaroslav before the sparring with ball.

    It’s time for the main event of the week – the weigh-in. Both teams arrive to the weigh-in room. The team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will have to send home one of the people with the lowest amount of kilos lost. Men have 3 bonus kilos, while girls have 1. So, basically, it’s +2 (or, to be more precise, -2) for men.
    First up is Lena. Let’s go.
    Lena: 127 – 124 (-3)
    Artem: 130 – 127 (-3)
    Elena: 122 – 119 (-3)
    Evgeniy: 118 – 115 (-3)
    Natalya: 118 – 115 (-3)
    Vladimir: 145 – 142 (-3) Is it some sort of conspiracy or what?

    Everyone pulls up 3’s, so it’s fair game right now.

    Tatyana: 105 – 104 (-1) Uh… It doesn’t look good for her.
    Roman: 145 – 141 (-4)
    Kristina: 107 – 104 (-3)
    Vova: 137 – 135 (-2) Again small number for him. Vova is very upset.
    Yulia: 112 – 108 (-4) Yay! Really good!
    Arkadij: 221 – 213 (-8) Holy cow! 8 kilos in week 2? It’s 18 pounds!

    It’s still fair game, but then things go different.

    Alena: 128 – 124 (-4) Impressive, especially after 6 kilos in the first week!
    Maksim: 123 – 121 (-2)
    Anna: 173 – 169 (-4) Again very low for her…
    Yaroslav: 180 – 177 (-3) He is very low too…

    Yaroslav is shocked and says he doesn’t get it, to which Slavik promptly finds the answer: “What do you don’t get?! Did you pushed for more, Romeo?!” Evgeniya comments that both Yaroslav and Anna do romances instead of losing weight and that they should be booted out from the camp for such an attitude to the weight loss.

    Evgeniya: 139 – 134 (-5) Excellent!
    Dmitrij: 154 – 153 (-1) Oh… Looks like M-Team has huge problems.
    Olga: 120 – 115 (-5) Excellent too!
    Andrej: 120 – 119 (-1) Looks like Slavik was right about him.

    It’s pretty clear that M-Team has lost the weigh-in. Their total percentage confirms it: 2,24% vs F-Team’s 2,88%. Andrej and Dmitrij fall below the inner yellow line with 1 kilo from each of them and one of them will be going home tonight.
    Men gather at the gym and the two share their motivations to stay. They are similar: both Andrej and Dmitrij have kids and they don’t want them to grow up either with an invalid father or without a father at all. They are also equal in their weight conditions. Dmitrij is heavier but he’s also much taller than Andrej. So the team has to think strategically: who of them is of more use for the team. There is also one little fact that Dmitrij’s children are very little, almost babies, and also that he wanted to adopt one more child from the orphanage. What they decide?

    Dmitrij and Andrej at the discussion of their fate.

    The elimination starts.

    Arkadij is touched by the fact that Dmitrij wanted to adopt the child and votes for Andrej.
    Evgeniy openly doesn’t say about his motives for the vote, but in the interview confesses that Andrej is lazy, and he wants to keep stronger people in the team. He votes for Andrej.
    Artem says that he thinks that Andrej is stronger mentally and will do better at home. He votes for Andrej.
    Vladimir says that he decided to keep the person who he thinks needs this place more. And this person is Dmitrij. He also votes for Andrej.

    It’s four votes. Maksim is next, and if he votes for Andrej, he will be eliminated.

    Maksim briefly says that Andrej will do better at home than Dmitrij and ends his story on the show.

    Maksim's deciding vote.

    With five votes, Andrej is eliminated. We don’t have to see Vova’s, Roman’s and Yaroslav’s votes. Andrej doesn’t say anything after Yana telling him that he’s not the Biggest Loser and is the first person eliminated in this season. He just hugs with everyone in the room (it looks like sincere) and walks out of the elimination room. He says in the interview that of course he is shocked to go home so early, but he will accept it.
    At this point, I thought that Andrej doesn’t go anywhere because Slavik still has a right to save one of the men from the elimination. But I forgot that Slavik is a very strict trainer and doesn’t like people who don’t give it 100% percent. So he doesn’t save Andrej. In fact, I think that he will save Arkadij, no matter what. Because A) Arkadij is the real candidate for victory – he is huge but strong and not clumsy for the man of his size, and B) he works hard and lefts everything in the gym.
    Andrej packs his bags, says goodbye to his teammates once more and leaves in a car. He promises to Ukraine that in December he will be somewhere between 85 and 90 kilos, not more.

    Andrej leaving the ranch.

    And then, we switch to (probably) the beginning of September. Andrej visits the gym where Slavik waits for him. Like all other Biggest Loser contestants, he has a special pass for the gym which is called “The Program of Intensive Weight Loss” and, I guess, allows him to pay less for gym visits. I have to say to you, he hasn’t changed a bit. Slavik remarks that Andrej looks cool, but not for the Biggest Loser. In fact he weighs 127 kilos! So he gained 8 since he left the show and lost less than a kilo since he started. Basically, he lost 1 pound! Slavik strictly tells him that now he will try to help him for the very last time and show him some simple exercises. He also asks him to lose at least some weight before the finale. Andrej promises in a very concerned voice. If he loses 15 kilos, I will consider it to be the successful result.

    Andrej meets with Slavik.

    Here, I want to note – please, don’t think that our contestants do bad at home. Not at all. Andrej is really just a mega unsuccessful example. It’s a coincidence that I start to write about it and the first eliminated person loses nothing. We had people losing over 20 and 30 kilos at home in the in-between period. There are just a few of them in 6 seasons who lost nothing or gained.

    NEXT WEEK: Both teams will choose their leaders, and not by vote, but in a challenge, where the candidates for the leader position will somehow manage them. There will be also the second challenge where the leaders will have to appoint the other members of their teams to specific positions, and each of this position will require physical or mental strength. Will Anna and Yaroslav finally lose decent amount of weight? Will men lose for the second time in a row. Read it in the recap of the 3rd episode (which was already aired on Thursday). I will write about it soon. You also may ask me questions and don’t hesitate to comment or criticize. It’s interesting to get some feedback.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after Week 2 of 17.

    I forgot to put these charts after the end of the first recap, I'm sorry for that. I can't make the pictures bigger, otherwise they will get out of the border of the board.

    General progress chart.

    Olga is the Biggest Loser of Week 2, and Dmitrij is the Smallest Loser. Arkadij is the current Biggest Loser at the ranch.

    Kilos lost.

    Elimination history.


    Weeks' Biggest Losers.

    Ranking of Week 2.

    Some sort of fridges.

    Okay... looks like I can make them somewhat bigger. I will do it in the next recap.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 3 recap: "Captain, Captain, Shout Until You're Heard!" Part 1 of 3

    Hello there!

    Week 3 starts with Lena, Olga, Anna and Evgeniya sitting somewhere outside and discussing their consecutive losses in challenges. They think it’s because they are disorganized and don’t have a leader (I would have added that most challenges need physical strength). So they would like to have the captain of the team. We are shown interviews with Lena and Olga in which they confess that want to be the leaders. I also thought about these two. However girls also think that Elena might be a good leader – she is a mother of ten which means she knows how to manage “the crowd”. I don’t think that Elena will be the good leader in the context of The Biggest Loser but okay. I would like to say that this discussion looks like some scenario.
    Then most men discuss the same question at the lawn. They have different reasons though. They want to have a person that would distribute all the duties between them and control the process. Because, you see, this week girls don’t have to cook for them. It’s a disaster! Vova says in the interview that from the challenge point of view, Vladimir is the definite leader, because he has some strategic skills and can organize people in an emergency (we are reminded that it was Vladimir who supervised the team during the semi challenge). But from the nutrition point of view, Maksim is the guru. Again we are reminded that Maksim works as a manager in a supermarket and knows a lot about food. We also learn that most men respect Arkadij very much and would like to see him as a leader, but there is a simple question whether Arkadij wants to be the leader. He is absent at the discussion so we don’t get to know it.
    Soon the contestants arrive at the first challenge of the week and learn that (Surprise!) it will determine the leaders of the team! Please don’t say to me those discussions were not the scenario!

    The maze and the bulldozers with platforms in the background.

    First Yana asks those contestants who want to be the team captains to step forward. In the F-Team, Olga and Elena do it. Surprisingly for me, Lena doesn’t move. She then explains in the interview that she doesn’t want extra responsibility that would distract her. In the M-Team, as I predicted, Arkadij doesn’t step forward but Maksim and Vladimir do. Two people from each team… How convenient.

    Maksim, Vladimir, Olga and Elena step forward.

    Then we learn how today’s challenge is going to work. There is a big maze made of tires. It has two exits. Beside each exits there are two platforms. Both candidates for leader position will stand there. The remaining contestants will have to roll huge round stones through the maze. But there is a catch. They will do blindfolded. They don’t know where the exits are. So both candidates for the leader position will have to lead them by telling them where they need to move. Of course they will try to lead the other contestants to “their” exit. The candidate who gets more people to his exit will become the leader of the team. Also the team that finishes (all contestants go through the maze) the challenge faster will win a 1 kilo advantage at this week’s weigh-in. Because F-Team has one extra player, they have to choose one person to sit out at this challenge. They choose Tatyana.
    The challenge starts. F-Team is first. Elena and Olga take their positions. Right off the bat six of the seven girls that go through the maze divide into two equal groups. Kristina, Natalya and Lena take Olga’s route while Anna, Evgeniya and Yulia follow Elena’s instructions. Alena remains at the start line and doesn’t move forward and it looks like Elena and Olga don’t notice her, because they command the other girls. Soon all but Alena make through. Olga is not surprised that Lena took her side. She thinks that as soon as she fails somewhere Lena will right away use it as a reason to become the leader of the team and to move her from this position. These two obviously don’t like each other although they don’t say it openly in conversations. Olga gets her 3 points much faster than Elena who apparently struggles to command the rest of the girls but eventually she gets them through as well. However those girls are not excited about her as a potential leader and Anna even says that she has already regretted her choice. Only then Elena and Olga take notice of Alyona who is still in the very beginning of the maze. Alyona is crying and is very upset about no one seeing her. I wonder whether it has to do something with the challenge with light beams where she let the team down.

    Girls go through the maze and the icon with Elena screaming.

    Alyona struggling at the start of the maze and colliding with tires.

    And then things begin to look really stupid and weird. Both Elena and Olga start to scream to Alyona to make her go in their direction. Of course they do it simultaneously and shouting different directions. Olga screams “To the right!” while Elena screams “To the left!” Poor Alyona is totally confused and angry. In the end she decides to follow Olga (maybe because Elena’s screams sound really ugly). It’s 4:3 in Olga’ favor and she officially becomes the leader of the F-Team.

    Alyona at the finish line.

    Men’s turn. Their process is less exciting. Vladimir and Maksim get their points in turn. Arkadij is the first one to complete the maze and he chooses Vladimir’s route. He says that he made this choice still before the beginning of the challenge. Then Roman comes to Maksim’s side, which is strange, because in the challenge with semis he refused to follow his advice. Then Vova also gets to Maksim’s exit. One minute later Evgeniy brings the second point to Vladimir. Then Artem completes the maze on Maksim’s size. Yaroslav is the sixth person to finish and he, like Arkadij, listened only to Vladimir’s voice. The last remaining person is Dmitrij. He is Maksim’ roommate so it looks like he might choose him. But in the end he decides to go to Vladimir’s side. He says in the interview that if the food and nutrition were the only key points in this game, then he and everyone else would have chosen Maksim. But because there are challenges and workouts, they need Vladimir as a leader.

    Men go through the maze while Maksim and Vladimir guide them.

    So Vladimir is the leader of the M-Team. And Maksim doesn’t look disappointed at all.
    It’s time to learn the time results. F-Team completed the maze in 13 minutes and something, while men did this in 8 minutes and something! Which means men get 1 kilo advantage. Girls look disappointed again and one more time blame each other for disorganization.

    Vladimir decides the challenge for Vladimir.

    We go back to the ranch. It’s time for Vladimir to distribute the duties! The principle is very simple: he appoints someone for the duty and the rest have to vote to support or discard his proposition. First, Vladimir offers that Yaroslav will be responsible for cleaning. Everyone agrees. Yaroslav very carefully cleans his own room so that is why he was chosen for this chore. Arkadij gets the responsibility of controlling the workouts (time, no one being late, encouragement etc.). We learn that when Slavik isn’t there Arkadij replaces him and manages the workouts. Maksim is of course the chef, along with Evgeniy. Vova will have to get the water and bring it to the house and to the workouts. Dmitrij is the “nurse”, as he calls himself, so he will make massages and take care of injuries. Finally, Artem and Roman get, without a shadow of doubt, the most interesting duty: they will have to spy the F-Team and by cheats etc. get some important information from the girls about what’s going on in their team.

    Men distributing the duties.

    Soon Artem goes on his spy mission and finds Tatyana somewhere at the ranch, with whom he decides to talk to maybe get some useful data. I have to say that Artem has some sort of scratch or bruise on his forehead. Probably he got injured at one of the workouts.
    Would you like to know what they talked about and what was the main challenge of the week? You’ll find more in part 2!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 3 recap: "Captain, Captain, Shout Until You're Heard!" Part 2 of 3

    We stopped at the place where Artem intended to spy on girls. He approached Tatyana in whom he was interested after hearing her story about the diary with 53 men. I don’t know whether he had initial intentions to get some strategic information from her but in fact they mostly talk about their own issues. I don’t want to go into the details. Let’s just say that Tatyana explained to him that having 53 men doesn’t mean that she slept with all them, but that she used them in some way. And that’s it. Probably this conversation was to reveal us more about the girl because we didn’t know much about her, she mostly remains in the background.

    Artem and Tatyana have a conversation.

    Back at the house, girls have a meeting, just like men did. The central person of the meeting turns out to be Alyona. The point is that no one knows anything about her. She doesn’t talk much and doesn’t tell anything about her. Girls, especially the newly born leader of the team, encourage her to speak, but in vain. The announcer cites that Alyona will reveal some terrible secret of her life in this episode, which makes me think she’ll probably fall below the yellow line at the weigh-in or something like this. At this points, some girls are irritated with her because almost all of them revealed their own stories, with each of these stories having a very unpleasant flavor. Besides, let’s not forget that Alyona seriously let the team down at the challenge with light beams. Her position in the team is really shaky, that’s what I suddenly realize.

    Girls discussing their life at the ranch.

    The next thing we get to see are the workouts. Briefly, I have to say. That’s good for me, as the workouts are my less favorite part of the show. I’m more about challenges, weigh-ins, scandals and quarrels etc. Slavik gets Vladimir on a treadmill and tells the other men to do a plank hold. The reason is Vladimir basically did nothing at the challenge but shouting. So Slavik wants him to burn more calories than anyone else. Vladimir is going to run for 9 minutes – the exact time in which the M-Team completed the challenge. Other men will do the plank hold, but they, in fact, don’t have to do it necessarily. But, as soon as someone is out from the plank hold, Slavik will increase the speed of Vladimir’s treadmill by one km/h. We don’t get to know what the initial speed of the treadmill was, but it was definitely not 1.0 or 2.0. Soon males start to give up. Vova is the first one out, followed by Roman, Dmitrij and Artem. Then Yaroslav also gives up (I must give him credit for doing it longer than some apparently stronger guys), and in about a minute, Arkadij and Maksim lose control of the position. Evgeniy is the last man standing and he really endures to the last drop of effort. But then the pain takes its toll and he gives up. Vladimir thanks anyone for trying to make his task easier and continues to run. In the end, he does run for 9 minutes and is greeted by his teammates.

    Men do the plank hold. Soon they will start to drop.

    Marina has some similar approach to the leader of the F-Team. Olga has to do a half-squat while other team members will do some other task while blindfolded. We are shown only one example with Anna who has to walk on the dumbbells. As soon as she does it, Olga may have a rest. There is also some issues with Yulia – it turns out that she feels really sick. She indeed looks like she is not well. She tells Marina that she doesn’t have any strength to do the workout and Marina lets her go to bed. Yulia will depend solely on the right diet this week.

    Anna walking on the dumbbells, while Olga struggling with half-squat.

    Main challenge of the week! The contestants walk into some unidentified building. Oh, sorry, my bad – only Vladimir and Olga walk in, while other guys wait outside. Yana greets the team leaders and tells them the rules. They are quite difficult, but I’ll go with my best effort to describe it and I’ll bring some screenshots as well.
    There is a secluded area in the building in which some platforms are installed. On each of the platform there are sacks that collectively represent the weight of each other contestant of the team (we don’t get to know which weight – the starting or the current one, but I presume that the latter is correct). This area is separated from the rest of the building by gate that moves upward. So it needs to be lifted to get in. To do that, the other contestants have to press the seven buttons on seven, let’s call them, “locations” in front of the gate. All buttons are hard to push or hold. Let’s describe these locations:

    Here is the panorame of the challenge site.

    1. Balance location. The person involved has to stand on some very unstable board and to keep the balance. As long as he does it, his or her button is pushed. As soon he or she loses the balance, the opposite.
    2. Box location. The person involved has to get in a very uncomfortable bend position in a quite small box and hold the button with the upper part of his or her back.
    3. Treadmill location. The person involved has to run on 8 km/h and at the same to keep with one hand his button pushed.
    4. Chocolate location. The person involved has to hold two buttons with his hands by stretching hands in both sides. Too simple, you might think? Well, there is a catch. There is a lot of chocolate that will pour on this person from the construction above his or her head.
    5. Fear factor location. The only location that doesn’t require physical strength. There is a black box with button inside and with a hole, through which the person involve has to stretch his or her hand and to press the button. The box is filled with frogs, cockroaches, snails and worms.
    6. Pair location. The only location for two contestants. They will have to stand in the position that my English vocabulary doesn’t allow to describe, but see photos. As soon as they get out of the position, the button is deactivated.
    7. Legs burn location. The person involved has to sit down on some kind of equipment and to hold some really huge resistance weight with his or her legs. As soon as he or she does it, the button is activated.

    If all buttons are activated, the gate will rise. But as soon as a button is deactivated, they will drop a little bit. If the person who “released” the button doesn’t activate it again, the gate will continue to drop. The task of the leader is to release all the contestants of his or her team from these terrible locations. To do this, he has to carry their weight from the secluded area to the scales that stand beside each of the locations. As soon as all weight of the certain contestant is carried, he may go of the location and may help his leader to carry the sacks (so it takes longest to release the first person, and quickest to release the last one). When the last contestant is released, the whole team has to run quickly to the secluded area and finish the challenge there. The team that does it faster wins and will get a 2 kilo advantage at this week’s weigh-in. The teams will compete in this challenge in turn. And the leader has to distribute the members of his or her team to these locations.
    F-Team is first. Olga explains the rules to her teammates and starts to appoint them for certain locations:
    Balance – Natalya (she is strong and deals with cars and speed).
    Box – Kristina (just because she is tough).
    Treadmill – Tatyana (she is the lightest one).
    Chocolate – Elena (it’s not that hard and she can do it).
    Fear factor – Anna (one of the weakest girls in team).
    Pair – Alyona and Lena (Alyona is weak as well so she needs support from strong Lena).
    Legs Burn – Evgeniya (she is the second heaviest girl and is tough at the same time).
    Yulia sits out because she feels sick. Olga, of course, will carry the weight from the very beginning.

    From the start Olga tries to decide who struggles the most so to release this person first. This person is apparently Tatyana who literally panics on the treadmill and implores Olga to save her. So Olga carries most of Tatyana’s weight to her scales, but when there are only a couple of her sacks to go, Natalya starts to struggle. She loses balance a few times, and the gate drops lower. And here Olga still makes a big mistake. Without completing Tatyana’s sacks, she starts to get Natalya’s ones (and of courses wastes her time, because if she would release Tatyana, they would carry Natalya’s sacks in two). She does it to the end and Natalya is released.

    Natalya on the balance thing.

    Then they quickly and finally release Tatyana who is almost dying on that treadmill. Out of the remaining girls, it is clear that Aloyna struggles. Lena encourages her to keep the position but Alyona constantly readjusts her position and the button gets deactivated. Anna shrieks and cries mostly of the time, but holds her button while we see the huge cockroach crawling on her hand. Nasty. I would prefer to struggle physically, to tell the truth. At some point Anna does release the button but quickly corrects her mistake when Yulia, who just watches the challenge, tells her to pull together in an angry voice. In the meantime, girls release Evgeniya who neither moaned nor screamed during the whole time although she was very hurt. Then they “save” Alyona and Lena, and then Elena.

    Evgeniya fights for her team at the legs burn location.

    Alyona and Lena at the pair location.

    Elena under the chocolate.

    Only Anna and Kristina remain at their locations and Anna commands the girls to release Kristina first, what they actually do. And then they also end Anna’s sufferings and run together to the area with platforms! The challenge is over for them.

    It’s M-Team’s turn. Vladimir does his first job in this challenge by appointing guys on different locations:
    Balance – Maksim (one of the lightest and coordinated ones).
    Box – Evgeniy (quite a tough guy; Evgeniy says himself that this will be easy for him).
    Treadmill – Artem (he is not heavy as well and will have no big problems with running).
    Chocolate – Arkadij (he’s huge and has big hands that will reach the buttons simply).
    Fear factor – Yaroslav (Vladimir tells him that there are snails in the box which comforts Yaroslav immediately).
    Pair – Roman and Vova (they are approximately of the same height and also get along very well).
    Legs burn – Dmitrij (he’s big and strong).

    Evgeniy standing quite comfortably at the box location

    Yana clicks the timer and Vladimir runs to the area with sacks. He takes a quick look around and sees that Maksim starts to lose his balance right off the bat. So he grabs Maksim’s sack and in two turns releases him. Then the two go back and decide to release Artem just because the treadmill is the closest location to the area with sacks. However, on their way back the gate suddenly drops very low which slows them. It turns out that Yaroslav constantly releases his button because of the contact with insects. Arkadij sees it and with a lot of N-words commands to him to hold it. Yaroslav readjusts, puts the other hand inside and finally pushes the button stable. I hate to say it but Yaroslav really seems to be the most infantile member of the team despite the fact that after Andrej’s elimination, he’s biologically the oldest one in his team with 31 years old (second is Dmitrij, who is 29).

    Yaroslav getting out his hand from the box with nice little creatures.

    Vladimir and Maksim releasing Artem from the treadmill.

    Meanwhile, Artem is released, and the three set out to save Roman and Vova who also struggle (particularly Vova). Then they decide to release Evgeniy who protests and tells them to save Yaroslav or Dmitrij because he’s absolutely fine. However the freed men don’t listen to him and release him first for the sake of time. Then they release Dmitrij who sat on that terrible equipment with his sore back. I forgot to say that in the last week Dmitrij hurt his back and didn’t train a lot, and, probably, lost only 1 kilo because of this. Back to the challenge. The remaining two, Yaroslav and Arkadij, both tell the guys to save each other. The M-Team saves Yaroslav’s first, and, finally, Arkadij. They run together back to the room with sacks and so the challenge is over for them, Arkadij is proud for his team in the interview, which he gives while being covered with chocolate. This looks hilarious, I have to say, and even could be used as a background for some meme.

    Arkadij and his epic look when he is covered with chocolate.

    Time to know the time! Yana says that the girls completed the challenge in 13 minutes and 20 seconds. As for the M-Team, they did it in 7 minutes and 53 seconds! So it’s hands-down victory. Yes, Olga wasted some time when started to carry sacks for Natalya instead of finishing with Tatyana, but I guess, they would have lost anyway. These challenges require strength and speed, and here M-Team has nominal advantage. I hope that next challenges will give equal chances to our teams.
    One interesting psychological observation. When F-Team was going through the challenge, most of the girls implored to free them. When M-Team was doing the same thing, all men asked to free the others and them in the last turn. Some stuff for reflections.
    Right after the challenge, we get to see the weigh-in of the 3rd week. And I will reveal its results in the last part of this recap, as well as how the elimination went.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 3 recap: "Captain, Captain, Shout Until You're Heard!" Part 3 of 3

    We get to the weigh-in and are reminded that the M-Team has 2 kilo advantage. I also forgot one more reward for the challenge: the leader of the winning team was to get the immunity for this week’s weigh-in. M-Team won and this means that Vladimir got this immunity. Let’s see if he waterloads or something (however I don’t think he will because his result will affect his whole team).
    Leaders climb up the scales first.
    Olga: 115 – 113 (-2) She is terribly disappointed and astounded. Marina assumes that this is because she wasted a lot of energy and attention for hear leader functions and somewhat forgot about losing weight.
    Vladimir: 142 – 138 (-4) Yes, he definitely didn’t waterload. Good for him.
    Anna: 169 – 166 (-3) Low number again…
    Roman: 141 – 138 (-3)
    Yulia: 108 – 104 (-4) Wow! She was sick and depended solely on her diet. And it worked!
    Artem: 127 – 125 (-2)

    For now, it’s anyone’s game. Let’s see what happens next.

    Lena: 124 – 121 (-3)
    Maksim: 121 – 118 (-3)
    Evgeniya: 134 – 131 (-3) I suddenly realize that she will be a true hottie when hopefully loses all her extra weight.
    Evgeniy: 115 – 112 (-3)
    Natalya: 115 – 111 (-4) Cool!
    Vova: 135 – 131 (-4) However he looks disappointed. He is never satisfied with his weight loss. But you have to celebrate small victories.

    It’s still fair game. But the most interesting part of the weigh-in starts now.

    Elena: 119 – 117 (-2)
    Arkadij: 213 – 206 (-7) Holy Molly! Again huge number from him. If count in pounds, he lost 31, 18 and 15 lbs in first three weeks respectively! 64 pounds!
    Alyona: 124 – 123 (-1) This is where F-Team fails… I knew it.
    Dmitrij: 153 – 147 (-6) GREAT! But it had to happen after 1 kilo in the previous week.
    Tatyana: 104 – 102 (-2)
    Yaroslav: 177 – 172 (-5) Finally I think he may be somewhat proud of himself.

    It’s clear that F-Team will lose after three girls show poor results. Kristina, the last contestant, climbs up the scale but she has to lose double digits to win it for the F-Team.

    Kristina: 104 – 103 (-1) Not even close.

    M-Team lost 3,10% of their current weight, and F-Team lost 2,06%. Clear victory.

    Kristina and Alyona have two smallest numbers in their team, which means they are up for elimination.

    At the discussion, basically, girls tell Alyona that she has to open up or they will vote her off, because they can’t save the person whom they don’t know at all. And Alyona reveals what she hid for a long time (before this she says in the interview that she felt very ashamed when she was doing this). Alyona tells us her story. At first I thought that it has to do something with LNR, but I was wrong. I don’t want to go through this story because it’s nasty and very personal. Briefly, her best friend who wasn’t as beautiful as she envied her and decided to revenge. And she did it in a certain way. This was the part of the reason why Alyona gained a lot of weight. The story evokes a lot of crying from other girls and Alyona herself. Everyone understands why Alyona kept it in secret and some of them feel guilty for making her to open this thing up. You know, IMHO, after this they don’t have the moral right to vote her off.

    Alyona and Kristina sharing their motivation to stay.

    Luckily for them, Kristina then buries herself with her motivation to stay. She says that she wants to become a military journalist and her weight prevents her from this. Anna notes that there are a lot of overweight journalists (well, there are a lot of overweight singers as well). Other girls also comment that extra weight is not as critical for this profession.

    Before the start of the elimination ceremony.

    F-Team comes into the elimination room. But you know already how it will go. Olga, Evgeniya, Natalya and Tatyana all vote for Kristina. They all basically say that Alyona needs to stay more and that Kristina is tough and strong and will do it at home. Then Lena says the same things and gives the fifth vote to Kristina, eliminating her.

    Lena's final vote. The words say: "Kris. Please, sorry me."

    Kristina promises that she will keep the high intensity of workouts at home and will shrink down to the finale. She hugs with girls in the elimination room and then does it once more in the yard. Men also go out to see her off. This farewell looks really sweet and you can tell that the contestants are in really good relationships with each other (without scenario etc.).

    The team says "good-bye" to Kristina".

    A few months later Marina meets Kristina in a black Guns N’Roses T-shirt in the gym. Kristina looks the same, I have to say. Like Andrej, she, probably, didn’t lose anything. Oh, no, my bad. She did. A little bit. She weighs exactly 100 kilos which means she lost 3. Well… At least she didn’t gain anything. She talks with Marina about the lack of motivation and Marina gives her some talk about various stimuli and the bright futures of healthy thin people. She also shows her some exercises.

    Kristina meets with Marina in (presumably) September.

    NEXT WEEK: Both teams choose their weakest players to live in the opposite team for the whole week. I think it’s obvious who these two will be. So obvious that we even get to see them in the trailer: our Romeo and Julliet – Yaroslav and Anna. Not only they will live in the opposite teams, but they also will participate in the challenges with them and against their initial teams. And we get a hint that Yaroslav will do it actively. So actively that Evgeniy promises to “destroy him on the molecular level”.

    The episode was already aired and of course I will recap it later this week.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    I will continue to write as soon as I have enough free time for it. Once I have started something, I'm going to finish it to the end. I just have tough week and my free time is really limited.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 3 of 17.

    Better late than never.

    General progress chart.

    The Biggest Loser of week 3 is Dmitriy, after he was the Smallest Loser in week 2. The Smallest Loser of week 3 is Alyona.

    Arkadij is current Biggest Loser at the ranch (which really happens for the heaviest contestants), and Anna holds the last place.

    Kristina did better than Andrej. Probably this is the only good thing for her.

    Weight loss chart.

    Elimination chart.

    Percentages chart.

    Week Biggest Losers chart.

    Week 3 rankings chart.

    I'm sorry for getting beyond the borders. This time I made too big pictures. Next time it will be ideal in size. Let's get to week 4 though!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 4 recap: "The Weakest Link" Part 1 of 3

    Finally, I got my hands free. So let’s get to week 4, at least for the first part of it.

    In the morning of the first day of the week, the contestants gather at the lawn beside their houses, where Yana awaits for them. She announces that after choosing their strongest competitors in the previous weeks, now they will choose the weakest player in their teams. The rules are simple. They have to deliberate and to decide who the weakest link is, and then hand this person a Black Mark which lies on the table in their houses.

    Contestants listening to the instructions of Yana.

    For men, I think, it’s obvious choice, and the comments confirm this. All the guys remember how Yaroslav refused to chop the wood and lost small numbers at the weigh-ins. With girls, it’s less clear. There is Alyona, who competes terribly bad in the challenges and was under the yellow line in the previous week. And then there is Anna, who loses very small numbers as compared to her weight.
    Girls gather in their living room and then… Anna volunteers to take the Black Mark! Everyone is shocked at such a decision. However, Anna explains in the interview that she chose easy ways of doings things a lot of times in her life, and that this cost her a lot of useful opportunities. Now she does want to take the hard way and to prove that she is capable of something. She also realizes that she would probably get the Black Mark anyway so she didn’t want to go through this unpleasant procedure (isn’t it one more time when she chose the easy way?).

    [I]Anna freewillingly takes the Black Mark./I]

    Men vote in their living-room by raising hands. All of them vote for Yaroslav (apart from him, of course). Vladimir takes the Black Mark, ironically shakes Yaroslav’s hand, says “Congratulations” and gives the sign of the weakest team member to him.

    Vladimir presents the Black Mark to Yaroslav.

    Then the contestants walk outside once more. And here Yana announces some details of the future destiny of the weakest players that shock them. First, if any weakest player falls below the yellow line in his time at the weigh-in, he will be automatically eliminated. Second, the two weakest players will live the whole week with the opposite team and will switch back only at the weigh-in. Third, they will compete for the opposite team in the challenges, where they will be able to earn special bonuses for the weigh-in. Yaroslav and Anna realize that this may not end well for them.
    With that said, they go to pack bags and then move to the other house. The reception is very different. Girls apparently want to have some man in their house to do all the chore for them, so they right off the bat tell Yaroslav that he will be responsible for vacuum cleaning, which Yaroslav hates.
    Men, in contrast, welcome Anna very warmly. Artem volunteers to carry her bags in her room, Vova presents to her some flowers, and Roman even moves out temporarily of the room where Anna is supposed to live (she will sleep at Yaroslav’s spot, and Yaroslav lives in the same room as Roman).

    This is how Anna was met in the M-Team's house

    Switch again to the F-Team’s house. We get to see that the girls do nothing but lie on the couches and do manicures and pedicures. They also exploit Yaroslav heavily, asking him to bring plates, cups etc. for them. To do this, Yaroslav has to run up and down the stairs a lot of times. I think that this is a really stupid move for girls, because by doing a lot of chore, Yaroslav will shed tons of weight (and he thinks the same in his interview and says that he will obey to girls’ orders because this will be of use for him). At some point Yaroslav enters the empty living room with a vacuum cleaner and sees a lot of stuff and clothes and remains of food just lying here and there. He is shocked at such a disorder and exclaims: “You are the girls! How could you **** up the house so much!”

    Yaroslav is shocked at the mess in the F-Team's living rooms.

    The next thing we get to see is the F-Team’s (and Yaroslav’s) workout. Girls continue to exploit Yaroslav even during the workout by asking him to bring them water and towels. I think that there is some scenario involved because they do it with the presence of Marina and she does nothing to stop them from doing this. They do some usual exercises: treadmills, elliptical, bikes etc. Later Marina puts all the girls on the ground to do some crunches, and tells Yaroslav to step in the middle of the circle and hand dumbbells to them (which will burn some calories for them).
    During this, she also asks Yaroslav why he is so timid and mild and ashamed of himself. Girls join her and literally demand to share his story. Which Yaroslav finally does. I refuse to cite his story here in details for two reasons. First, I think it’s fake. Second, if it’s not fake, it’s very personal and has some very unpleasant details. In very brief, Yaroslav had a big trouble with some debt so his mother and brother had to help him out. They went abroad to work, and Yaroslav couldn’t go himself because of his huge weight (which I don’t get). Does the weight keep the person from working abroad? While talking, Yaroslav bursts into tears. All the girls and Marina feel sorry for him. You know, some sad and touching stuff. Whether it’s real or not. Girls says that now they feel more for Yaroslav and are ready to support him if anything happens. In the end of the workout they all hug him. This looks like real.

    Yaroslav works out and opens out.

    And then we travel to the first challenge of the week. We see the pool and two very narrow bridges across it. On the both sides of the pool there are also a few punching bags hanging onto a rope. The main rules are simple: the contestants have to go from the one side of the pool to the other, one by one. They have to do it in 10 minutes (which means each player has to do it in a little bit more than a minute). There is no award for the successful ending of the challenge. But each person who doesn’t complete it during these 10 minutes, will earn 1 kilo of disadvantage for his or her team.

    Panorame of the challenge.

    But there is a few more catches. Anna and Yaroslav will not go through the pool. They will stand beside the punching bags on the side of their initial team and will have a right to knock their former (and future) team members into the pool. They may not do this. It’s 100% their choice. For each knocked down player, the respective team will get 2 additional kilos of disadvantage, and the person who knocked him or her down will get 2 individual kilos of advantage. But then Yana asks Anna and Yaroslav to go with her for some secret proposition, about which other contestants won’t know.
    The thing is… Yana offers some temptation for the “weakest links”. Money temptation, to be precise. For each knocked down player of their initial team Anna or Yaroslav will receive 5 000 hryvnas (that’s not little, I would say). So this is a moral dilemma. To get money, Anna and Yaroslav have to go against their own team members. I don’t like this idea, it’s somewhat rude and hypocritical. We don’t get to know whether Anna or Yaroslav gave in for the temptation. But we will definitely learn about it during the challenge, judging by their actions.

    Temptation time!

    The challenge begins. Maksim is the first one (as always) to go from the M-Team, while Evgeniya starts off the competition for the girls.
    When Maksim quite confidently reaches the point where Yaroslav stands with his punching bag, a very shocking thing happens. Shocking and simple. Yaroslav pushes the bag hard and tries to knock Maksim down. In an interview he says that he had some issues with Maksim criticizing him. And now he decided to take revenge on his team mates and also earn some money which he needs. I think he’s crazy. After this week he will live with M-Team again! They will kill him!

    Maksim jumping into the water.

    Maksim in his interview admits that he was rude to Yaroslav, but for objective reasons. Seems that this is not an excuse for Yaroslav because he continues to push Maksim in the water and finally succeeds. After another hit Maksim dives. As he swims to the other side of the pool, other men comment on Yaroslav and his deed. Vladimir uses some N-words in his description and Evgeniy promises to destroy Yaroslav on the molecular level if he knocks down at least one more person. M-Team gets 2 kilos of disadvantage and Yaroslav gets 2 personal kilos of advantage.
    On the opposite side of the pool, Anna just encourages Evgeniya to get through. She refused to give in the temptation and decided to help mentally her team mates.
    On the men’s side, Roman steps on the bridge. We are reminded that Roman and Yaroslav don’t get along despite the fact that they live in the same room. Yaroslav again takes the position beside the bag, but then he sees his teammates who still stand at the start line. And, man, they look mean. Arkadij with malicious smile says in the interview that next week Yaroslav will come back to their team and will basically be a toast. Beaten up toast, I think. Looks like Yaroslav gets the point of the mean faces because he doesn’t knock Roman down. In fact he doesn’t knock down anymore. When Roman safely crosses the bridge, Evgeniy steps on. Yaroslav says that he was very tempted to hit him because they had some confrontations, but… It turns out that Evgeniy cooks very well and Yaroslav likes the smell of his dishes in the morning so he wants to be friends with him. How touching. Later, Yaroslav even encourages Artem, Dmitrij and Arkadij, with whom he has good relationships.
    On the girls’ side everything is going very boring. Girls just cross the bridge one by one with Anna supporting them mentally. In the interviews girls can’t help to praise her for the loyalty. The most notable point of their process is Alyona, who (surprise!) moves very slowly, although she’s not the heaviest one. She is the sixth person from the M-Team to cross the bridge, with Olga and Natalya still waiting at the start. While she’s crawling like a turtle, all the remaining men successfully go through. One of them is Arkadij, who moves very swiftly and adroitly as for his weight. This man doesn’t stop to surprise me. He is 80 kilos heavier than Alyona is, and yet, he completes the distance twice as fast as she does.

    Alyona slowly walking on the bridge.

    Arkadij walking on the bridge... much faster than Alyona.

    All the men cross the bridge without any more falling. Arkadij jumps off the bridge like he is 100 kilos and not 200, which stuns Yana. Alyona finally crosses the bridge, and there are two more people to go, with one last minute remaining (men completed the distance in 8 and something minutes). Olga breezes through the bridge like the wind. Natalya is slower, but eventually she also manages to get through with 5 seconds remaining. Girls are ecstatic because they don’t get any disadvantage and because Anna was loyal to them. Men still have to deal with 2 kilos of disadvantage because Yaroslav pushed Maksim into the water.

    Natalya and the last 30 seconds of the challenge, with Anna cheering her up.

    That’s it for the first part. Later Yaroslav and Anna will compete with their temporal teams in one more challenge, about which I will tell in the second part of this recap.
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