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Thread: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Ukrainian new season starts on next Thursday!

    Hi there! Broadcasting from Kharkov, Ukraine!

    I just want to say that on September 1st, the new season of Ukrainian TBL starts! And unlike previous seasons where I only posted "before & after" photos, I'm going to recap this one for US audience (especially given the fact that neither US nor Australian TBL will not return at least in this year for 18th and 11th season respectively because of lawsuits and low ratings). I can't promise that I will do it all the time throughout the season, but at least I will try to write a detailed summary about each episode (18 total, as always in Ukrainian TBL) and provide screenshots of key moments in the episode along with my traditional stats charts like I did for 16th and 17th US season.

    The new season will start on September 1st and end on December 29th, right before the New Year (this show has been starting the countdown for New Year for me in the last five years). The concept of the season is men vs. women, like in US season 2. There will be 20 contestants divided into two teams of 10 (for the first time since our season 1, 20 contestants will participate in the show; there were 21, 24, 21 and 27 in seasons 2, 3, 4 and 4 respectively). Our veteran trainers Anita and Igor both left the show after season 5. Anita did it because he gave a birth to a baby and is now a happy mom. And Igor just wanted to switch to something else, he became very popular after this show so he has a lot of offers for him; besides, last seasons were quite unsuccessful for him, in the last season he even didn't appear on the ranch for last two weeks because all his trainees were eliminated.

    So out of three trainers, only Viatcheslav remained. He will train the male team (right away I'm saying that I will call this one M-Team out of conveniece). And the trainer of the female team (F-Team hereinafter) will be... his wife, Marina. I don't like the inherent tradidion of STB channel to drag in wives/husbands/friends of veteran personalities into the shows, but what can you do?

    Our host for seasons 2-5, Olesya, also left the show (she probably has become a way too big and fatty to be the host of the weight loss show - seriously, she is bigger than Caroline and Ajay). So the casting was made, and the former Bachelor contestant, Yana Solomko, was chosen as the next host. She is teeny-tiny now but had weight issues in the past so this may be a good choice. We will see.

    Here go our trainers, Marina and Viatcheslav. By the way, behind them is the elimination room.

    And this is the logo of the show with our new host Yana.

    The words in the left part of the screen say "Watch the new season this autumn!"

    There were a few trailers for the season so I may tell you a couple of words about our contestants. There will be of course 10 men and 10 women. Among them will be a traditional "zapadenets" with a cossack hairstyle and beard, a girl who looks like a boy and is being humiliated for this, a womanhater that thinks that women are second sort and that they have only to cook food and take care of children (Küche, Kirche, Kinder, so to say), and the heaviest contestant in the Ukrainian Biggest Loser history - a former kickbox champion who weighs 235 kilos (518 lbs) and is afraid that he will accidentally squash his little daughter when they are sleeping together. And many others.

    Here are a few trailer videos. The language in them is mostly Russian, but I can translate.

    This is a very spectacular introduction video into the new season. The trainers act as sculptors in this video and make slim and beautiful statues out of fat and ugly ones. No words.

    And this is a collective trailer where you may see all our contestants (at least briefly) and a few challenges, which will include traditional pulling of semis and collecting puzzles, some kind of resistance challenge in the field, some challenge at the building construction and at the water.

    As for what is said: in the beginning of the video trainers say to their teams that they don't want weak people on their teams and then cheer them on as they are pulling semis. Then there are a few exclamations and short quarrels between the contestants. The funniest dialogue is probably at the water challenge. The male contestant shouts: "If you love me, you will fall into the water!", to which the female contestants replies "F**k you!" There are a lot of hints that there will be some romances. On 0:24 there is that girl that looks like a boy. She is being interviewed. Her name is Kristina. You may also discern a bald male contestant - this is Arkadij, the heaviest one, with 235 kilos.

    There are more videos, but they are still not available on YouTube. There is the video thar tells briefly about Arkadij and his fears, and about Evgeniy, the womanhater.

    Finally, a few more screenshots.

    The official trailer for the season, the one with statues.

    This is Arkadij. It's the screenshot from his casting tape.

    Some members of the M-Team.

    One of the challenges, where males and females will compete against each other in couples.

    Trainers and Yana in the weigh-in room.

    And our host again, this time before the start of some challenge.

    So there it goes. On Thursday there will be the 1st episode, and later I will try to write some sort of recap about it.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    So the first episode will be broadcasted the day after tomorrow, but here is a preview for this episode.

    Our new season will start with the party. All 20 contestants will walk one by one into some house where the party will take place and briefly share their stories. The preview showed that when Kristina (the girl that looks like a boy) comes into the house, the people that are already there will say "What a handsome guy". But when Kristina says what her name is, everyone will be like: "WTF?!" Some stories will be heartbreaking. Among the contestants there will be a mother of ten, with only one child of her own and nine adopted. There also will be a girl whose father died when she still was a baby, and whose granny died when she was 14. Her mother is alive but she can't speak and hear. So the girl (her name is Alena) had to go to work when she was 13, and gained weight because of this and emotional problems.

    Then our new host, Yana, will meet the contestants. She will give paper hearts to each contestant, By the end of the party all females will have to give the hearts to males of their choice (one person can choose only one contestant from the opposite team), and, respectively, all males will give their hearts to females. The male and the female with most hearts will win immunities at the first weigh-in.

    Then Yana will tell the contestants that the actual ranch where they will live and workout, is 10 kilometers away from the house where the party took place. The teams will have to reach the ranch... by foot. Each team will have a flag, which they will put at the finish line as soon as all their members reach the ranch (so the last one is the main one). The team that does it faster, wins. The reward will be some kilo advantage at the weigh-in, probably, 3 or 5 kilos. The trainers, Slava and Marina will travel to the ranch together with their trainees. Someone will crack and let his/her team down. The preview also says that on the first week men will sleep in women's bedrooms. Geez.

    There is some misunderstanding for me because in the video in the previous post there were seemingly all 20 contestants in the challenge where they pulled semis. Probably there will be one more challenge. Or no one will be eliminated in week 1. Don't know.

    Here goes complete M-Team:

    And here is complete F-Team:
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    I guess it's time to introduce to you our contestants of the new season!

    I'll start with the M-Team.

    Yaroslav Samodaev
    Age: 32
    Starting weight: 185 kg (408 lbs)
    Height: 184 cm
    Occupation: out of job

    When he was 3 years old, Yaroslav fell seriously ill, and his a way too caring mother gave him more pills than he needed, so there was a hormonal problem. Since then he's been gaining weight consistently. He still eats too much.

    Yaroslav's father was a cop, so he was very strict and controlled his son. He didn't let him go out. Yaroslav suffered but couldn't break his father's will. It was a stress for the guy, and he turned to comfort food. He loves snails and has a few at home, which he takes care of. At 32, Yaroslav has never been in love and never was on a date

    Roman Sakhno
    Age: 20
    Starting weight: 151 kg (333 lbs)
    Height: 170 cm
    Occupation: businessman

    Roman has been earning money still when he was a boy. A few years ago he opened his own cafe. This is because his childhood was difficult. His father drunk a lot and bate the mother. The parents divorced and Roman promised that his mother won't have any money issues in the future. He's okay financially, but feels like a cripple because of being overweight. His mother does elementary things for him: she cuts his nails, puts socks on him etc. He also can't find a girlfriend. Though he's bright and financially secure, he's fat at the same time. Sometimes he even hears as girls say that they would never date him.

    Maksim Gretskiy
    Age: 27
    Starting weight: 128 kg (282 lbs)
    Height: 175 cm
    Occupation: manager in a supermarket

    Maksim has a lot of hobbies: he likes hiking, singing and playing guitar. He sings mostly about love, however, he's never been in this same love. He shies away from friendships with girls because he thinks he's not attractive. He lives with mother. His father left them a long ago, and the relationships with the mother are not too close as well. So usually it are friends who support him in hard moments. Maksim is lonely so he fills his life with different sorts of creative activities because he is scared of gray and boring routine.

    Evgeniy Shamota
    Age: 26
    Starting weight: 125 kg (276 lbs)
    Height: 175 cm
    Occupation: private entrepreneur

    Evgeniy is irritated by 90% of women because they like to boast and interfere with conversations. In his opinion, the place of a woman is in the kitchen. When he was at school, he did some sports, but gave up on them when he studied at the university. His mother died at the early age and the father left him for his grandparents to look after him. So Evgeniy had to grow up early and work since he was at school. However he's not very successhul at building career. He thinks it's because of his weight. He is married. He doesn't think his wife is smart but feel comfortable with her, because she doesn't ask many questions and doesn't bother him. His main motivation is his little son. He wants to provide him with a good future.

    Dmitriy Ivanov
    Age: 29
    Starting weight: 160 kg (353 lbs)
    Height: 191 cm
    Occupation: paramedic

    When mother of Dmitriy fell terminally ill, he promised her that he will save people's lives. That's why he became a medic. However this job is difficult, both physically and mentally. Dmitriy feels discomfort and despair because he can't run to his patients as fast as he wants to. Both his parents died: his father left him, drunk and died because of alcoholism. The mother passed away from the blood disease. He was raised by a grandmother to whom he is very grateful. He has a beautiful family - the wife and two daughters. He loves them very much, but his weight is the obstacle for the normal life. He wants to lose weight for his family and his job. He wants to help people's lifes, but now he can't help even himself.

    Vladimir Telichak
    Age: 27
    Starting weight: 154 kg (340 lbs)
    Height: 182 cm
    Occupation: truck crane operator

    Vladimir is a fan of women's breasts. He organized a speical club where all his female friends come and allow him to touch their breasts. Vladimir's wife knows about this club, but Vladmir proves to her that in fact she's his only one. And he's afraid that his wife will cheat on him because they don't have sex. Because of his weight Vladimir refuses to have sex so they have conflicts. He earns not too much and can't completely support his family. He understands that he can't realize himself as a man both in his family and at the job. He often turns for comfort food because of this and sometimes he beats his son in bursts of rage. He wants to get done with all this once and for all.

    Vladimir "Vova" Gonta.
    Age: 21
    Starting weight: 141 kg (311 lbs)
    Height: 176 cm
    Occupation: manager at the marriage agency

    He started to gain weight when he was 14. He actively played football in the school as a goalkeeper. However he didn't pursue the career of an athlete. Once the coach didn't let him to play because of his weight. It broke the guy down and he gave up on football and gained more weight since then. His mother works all the time so Vova lives with his granny, who cooks great. The two of them can eat a whole bucket of cookies in the evening when watching TV. Partly he blames the granny for him being overweight but at the same time realizes that she cooks a lot for him because she loves him. At 22, Vova is a virgin. He works in a marriage agency and helps other girls to find their second half. Himself he never had relationships. He feels like a person of third sort and wants some girl to love him, not only granny.

    Artem Movchan
    Age: 23
    Starting weight: 136 kg (300 lbs)
    Height: 186 cm
    Occupation: medical representative

    Artem considers himself to be cool and handsome. But only in the virtual world. In reality he looks twice as old and does't have personal life. He also comes from the difficult family: his father bate the mother and drunk a lot. They divorced and then the guy started to eat a lot. He gained even more when his girlfriend left him. Now he is very timid and detached. On the outside he is a "bear", but on the inside he feels like a "little mouse". He wants to get thin and weigh 85 kilos, meet a girl and have relationships.

    Arkadij Vasilishin
    Age: 28
    Starting weight: 235 kilos (518 lbs)
    Height: 182
    Occupation: unknown, former kickboxing champion

    Arkadij is a former athlete, the champion of Ukraine. He's also the heaviest contestant in the Ukrainian TBL history. He gained weight massively since he left sport and started a family. He's now at critical 235 kilos which is dangerous not only for him, but also for his family. He doesn't let his little daughter to sleep beside him because he is afraid that he will squash her while he's sleeping. He also feels like a burden to his wife: without her help he can't take a shower, go potty, dress etc. Most of all Arkadij is afraid of dying and leaving his family without a father.

    Andrej Stratulat
    Age: 38
    Starting weight: 128 kilos (282 lbs)
    Height: 166 cm
    Occupation: entrepreneur

    Andrej applied for the show living in Moldova and was accepted. He's 38, but feels much younger. He adores poetry and cites the rhymes of Esenin, Vysotskij etc. His favorite relaxation is to read a book. He runs a little cafe in Dnestrovsk (Moldova). And there a lot of junk food. Andrej's wife weighs 48 kilos. He fascinated her by citing Esenin's rhymes. But they live and sleep in different rooms, because Andrej snorts loudly. He was 85 kilos ten years ago but his sister decided to try pills for losing weight on him. This broke down his metabolism and Andrej started to gain weight. Half a year ago he weighed 140 kilos (lost 12 on his own) and could sleep only in sitting position because of bad blood circuit. He could fall asleep behind the wheel and was afraid to die. He and his wife decided that for a while she will run the business and he will lose weight.

    F-Team will be coming soon!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Say hello to the F-Team!

    Tatyana Volovik
    Age: 23
    Starting weight: 110 kg (243 lbs)
    Height: 155 cm
    Occupation: sales manager

    Tatyana has a lot of men, but for different goals: someone for sex, someone for money. At the same time she also understands that men use her. She considers herself to be dumb and not educated, because her father called her dumb all her life. She is very afraid of her father. And very angry at the same time. She wants to get married, she wants something real, something frank. But she realizes that she has to lose weight for this.

    Yulia Shchetinina
    Age: 30
    Starting weight: 117 kg (258 lbs)
    Height: 174 cm
    Occupation: lawyer

    Yulia considers herself to be a very bright personality. She wears dreads and likes to pierce. At the same time she's a lawyer. People don't believe that she has such a serious profession, so she has to prove it. She was married. Her husband was the only man who saw something attractive in Yulia. But he drunk a lot so Yulia divorced. However he loved and never cheated on her so she continued contacts with him and at some point even considered to remarry him. But suddenly her ex died because of a heart stroke. Yulia blames herself in his death. After he passed away, Yulia became very detached. She doesn't see any sense in life. She wants to lose weight and get out of depression.

    Olga Perimskaya
    Age: 28
    Starting weight: 125 kg (276 lbs)
    Height: 168 cm
    Occupation: entrepreneur

    Olga calls herself "Thunder Gal". She considers herself to be the head of her family. Her husband has no job so she pulls her family on her shoulders. In all this chaos she forgot that she is a girl and turned into a 40-year old woman who thinks only about how to keep her family not hungru. She has been thin most of her life. At some point did boxing and some martial arts. But started to gain weight after first pregnancy. Her relationships with her mother have always been strained, and her father just didn't care for her. So she is used to control everything and achieve everything by herself. Olga is very afraid to suffer the same fate as her granny who died because of being obese. Granny was her best friend and adviser. She wants to be the girl, not the Thunder Gal.

    Natalya Kern
    Age: 38
    Starting weight: 122 kg (269 lbs)
    Height: 168 cm
    Occupation: painter of cars

    She is surrounded onlz by men in the garage where she works. They call her "Nataschka Brother". They work together, they barbecue together, they drink beer together. She's been in men's company since childhood and was always interested in cars and engines, not in dolls, manicure and pedicure. When Natascha was young, she fell in love. Her boyfried was very delicate with her and the relashionships were romantic. For a year and a half Natalya felt like a princess. They were going to marry. But it didn't happen. Her husband-to-be died on her hands because of epilepsy stroke. That was a terrible tragedy. On the funeral day, before the coffin was closed and put into the grave, Natalya put a ring on cold finger of her loved one and promised never to marry in her life. Since then she started to gain weight. More than 15 years passed but Natalya still hadn't put up with the death of her boyfriend. Now she nevertheless wants to create a family, but she has to lose weight at first.

    Kristina Golovchenko
    Age: 21
    Weight: 111 kg (245 lbs)
    Height: 165 cm
    Occupation: student (journalism)

    Visually Kristina resembles more a guy than a girl. She says that she feels contempt for men and hates them. The explanation lies in times of her childhood. When Kristina was 8, she was raped by her uncle. She told her family and friends about it but no one believed. She turned to comfort food to soften her terrible reminiscences. Her complexes remained with her and now Kristina doesn't believe that she will be able to change her attitude to the stronger sex. She can protect herself becayse she did some Thai boxing and kung fu. She wants to be a military journalist, but she can't do it because of being overweight. She is afraid that she will move too slowly in the zone of armed conflicts. She also wants to prove to her mother that she can be loved although she is different than others.

    Elena "Lena" Kuzmenko
    Age: 32
    Weight: 132 kg (291 lbs)
    Height: 170 cm
    Occupation: security in a hotel

    Lena did some unarmed self-defense martial arts. She was a champion of Ukraine a few times. Many believed that she would pursue an excellent sporting career, but the personal life stopped her. She met a guy, fell in love and gave up on sport. Soon she became pregnant and entirely devoted herself to the family. After her first baby Lena gained 40 kilos. Soon her husband became a cop. And Lena still hates him for that. These years were the most terrible in their life. The husband worked at night and started to drink. She also met other women. Lena suspects that he cheated on her but she never caught him red-handed. But at the same time she realizes that he started to cheat because she gained a lot of weight. Now she wants to get thin so the husband would love her again.

    Anna Golubtsova
    Age: 26
    Weight: 178 kg (392 lbs)
    Height: 175 cm
    Occupation: music teacher

    Anna sings since she was 5 years old. She was a star in her community and people wrote about her in newspapers. But in university teachers never allowed her to be on stage because she was a way too fat. Anna gave up on studying, came home and gained 40 kilos in a month (!!!). A few years ago Anna tried to go to X-Factor, but the judges didn't gave her a chance. Anna thinks that this was again because of her fat appearence. She plans to lose weight, then ho back to X-Factor in a new makeover and fulfil her dream. She is single and lonely and also wants to organize her personal life. She tries to look for love at sites for fatties, because normal guys even don't look at her.

    Alyona Aleksandrova
    Age: 32
    Weight: 134 kg (295 lbs)
    Height: 170 cm
    Occupation: temporarily out of job

    Alyona grew up without a father, and her mother can't speak and hear, so she had to become the head of the family very early. Alyona started to work when she was 13. She was active, artistic and did some dances then. But once she fell seriously ill. Her doctor treated her the wrong way and because of the pills that he prescribed, Alyona gained more than 50 kilos in a few months. And then more came. Alena ran away with her family from Lugansk. In 2014 when Lugansk was the epicentre of was in Donbass she nearly got killed during cannonade. She was too slow because of her weight and couldn't reach the safe place in time. Luckily, she survived, but realized that she can literally die because of her weight. She has neither family nor children and she wants to live for herself.

    Evgeniya Kot
    Age: 31
    Weight: 144 kg (317 lbs)
    Height: 160 cm
    Occupation: bar maid

    Evgeniya has been obese since she was 14. She tried to lose weight many times, but with no result whatsoever. Once she fell in love and got pregnant from her boyfriend. She hoped for a wedding but the feelings turned out not to be reciprocal. The man cheated on Evgeniya with her friend and married her. Evgeniya gave birth to a boy and since then is very angry at the father of her child. Her son is the only man in her life. She wants to give him a bright childhood but she can't do it without being thin. She wants to change her life and to feel like a real girl. At the same time she thinks that she doesn't deserve to have a man, because she is fat and unattractive.

    Elena Derevyanko
    Age: 45
    Weight: 127 kg (280 lbs)
    Height: unknown
    Occupation: housewife

    Elena is a mother of ten children. Only one of them is her own child, and other nine are adopted. She gained weight and now wants to lose so she could change and become a role model for her family. (There is no information about Elena on official site, because the person who created the page with contestants made a mistake and created two pages with the information about Lena from hotel twice instead of Elena). So I just took photo and brief information from other site.

    Soon I will try to make a recap of the first episode.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 1 Recap: "Tell Me Who's Sleeping on this Bed!" Part 1 of 4

    Our season 6 starts with the limo coming to some sort of party house. We see the new host of the show, Yana, getting out of the limo and proceeding into the house. While Yana is walking, she says that she is the new host and then starts to talk about her former weight issues. So, difficult childhood, no money, university parties and all that sh**. Then Yana evokes in her memory the experience at the Bachelor, which she almost won. But… the Bachelor eliminated her in the very end. Yana was disappointed and depressed. She was a bit plump by the time she participated, and she ascribed her loss to this. So that was the start of her new life, she pulled herself together and got rid of her extra weight. Now she is teeny-tiny and that’s great. Okay, where we were. Ah, she is the new host, right. So the new host walks into the house and tells us that soon all 20 contestants, 10 men and 10 women will arrive here. They will get to know each other and share their stories. And then they will have one little mission to complete. Each of them will get a paper heart. By the end of the party every man will give his heart to the female contestant, whose story touched him the most. Respectively, every woman will also present her heart to one of the male contestants. The man and the woman with most hearts will win immunity at the first weigh-in.

    Yana standing beside the jar with hearts.

    And here it goes! In a minute the first contestant comes into house. It’s a woman, and we learn that her name is Evgeniya (see profiles). She is 31 years old and it is clear that she will be beautiful if she loses a lot of her weight. She tells us her story (see profiles). The bottom line is she was cheated on by her potential husband and left with a baby boy. And gained a lot of weight because of this. So she wants to lose weight for… revenge. Revenge to men. I personally think that this is not a good motivation but okay.

    Evgeniya is coming into the house.

    When Evgeniya walks into the house, Yana greets her and explains the game with hearts. As soon as she finishes, the first male arrives. He looks quite comically – he resembles some dwarf. Indeed he’s very low as for the man. He tells us that his name is Andrej (see profiles). The main thing in his life is family, and he likes very much to read poetry. He also drives car a lot and sometimes falls asleep behind the wheel. Purely on instincts he manages to stop the car but he is afraid that one day he might get in the real accident. So this is scary and everything. All right, got it.

    Meet Andrej.

    At this point yours sincerely was really anxious that all 20 contestants will be introduced like this, one by one. But my fears were not the reality. Other contestants arrive at the house without any concentration on them. Well, on the majority of them. In a few minutes, a very fat girl comes inside. Evgeniya and a couple of other women turn around and the former says that she remembers this girl… she saw her on the X-Factor. In fact, she even remembers her name – Anna Golubtsova (see profiles). This is what happens when you become a true fan of reality shows.
    Enter Anna. She tells us that once she indeed came to the X-Factor (already being very fat) and right away, as soon as she walked onto the scene, one of the judges shook his head. Then, as she started to sing, he told her to stop and said that she was not ready for the show. This destroyed Anna’s dreams. Her fail was obviously due to her weight, so she… Yes, you are right. She continued to eat more. And it has a visual confirmation because in her X-Factor flashback Anna looks smaller than she is now.

    The moment when we first meet Anna.

    Looks like Yana and Anna know each other because their reciprocal greeting is emotional and joyful. They even sing together a bit! But other contestants don’t like and think that Anna decided to raise herself in the eyes of males to get most hearts. One of the males, by the name of Evgeniy (see profiles), harshly criticizes Anna and mentions that almost all problems in the world are created by women. He then says loudly to all present girls that their place is at the kitchen, which of course evokes a lot of resentment from them. One of the girls with red hair (we don’t get to know her name) is especially angry and says that she was not born to cook soups for jerks like Evgeniy.
    It turns out that Evgeniy is, in fact, a womanhater. He considers them to be dumb. In his opinion, the woman must be in the kitchen and be silent, and the man must bring home money. Well, here I agree with him… But, wait, no, not at all. Because Evgeniy proceeds to say that he is out of job now. There’s no need to be a dick, sir. I don’t like this guy, partly because he uses a lot of N-words in his interviews.

    Evgeniy explains to women that they are not significant.

    The argument between Evgeniy and girls is interrupted when one of the last contestants walks in the house. This is obviously a young boy, and the girl with red hair, who confronted Evgeniy, notices that he is quite handsome. But then the “boy” comes to Yana and tells that “his” name is Kristina (see profiles). Everyone is like – “WTF?!”

    Kristina is about to enter the house and shock everyone.

    Kristina is indeed a girl, although she looks like a boy. She hates men and since childhood looks like that. Why? We get to know about it later. She does a lot of sports and boxes. And is very lonely. No friends.
    Almost everyone is there, only one man left. And he comes, with a guitar in his hands. His name is Maksim and he likes to play guitar and other musical instruments. He seems not that heavy. As soon as Kristina hears the sounds of guitar she tells us that he hates people with guitar and rushes out of the house. Guitar is a very strange object of hatred, don’t you think? Whatever, man, or woman.

    Maksim and his guitar. He really looks not too heavy.

    Everyone is at place, so Yana hits the gong and asks everyone to gather in the middle of the room. The contestants notice a plasma screen on the wall and understand that now their stories will be shown to everyone. Kristina is first. On screen they show her interview where she starts to tell about her uncle. Kristina in the room right away starts to cry hard. At first no one understands why but then everything gets perfectly clear – the uncle raped Kristina when she was a little girl. Oh man. Everyone is a huge shock, so am I. Kristina cries on the shoulder of some huge guy whom we still don’t know. Other contestants share their shock in their interviews, and one of the women notices that not every man is a jerk like her uncle so she has to realize it.
    Then we get to know the huge guy that was standing beside Kristina. His name is Arkadij (see profiles) and he weighs 235 kilos, which is the heaviest in the Ukrainian Biggest Loser history. His story says that he is a former kickboxing champion and has a wonderful family, to which he is, unfortunately, a burden. He is also afraid that he accidentally may kill his daughter while sleeping by squashing her. I understand him completely. Everyone is again crying and everything.

    Arkadij and what he has done to himself. This is guy is heavier than Michael in BMI. He's closer to Arthur and Shay.

    Next, we get to know other big guy. He’s not as big as Arkadij, but probably holds second place after him. His name is Yaroslav (see profiles). First he is shown at the kitchen making pilaw. While making it he sings – “Pilaw, pilaw, my favorite pilaw”. He sings it so funny that everyone starts to laugh. It really looks comic, but is sad at the same time. We learn then that his father didn’t let him to go out so Yaroslav is still a virgin at 32. Everyone is shocked once more, and one of the unknown guys ironically comments that this poor guy (Yaroslav) still hadn’t seen neither t*tties nor p*ssies. The only friends of Yaroslav are snails. He has some of them at his home and looks after them. It seems that some female contestants find Yaroslav quite attractive. I think we have our first candidate for most hearts.

    Yaroslav takes care of his beloved snails.

    The last person whom we get to learn is this segment is the woman named Elena (see profiles). The shock about her is that she looks after ten kids, nine of which are adopted. Everyone is pleasantly excited and considers her to be the hero. Evgeniy comments that Elena is saint and has a huge heart. You see? This guy actually does respect a woman!

    Elena and some kids from her huge family

    It’s time to give out the hearts. We don’t get to see the whole process, only the results are revealed. Out of women (and it was clear after her story) Elena gets most hearts – 5 out of 10. She will be immune at the first weigh-in. Among the man there is more ambiguous situation – Arkadij and Yaroslav both got 4 hearts. Yana announces that in such case those two women who gave their hearts to neither of them will have to make second choice only between these two, but it doesn’t happen because Arkadij lets Yaroslav take the immunity and says that he wants this guy to have the great family like he does.

    Arkadij gives to Yaroslav his hearts.

    Looks like Arkadij is not only the big guy, but also has a big heart. I like him and put him among my favorites.
    The party is over. So is the day? Nah. Yana announces that while they were partying, the morning came. Indeed it’s dawn outside. And right now contestants will participate in their first challenge. Wanna know what’s it? I will tell about in the next part of the Week 1 recap soon!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    I have written the first part of the recap (the first episode lasted for five hours so it was very long), but it was sent for checking to moderator, probably because of the big amount of text and 11 screenshots. I hope that they will let me publish this here.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 1 Recap: "Tell Me Who's Sleeping on this Bed!" Part 2 of 4

    Welcome back! We left at the point where Yana promised the very first challenge to our contestants. And now she tells them how it’s going to work. (Out of convenience, I made the screenshots smaller and got rid of N-words).

    Contestants before the start of the challenge.

    You see, the house where the party was held… was not the actual ranch. The real ranch is situated 10 kilometers away from this place. And right now the contestants will have to run as teams to this ranch! In their party clothes! The team that finishes quicker will get 2 pounds advantage at this week’s weigh-in and also the single right to save a team mate from the elimination. That’s pretty big. Then more news follows. All contestants will have to hold a huge flag in their hands while running/going. If a contestant can’t keep up with the group, he may stop and get into a limo with Yana which will ride behind. But each person who gives up will add 1 kilo of disadvantage to his team at this week’s weigh-in. Everyone is pretty shocked, of course, most of all because of the 10 km distance. Then, finally, Yana announces some good news. They will not go through this challenge alone. Their trainers will be with them! And in this moment another limo arrives, and Viatcheslav (Slavik hereinafter) gets out. Everyone knows well that Anita and Igor left the show so they wonder who another trainer is. And then… Slavik’s wife Marina gets out of the limo! Everyone is excited. I don’t know why, Marina is the new trainer and no one knows what to expect from her. The contestants learn that Slavik will train the M-Team, and Marina will supervise the F-Team. Slavik and Marina say some motivational speeches and give the contestant some initial pep talks before the start.

    Welcome the trainers!

    In the meantime we also get a 10-minute footage of Slavik’s and Marina’s marriage. They do seem a very nice couple, although the producers try to convince us that now they will conquer with each other without a mercy! Oh yeah, we will see. I personally think that in fact they will train the guys together behind the cameras.
    Yana says that teams will start with 15-minute interval. Girls will go first. They get to the start point with the flag. On your mark! Get set! Go! Girls go! Well, not so fast. Right off the start, Kristina trips. And moans. Looks like she really hurt her leg. It turns out that she’s got a strain. Other girls think that she is done, but Kristina actually gets up after a minute or two and continues the challenge! She limps but she doesn’t give up. I forgot to say that girls walk. They don’t run but walk together.

    Marina and one of the girls help Kristina to get up.

    Then it’s men’s time. And they start to run right away, cheered by Slavik. However, the tempo is a way to high for most heavy guys, and in a couple of minutes, Arkadij falls behind. He can’t hold onto flag no more and stops. Slavik and the rest of the team don’t stop because they want to win. And Slavik has a reputation of the trainer who doesn’t help the weak links. So Arkadij is toast. He gets into the limo and brings 1 kilo of disadvantage to the M-Team.

    Arkadij giving up and getting into the limo.

    Meanwhile, F-Team is not doing all right as well. Anna, who is the heaviest girl, starts to fall behind and loses contact with the flag. She is pushed by Marina who compares her with Kristina and tells her that Kristina walks even with a hurt leg. It actually helps and Anna manages to keep up, but this is definitely a wake-up call.
    Back to the M-Team. Apparently Slavik is not going to slow down because Yaroslav struggles and also loses contact with the team. He is picked up by Yana. 2 kilos disadvantage for the M-Team. Some men find his failure suspicious, and Evgeniy mentions in the interview that Yaroslav had immunity and just didn’t want to push too much. He may be right. Or not. I don’t know. And this is not over yet. Soon Andrej falls behind as well. 3 kilos disadvantage. And again it’s not over. Then the fourth guy whom we still didn’t get to know loses contact! This is the guy that joked ironically about Yaroslav being a virgin. We learn that his name is Roman (see profiles). He briefly tells about himself, about him having his own business at only 20 years etc. And then, after his story, he joins Arkadij, Yaroslav and Andrej in the limo. Oh, man, there soon will be no more space in that poor limo. And this is a very heavy limo!

    Roman falling behind.

    And, of course, M-Team gets 4 kilos of disadvantage. Remaining six males run but soon apparently the tallest guy in the group also starts to struggle. He asks the others to stop and walk for a while, otherwise he will get into the limo as well. We get to know him. He is Dmitriy (see profiles) and he works as a paramedic. His mother died from terrible disease so he promised to cure other people to save their lives. Unfortunately, he is so fat now that he can’t run to his patients. And then we get a perfect reason of why he is so heavy when we see a plate… no, this is not a plate… a huge bowl of borsch (Ukrainian traditional soup) in his hands at the dinner. You know, this is a portion for a huge dog, not for a human!

    Dmitriy (the one in a white sweater) struggles.

    Fortunately for the M-Team, Dmitrij manages to catch his breath, and after a while the remaining six runs again. Again switch to the F-Team. Anna struggles cruelly. She falls behind and Marina tries to cheer her on. For some time it looks like this is over for her. Soon even the limo with Yana arrives, and Yana warns Anna that she either must catch up with the other girls or she has to get into the limo right now. And then happens some anomaly. All girls stop and cheer on Anna! Marina also cheers her. Then the hero music plays, and Anna, pulling her together, runs – yeah, this is right, runs with Marina to the girls, catches the flag and the girls continue to jog, all ten of them still in the game! Well, I don’t know whether I believe it or not, but it’s so. Way to go, Anna!

    Marina helping Anna not to quit.

    Girls jog, but at the 9th kilometer they hear some noise from their backs. They turn their heads and see that the remaining males are catching up with them! Apparently these guys ran all this time, and although they lost four people along the way, they definitely go quicker through these 10 km race. They outrun girls and go on the home stretch. And then they finish! Arkadij, Roman, Andrej and Yaroslav are already waiting for them with Yana at the finish line, beside the gates of The Biggest Loser Ranch. Girls finish some time later, but all ten of them! Impressive!

    Remaining men finish.

    Girls' finish. Some of the men helped them. I guess Evgeniy was not among them.

    Yana announces the results. First, she let us know that four males gave up and M-Team has now 4 kilos of disadvantage. At the same time, remaining males have run the race in 1 hour and 52 minutes and won it, as girls completed it in 2 hours and 14 minutes. So M-Team gets 2 kilos of advantage and the right to save one person from elimination at any time in the future weeks. Maksim ironically notes that his team won the race and still ended up with 2 kilos of disadvantage.
    Yana introduces the contestants to the new camp and says that now they can go into their houses (there are two houses in the camp, one for each team) and have a look around. But then they will have to put on the Biggest Loser t-shirts and go back into the yard, where Yana will share some important news for them.
    What this news is, you will learn in the third part of the recap!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 1 Recap: "Tell Me Who's Sleeping on this Bed!" Part 3 of 4

    So the contestants walk in their houses. Right away males are excited and jump on the sofas. I was a little scared when they did it. Scared for sofas mostly. But they didn’t crash. The guys are ecstatic. To be honest, I don’t get why. Yes, this a neat house, but it’s not a luxury hotel. But whatever. I guess some men come from poor families and are not used to such kind of furniture. Girls are less frantic. They just walk around their rooms. Then both guys and girls discover something interesting. They see some of their favorite stuff from their real lives beside the beds, which tells them also that they will sleep on this bed. We switch to an apparently young guy who finds some trophies and recognizes them. We hear his story. His name is Vova (see profiles) and he is 21 years old. He lives with his granny and then we have quite a weird scene where he wakes up and calls her – “Granny, I have woken up!”, he says. The granny comes and… asks what he would like to eat. And Vova prefers some tasty and high calories stuff. He then proceeds to tell that he adored playing football and was a goalkeeper. But once in the school he was thrown out of the main team because of his weight. In fact he heard the coach saying “Why did you ever take him? Send him home”. It broke him down and he gave up to football. Now he works at a marriage agency and nevertheless can’t find a girlfriend.

    Vova holding his cuddly toys from home. He also loves his old cuddly toys.

    The contestants finally change their casual clothes and put on red and blue Biggest Loser shirts. Right after Vova we switch to another guy, Vladimir (see profiles). Actually Vova and Vladimir – it is the same name, with Vova being a pet form of Vladimir. We call them differently just in order not to have two Vladimirs, and Vova is younger, so he is addressed by the pet form.
    Back to Vladimir. He discovers a pillow in form of a woman’s breast on his bed. It turns out that this (female breasts) are his hobby. Geez. At home he has organized a special club where his female acquaintances allow him to touch their breasts. His wife knows about it but he swears that he loves only her and the rest is just a hobby and nothing more. You know, this guy is quite weird, and probably I dislike him because I don’t get this “hobby”. I think he will be my most hated contestant, even Evgeniy looks a little bit more pleasant. By the way, Vladimir is the only contestant of the season who speaks pure Ukrainian. Most contestants speak Russian and three or four speak Surzhik – it’s a mixed form of Ukrainian and Russian. Both trainers, the host, the dietician and the psychologist speak Russian too.

    Vladimir telling about his life.

    The contestants keep finding special things from their lives. Evgeniy discovers a book about philosophical problems. Now it’s clear how he became such a hypocrite. Yaroslav finds a jar with a few snails. Dmitriy finds goalkeeper’s gloves. It turns out that he likes to play football and is a goalkeeper, just like Vova.
    Then we have a look into the house of F-Team. Girls are also excited to see special stuff from their lives. Elena discovers the pictures drawn by all her children. Some girl with dreads whom we still didn’t get to know finds the tools to make these same dreads. She also discovers a journal on the bed of her roommate. Apparently it belongs to her and we see that the names of some guys are listed there, marked by numbers. There are 53 of them total. We learn that the name of this girl is Tatyana (see profiles) and she puts in this journal the names of all men with whom she had any relationships. I mean, any, not only romantic. But she still hadn’t found her prince.

    Tatyana looking in the mirror and trying dresses.

    We switch to another room where the girl with red hair who confronted Evgeniy and some other one apparently will live. This other one finds some little models of cars beside her bed. She grabs them and is excited. We learn that she is Natalya (see profiles) and she works at the garage, surrounded by men. She adores cars and constructs little models of them just like these. Then we hear quite a heartbreaking story about the only man that she loved who suddenly died because of epilepsy. Natalya visits his grave regularly and promised not to marry ever in her life. But looks like the loneliness is too heavy for her so she wants to have some family. I completely get her and feel sympathetic. She is 38 which makes her one of the oldest contestant of the group. Andrej is also 38, and Elena is the oldest one with 45 years old.

    Natalya holding one of her model cars.

    In the meantime some time has passed so all contestants head to the yard, where Yana awaits for them. She announces that tomorrow everyone will take part in the main challenge of the week. In this challenge there will be duels. One man will compete with one women. They will also choose their opponents. But who will choose? Yana says that to determine this, another little challenge will take place right now. The contestants will spend one night in the house of the opponent team. There they will discover all rooms and beds of their opponents. The task is to guess which bed belongs to which contestant, with the help of the same special things that belong to contestants. So basically our guys have to remember the party and the story of each other contestant from the opposite team (we were not shown all the stories then, of course, to make the episode shorter). The teams have the photos of all their opponents and they will put them on the wall above the beds to show who they think it belongs to. The team that has more matches wins. And all the contestants from this team will have a right to choose their direct opponent at the challenge.

    The contestants learn about their future challenge.

    Then we are shown some processes of guessing. Evgeniya finds some photos and very touching rhymes at one of the beds and guesses that it belongs to Arkadij who adores his family. They also guess about Dmitriy and his affection of football. Then they discover trophies of Vova but don’t remember that he also played football. In the F-Team’s house, Vladimir and Evgeniy (who apparently have already become good friends; I probably will dislike this duo very much) discover a metronome. It looks like that they don’t know what it is because at first they even can’t make it work, and when they finally do, they look at it surprisingly and laugh like primitive people who just have found something new for them. Nevertheless they guess that this device should belong to someone who deals with music and singing so they put Anna’s photo above the bed. Anna confirms in the interview that the metronome belongs to her but then calls it a pitchfork. Man…

    Vladimir and Evgeniy laughing their heads off at the metronome.

    Girls discover more apparent special things at the M-Team’s house. They find the book with rhymes which belongs to Andrej, they find Maksim’s guitar. In the F-Team’s house, Roman detects female Playboy photos above someone’s bed and thinks it belongs to Kristina, because he considers her to be lesbian. Men also discover the pictures of Elena’s children, the journal of Tatyana and the model cars of Natalya. Finally, girls go into the room of Vladimir and Evgeniy and find there the breast pillow and the philosophic book. They right away guess about Vladimir and after some thought also decide that the book should belong to Evgeniy because he could become such a hypocrite after reading this stuff.

    Evgeniya looking at the photos of Arkadij's family and recognizes them.

    With this, the game of guessing is over and we head to the main challenge of the week, which is quite difficult to describe but I will try. There is some huge construction. From the central bar of this construction high in the sky, five ropes are hanging down. They hold some ring-shape plates at the bottom, and each of them is labeled “1 kilo”. From both sides from this plate there are five pairs of seats which also hold onto a rope.

    This is the construction, so that you get a visual representation of it.

    The contestants in pairs will have to grab the plate from both sides and to hold it while the ropes will raise both them and the plate in the sky. The main difficulty is that the ropes that hold the seats will go higher than the rope that holds the plate so there will be some strain. It will be difficult and painful to hold the plates. The contestant who releases the plate first and therefore gives it to his opponent, loses. The winner in each pair will get a 1 kilo advantage in this week’s weigh-in, which he will also hold symbolically in his/her hands. So if all ten members of the same team win in their pairs, the team will get a 10 kilo advantage. M-Team sets to take all ten bonus kilos, and they have pretty good chances for it, I have to admit. This is man’s challenge, where physical strength plays a huge part. But… Let’s hear first the results of the guessing game!
    First, Yana tells us the results of the M-Team. They scored 6 points out of 10. I don’t remember which four girls were not matched. Then the F-Team. They scored… 7 points out of 10! They only ones who are not matched are Roman, Vova and Yaroslav. I don’t know how ladies didn’t recognize his snails. Maybe him being a virgin at 32 just made them forget about his hobby.
    But that doesn’t matter anyway because the F-Team wins this game and now they have a right to choose. Yana asks every girl in turn whom they would like to compete.
    1. Elena chooses Dmitriy.
    2. Tatyana chosses Vova.
    3. Lena (the girl whom we still don’t know well) chooses Vladimir.
    4. Evgeniya chooses Yaroslav.
    5. Natalya chooses Maksim.
    6. Anna chooses Arkadij (that is, the heaviest girl chooses the heaviest guy).
    7. Yulia (the other one whom we still don’t know) chooses Artem (we still don’t know his story as well).
    8. Alena (one more girl whose story we still haven’t seen) chooses Andrej.
    9. Olga (the girl with the red hair) chooses Evgeniy. Why am I not surprised? Olga wants to defeat Evgeniy and somehow to put him into place. It was she who called him a jerk when Evgeniy started to show off at the party.
    10. Kristina chooses Roman. Some suppose that she chose the youngest member of the team because she is not afraid of him and feels confident.

    (I put the duos in the order in which the duels were decided, not in the order of choice; in fact, Olga was the one to choose first, then Kristina etc. Then I don’t remember).

    With this, the challenge starts. There will be two rounds, with five pairs in each round. First five pairs take their place and go to the sky slowly.

    1. Right off the bat, Elena struggles. She releases one hand and then loses contact completely. Dmitriy wins. M 1:0 F.

    Elena right before she releases her first hand.

    2. Tatyana tries to seduce Vova (well, she can, she had 53 men) and, believe you or not, she succeeds. Vova decides to go gentleman way and obviously with intention releases the plate. Tatyana wins. M 1:1 F. Other males disrespect Vova for this sign of weakness. Fair enough.
    3. Lena (see profiles) at first holds the plate very fiercely, but then exhaustion takes its toll and she lets the plate (and mighty Vladimir) go. M 2:1 F.

    Still while their duel was going, we finally hear Lena’s story. She works as a security and a hotel and looks really serious and nice in suit and tie. She has a husband who works as a policeman and apparently cheated on her, but she doesn’t have proofs. She loves him anyway and blames herself for him not loving her. You know what? I think that if your husband doesn’t love you fat, he will not love you thin too. Stop blaming herself and show him who you are, girl! By the way, Lena is the pet form of the name Elena, but because we already have one Elena, we will differentiate.

    Lena at her work.

    4. Yaroslav shares Vova’s fate, intentionally gives up and lets Evgeniya score the second point for girls. M 2:2 F. Other males criticize Yaroslav harshly. They think that because he has immunity he decided to relax this week and to do nothing. Now he let them down for the second time. You know what? Yaroslav apparently shouldn’t fall below the yellow line in the future. If he does, his teammates may not spare him for this slacking.

    5. Finally, Maksim wins his duel by just sitting and holding the plate. It’s of no effort to him while Natalya starts to feel pain and lets the plate go. M 3:2 F.

    Then, other five duos take their places.

    6. Arkadij easily wins over Anna. For him, his huge weight is of the advantage in this challenge. For Anna, by contrast, it’s a disadvantage. M 4:2.

    7. Artem (see profiles) also wins over Yulia, but he does it in a dirty way. Knowing that he is physically stronger, he starts to pull the plate with short yet strong jerks. Yulia can’t endure this and lets it go. Artem tries to excuse by saying he just wanted to win very much. M 5:2.

    Artem smirking and pulling the plate.

    Enter Artem. We learn the story of the last male contestant. He is 23-year old guy who looks like he’s 40. He intentionally dresses like a 40-year old man and wears glasses. This is how he tries to hide his huge belly. He wants to lose 50 kilos and to look like a young guy who he is biologically.

    Artem in his everyday life.

    8. Surprisingly, Alena (see profiles) wins over Andrej. But unlike Vova and Yaroslav, Andrej really loses this duel, without giving it up. M 5:3 F.

    We learn a little bit about Alena. She’s a refugee from Lugansk and has a mother who can’t speak and hear. She has worked since she was 13. Her story is probably one of the most touching for me. She must have a very strong personality.

    Alena telling her story of loneliness. I think she will be a hottie if she loses weight.

    9. Evgeniy chooses Artem way of winning, but he does some other variation. He starts to change abruptly his position, causing discomfort for Olga (see profiles). Olga endures it for some time while shouting (quite fair, in my opinion) N-words to Evgeniy, but then lets the plate go. While going down she screams in anger and shouts that she will smack the guy down. Evgeniy in an interview just says that he decided to change his position to feel more comfortable and if it’s not comfortable for Olga, she can s***w herself. M 6:3 F.

    Evgeniy pulling the plate (in the left part of the picture). Do you see that he makes it intentionally and making Olga struggle? Geez I hate him.

    We finally learn some background of Olga. She sells wallets and other like things. And she likes to eat a lot, even at work. Some clients even say “sorry” for distracting her from consuming all her greasy food. Olga is the head of her family and her husband is basically a burden, as he doesn’t work.

    Olga "bleeeps" while screaming at Evgeniy after her loss.

    10. In the last duel, Roman eventually wins over Kristina. The girl just lets the plate go suddenly without explaining anything. Probably she just got tired. M 7:3.

    With this, the challenge is over. Yana summarizes that M-Team will get 7 kilos of advantage at this week’s weigh-in, and the F-Team will get 3 of them. Maksim, who is apparently the statistics guy, figures out that after all challenges, his team has 5 kilos of advantage and F-Team has 3 bonus kilos.

    The winning M-Team. Once more, from left to right: Arkadij, Roman, Vladimir, Maksim, Evgeniy, Yaroslav, Andrej, Artem, Dmitriy, Vova.

    So let’s get down to last chance workout and the weigh-in! Oh, no. Probably not right now. I will tell everything about it in the last part of the recap!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Again the last part of the recap was sent for checking to moderator. I think that's because I put a lot of photos there from the weigh-in, or maybe I accidentally used some rude word somewhere and didn't notice it. I hope it will be approved, watch out.

    In the meantime, yesterday we had episode 2. It was significantly shorter and interesting as well.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 1 Recap: "Tell Me Who's Sleeping on this Bed!" Part 4 of 4

    Okay, I will try one more time. If it's again sent to the moderator, I sincerely ask him to excuse me and maybe to explain what's wrong, because I made previous two posts with photos without any problems.

    To tell the truth, workouts are my least favorite part of the show so I will not go into the details. So the day after the challenge all the contestants meet with trainers in the room with two long tables filled with unhealthy food. The trainers give them some talk about how many calories they should eat and how many they do consume in reality. Of course the second number is much bigger. All of the guys have to cut their daily intake of calories twice, trainers say. And this will be the main theme of today’s last chance workout. All contestants will wear a bodybugg during the workout which will project onto a huge screen the amount of calories that each contestant burns (just like in the USA season 17). Their task is to burn the half of their daily calories intake during this workout. The team, in which all the contestants do it faster, wins. And there will be a reward for the winners, just like it was in the USA season 17 again: the winners will enjoy some time in a steam bath, while the losers will chop the wood for the firing. In fact, both winners and losers will burn some calories additionally, so there are basically neither winners nor losers.

    Girls doing their workout.

    F-Team’s workout takes place in the regular gym that is situated on the territory of campus. Girls use treadmills, bikes, Jacobs ladders and all kinds of gym equipment. Marina also does some dancing with them. M-Team works out in the open space with some ropes and tires. Slavik also does some boxing exercises and running with them. During the workout we hear the personal story of the last contestant who still was shadowy for us – Yulia (see profiles). And the story is quite heartbreaking. She had an alcoholic husband who loved her, despite his bad habits. She left him but kept her affection, and later even wanted to remarry him, but the irreversible happened and he passed away because of alcoholism. Yulia blames herself in his death and regularly visits his grave. She gave up on herself at some point and got fat. Now she wants to get rid of this so she could start new life.

    Yulia sharing her sad story.

    Meanwhile, girls burn their calories faster than men! Olga, “The Thunder Girl”, is the first one to burn all her calories. She is followed closely by Kristina and two more girls. Slavik’s team falls behind. However soon Artem is the first one to burn everything he had to burn, and he is later joined by three other males. Then again girls regain the upper hand and finish the workout one by one. Slavik really gets psychic (the trainers see the workouts of each other on a huge screen in the locations where they train their teams) when he sees that he may lose. He is not used to be the loser, so he starts to yell at his guys in Jillian style. He really reminds me of Jillian in these minutes. Marina sees that her hubby gets psychic and gives him a phone call trying to calm him down. Slavik regains his mind indeed, but it doesn’t help and soon F-Team completes the workout. Yulia is the last one to burn her calories. And Slavik still has five men working out. But at this point he stops the last chance workout. He feels terrible about losing to his wife and doesn’t finish the workout with remaining males. It doesn’t look like him, really. To tell the truth, I didn’t enjoy Slavik too much in this episode. He was a kind of somehow nervous and allowed his emotions to take over him. His only chance for redeeming himself is the weigh-in.

    Some males didn't complete the workout.

    But before, girls get some treat in the steam bath! And guys play the roles of their servants: they chop the wood and bring in to the bath. Maybe this is where they compensated the workout that they didn’t complete.
    It’s time for the first weigh-in! All the contestants gather in the weigh-in room. Yana greets them. The team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will lose the weigh-in and two people from this team with the least amount of kilos lost will be up for elimination. This is what I hate about Ukrainian Biggest Loser: at the team stage, the contestants that will be up for elimination are determined not by the percentage of weight loss, but by the pure kilos lost! As you understand, this silly (in my opinion) rule makes smaller contestants more vulnerable, because they can’t lose as much weight as huge guys.

    Teams before the weigh-in.

    The F-Team has 3 kilos advantage, and 5 bonus kilos will be added to the M-Team’s total score. We also don’t weigh complete teams one by one – at first one member of the first team gets on the scale, and then the first member of the other team, and then the second member of the first team etc. The total percentage is revealed only in the end of the weigh-in.
    Here come the results.

    The first two people to weigh-in are the two contestants who got immunity after the ceremony with hearts.

    Elena: 127 – 122 (-5) 3,94%
    Yaroslav: 185 – 180 (-5) 2,70%

    The M-Team is disappointed in Yaroslav for the third time during this week. They think that he either slacked or waterloaded, because for the man of his size, -5 is a miserable number.
    Then, one by one, other contestants learn about their first weight loss at the ranch.

    Tatyana: 110 – 105 (-5) 4,55%
    Roman: 151 – 145 (-6) 3,97%
    Alena: 134 – 128 (-6) 4.48% Wow! Very good for her!
    Vova: 141 – 137 (-4) 2,84%

    Vova is very upset and realizes that if the M-Team loses the weigh-in, he will probably be up for elimination because for now his result is the worst in the team. Cheer up, buddy, only three people from each team have weighed-in!
    The show must go on!

    Lena: 132 – 127 (-5) 3,79%
    Artem: 136 – 130 (-6) 4,41%
    Natalya: 122 – 118 (-4) 3,28% For now, this is the worst result in the F-Team.
    Andrej: 128 – 120 (-8) 6,25% Impressive! Andrej is ecstatic.
    Evgeniya: 144 – 139 (-5) 3,47%
    Evgeniy: 125 – 118 (-7) 5,60% Probably all these kilos went out with all N-words he said.

    At this point, it already looks like F-Team is going down.

    Yulia: 117 – 112 (-5) 4,27%
    Maksim: 128 – 123 (-5) 3,90%
    Kristina: 111 – 107 (-4) 3,60% Another low number, which she shares with Natalya.
    Vladimir: 154 – 145 (-9) 5,84% Oh... F-Team is definitely a toast.
    Olga: 125 – 120 (-5) 4,00%
    Dmitriy: 160 – 154 (-6) 3,75%

    The last two contestants to get up on the scale are the heaviest members of both team. Anna is first.

    Anna: 178 – 173 (-5) 2,80%

    This is very low percentage which doesn’t help her team out at all. What’s more, she has the very lowest percentage of weight loss in her team. Still she will not be in the bottom two because Kristina and Natalya both have -4.
    And then Arkadij steps on the scale. We don’t know how many kilos he has to lose to secure the victory for the M-Team. I guess not too many.

    Arkadij: 235 – 221 (-14) 5,96%

    But Arkadij doesn’t just secure the victory for his team and loses awesome 14 kilos! No one in the Ukrainian TBL history lost so many kilos in the first week of the competition (the previous record was 10 kilos)! So Arkadij definitely has something to be proud of.
    Of course the M-Team wins the weigh-in. Their total percentage is 4,67%, while the F-Team’s is 3,77%. Kristina and Natalya have lost less weight than others so they will be up for elimination. Just for the record, if look percentagewise, Kristina is at the 7th place in her team (Evgeniya, Natalya and Anna did worse), so it really looks somehow unfair that she is up for elimination. But what can you do? Rules are rules. The only thing that is somewhat fair is that Anna is the big girl and she really needs to stay. Okay, we let her stay for now.
    Natalya and Kristina ask the other team members to keep them at the ranch. They have absolutely different reasons for this: for Natalya, this is the last chance to change something in her life, and for Kristina, this is the chance to start the new young life until it's too late.

    Natalya and Kristina asking their team to let them stay.

    The ladies gather in the elimination room. The person that receives the most votes will be eliminated after only one week at the ranch. I will not tell about the specific reasons for each vote. They are pretty standard. Kristina needs to turn into a girl, she has to become mentally stronger, and Natalya is 38, so this may be her last chance to change her life.

    First elimination, with Natalya and Kristina sitting at the left side of the table.

    Anna, Olga, Tatyana and Yulia vote for Kristina, and Lena, Evgeniya, Alena and Elena decide to eliminate Natalya. So it’s a tie. Yana says that usually the other team would come into the elimination room and make the final decision. But because it’s week 1, and because everyone really needs to get at least some experience here, no one will be eliminated tonight! All 20 contestants will be at the ranch for week 2! Kristina and Natalya are excited and everyone is hugging up with each other. So this is the positive end of the very first episode.

    Alena and Anna are happy for such a pleasant outcome of the elimination.

    An interesting thought came into my mind: if M-Team loses the next weigh-in and Slavik decides to save the eliminated person, then no one will be eliminated in first two weeks! Has this ever happened in the Biggest Loser history all over the world? Two first weeks without eliminations?
    In the next episode, the contestants will go through 4 (!!!) challenges: they will pull semis, crawl through laser beams without touching them, and also do some stuff in the mud and on sand. This way they will distribute the duties between them: washing the clothes, cleaning the kitchen, cooking food and chopping the wood. Also, Olga will suddenly crack and want to leave the show immediately. Will Marina be able to persuade her to stay? Finally, there is going to be some romance between Anna and Yaroslav. I will write a recap later. I hope you enjoy it!
    I'm the kindest person in the world, and if there appears someone who is kinder than me, then I will kill this person and will again be the kindest person in the world.

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