Now, while I was slowly recapping the Russians, the new Ukrainian season officialy started on the 31st of August!

This time 8 married couples (including a famous Ukrainian actress and two former and now-married TBL contestants who've gained the weight again) will fight for the title of the Biggest Loser. There are some completely new rules and procedures of elimination (which explain the lowest number of contestants ever in the history of the Ukrainian show) which will be introduced after the first weigh-in. The season will be built around the relationships between the couples and will include a lot of psychological challenges.

For now, I don't know how I will recap it. I may recap it paralelly with the Russian season, I may finish off Russians later, I may finish off Ukrainians later, I may do nothing at all. I haven't decided yet.

These are the contestants. The wife from the Pink team is the heaviest contestant of the season with 204 kg (450 lbs). From all seasons in all countries that I've watched she is the second heaviest female contestant in an any single season (after Shay). The famous actress, Ruslana Pisanka, is from the Blue Team. The two former contestants that gained weight are Marta and Andrej Marnauz from season 2. They are in red shirts.

The host of the season is Anita Lutsenko, who was the trainer in seasons 1-5. The trainers are Viatcheslav and Marina Uzelkovs again.