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Thread: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 12 recap: "Don't Count Men until They're Hatched". Part 2 of 3.

    Today my eye got a little bit better before tomorrow’s surgery, so let’s try to make it further, because I haven’t written for the whole week.

    We continue right where we stopped. Olga got three envelopes with three disadvantages in form of +1, +2 and +3 kilos for three people of her choice. Vladimir is pretty sure that all of them will land into the former F-Team.
    Here Ruslan gives the men some chance. He says that those people who get the disadvantages will have an opportunity to void them by burning calories. The person with +1 will have to burn 5 000 calories, the +2 person will have to burn 7 500 calories, and, respectively, the +3 unlucky one will need to burn 10 000 calories. They will have only 8 hours to do it, in the night of the weigh-in day and won’t be able to use the gym. In fact these three will have the right to use only three tools: medicine ball, step and jump rope. I mean, one of them will be using the ball, another one will burn the calories by making steps, and the third one will jump. Olga will announce her decision at the day before the weigh-in.
    And that’s it. Ruslan says goodbye to the contestants and sees them off to the ranch.
    Immediately men rush to the gym and start to work out because they realize that whoever gets +3 disadvantage, they probably won’t be able to void them so AT LEAST they all have to burn as much weight as they can beforehand so to have some chance to void this +3 at the weigh-in (probably to lose 6 kilos so that +3 doesn’t matter).
    Slavik joins the guys and, upon learning the unfortunate circumstances, shows the guys some exercises with the jumping rope and with the steps. Roman just can’t jump, he never did it and hasn’t got any skills. Still he learns a little bit. And Vova, who also never jumped with a rope, doesn’t have the courage to admit it and just keeps working out on the spinning bike. I don’t know why he doesn’t confess. This may cost him his place on the show if he receives +3.

    Roman learns to handle the jump rope.

    It turns out then that Slavik doesn’t know what to do with a medicine ball. He has the courage to admit it. He also says that he’s going to invite here the expert who is great with balls (don’t get it in the wrong way). The expert is actually Marina. Indeed, I remember now she does a lot of balls with her girls at their workouts.
    Slavik asks Marina to help his guys. Marina, though she trains the opposite team, nicely agrees to do it but requests another favor in turn. She asks Slavik to work individually with Tatyana. You see, Marina is not satisfied with her quitting the challenge (come on, the poor girl had 91 kilos in her wheelbarrow; did Marina really want her to go for 10 kilos with this?) and it seems to her that with having immunity, Tatyana doesn’t give a hundred percent.

    Marina working out men with medicine balls.

    Slavik of course agrees and the deal is done. Men learn about the balls exercises and Slavik whips Tatyana’s *ss at the individual workout. I have to say that the girl doesn’t like it. She is not used to this rhythm. And I personally think that she plans to gain weight this week so to have the “cushion” for the next week and is afraid that the intensive workout won’t allow her to do this. Come on, just drink plenty of water and that’s it.

    Slavik working out with Tatyana and doing some jumping with her.

    After the workout, men (without Dmitriy who, as always, spends time with the F-Team) discuss the strategy. The plan is to get as little disadvantage as possible. Arkadij offers to come up to Olga and to ask her to give +3 to Tatyana because she has immunity anyway. Other two disadvantages, let it be in the M-Team. Men don’t have other scenarios so they send Roman to the former F-Team leader. I don’t think that sending Roman is a very good idea. They could send Dmitriy or Arkadij who are the two most respected men in the F-Team.

    Men discussing what they should do.

    Roman does approach Olga about giving +3 to Tatyana but receives an immediate and clear refusal. Olga just says that if the person has got immunity, this doesn’t mean everyone has to mishandle it. Then, in the interview, she confirms my thinking by saying that it was stupid to send Roman for negotiations.

    Roman doing unsuccessful negotiations with Olga.

    The day before the weigh-in comes and all the contestants walk out in the yard. Olga wears some weird hand-made crown which, to be honest, looks childish and just as stupid as Roman at the negotiations. Olga comes to her verdict. She gives +3 to Vova, who landed a lot of kilos in her wheelbarrow and insulted her with the N-word. And guess what? He will have to burn 10 000 calories with a jump rope. He’s in a big trouble. +2 goes to Vladimir with a medicine ball. And +1 lands on Arkadij with steps. Surprisingly, it’s Roman and not Arkadij who escapes disadvantage.

    We were the kings and the queens of the promise...

    The male trio takes the tools and starts to work out in the yard. While Arkadij’s and Vladimir’s burning goes quite nicely and with a tempo, Vova plainly stands and twirls the jumping rope with this hand, because he can’t jump and never did this. Oh, this is not going to end well.
    And then Olga, Tatyana, Evgeniya and Lena (I don’t see Alyona though as well as two remaining men) arrive at the lawn where the trio’s working out. At first they just sit on the bench and watch the show while drinking something (I hope water of kefir). A few minutes later Lena stands up and leaves for the gym, where, as we see, Alyona, Roman and Dmitriy are working out, and joins them. Other three girls remain on the lawn. And then they do some nasty stuff. Basically, they make barbecue and start to enjoy it right in front of Vova, Arkadij and Vladimir. It looks like they are absolutely sure that someone of them won’t void the disadvantage (I definitely agree about Vova) so they decide to taunt them. I don’t know whether this is a scenario or not but it looks very mean. And it’s sad for me to see Evgeniyas doing this. While Olga and Tatyana always had conflicts with the opposite team and their behavior makes sense to me, Evgeniya didn’t and the fact that she joined the two even makes me dislike her a little bit. Men, in the interview, don’t hide their disgust with what these three did. I think that these girls shouldn’t fall below the yellow line or they will get a boot right away.

    The beginning ot the crucial calorie burning.

    Girls sitting down to watch the show.

    Tatyana, Olga and Evgeniya, already in their casual clothes, eating barbecue (see the smoke coming up from the left lower corner of the screenshot?)

    By the night girls leave and the “disadvantagees” still get their burn. At some point Vova calculates that he won’t do it in time so he stops and quits the lawn. He will get 3 kilos of disadvantage. Is this the second home ticket for him? We’ll see. Now he has to lose, probably, AT LEAST 5 kilos to be safe.

    Vova throwing out the bodybugg that counted his burnt calories and walking away.

    Arkadij and Vladimir, in their turn, burn all their calories in time so they are safe from any pluses.
    And now the weigh-in comes. This time someone will definitely go home…
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 12 recap: "Don't Count Men until They're Hatched". Part 3 of 3.

    So, the twelfth weigh-in is about to start. Tatyana still has immunity and will be safe anyway, and Vova has a huge disadvantage that practically guarantees him a position under the yellow line.

    Before the start of the weigh-in.

    Naturally, our Mafia starts the weigh-in. And… As I expected, she gains 2 kilos by going from 88 to 90. She’s a smart and good girl. Okay. Let’s forget it. The most irritating thing for me is that Marina thinks that it’s because Tatyana devoured barbecue the day before. Come on, Marina, you perfectly know this is strategy. Tatyana gains 2,27% but is safe.
    Next up is Dmitriy. And he evokes shock by coming down from 123 to 117 and dropping 6 kilos! The percentage is 4,88%. I am sure that he will be safe.
    Evgeniya climbs on the scale. She transforms from 113 and 111 and loses 2 kilos. I am not sure where she will end up. She lost 1,77% of her current body weight and is at the bottom right now.
    Roman is next. He goes down from 112 to 107 by losing 5 kilos! This guy never lost less than 2 kilos (he and Arkadij are the only two who can boast with such an achievement)! His percentage is 4,46%. It’s less than Dmitriy’s percentage but it’s clear that he will end up above the yellow line.

    And now it’s Olga’s turn. Her previous weight was 95 kilos and his current is 93 kilos. She lost 2 kilos, with the percentage of 2,11%. She is above Evgeniya but still in danger of falling below. Roman is safe.
    Let’s move to Arkadij. The biggest contestant does a huge job and loses whole 8 kilos, coming down from 169 to 161! Holy Molly! He had two relatively bad weigh-ins and now it was time for him to break out! And he did! 4,73% and he’s the current leader! And absolutely safe, of course.

    Right now, two girls are at the bottom. Two girls that thought men are doomed and ate barbecue in front of their nose.

    Now it’s X-time for Alyona. She waits while the numbers roll and finally comes down from 102 to 97, for the loss of 5 kilos! The f**aking machine! In three weeks she lost 13 kilos (29 lbs)! And she’s in the double digits! And, with a percentage of 4,90%, she’s in the front of the pack! Total victory and she is definitely safe while Olga and Evgeniya move dangerously close to the yellow line.
    Vladimir waits for his destiny and this destiny is very good as well, because he goes from 116 to 110 and drops 6 kilos! We see some huge numbers coming from all men. The question is, how much weight Vova will drop? Vladimir’s percentage is 5,17% and he’s in first place.

    Only two people left and these are Lena and Vova. Lena weighs in and gets thinner by 2 kilos with going down from 100 to 98. This is worse than Olga’s percentage (Lena’s is obviously 2,00%) but more than Evgeniya’s. Olga is safe, Evgeniya is definitely below the yellow line and Lena is uncertain.
    Now it all comes down to Vova. The 22-year old, totally nervous, comes up to the scale and closes eyes while the numbers are rolling. In the end, it stops at 102 kilos, which means that Vova lost 7! He screams and jumps and screams again. +3 doesn’t affect him, because even with this, his individual percentage of weight loss is 3,67% which is sixth place in the board. (Without the disadvantage, it would be 6,42%, so purely Vova is the Biggest Loser of the week).

    This, unfortunately, means that Lena falls below the yellow line for the second time in a row with Evgeniya. Now they will have to plead their cases.
    Lena basically tells the same story. She thinks that when coming home, she won’t be able to manage her weight loss correctly with two kids and husband who doesn’t perceive her as a woman. Evgeniya tearfully says that she has a little boy to take care of and she has to lose more weight to be the role model for him and to be more active in doing this. Then the eliminees walk out and the rest start to deliberate. Arkadij in the interview says that although Lena falls below for the third time, she worked hard in the gym while Evgeniya enjoyed the barbecue with Olga and Tatyana. Oh, this is the bad omen for her.


    The elimination process starts.

    You know, when Lena and Evgeniya sit beside each other like this, it reminds me of something (sorry):

    The first person to receive five votes will be eliminated.
    Vladimir wants to keep stronger people in the game. In his opinion, Lena is stronger so he votes for Evgeniya to go home.
    Vova votes to keep here the person who transforms more. He thinks that Lena started as almost a masculine and now turns into the real lady. So he wants her to stay and votes for Evgeniya.
    Alyona’s vote is clear. She’s lived with Lena in the same room for 12 weeks and Lena is her only female friend here. So she votes for Evgeniya.
    Olga loves Lena but wants to give one more chance to Evgeniya because her only son needs healthy mom. So she votes for Lena. It’s Lena 1:3 Evgeniya.
    Roman honestly says that while Evgeniya taunted Vova, Vladimir and Arkadij in the yard, Lena worked out in the gym along with him, Dmitriy and Alyona. So he definitely votes for Evgeniya. One more vote and she will go home.
    Tatyana wants to keep here the person who she thinks deserved more to go into the Makeover Week which is the next week. She thinks that Lena deserves more for this transformation and votes for Evgeniya.

    The deciding vote of Tatyana.

    With five votes, Evgeniya is eliminated. She takes it quite composedly and says that she anyway spend a lot of time here and changed dramatically. By tradition, she hugs with everyone and leaves the room. She promises to the fourth wall that she will be maximally thin by the end of December.

    Evgeniya leaving the elimination room.

    Evgeniya in the car which is about to drive her out of the ranch.

    When we see Evgeniya in September, I’m stunned. She looks very different from especially what she was when she started. Marina is dazzled at seeing her. And the scales confirm our best expectations. Evgeniya’s current weight is 92 kilos which means she lost 19 since leaving the ranch! Her percentage is 36% with something so this is the very best result among all eliminated contestants.

    Evgeniya in September.

    NEXT WEEK: It’s Makeover Week! And double elimination…
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 12 of 17.

    Let's see what's going on.

    General chart.

    The Biggest Loser of week 12 is Vova (without his disadvantage, of course). The Smallest Loser/The Biggest Gainer is Tatyana with a plus.

    Evgeniya is The Biggest Loser out of all eliminated contestants with 36,11% of weight loss.

    And Arkadij remains the At-ranch Biggest Loser, while Tatyana is dragging in the back of the pack.

    Weight loss chart. Arkadij lost 74 kilos (163 lbs) in twelve weeks. It's huge!

    Elimination chart.

    Percentages chart.

    The Biggest Loser of each week chart. Vova lost the biggest percentage (6,42%) in all 12 weeks of the season.

    Rankings of week 12.

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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 13 recap: "Oowatanight!"

    Week 13 starts with workouts. Slavik trains the men outside and Marina is doing some stuff in the gym with her girls. In the middle of the workouts Yana suddenly appears and brings some excellent news to the contestants. This week is Makeover Week! All the contestants will receive some luxury treating and some smart dresses and will meet their loved ones.
    Everyone is excited, but right after the good news bad one follows. This week two people will go home. Three contestants will fall below the yellow line and other six will have to vote TO SAVE one of them, automatically eliminating other two. So our contestants have mixed emotions right now.

    M-Team's workout right before Yana comes.

    While former M-Team’s workout doesn’t contain anything interesting, let’s turn our attention to the girls, because, you see, Marina brought four pairs of high heel shoes for them. Oh, they will have trouble walking in them. They put it on and try to walk around the gym one by one. Olga, Tatyana and Lena just do it like cows (sorry, but this is the truth). It’s clear that they aren’t used to heel shoes. Alyona is the last one to try and, unexpectedly for everyone, she does quite a catwalk there (for a 97-kilo woman). Tatyana, Lena and Olga just watch with their jaws dropped. Olga presumes that Alyona probably worked before at certain places that no one knows about (you know what she means). Eh…
    The girls spend the whole workout in these shoes and do some interesting stuff exercises there. For example, they crawl like cats and stretch their necks to attract imaginary men’s attention. In general, Marina teaches them to be womanly, combining it with real fat-burning exercises.

    Alyona doing a catwalk around the gym.

    It’s strange but right after this we transport to the makeovers. We don’t get to see how the contestants are being pampered for this night. We just see them one by one after makeovers. There is some peculiarity in this season which I never saw in any of the show versions: all contestants go to meet their loved ones in the different places and some of these places are connected with their dreams.
    This recap will be brief, because it’s about pictures and not about words. I just will describe the context of each meeting. I also feel like I don't have a right to picture the personal life of the contestants so it will be just them on the screenshots, without the context.

    Olga has some pink long-sleeve dress on her and meets with her husband at the bank of some river. It turns actually they are going to do the wedding ceremony. I probably missed the reason for this and don’t understand whether they didn’t have this ceremony when they were getting married or they want to do it for the second time to symbolize the start of their new life. Anyway, they do it, for real, with a priest and some friends of them, and end all this with a strong kiss. Romantically and beautifully, but somewhat strangely.


    Vova meets with his mother and granny at the football pitch. His outfit basically consists of shorts and lime T-Shirt which is difficult to tell from his Biggest Loser shirt which is also lime. And he’s got some new haircut. I wonder why his outfit is so modest. The thing is one more person attends the meeting. As you know, Vova is the huge fan of football and of Dynamo Kiev in particular. And today one of the former players for Dynamo Kiev, Vladyslav Vashchuk, comes to see him! (This guy played at the 2006 World Championships when Ukraine reached the quarter-finals, by the way. And received a red card in the first match against Spain…). Vova recognizes him at once and greets him by his name. He is so overwhelmed that he can’t speak with normal words to the Ukrainian football star. It’s all “Oh”-s and “Ah”-s. Vladyslav congratulates Vova on his wonderful journey and on 39 kilos that he lost. And then they do some penalties to each other and Vova even scores a goal. So this is why he had a regular T-shirt and shorts on him.


    Roman meets with his whole family at the central park in Kyiv. They spend the day going all over the amusement rides. Of course his loved ones are shocked to see him and say that he became twice as thin since week 1. Roman wears a blue shirt and slacks. He was never able to go out with his family and now enjoys this freedom which came with the weight loss.


    Vladimir’s meeting is quite ordinary. He meets with his wife and kids at some secluded area at the river. They have some romantic dinner there and swear to love each other to the end. Vladimir’s outfit is also quite regular and consists of some maroon sweater and jeans. For some reason, we don’t get to know the theme of his Makeover Day.


    Tatyana’s meeting is quite special. It starts not with the meeting with loved ones, but with the… photoshoot! It was Tatyana’s dream to get a professional photoshoot. Then she meets her family on some path in the wood. They all hug and love her and enjoy the meeting. And then watch the photos together. Of course the photos are beautiful but Tatyana’s outfit is terrible. She has some flowery dress on her, however, this dress makes her look bigger than she is in real.


    Lena is one of the few people that hasn’t seen her relatives in all 13 weeks. And she always talked about her husband that doesn’t see a woman in her. And today she finally meets with him. The husband is stunned. They spend the romantic night in front of the dormitory where they met. Lena’s outfit (which is a pale pink dress) is pretty simple but looks good on her. It seems to me that Lena feels relief after seeing her husband because he actually treats her like a gentle and weak woman, which hasn’t been the case for a few years.


    Arkadij has some quest to complete. It’s night and he walks with a lantern through the woods, following the pointers. We learn that his wife likes to make various quests for him (which are mostly connected with finding her with some present for him at his birthday or some other celebration day) so this is why quest is the theme for his meeting. She, together with their daughter, waits for him in the end of the way. Arkadij comes to the end of the way and happily reunites with them. Then everything goes like at Vladimir’s meeting – they have a romantic (and healthy) dinner. Arkadij wears plain grey sweater and jeans.


    Dmitriy makes a surprise appearance to his wife. She waits for him at the roof of some building. You see, Dmitriy proposed to his wife by going up with the help of skylift to the fourth floor where she lived. This time he wants to replay this process and goes up to the roof. When he reaches there, his wife rushes to him and it all gets romantic and everything. They have a romantic dinner as well (and drink some champagne, if I see right) and dance a little bit. Dmitriy, finally, has a suit and shirt on him and not some casual sweaters. Looking at the apparent love between him and his wife, I think this family will never break down. They just can’t exist without each other.


    Alyona, in some lilac dress that makes her look like a princess from some fairy tale, doesn’t know whom she’s going to see. And then notices that some man waits for her at the bench. They quickly recognize each other and we get a flashback to week 8 when Alyona met a man at the disco party when she was at home. They apparently liked each other and now this man arrived here to meet her again. It’s either dawn or twilight outside (I can’t tell exactly) and they spend it at some lawn somewhere out of the town and have some romantic picnic. You know, they seem very nice to each other, but… We know that Alyona is the refugee from Lugansk and doesn’t have friends in the town where she lives now, and that her mother can’t speak and hear. So I suppose that this man may be the actor hired by the Biggest Loser cast to play the role of Alyona’s sweetheart. I hope that these relationships are real but… I don’t know. I forgot to mention that Alyona’s hair got painted in blonde instead of highlighting.


    So, this was the night of the meetings. At the next day, our contestants will get to see their loved ones again, but this time in the context of the challenge! More about in – in the second part of the recap.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 13 recap: "Oowatanight!" Part 2 of 3.

    At the next day, the contestants gather on some field, where Yana waits them. She reminds them once more that two people will go home this week. In the next challenge, she says, they will be able to get some advantages that will allow them to stay above the yellow line. The challenge will consist of three rounds which are simple exercises: stairs, presses and squats. Each round will last for 15 minutes. But the person with the most points won’t necessarily win. Before the start of the challenge, all loved ones of our contestants will arrive here. And they will bid for “their” contestants. The contestants themselves won’t know the bets. The winner of each round will be the person with the highest bet fulfilled. To provide an example: if A’s bid is 100 squats and they do 500, and if B’s bid is 200 squats and they do 201, then B will win, because their bid is higher and is fulfilled. And if A’s bid is 200 squats and they do 190, they are out of this round.
    The winner of each round will get 1 kilo of advantage at this week’s weigh-in. So potentially one person can score 3 bonus kilos if they win all three rounds.

    The panorame of the challenge. Sorry for the quality, I haven't got anything better.

    The contestants go away for a while and then their loved ones arrive and start to bid. I won’t describe the whole process of bidding and just will cite the bids.
    The first round is stairs (the points are measured in how many floors of stairs the contestants will complete). The bids are (in the descending order):

    Roman – 153 (how is this possible in 15 minutes?)
    Alyona – 152 (her boyfriend is crazy)
    Tatyana – 130
    Lena – 126
    Vova – 120
    Olga – 112
    Arkadij – 101
    Dmitriy – 60
    Vladimir – 32

    As for me, only bottom two are realistic.

    Dmitriy during the first round.

    Tatyana struggling.

    Roman fell from the stairs when the first round was over. He's okay, just hit his head a little bit.

    And indeed, Dmitriy and Vladimir are the only ones who fulfil their bids (sorry, I won’t describe how contestants do stairs etc. It’s obvious how they do it and nothing extraordinary happens during the challenge):
    Vladimir – 110 (+78)
    Olga – 102 (-10)
    Vova – 93 (-27)
    Tatyana – 93 (-37)
    Alyona – 92 (-60)
    Dmitriy – 82 (+22) WINNER!
    Arkadij – 82 (-19)
    Roman – 82 (-71)
    Lena – 77 (-49)

    Dmitriy wins 1 kilo of advantage. The second round is presses. Let’s see the bids:
    Arkadij – 225
    Vladimir – 223
    Alyona – 222
    Roman – 200
    Tatyana – 150
    Olga – 140
    Vova – 115
    Dmitriy – 101
    Lena – 95

    Lena did huge work during this round.

    Vova had hardest time in this round.

    Arkadij doing his work.

    Let’s see the results of this round but I right away can say that while Lena completed the least amount of “floors”, this time she rocks!
    Lena – 380 (+285)
    Vladimir – 365 (+142)
    Tatyana – 345 (+295)
    Olga – 325 (+185)
    Arkadij – 241 (+16) WINNER!
    Dmitriy – 179 (+78)
    Roman – 163 (-37)
    Alyona – 115 (-107)
    Vova – 102 (-13)

    Only three people didn’t fulfil the bid, and out of those who did it, Arkadij has the highest bid. So he wins 1 additional kilo for the next weigh-in.

    Finally, let’s get to the third round which is squats.
    Vladimir – 236
    Dmitriy – 234
    Arkadij – 232
    Alyona – 222
    Tatyana – 202
    Vova – 200
    Olga – 160
    Lena – 160
    Roman – 151

    This round goes quite actively and dynamically, with Yana at some point joining the contestants and doing squats together with them (and dancing with her **tt right in front of Vladimir which probably drives him crazy). The results are:

    Yana doing squats together with the contestants.

    Olga hitting the buttons with her **tt.

    Alyona got tired and was encourages by Yana for some time.

    Vladimir – 457 (+219) WINNER!
    Vova – 416 (+216)
    Lena – 342 (+182)
    Olga – 338 (+178)
    Tatyana – 336 (+134)
    Roman – 325 (+174)
    Arkadij – 304 (+72)
    Alyona – 251 (+29)
    Dmitriy – 215 (-19)

    As you see, while the loved ones mostly overestimated “their” contestants in the first round, they highly underestimated them in the rounds 2 & 3. Dmitriy is the only one who didn’t fulfil the last bid and Vladimir had the highest bid so he get the last remaining kilo of advantage.

    The challenge is over, and with it, the meeting with loved ones is over as well. Luckily, we don’t see a lot of tears and sad faces. Everyone looks quite positive and happy for the opportunity to see their closest ones. And Dmitriy’s, Vladimir’s and Arkadij’s wives are especially happy for bringing 1 kilo of advantage to their hubbies.

    Let’s get to the weigh-in, why not?
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 13 recap: "Oowatanight!" Part 3 of 3.

    So, at this weigh-in, three men have a benefit of 1 kilo of advantage. And three people are going to fall below the yellow line and two of them will go home. No one is protected with immunity (two weeks are gone since Mafia week so Tatyana’s immunity is gone).

    Alyona starts the process off. And goes down from 97 to 96, for the loss of only 1 kilo. I’m not surprised because she had three huge weeks in a row. She has to learn to balance the numbers. She has either 5/6 or 1/0. Her percentage of weight loss is 1,03%. I personally think she will be below the yellow line. Marina spreads the hands and says that after -5, you can’t relax and stop working.
    Vova climbs up on the scale and comes down from 102 to 99 and drops 3 kilos. He’s in the double digits! And -3 after -7 is excellent. I thought he would gain, to be honest. He lost 2,94% of his current weight.
    Tatyana is next. I think big number. Indeed, she drops from 90 to 86, for the loss of 4 kilos. Not surprised. Of course she played the game in the previous week. Her percentage is 4,44% and she is in the first place.
    It’s Vladimir’s turn and he goes down from 110 to 107, which gives him 3 kilos. With 1 kilo of advantage, his total is 3,64% which is 2nd place. Tatyana is definitely safe.

    Next up is Olga who loses 2 kilos by going down from 93 to 91. She is stable which is a good sign. However, the percentage is quite low. It’s 2,15% and she is only above Alyona. Vladimir is safe now.
    Arkadij watches the numbers rolling and stop at 158. His previous weight was 161 so he loses only 3 kilos. The bonus kilo is added to this which gives him the total percentage of weight loss is 2,48%. He is below Vova and the latter is safe.
    Now it’s time for Roman to weigh-in. And the guy again loses a lot of weight – 4 kilos, to be precise (107 – 103)! He comes closer to Arkadij in the rankings of the Biggest Loser at the ranch! Of course he is safe and is only below Tatyana. Alyona falls below the yellow line.
    Lena is next. She watches as her weight goes down from 98 to 96, for the loss of 2 kilos. Oh, God, why her numbers are so low… Her percentage is 2,04% and she is below the yellow line for the third time in a row. And Arkadij is safe.

    Finally, Dmitriy weighs in, with Olga nervously waiting for her fate. And she sighs out when he goes down from 117 to 116, losing only 1 kilo. Even with his bonus kilo, his total percentage is 1,71% so he is at the 8th position and is below the yellow line together with Lena and Alyona.

    So, it’s between two best friends and roommates and a man who supported Lena during the whole journey and fought for Alyona’s immunity. Hell, I hate this elimination.

    Before leaving the weigh-in room, Vladimir meaningfully shows two fingers to Marina, hinting her that two girls will go home this time. Marina is silent but, looking at her face expression, I bet that she wants to come up to Vladimir and black him out. Vladimir’s gesture is so clearly hinting that Lena and Alyona will go home that I’m almost sure one of them will stay in the end.

    Two of these three will go home soon.

    At the deliberation, things start to get weird. You see, Lena doesn’t fight for her place this time. She says that she has everything that she needs at home and that he just underestimated what she had there. Remember I said that she looked very happy when she met her husband? It looks like she realized that he stills sees a girl in her and calmed down, so her motivation sunk. And then she completely turns the tables upside down by saying that out of them three, Alyona needs to be here the most and still has the issues to work on.
    And then the culmination happens when Alyona starts to talk. You see, when it comes to Alyona, there is always some very delicate and unpleasant story from the past involved and I just don’t think I should write it here, like in week 3. So I’ll just probably make some hints and you make conclusions for yourself. Alyona tells the others that she and her mother have never been really close and she spent the whole childhood either with the grandparents or with somebody else. Her story about their relationships with the mother then touches the topic of how she was born. And… I think the only thing I can mention here is that she was born not because of love. Upon hearing her story, most of the contestants facepalm. Olga starts to cry and Arkadij says indirectly that he was going to vote Alyona out but after hearing this he will try to help her here. Alyona herself cries a lot while telling her reasons for staying and Lena starts to comfort her.

    Alyona crying while telling about her past.

    Finally, Dmitriy gives a very brief speech. He says that girls need this more than he and that he sacrifices himself for them. He always supported these two and now, in this difficult moment, can only ask to save one of them and to vote him out. He asks other contestants not to write his name down (which, in this case, means elimination for him).

    I think I already know how the elimination will go, seeing the reaction and words at Alyona’s story. I’m wondering whether this story is real because it’s f***king terrible. Moreover, Dmitriy (directly) and Lena (indirectly) asked to vote them out so the outcome seems pretty clear to me.

    The thirteenth elimination starts.

    Still, the official ceremony of the elimination has to happen. I say right away that Vladimir votes to keep Dmitriy (because he doesn’t think that four weeks will change anything for Alyona) and Tatyana votes to keep Lena as her good friend here. But Arkadij, Roman, Vova and Olga all vote to keep Alyona in the game and to send Dmitriy and Lena home because they are all stupefied by Alyona’s story and think that with this emotional baggage, she still needs to be here.

    Roman casts the deciding vote for keeping Alyona, sending Dmitriy and Lena home.

    Dmitriy and Lena thank everyone for these 13 weeks and promise that they’ll be okay at home. They look absolutely positive and don’t cry at all. I like this. After they hug with the remaining people and leave the room, Alyona breaks down and starts to bawl. She remembers how in week 5 she almost went home and was saved by the margin of only one vote in the elimination with Natalya, with Yulia, Anna, Evgeniya and Lena giving her the chance. And now all these four girls who supported her that time went home one by one on her eyes and she is still here. I have to note that although Alyona is clumsy and seemingly not very clever, she survived four eliminations and five people were sent home in these eliminations, with Alyona almost constantly having the highest percentage of weight loss among women (even after -1 in this week, her total percentage is higher than Olga’s and Tatyana’s). If it’s not geniality, then I don’t know what it is.

    Dmitriy and Lena leaving the elimination room and the game.

    Them again, but already in their casual clothers in the car.

    Back to the contestants who go home. Lena promises that in December she will be thin, slim and happy. She says she will weigh 67 kilos which I doubt, to tell you the truth because Lena is tough physically and her bones are quite big. And Dmitriy promises to be fresh and young at the stage in December. His goal weight is below 100.

    First, we get to see Lena’s achievements. She looks good at her meeting with Marina, but I don’t see much difference since her elimination. The scales confirm my impression by showing 93 kilos. Lena left at 96 so she lost 3 kilos while at home. In contrast to other contestants, Marina doesn’t have a workout with her (or maybe we just don’t get to see it) but takes her for a massage session. The interesting point is that Marina is happy with her results and mentions that Lena was just eliminated. A month and a half is “just”. Maybe we don’t know something. Maybe there will be some comeback?

    Lena in September. Or not in September?

    And then Slavik meets Dmitriy in another gym. And he doesn’t recognize him. He just looks at him and asks “Dima? Dima, is this you?” He has a right to say so, because Dmitriy is almost a skeleton! We learn that his current weight is 104 kilos so he lost 12 more at home! Very well done! He looks absolutely okay. Remember that his height is 190 cm, so for him 104 kilos is quite a normal weight. He doesn’t look fat anymore and probably even doesn’t need to lose (but of course he will, trying to win the At-Home Prize).

    Dmitriy at 102 kilos. He lost 58 of them.

    However, his total percentage of weight loss in September is exactly 35%, and this is lower than Evgeniya’s percentage. We will definitely have an interesting competition on 29th of December because Yaroslav and Lena are not that far behind.

    NEXT WEEK: The seven remaining contestants will have to supervise seven overweight and obese children! They will work out, eat and take part in challenges together! By the way, one of the children will be the runner-up of Ukrainian “Master Chef. Kids”.

    A little bit of spoiler follows. If you don't want to know anything more about the next episode, don't open.

    Click to see Spoiler:
    Judging by some screenshots from (presumably) week 15, either Vova or Tatyana will go home next time. The screenshot showed six colored platforms at some challenge (and because there are six of them, it’s probably two weeks away from week 13). The remaining colors were orange (Arkadij), blue (Vladimir), purple (Alyona), red (Olga) and green (Roman). The sixth platform was over the edge of the screenshot but it’s clear that either pink (Tatyana) or lime (Vova) was missing. Personally I think that Vova will go home, because he had two huge weeks in a row and is probably going to have very low number.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Stats after week 13 of 17.

    So this is how it goes at four weeks before the end of the journey.

    The general chart.

    The Biggest Loser for week 13 is Tatyana after losing 4 kilos. The Smallest Loser is Dmitriy who got eliminated.

    Arkadij, of course, is still the 1st place overall with huge 32,77%. Tatyana, who is in the back of the pack, is 11% lower.

    Dmitriy has the second best result among eliminated contestants (only behind Evgeniya). And Lena has 4th result behind these two and Yaroslav.

    Weight Loss chart.

    Elimination chart.


    Weeks Biggest Losers chart. Tatyana left a mark here for the first time.

    Rankings of Week 13.

    There are only seven people left and it's getting closer and closer to the Finale!
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    I had surgery on this Monday and now have a rehabilitation period. I can't spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen so I will continue to write some time later. Soon, but anyway later. We already had episode 14 aired and tomorrow having episode 15.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Take care of yourself and don't push your recovery beyond what is comfortable.
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Ukrainian transformations

    Week 14 recap: "The Next Generation". Part 1 of 4.

    We are back. At the start of week 14 Yana meets the seven remaining contestants at some park. She starts by saying that all seven of them have come a long way since day 1 and have learned a lot. In fact they learned so much that now they can share their experience. Yana makes a pause in speech and then announces that they will share this experience with seven overweight children. Needless to say everyone drops their jaws. For the whole week the magnificent seven will train with these kids, go to challenges and weigh-in with them. More about the rules later, when the kids are at place. First, the contestants basically have to meet the children. Yana takes them one by one to the locations where the children spend their day now.

    Start of week 14.

    Vladimir is first. Yana takes him to some playground where a boy hopelessly tries to do a pull-up. Upon closer looking, I see the familiar face. This is Vova, the finalist of the season 1 of Ukrainian “Master Chef. Kids”. You know, he went to the finals with two other boys, who were noticeably more overweight, so I think they would be more appropriate for this show. But they probably refused. I know that the fattest boy was rooting for Yaroslav so perhaps he didn’t want to come upon learning that his favorite is already eliminated. And the other boy, the winner, seemed a way too solid for running on a treadmill and crawling through sand.
    Vladimir and Vova (I’ll call him Vova-Junior so not to confuse him with Vova the contestant) meet. Vova-Junior shares his story. He weighs 71 kilo now and can’t live a full life with his friends. Although he is very popular after MC among his friends, he can’t do a lot of everyday activites with them, so he wants to lose weight. And he wants to do it before he gets really obese and it’s too late (71 kilo for a 11-year is still not morbidly obese, I think).

    Vladimir and Vova-Junior.

    Next up is Alyona. She meets her fosterling at the supermarket shopping for groceries. Alyona started to work since she was 13, so she gets a girl who also does a lot of housework at the little age. The girl’s name is Sonya. She had to become adult very early and got fat on this ground. She weighs 52 kilos now but she is very small in height so this is quite a lot for her. Alyona shakes hands with her but looks not confident. She doesn’t have any experience in taking care of children. We’ll see what comes out of it. For now she volunteers to help Sonya to carry her bags up to her home.

    Alyona and Sonya.

    Arkadij and Vova come to the same place – to some kind of MMA. Yana asks whether they have any guesses why they are here together. Vova guesses correctly that they will look after some siblings. These are two brothers – the elder one is Genya (96 kilos) and the younger one is Lyonya (91 kilos). Right away I must say right away that Lyona’s speech is dangerously incoherent. The brothers are fond of boxing and are doing a workout right now. Still they eat a lot and can’t enjoy fully with their favorite activity. They are the only friends to each other because most children laugh at them. Vova will look after Genya this week and Arkadij makes a team with Lyonya. Lyonya will be definitely a burden in challenges. He’s quite short and wide because of his size. But he can shed a lot of weight.

    Arkadij and Lyonya.

    Vova and Genya.

    Next we get to see Olga. She arrives at some sort of open (and shabby) theater with a girl standing on the stage and reading some monologue. Olga presumes that the girl must be actress. She really is the rising star and her name is Polina. It turns out that her mother drags her around all possible reality shows and this takes a lot of nerves. So Polina turned to some comfort food to drown all the stress coming from this stuff. And got this way to 61 kilos. Olga thinks that they will make a cute couple.

    Olga and Polina.

    Roman wants to look after a boy. He’s the new womanhater after Evgeniy left. To his disappointment, it’s a girl by the name of Veronica. Her father left her mum right after he made her pregnant so she never saw him. Having a single parent affected her and she started to gain weight. She is 75 kilos and for now looks to be the biggest little girl here. Roman tries to find the common language with Veronica and boasts that he will be a great tutor and that with him she will lose a hell lot of weight. He tells Veronica it’s good that she won’t be trained by any of the three remaining female contestants because, in his opinion, all three are lazy cows. I think this is not the right thing to start the partnership with.

    Roman and Veronica.

    Tatyana is last to meet her partner. She comes to some country house where a girl plays with various animals. The house looks quite luxurious and at this point I really wonder how can a girl have such a trouble with her weight with such a house, all the conditions and the whole zoo in the yard? But then we find out that her parents almost don’t communicate with her (the girl’s name is Lera, by the way). They are businessmen or bank directors or like. They are busy all the time and don’t pay a lot of attention to her. Their problem is that they think that because they have provided their daughter with house and luxuries, they are good parents. But they forgot that any child needs human attention and Lera doesn’t get a lot of this from her. Tatyana says she will try to bring a lot of this attention to her. I have to say I feel very sorry for this girl despite the fact that she is probably the richest one. She is also not far away from Veronica, weighing 73 kilos.

    Tatyana and Lera.

    So, this is it for the beginning. Later seven new-formed couples will complete three mini-challenges and then one more, the big one. And you’ll also learn the rules for this week.
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