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Thread: Season 14 - episode 9 - 02/25/13

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    Re: Season 14 - episode 9 - 02/25/13

    Quote Originally Posted by AJane View Post
    And I don't know about Dolvett, but Bob & Jillian are very much anti-chemicals, including artificial sweeteners. Bob is vegan, for heaven's sake.
    Yes, one of Jillian's biggest problems was the product placement and that signaled her leaving the show. Clearly she must have figured that her income was more important than principal. I dont fault her for that. Or Bob or Dolvett. They can still get their message across with some concessions.

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    Re: Season 14 - episode 9 - 02/25/13

    I think I've heard she also came back because they were including the childhood obesity pitch---maybe being a new mom increased the value of that to her. Or maybe she's just thinking about college tuition!
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    Re: Season 14 - episode 9 - 02/25/13

    Just a reminder there are only 2 more episodes left of this season, the finale is March 18th.

    I am so glad the Biggest Loser producers are not stretching this season out to ridiculous lengths I do think this will keep the franchise going a few more years.
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    Re: Season 14 - episode 9 - 02/25/13

    Quote Originally Posted by Shoepie View Post
    I am doing gluten free now. Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. It is a VERY doable low carb way of eating. The book is not a diet book; it is a life style. I feel better than I have ever. Seriously. No aches and pains, energy and we can eat fruit, quinoa, sweet potatoes, so there are some stick to the ribs alternatives. Pancakes make with coconut flour. I highly reccoment this book. If you are trying to lose weight he has a chapter on that. Keeping the allowed carbs to a minimum of 30 to 150. Clearly with a lot of weight to lose you want to be closer to 30. 80/20 adhearance is all you need for success. Wheat is the biggest do not eat! Ever! Dairy is very limited, as well. A little cream in your coffee or a touch of parmesean cheese for a boost on stuff.

    And oddly he says walk 30 minutes a day minimun and do an occasional sprint. He is not into pushing it at the gym. This is why I am in love with him.
    I'll have to check this book out. Thanks!
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