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I don't like Gina OR Jeff. I was very glad Michael called Jeff out at the elimination. Maybe Jeff could consider that doing what's best for himself also means keeping his word (not that I'd ever agree to not vote someone off--but since he did....). Jeff is the worst kind of contestant, IMHO--those who take the "do something for yourself" message and use it to plow right over everyone else.

Is it me or is this group the biggest bunch of whiners in awhile? (Conda excepted, of course.) The only part I find kind of funny is the backtalk to the trainers, because I've always wondered how the trainers would react if someone told them "no." Well, now we know. They drop their jaw and walk away. What else can they do?
Can't stand Jeff. Maybe the producers indeed tried to hide it, but it was obvious very soon to me that Jeff is a game player and will do anything to win.
Gina also showed her true colours telling them who to vote for. The thing is she did not promise Michael not ever to vote against him. Jeff did.
And yes they are whiners. Not all but a lot of them

(Just watched eps 8 and that was more confirmation)