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Thread: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    'Biggest Loser' -- Contestants Throw Weight Around, Threaten to Quit Show | TMZ.com

    You know; let them. Let all the current contestants walk off (bet Conda is behind this) and bring back all the previous contestants that have been voted off. Go ahead make my day and do it. If nothing else Conda and Kim will be off my TV screen and Santa will be back.
    And, hopefully, the producers will NEVER bring on a crew like this again.
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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    Wow, this show is getting hard to watch. I really don't understand Daphne's logic for switching up Jeremy for Conda, maybe she thought if on the Black team, Conda would get voted off. Maybe she didn't realize the pull she had on both teams. But after seeing how the Black team treated her, I don't blame her for throwing the weigh in and just going home. I wouldn't want to be in that house.

    as for the rumors by TMZ... I think what the contestants aren't getting is that they need to "work" for that 250,000 prize, it isn't going to be handed to them for game playing. Rather than walk out, they should be working out and proving they deserve the prize.

    And if I were going to throw a weigh in, I'd just water load, and not eat the calories (bread and stuff), water comes off much faster, LOL.

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    I agree ^. In order to win 250K and title, you should have to lose a minimum % of body weight too.

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    Agreed, bringing back former contestants is nothing new. They should all know to expect "surprises". I say let them all walk off and put in people who really want and need to be there. This is the worst season ever. I'm sure next week after the black team looses a ton of weight, they will all blame it on the stress of having Daphne there, and Conda will be the loudest voice. I would be so ashamed if I had a daughter who acted like Conda. God help her daughter.

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    I would LOVE it if Conda announces a big walk out and that everyone has agreed, but really Chris and a few of the other saner ones have gone to the producers and said, set it up so that she (and her buddies) step(s) forward to walk out and is/are gone....and I (we) won't move. You know that if Conda is "leading" a walk out plan anyone who tries to stand up to her plan will be targeted and "blamed" and be her next victim. They need to find a dramatic way to get Conda off the show before she kills it.

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    I really hope the producers stick to their guns! I know that this is all rumor at this point, but if they cave they are just feeding the beast. They could simply bring back all the other contestants. Wouldn't that be a big laugh out loud moment. This is one messed up group. I believe it was Bob who said these people hadn't learned anything and I say a bit AMEN to that.

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    I question this article. Certainly this is covered in their contract, no? All reports talk about how many pages these contracts are. On Survivor we have seen two people, I believe, quit. So if there is a personal reason, no one can really hold someone against their will but a walk out? hmmmmmmmm I will remain suspicious until we hear more. I also find it hard to believe enough of them would want to do this for it to be a big problem. They could easily replace them with some who were voted off. All of them walking? No way. I cannot see Buddy or Chris getting on board with this plan, to name two.
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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    There is something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark, in my opinion. I find it unacceptable that there is generally little diversity on the show and the percentage of white people, and of TBL winners, is disproportionately high. Indeed, the show does not reflect America, does not reflect its population or their specific problems. It is a fact, known worldwide and discussed at international medical conferences, that Native Americans have an extremely serious obesity problem and, as a group, are the number one in the world in Diabetes! Where are the Native Americans? Why aren't they on the show? I don't believe for a minute that none of them applied. Jillian Michaels was the ONLY one so far, in her very own boot camp show, to draw national attention to this problem, when she even visited a Native American Reservation.

    And where are the African Americans? Where are the Asians? It's only whites, and frankly, this time around, I'm sick of the white trash that has hijacked the show.

    Last, but not least, yes, they do change their rules as they go. Constantly. They have even their rear ends covered in the contracts contestants sign.

    I, for one, am disgusted with what I see. They may have been well-meaning when they introduced that ridiculous rule of kicking out of the show one of the teams from the start, giving them a chance to come back, but it backfired seriously. I don't like seeing African Americans marginalized. It gives me an uneasy, deja vue feeling, and I think there is too much of a nasty history in this country for any thinking person to not be upset with this. If anything, they often allow America to voice an opinion, and there are thousands of people everywhere calling for the immediate elimination of the three, and I say four arch-bullies of the show. It's not just a game any more.

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 8 - 02/21/12

    White trash? Ouch! Thought we weren't supposed to use slander?
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