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Thread: Season 13 - Episode 5 - 01/31/12

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 5 - 01/31/1

    Quote Originally Posted by bachelorwatcher View Post
    I think that if Conda's daughter ever ends up seeing her mother on this show, she wouldn't be surprised. Conda works full-time and is a community college student, so she couldn't spend much time with her daughter anyway. The producers likely knew that Conda's abrasive personality would cause problems and drama... so they chose her as a contestant for rating's purposes.
    And I approve. Honestly this show is boring without the drama. If everyone got along and supported each other more footage would be in the gym and those serious tear soaked conversations. Do we really want that? I know I don't. I love the game play too, water load!!! I know I say that most every post.

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 5 - 01/31/12

    Even shows like Extreme Makeover : The Weight Loss Edition, I Used To Be Fat and Style's My Big Fat Weight Loss Story all have drama either with the individual trying to lose weight and lying /fighting with the trainer or themselves and or families. If weight loss was easy we would all be our ideal weights and have no bad eating habits.
    No goat killers on my island.

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