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Thread: Season 13 - Episode 4 Spoilers 1/24/12

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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 4 Spoilers 1/24/12

    I think Bob has always been a bit of a Diva and has felt threatened by Jillian. He probably thought it was going to be easier after Jillian resigned and he becomes top dog...but that didn't happen. Dolvett was granted the hot, top, male trainer award. Bob is....prideful, feels threatened, etc.....not sure what words to use.
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    Re: Season 13 - Episode 4 Spoilers 1/24/12

    I like Bob a lot. He has built a very successful business and has many who adore him. Sure he and Dolvette are in a competition just like he and Jillian were. It may be more intense since it is man to man but I dont see him feeling threatened or prideful. I would have been irritated to see Dolvette use one of the excercises that I formulated, too. Jillian had her own style and did not copy any of Bob's excercizes. It make sense for each trainer to develop their own style and workouts. That sets them apart from each other and creates an image or personality to choose, if you are on the show or to follow online.

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