Hello out there! *pausing to hear the echo through the silence* I'm here with this week's weigh-in results. Enjoy! ...and then go enjoy a peanut butter sundae like I am.

We have new teams this week!

Bob (Black): Antone, Becky, Vinny
Anna (Blue): Ramon, Sunny, Joe
Dolvett (Red): Jessica, John, Bonnie

The Blue Team wins this week's challenge and wins immunity for 1 person. Joe will have immunity if the Blue Team loses.


Bonnie: Previous 228/Current 221 (-7)
Total: (-7) .90%

Jessica: Previous 209/Current 201 (-8)
Total: (-15) 1.92%

John: Previous 344/Current 329 (-15)
Total: (-30) 3.84%


Vinny: Previous 367/Current 355 (-12)
Total: (-12) 1.28%

Becky: Previous 203/Current 192 (-11)
Total: (-23) 2.45%

Antone: Previous 369/Current 353 (-16)
Total: (-39) 4.15%


Sunny: Previous 227/Current 218 (-9)
Total: (-9) 1.10%

Ramon: Previous 302/Current 286 (-16)
Total: (-25) 3.07%

Joe: Previous 286/Current 271 (-15)
Total: (-40) 4.91%

The Red Team falls below the yellow line. John has immunity because he had the highest percentage on the team.

Ramon: Bonnie
Becky: Jessica
Vinny: Bonnie
Antone: Jessica
Sunny: Jessica
Joe: Jessica

With 4 votes, Jessica is eliminated.

When Jessica started the show, she weighed 254lbs. Today she weighs 185lbs. She has gone from a size 22 to a size 10. She now works out with some of the Pittsburgh Steelers (holllaaah... Here We Go!) and they are helping her train for the marathon. She hopes to win the marathon at the end of the season.