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Thread: Show Discussion 10/25/11 ****Spoilers****

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    Show Discussion 10/25/11 ****Spoilers****

    Time for loser! Wonder if Anna looses another person tonight?! We shall see.

    Halloween has visited the ranch!! And Ali is dressed up and looks good. Episode starts off with a candy temptation (I'd be in trouble...candy is my weakness). For every pound of candy you eat you get a one pound advantage. Twist....they aren't competing against each other...they are weighing in together. They have to loose 100lbs to avoid elimination....average of 10lbs per person.

    The red team just told Dulvette about the one team and he is excited to train everyone!!!!!! His smile was huge!!! As if it could get any bigger!!!

    Sunny steals a pound of candy...wonder if she'll eat any?!?

    Dulvette is working out the black team and Bob is tackling the blue and red team. Wonder how Bonnie will handle Bob?!?!? Anna is working out a couple of the black and Jessica from the red team. Jennifer is having a hard time training with anyone but Bob and isn't happy. She needs to get over it.
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    Re: Show Discussion 10/25/11 ****Spoilers****

    Jennifer is really getting a negative edit.
    Anna is talking about romance the way people in AA do...don't start a new one while you are changing your life is kind what she is implying.

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