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Thread: I Just Watched Season 1, Episode 1

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    I Just Watched Season 1, Episode 1

    I was looking for something heartwarming and inspiring on Netflix and discovered that they have the first four seasons of The Biggest Loser on it. So I watched episode 1 again. Wow the show is so different now than it was back then.

    Bob was very zen and get in touch with your feelings (the blue team had a mini retreat before they started working out the first day). Jillian was tough but supportive, working out right alongside the person who thought they couldn't do any more. I liked them in this episode a lot more because they pushed the players but they weren't shown shouting expletives at them.

    The players were A LOT smaller then compared to now. Only Mo and Ryan were over the 300 mark and a couple of the women were under the 200 mark (Lizzeth started at 167 and Dana at 175).

    The weigh-in segment was fast and didn't have all of the drama that the weigh-ins have now and it was done by total weight loss by the team instead of the percentage of weight lost. I had forgotten that they did that the first season.

    The red team was on the Eat Less Diet and the blue team was on the Eat More Diet. It appeared that they both were lower carb and high fiber but I can't remember what other differences there were.

    It was interesting watching this very first episode knowing what the outcome would be.
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    Re: I Just Watched Season 1, Episode 1

    I didn't see the first season at all. My first season of watching was the won that Allie Vincent won. I wouldn't mind going back to watch the ones I didn't see.
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    Re: I Just Watched Season 1, Episode 1

    I remember I thought Mo was so huge.... wow, how standards change. Yes, Bob was very zen...we called him the Smurf (blue team).
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