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Thread: Biggest Loser Recap 9/27/11: Feeling Blue... Again

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    Biggest Loser Recap 9/27/11: Feeling Blue... Again

    Welcome back fans of plus sized people in sports bras! That's right, it's another week of The Biggest Loser! Last week we met the new trainers and new contestants. We also found out that this season's theme is “Battle of the Ages”. I guess they have to do something to keep this season fresh considering it's been on for 2 hours a week for way too many years. I'm about ready to write NBC and tell them to cut the stupid filler and PLEASE make the show an hour. Anywho, I digress. If you didn't have the time to watch the show, or if the sight of Anna Kournikova bouncing around the screen makes you want to toss your double fudge chocolate cookies, you've come to the right place. I have the scoop right here... and I guarantee it won't waste 2 hours of your life.

    Donuts, Donuts Everywhere!!

    This week, the gym will only be open 3 times a day. In the morning from 5am-7am, in the afternoon from noon-2pm, and in the evening from 9pm-11pm. Each team will only get to work out during one time slot. The contestants face their first temptation this week. One person from each team (Red, Black, Blue) walks into a room full of donuts. In front of each person is a plate full of donuts. Each donut is 35 calories. Every member of each team will have a turn for 3 minutes. The team at the end who has eaten the most calories will get to choose their gym time slot as well as the times for the other teams. Hmm... to me that doesn't sound very enticing. Alison mentions it's assumed the oldies like going to be early and the youngins don't like waking up early.

    Blue Team: 11 donuts (All eaten by Mike)
    Red Team: 0 donuts
    Black Team: 37 donuts (All eaten by John)

    Black Team will be working out from 5am-7am, Blue from noon-2pm, and Red from 9pm-11pm. John says he gave the Blue Team the afternoon time slot because he respects them. This gets the Red Team alllll fired up.

    Workin' It

    The next morning at 4:19am, Bob and his bullhorn are yelling for the Black Team to get up and work out. He bursts into their bedrooms and wakes them up. Hey, I wouldn't mind Bob Harper coming into my bedroom unexpectedly. Just sayin'.

    He takes them to the gym and he's singing and laughing and cackling like a crazy man. Then the real Bob Harper comes out in all of his screaming, shouting, forehead vein-popping rage. Antone starts beating the living daylights out of his bike and falls off of it crying. I think the ground shook. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. For being a big bad NFL dude, Antone sure is a big crybaby.

    Bob talks to Sunny and she is pissed at John for eating all of the donuts. She calls a meeting of the Black Team to air her feelings. John says Sunny is either a genius acting stupid or she really is stupid. John has apparently been trying to make deals with lots of people.

    The Blue Team works out next. Anna saunters along, “encouraging” the Blue Team. I think I like Anna, but she isn't very motivating. There's just nothing that can replace Jillian's in your face, crawl on your back style.

    There isn't much to report about the Red Team except that I was distracted by Dolvett's hotness. Man, that's a good looking trainer. *drooool*

    Dr. H Throws It Down

    Dr. H is back this season to give the contestants a hard hitting dose of reality. He shows them various X-Rays and test results. They cry. Bonnie calls her daughter and her daughter assures her everything is fine at home and tells Bonnie she needs to focus on losing weight. Ramone finds out that at 27 years old, he has Diabetes and he didn't even know. His real age is actually 50 years old on the inside.


    The challenge this week involves a maze floating on a raft in a pool. Each team will take a turn. The whole team stands on the raft and has to use their weight to run around the maze and maneuver a ball through the maze and into a hole.

    Red Team finishes in 7 minutes and 45 seconds.
    Blue Team finishes in 14 minutes and 45 seconds.
    Black Team finishes in 7 minutes and 42 seconds

    The Black Team wins a 2lb advantage, the Red Team wins a 1lb advantage, and the Blue Team wins the “We suck” award again.

    The Weigh-In

    Red Team:

    Vinny: Previous 405/Current 400 (-5)
    Total with advantage: (-6) 0.37%

    Jessica: Previous 239/Current 232 (-7)
    Total: (-13) 0.81%

    Courtney: Previous 254/Current 247 (-7)
    Total: (-20) 1.25%

    Patrick: Previous 367/Current 361 (-6)
    Total: (-26) 1.62%

    Ramone: Previous 338/Current 329 (-9)
    Total: (-35) 2.18%

    Black Team:

    Joe: Previous 326/Current 324 (-2)
    Total with advantage: (-4) 0.23%

    Jennifer: Previous 311/Current 305 (-6)
    Total: (-10) 0.58%

    Sunny: Previous 261/Current 255 (-6)
    Total: (-16) 0.93%

    Antone: Previous 415/Current 405 (-10)
    Total: (-26) 1.51%

    John: Previous 408/Current 393 (-15)
    Total: (-41) 2.38%

    Blue Team:

    Becky: Previous 228/Current 223 (-5)
    Total: (-5) 0.46%

    Mike: Previous 297/Current 290 (-7)
    Total: (-12) 1.10%

    Bonnie: Previous 250/Current 247 (-3)
    Total: (-15) 1.38%

    Johnny: Previous 311/Current 313 (+2)
    Total: (-13) 1.20%

    The Blue Team will be facing another elimination tonight. Mike had the highest percentage of weight loss, so he can't be voted off. I'm thinking Johnny is going to get the boot because he was a slacker this week.

    Becky votes for Johnny.
    Johnny votes for Bonnie
    Bonnie votes for Johnny

    With 2 votes, Johnny is eliminated. He tells his team to keep fighting. He leaves in a very classy way. Good for him.

    When Johnny started the show, he weighed 328lbs. Now, he weighs 269lbs. He has lost a total of 59lbs. He looks great! He says his energy is beyond the beyond. He enjoys playing with his grandchildren. He is determined to finish the marathon no matter what!

    Next week, it's NFL week! Drew Brees and Tim Tebow drop by to work out with the contestants. If you can't tune in, stop back here and check out AJane's recap!!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: Biggest Loser Recap 9/27/11: Feeling Blue... Again

    if the sight of Anna Kournikova bouncing around the screen makes you want to toss your double fudge chocolate cookies,
    That's exactly what it makes me want to do. Great job, Ash!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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