Ramon, at age 27 and weighing 355 pounds, says he is ready to get healthy "and start living the life that I'm supposed to have." He was born in Berkeley, California and raised in California until the third grade when he moved with his parents and younger sister to Florence, Colorado. Part Hawaiian and part Mexican, Ramon grew up within two cultures in which food played a major role in family gatherings. Though he has struggled with weight his whole life, he got down to 190 pounds in high school by being active in football, baseball and wrestling. He went on to play football at Cornell College and baseball at Fort Lewis College, but he started to gain weight after that without the structure of sports in his life. Ramon was inspired by past season "Biggest Loser" Tongan contestants Sione Fa, Sam Poueu and Koli Palu and looks forward to teaching his family members, who also struggle with weight, how to lead a healthier lifestyles. He is eager to start dating and shopping for clothing in regular clothes stores, and he also hopes to ride rollercoasters and try parasailing once he loses the weight.

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