Patrick was born and raised in San Diego, the third oldest child in a family of eight children. His father had substance abuse issues and spent time in prison, so his mother became the sole caretaker of Patrick and his siblings. When food was locked up to ensure there would be enough to last through each month, Patrick began to covet food and started gaining weight in middle school and high school. He graduated from Western Oregon University with a bachelor's degree in public policy and administration with an emphasis on law enforcement and corrections, but he has been unable to pass the physical agility test for Oregon police officers due to his weight. At age 26 and 387 pounds, Patrick looks forward to pursuing his dream of becoming a police officer. But his biggest motivation for going on the show is to reverse the negative impact of his unhealthy lifestyle on his wife, who was healthy and fit before marrying Patrick. He looks forwarding to losing the weight and continuing on his weight-loss journey with his wife when he returns home.

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