Jennifer has accomplished every goal she has set for herself except one - losing weight. At 39 years old and 330 pounds, she says that even those closest to her don't have a clue as to how much her weight really bothers her. Jennifer was born and raised with her older sister in Indianapolis, Indiana and started gaining weight when she was eight years old, eventually reaching 215 pounds after eighth grade. She lost 50 pounds before her freshman year of high school, but started gaining weight again after she graduated. Jennifer has overcome many challenges. She put herself through college working a full-time job and several part-time jobs while earning her journalism degree at Indiana University. She could not walk or use the right side of her body after a car accident in 1995 but overcame that as well. Now Jennifer is ready to triumph over obesity and looks forward to shopping in regular stores, traveling on a plane without a seat belt extension, running with her dog, dancing, kite surfing, bike riding and just taking an active role in her own life.

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