Courtney has struggled with weight since she was a little girl. She was born the youngest of four children in Lewiston, Idaho and says that a poor diet, large portions, frequent snacking and little exercise led to her continued weight gain as she grew up. She was involved in sports in junior high and high school and used her social skills to draw attention away from her weight, even becoming student body vice president and homecoming queen. Courtney graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in communications and, not long after, moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to work at an internet marketing company. At 24 years old and 270 pounds, Courtney says, "I want to stop pretending to be who I want to be and just be confident in who I am." Her father had a heart attack two years ago, and shortly after, her grandfather died of a heart attack. With other overweight family members and a family history of high cholesterol, diabetes and heart attacks, Courtney is fearful of what will happen if she and her family members don't start living a healthy lifestyle. Once she loses the weight, Courtney looks forward to shopping with friends in regular clothing stores, dating, wearing a two-piece bikini and, most of all, walking into a room and feeling confident.

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