G'day, mates! Keep piling those shrimps on the barbie, because we're not ready to leave the adventuresome climes of New Zealand quite yet. All those lovely scenery shots help to eat up some of the next two hours, anyway. Today, the adventure begins with the return of trainer Brett, who swoops in on a hanglider and is exuberantly happy to be back. Since we haven't had time to miss him yet, everyone is sort-of pleased to see him return. Ali lets the Losers know that they'll be returning to singles competition, news that is also kind of anti-climactic.

So where's all this promised adventure, you ask? It begins with Cara, Hannah and Kaylee going cliff-jumping. Cara screams impressively enough to be considered for the next installment of the Halloween film series remakes. Kaylee does a chair-dive, which involves being strapped into a plastic chair and tipped over backwards. It looks as kinky as it sounds...ah, those crazy Kiwis! Hannah takes a less-dramatic plunge. She talks a lot, as usual, so I fast-forward through her self-absorbed blather, which actually carries on through the workout segment. Note to producers - keep this footage up, and Hannah will never catch a husband, even if she emerges at the finale with the body of Halle Berry.

Ali introduces a "river-board" challenge down a river, complete with rapids, and the promise of yet another helicopter tour. Even better - the winner will also score individual immunity at the weigh-in. Ali then bungee-jumps off a nearby bridge, leaving me to wonder what the #*$! is in the water in New Zealand that makes people want to leap off tall structures. The Losers set off down the river in wetsuits, clinging to oversized kickboards. Again, this challenge looks like some pretty rockin' good fun, despite the whining about the cold water and currents. Inexplicably, Olivia manages to win this challenge. She of course chooses sister Hannah to accompany her on the heli tour, and they ooh and aah at the scenery and do some heavy-duty bonding, much like Kaylee & Moses' trip the previous week.

Adventure no. 9,325 is rock-climbing with Brett, Jay, Austin and Ken. Conveniently, this particular mountain has previously-installed footholds that are even better than the synthetic rock walls in gyms. Meanwhile, a smirking Bob escorts Irene and Rulon to a bungee jump. Personally, I would have made Rulon go first to load-test those bungee cords, but teeny Irene takes the first jump (actually, the tattooed Kiwi behind her gives her a shove off the bridge). Rulon tries to bail by telling Bob that he was in a plane crash four years ago. This apparently has something to do with bungee jumping in New Zealand but nothing to do with Rulon being a big baby. Bob reminds Rulon that he can flap those big-ass cauliflower ears of his for some extra altitude. Rulon hits the water - you can only expect so much from those bungee cords, after all - but he's fine and, naturally, triumphant at overcoming his fear.

It's already last-chance workout, interesting mostly due to Cara's weirdly slutty outfit that appears to be styled by someone casting for an '80's hair-band music video. Then it's off to the weigh-in, from which Jillian is mysteriously absent due to a "family emergency". I think she's just tired of listening to Hannah talk.

The Spanx has been donned and the scale has been trundled to the great Zealandy outdoors, so without further filler and with only 35 minutes to go, it's time to see if all the death-defying adventure is conducive to weight loss. I'm guessing it works better than all that fiber they've been consuming these last few months.

Olivia, start weight 172, down to 168, 2.33% (immune)
Jay, start weight 270, down to 265, 1.85%
Irene, start weight 161, down to 157, 2.48%
Rulon, start weight 311, down to 301, 3.22%
Austin, start weight 255, down to 250, 1.96%
Ken, start weight 247, down to 243, 1.62%
Hannah, start weight 164, down to 161, 1.83%
Kaylee, start weight 168, down to 163, 2.98%

That leaves Hannah and Ken below the yellow line and up for elimination. Ken sniffles and states he can't go down without a fight. Hannah, amped up at the opportunity to make her 6,321 speech of the competition, turns on the tears equally convincingly. In the end, the votes are split and Ken, having the lowest percentage of weight loss, is sent home. Currently, he's down to 238 pounds, from his competition starting weight of 377. He celebrates by taking his family hangliding, which is slightly weird after all his talk of the show saving his life. Next week, someone walks away from the competition. Seeing as how Jillian's contract probably isn't up until the end of the season, the smart money is on one of the Losers. Temper tantrum or treadmill burnout?