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Thread: ****2/08/11 Discussion Thread Spoilers***

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    Re: ****2/08/11 Discussion Thread Spoilers***

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;4191098;
    That entire scene brought back frustrating memories from high school gym glass and wondering why in heck I couldn't hit the target.
    Your target was smaller and much further away! That is why.

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    Re: ****2/08/11 Discussion Thread Spoilers***

    If you slowly view the commercial for next week, you see Arthur on the scale with his team at 1.99% and the red team at 2.68%. My guess is that Arthur is the last person to weigh-in and if that is the case he needs to lose 15 pounds for his team to win. Fat chance that will happen.

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    Re: ****2/08/11 Discussion Thread Spoilers***

    Of course they are going to make Arthur go last....for drama!! IF he works his butt off and eats like he is supposed to THEN there is a chance he could lose 15lbs since he didn't really lose much last week (for his size). I just don't understand why he wouldn't do all he can to lose as much as possible while he is at the ranch. It's harder at home and it would take him longer to lose it at home. He should know this. IMO he really isn't ready to change his life. Sure he lost weight at home on his own before coming on the show. But what was his honest motivation? Was it to get healthy or to get on the show? If it was to get on the show then he isn't going to do well on the show because his true motivation should be to get healthy. Yes, Courtney lost weight to get on the show but I think in the process she saw and felt the difference it was making in her life so her motivation turned into getting healthy. I just don't think Arthur is there yet. If he is and if he is truly giving the workouts and the healthy eating 100% then they need to run some test on him to figure out if there is a reason for the low weight loss. Could be a thryoid problem or something else. I am not saying this is the case but if I knew deep down I was giving 100% and not losing weight or not losing what I should be then you bet I'd be asking doctors about it.
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