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Thread: 1/18 Show Discussion ***Spoilers***

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    Re: 1/18 Show Discussion ***Spoilers***

    Quote Originally Posted by PWS;4160329;
    That's true, but Don will still have an advantage. Let's assume they did waterload, but before that did work out and watch their diet, so they would have lost, say, 8 lbs. each. Next week Don will still have lost that 8 lbs. plus whatever he loses next week, maybe another 8 lbs., so even if they start him as if he'd gained zero this week, he will appear to have lost 16 lbs. next week. But really it is a two week loss.

    I think the reason the teams wanted the singleton woman to be the one to choose who goes home is that they felt she would respect their wishes. They knew that the person going home's team was determined solely by which team was below the yellow line. The only power the winner of the competition really had was to choose which of the 2 people on the team would go home. Since they had respected her team's decision that she should stay they felt she would respect that team's decision. And of course if SHE fell below the line there was no decision for anyone to make... so really it was by far the most sensible decision for the Bob/Jillian group to make, to throw the competition to her. I'd love to see the TBL producers' faces when that happened... I'm sure they were expecting a lot of the usual angst...Oh I must have this power, oh no I have this power and everyone will hate me. Ha ha, TBL Powers That Be! In your face!

    I liked the way the Bob/Jillian group handled that decision too, and I had the same thought you did--the producers probably thought there'd be this dramatic shift in power and someone would finally start fighting with someone else, and instead, they all decided to play fair. How terribly disappointed the fight mongers must have been.

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    Re: 1/18 Show Discussion ***Spoilers***

    I think things will change big time when the unknowns join the knowns at the ranch. There will be drama for sure! This is the last week that the unknowns have immunity so I imagine there will be a big shift in the game play starting next week. As I type this I'm now wondering if the unknowns ever join the knowns on the ranch....um...something I'm curious about.
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