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Thread: Jaquin "Q" and Larialmy: Husband and Wife - Season 11

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    Jaquin "Q" and Larialmy: Husband and Wife - Season 11


    Age: 27
    Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina
    Occupation: Patient services representative

    Jaquin was born and raised the youngest of four children in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from Benedict College with a degree in mass communications in radio and television broadcasting. Having lost a few friends due to complications from obesity - including one recently who was only a few years older than him - Jaquin wanted to go on the show for his wife and three-year-old son. He says, "I want to be able to grow old with my wife and be an active part of my son's life as he grows up. And I want to be a positive example for the obese patients that come into my practice." He started gaining weight at age 16, after an ankle injury prevented him from playing football, and he stopped exercising. Now 27 and 437 pounds with several overweight family members, Jaquin looks forward to losing the weight and being able to ride on a rollercoaster, fly on a plane without a seatbelt extender, and go shopping without having to pay extra for special ordering and extra material. He was the first person in his family to graduate from college, and doesn't want to be the first one to die from obesity, so he is determined to change his life and get healthy for his family.


    Age: 26
    Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina
    Occupation: Student services program coordinator

    Larialmy says her motivation for losing weight is to "become healthy enough to expand my family, raise healthy children and take everything I learn on the ranch back to my family to help them overcome their weight loss battles as well." She was born and raised in Alvin, South Carolina with three siblings. Larialmy graduated from Trident Technical College with an associate's degree in business administration, and graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor's degree in business administration. She started to gain weight at age 10 and the teasing that ensued caused her to turn to food for comfort, which contributed further to her weight gain. Her "aha moment" came when she realized she was over 300 pounds, unable to walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air and sweating, and knew if she continued to gain weight, she would not be alive much longer. At 26 years old and 301 pounds, she looks forward to getting healthy so she can have children without the cloud of obesity and high-risk pregnancy issues that come with being overweight.
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    Re: Jaquin "Q" and Larialmy: Husband and Wife - Season 11

    A little unclear if his 3 year old son is also hers. Boy, these 2 got almost zero air time. If this were Survivor I'd say that's a good sign they last a long time as there will be more air time for them later, but on TBL I'm not sure what it means. I had to come here to find out which of them was Q and which was L.

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