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Thread: 1/4 Show Premiere Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 1/4 Show Premiere Discussion *Spoilers*

    I don't know how to not spoil the spoilers - so instead I'll just say for those of you who want to know all the contestants weights for week one and who the new trainers are , WIKI has them all listed on their site

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    Re: 1/4 Show Premiere Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Debbie51495;4142945;
    I don't know how to not spoil the spoilers - so instead I'll just say for those of you who want to know all the contestants weights for week one and who the new trainers are , WIKI has them all listed on their site
    Thanks for the tip! The wikipedia page uses this link as a reference for the fact:
    PHOTOS VIDEOS Cara Castronova outed as new mystery trainer for The Biggest Loser : starcasm.net

    It focuses mainly on the female trainer, including some videos of her in action.

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    Re: 1/4 Show Premiere Discussion *Spoilers*

    Star magazine has some articles in it about Biggest Loser practices:

    Star Magazine | News | The Biggest Loser's Dirty Little Secrets, Jillian Michaels Interview, Kai Hibbard

    Contestants on NBC's The Biggest Loser undergo amazing transformations -- some shedding over 200lbs! -- but Star has uncovered the many layers of deception and dangerous behavior at work behind the scenes. Even the show’s trainer Jillian Michaels admits all is not as it seems.

    Intentional dehydration? Manipulated filming schedules? Diuretics? “Oh absolutely!” Jillian tells Star in our Jan. 25 issue on sale now. “There is a lot of game playing that goes on. The Biggest Loser is a game show. It is what it is.”

    Jillian is just one of the people who reveals shocking and dangerous reality behind one of America’s favorite shows. Insiders are left wondering: How long before tragedy strikes?

    One example is contestant Kai Hibbard. Standing before a cheering studio audience in a skintight black cocktail dress -- after dropping 118lbs. -- she looked like she was living a fairy tale. But just three weeks later, the cameras weren’t rolling as she lay shaking on her bathroom floor. Her immune system was shot. She was covered in bruises and losing her hair. And she’d gained back 31 lbs. simply from drinking water. Kai’s brutal experience is, unfortunately, all too typical of many contestants who risk their lives — with the producers’ implicit OK -- to get their weight down for the cameras. In the run-up to the Season One finale, winner Ryan Benson started urinating blood.

    “They want the dramatic results. They want America to be amazed,” Kai, 31, tells Star. “We are all looking for that help, that magic, and The Biggest Loser looks like magic when people are losing 20 lbs. in a week. Why would they change that? They won’t until someone gets really sick.”

    Pick up the new issue of Star today for the complete story, including details about the brutally intense workouts, restricted diets, intentional dehydration and how the one-week weight loss totals “aren’t totally real,” according to Jillian.

    VIDEO – Kai Hibbard claims The Biggest Loser encourages anorexia-type behavior and extreme dieting : starcasm.net

    The Biggest Loser Season 3 finalist Kai Hibbard is speaking out again about the unhealthy practices and gaming that occurs on NBC show.

    In January, she spoke to Star Magazine about the health problems she suffered shortly before strutting around on the finale stage in a cocktail dress: her hair was falling out, she was bruising easily, and was so dehydrated she gained 31 pounds just from drinking water.

    This morning she appeared on the CBS Early Show to talk more about her harrowing experience. She says she left the biggest loser with anorexia (she didn’t specially name the eating disorder, but explained that she wouldn’t eat, and counted black coffee as a meal.) She says because it was a TV show, she felt enormous pressure to lose big numbers.

    She also addressed the fact that while the show can be very inspiring, most viewers don’t understand that it is primarily about entertainment, not about healthy weight loss. Although the audience is led to believe that the weigh-ins occur once a week, many times the weighs-ins were done more than a week apart, and even once during Kai’s season, the difference was less than a week.

    They also were also encouraged to go to extreme measures to both loose weight at an shocking pace (not eating), and to manipulate the scales (dehydrate prior to weighing).

    Back in January trainer Jillian Michaels, who once struggled with obesity herself, confirmed that some extreme and manipulative practices are used on The Biggest Loser set.

    Here’s Kai this morning on The Early Show:

    In 2009 Kai was a paid sponsor of the diet pill LiVea.

    OK...first consider the source of these articles. The worst thing you can do to lose weight is not eat. How many times has a contestant not eaten and not lose much and either Bob or Jillian yelled at them for not eating enough. While I am not surprised at the comments about the weight ins not necessarily being done on a weekly schedule, I can understand that due to filming schedules and travel schedules. Still if this was such a horrible show why does casting get 40,000 videos from people trying to get on the show.
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    Re: 1/4 Show Premiere Discussion *Spoilers*

    It gets 40,000 videos because 1) we are a very obese nation...over 300 million people and probably a good 1/3 would "qualify" for TBL...so that's a million people. Take out the ones who are too young or too old, still a lot of heavy people desperate to lose weight, and 2) even the looniest most dangerous reality TV show gets tons of applicants, so why not this one, which at least on the surface seems to be good for you?
    Also I think because a lot of people don't know about some of the downside stories. I've always wondered about the lack of negative side effects....e.g., the one time I lost a lot of weight quickly (on a protein powder diet leading to a version of the Atkins diet, under a doc's supervision) I lost half my hair....we'd been warned about that effect, but you never see that on this show...and in my case it never came back, although apparently for many it does.

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    Re: 1/4 Show Premiere Discussion *Spoilers*

    Bob and Jillian often chew out the contestants for not eating enough. I do wonder if this is one reason J decided to leave the show...not just to start a family. I wonder if B will follow soon. I know it's a reality show but there is a line and if this is true then that line has been crossed.
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    Re: 1/4 Show Premiere Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;4144982;
    Still if this was such a horrible show why does casting get 40,000 videos from people trying to get on the show.
    Why? Because they believe that the only way they can lose weight is to get on the show. Many of the contestants say that they think TBL is the only thing that will save their lives. And many would-be contestants try out again and again instead of just doing the hard work that it takes to lose weight in the real world. One of the most inspiring people I know is a woman from my running group who tried out for TBL in the season that Ali Vincent was on. She didn't make it on the show, but decided that she would lose it on her own. Her weight loss at home matched Ali's though it took her a few months longer, and she's maintained her weight loss since that time. She now runs marathons.

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    Re: 1/4 Show Premiere Discussion *Spoilers*

    It's not really surprising that people who engage in an extreme behaviour - and the overeating most of them do is really over-the-top - switch to another extreme behaviour (the over-the-top dieting). You can't force someone into anorexia any more than you can force them into obesity. We all feel pressure to look our best. I hope Kai has taken a long look at her own actions and taken responsibility how she's contributed to her illness.

    As for the other stuff...weigh-ins a week or more or less apart, etc. - what, editing on a reality show? The hell you say! Water-loading and dehydrating is common practice which anyone who watches the show is aware of - it's hardly a shocking revelation. The people who apply for the show know it too. :
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