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Thread: 12/7 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 12/7 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    On the surface, Elizabeth bugs me, too. I suspect she has never stood on her own two feet in life. Baby sister, youngest child, abusive boyfriend, moving in with current boyfriend right away, and getting the people on the ranch (not just Brendan and Fredo) to support her despite limited weight loss.

    But, I don't think she makes excuses. Yes, her weight loss is low relative to that of others, but so what. She is moving at her own pace and she makes no apologies for it. I do think she pushes herself - otherwise, we she wouldn't have passed out (incl. one trip to the hospital) as frequently as she did.

    What bothers me most about Elizabeth is that she doesn't stand on her own two feet in life. I do worry that by being coddled all the time, she won't hold herself accountable, and I fear she will gain the weight back.

    One thing....my daughter has asthma. I am VERY impressed by how Elizabeth has managed her illness during the intense physical workouts on the show. Honestly, the average person can't run a marathon, and here we have an asthmatic who previously passed out a couple of times in far less extreme workouts. She's really come a long way. At first, I thought she didn't deserve to be F3 given her limited weight loss. Then I started to think that she may have worked just as hard as others just to get the limited results she did get because of her asthma.

    All in all, I respect and like Elizabeth.

    Still, I would like to see Ada in F3 over Elizabeth. She has evolved more inwardly, and has more enthusiasm for the process.
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